Friday, February 28, 2003

Hello all...

Hope this finds you all doing well. Today was pretty uneventful. Short meeting this morning, ended not going to ITS today since i feel like absolute garbage still. I got a new computer today at work, so i spent that time in the office setting it up since i didnt feel up to walking to my car to drive home. I could sit and play with my new mac rather then go home nothing. Some bumps at work, some days it really sucks, some days its great.

Got a new John Mayer live CD and Jason Mraz's disc, hopefully i can check those out soon. Im pretty excited to hear both. I also finally broke down and got a headset for my cell phone since i do alot of travelling and talking. Figured it be worth the money.

Been a pretty low key day, but with some positives and negatives. Hopefully things will work out better tomorrow. Then again, who knows.

Leave me some cheerful tags, i could use em...

Positive: New G4 desktop at work
Negative: Ugh...dont want to get into it.
Quote: "Chicken" - Sloka
Song of the day: Jason Mraz - The Remedy(I Wont Worry)
Cool Mac Moment: desktop g4..........mmmmmmmmmm

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