Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Wow...Here she is folks, blog 2.0. After fighting with it all day, sloka won the battle on how to get the formatting close to right. I know you have to scroll a bit to see on the side, hopefully i can get that fixed asap. Anyone who knows HTML really well is more then welcome to help ;) (thanks sloka, yer the bomb...good thing its your 21st tonite and im gonna get you lit....)

Morning of work meetings...8am to 1130 as usual...went better this week though. I finally feel like im able to put out some fires rather then watching them burn around me. I think we might be able to accomplish some things at RCC once we arent putting fires out all the time. I like being able to do long term planning and plan implimentation when i dont have to deal with lots and lots of "piddly shit" like my boss likes to call it.

Its tuesday...so that means only one thing....kolla classes. 2 of them. However, i did get to see dr. kolla almost electrocute himself while working with one of the electrolab motor stations. Gotta shut off the main switch before dealing with the contacts. Seeing blue arcs about 6 inches from your face is enough to scare the shit out of anyone, lol...Worked my ass off to get the homework that was due and then he didnt collect it. I dont know about him sometimes...oh well...

I had something typed up yesterday about the whole anti war protests. I know eric has talked about it in his blog, but i want to say my 2 cents. I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion about everything, however i think that colleges are way too liberal. First off, why do a anti war rally at a college? who here has anything to do about it? If you are going to rally, go to state capitals, go to washington, go somewhere where someone who can do something about it will see it. Second...are people really that dense to think that our president is just deciding to go to war with iraq because it is fun? Oh, no they think we are going to take all the oil fields, ok...my bad. Did anyone stop to think that the attitude they have now is the same that most of the US had before WW2? Hitler isnt our problem, he is just some guy in a country. So what if he kills his own people(saddam uses chemical weapons on the kurds of northern iraq) So what if he is breaking UN laws and going against what the sanctions say? So what if he has weapons of mass destruction that if he had the chance he would use on us or our allies? Who cares? Not my problem...Im by no means Pro-War...im Pro safety of the world community. I think that something needs to be done and noone has the balls to stand up to this guy but us and britain. So what if we have to go it alone. Fine. Saddam isnt a knight in shining armor. Hes a dictator, he has ties to terrorist groups and supports them. What happened to everyones feelings of world safety and doing whatever we had to do to stop the terrorists since 9-11? Nothing...why? Everyone feels secure again. Noone worries that we could get hit again. They take the government and what it does to protect us for granted rather then understand that there are guys out there everyday busting their balls for us to help keep america safe.


*gets off soapbox*

Oh, and the idea of a "die-in". I find that so repulsing i could vomit.

Im off to the bars to celebrate slokas birthday. I think ive earned it after the weeks ive had. Nite all...tag me in the tag box on the left side!

Positive: 2 numbers.....24
Negative: HTML sucks
Quote: brian + html = not bedfellows - me
Song of the day: Album - Sister Hazel - Chasing Daylight(just got it in the mail today)
Cool Mac Moment: Dreamweaver on my mac...oh so nice....

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