Monday, November 14, 2005

My oh My oh My.....

It really has been a long time since I put anything up here. Its been a very crazy month and a half, but things are starting to settle down, and I sure do have alot to talk about!

First and foremost, alot of people got ahold of me after my last post. Thanks for all the concern. Those of you who i talk to on a regular/semi regular basis know the story. All in all, needed to move on from the job i was at a very short time. Long story short, i am in a way better positions and at a way better company. Its been a very dramatic few months. Hopefully the drama with that is over now, and things will settle down a bit. Im starting to feel not so burned out, and that is a very very good thing.

GameCast Online is going well...just hit episode 8, and listenership is very heavy. The crew is now 3 people strong, and we have anywhere between 700-1000 listeners. Check it out at or search for gamecast on iTunes in the podcast section!

In other podcast news, I've been asked to join the cast of Taverncast( full time, which is awesome. These guys and gal are the ones that got me started in podcasting, and them asking me to come on their show was one of the nicest things people have ever done for me. Eloy, Kirn, Cromley and even Karg are really cool, and I totally look forward to helping with this INSANELY popular podcast!

Chicago is chicago. Wind, cold, rain, snow, etc. Been a normal fall, and since the time change, the hwole sunset thing is killing me. By the time i get off the train near home at 515, its already pitch black out. Winter doldrums are coming, blah. Hopefully this winter will have snow, so things arent so grey and dark. The white spices stuff up :) Its pretty awesome working right next to the sears tower. I get to walk past one of the most amazing wonders of the world at least twice a day, when some people rarely ever see things taller than 3 stories. WOrking downtown is one of the best things i could have ever experienced. Taking the train in every day, walking through the city, seeing all the different things, having lunch with my mom....its truely an awesome experience. I wouldnt trade it for anything.

World of Warcraft is going going going....have my hunter on whisperwind up to 56. Cant wait to get them to 60. Should be fun to do the end game content. Pod People guild is huge too, over 230 memebers. /boggle. Being a guildmaster sure is alot of work for that many people. I know, i know, wah wah wah.

Little emily is doing well too. Healthy, growing, and has started rolling over :) I love playing with her, shes got the cutest noises and stuff now. Great times! She likes sucking on my finger, though....not sure how i feel about baby slime.

On that note, ill kill this entry. Hopefully going to get this updated a bit more since things have slowed down. Hope all are doing well!