Friday, April 16, 2004

Strange weather, car vandals, FBI agents and other things...

Hello all!

I just returned from a week in Oswego, New York. Its about 45 minutes north of Syracuse, on Lake Ontario. It was nice, and did some good work.

The weather was mostly trash out there, upstate New York seems to always be cold. Thursday, it got above 50 degrees, and idiots were running around with shorts and t-shirts from SUNY-Oswego. The best part of the trip was the fact that Ryan and i got stopped twice while out and about in our suits and people asked us if we were with the FBI. Ryan still had the best answer for that.."Im not sure i can tell you". It was great.

Things are going well at Crowe. There are some good opportunities for me on the horizon and im still doing everything i can to help me be able to move to Columbus around the same time Katie goes out there to go to OSU for grad school this fall.

Also, last week, some idiot decided to break into my car during the night, and tore the dash apart, stole the stereo out of it, smashed the drivers door window and did a ton of other damage. I spent a few days trying to get it taken care of, but instead decided it wasnt worth the money or time, and bought a new car. I got a 2005 Chevrolet Equinox. They are very cool, and very affordable. You can check them out at . I havent had much time to drive it, but it rides like a dream, i fit great in it(even my monkey legs) and i got a sweet deal on it.

I spent last weekend with katie's extended family for easter. It was interesting to say the least. All in all, a good time was had, including the drive back from cleveland to take her dad home to BG with their dog Myles in the backseat. What a weekend....although, the lamb cake turned out extemely well if i do say so myself.

Tomorrow (since i dont travel enough) im driving out to Bowling Green to go to the Tau Beta Sigma formal with Katie. Im making dinner for the group we are going with, that should be interesting. Heres to making something that doesnt suck.

Time for some Tony Bennett and Bed. 6 hours of travel today wore me out big time. Talk to you all soon!

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges

Long time no see. I hate to apologize ever time i post again, but this past month has been insane. First off, theres work.

Work has been great. Im learning tons, going to alot of great places such as Houston, TX, Lexington, Kentucky and soon, New York, Tennesee, Michigan, etc. Lexington was a definate change for me. It was a long 4 weeks, but i met alot of great people, and did work ive never done before. It was great. My team was awesome and we had a great time. 4 weeks, though is definately a long time to be away from home. All in all, it was a great experience, but im sure glad to be home for a while.

Im starting to feel much older. People always told me i act much older than my age, but im really starting to feel it now. I dont know how it will affect me, maybe good, maybe bad. But i do know that im changing. Attitude, outlook, etc.

Oh well. Living on my own out here has its good and bad points. I cant tell you how much i love living in my OWN APARTMENT, especially after my last string of roommates. However, it would be nice if i had some people to spend time with that are closer than 2 or 3 hours away. Thats the biggest down side. My family is 2 hours away and my friends are close to 3 hours away. It tends for some lonley nights and weekends.

Ive been trying to keep tabs on politics as usual, which is what sparked my title for this entry. It means in latin "In Time of War, Law is silent". Im getting kind of worn out of the bickering. I know its early, but jesus. Its going to be a long trek to november.

Hope all is well with everyone, leave me some love.