Tuesday, July 31, 2007


"Troubled star Britney Spears is officially single again after her divorce from Kevin Federline is finally complete."

I can has britney taime nao?

This made me laugh...

From Digg:

Manson took over 150 hours of Scientology courses, rejected it as too crazy, and then went on to murder a whole bunch of people.

Too crazy? Wow.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Epic Battle

After much debate and thought, I have decided the following.

Indiana Jones Trilogy Soundtrack/Score as a whole is much better than the first or second Star Wars Trilogy Soundtracks/Scores.

While individually, certain themes/tracks may be better(Imperial March vs The Nazi Theme or Throne Room vs End Credits of the Last Crusade), I think its just a better score thats more fitting and evokes more emotion.


Thursday, July 26, 2007


[13:24] waggoner98: i just suck @ life
[13:25] Letters: Yeah seriously you do

Its funny cause its true?

Format War

Well, this solidified me to be an HD-DVD user until i can find a cheap dual-platform player.

SAN DIEGO, July 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Today at Comic-Con International 2007, Microsoft Corp. announced it will lower the price of the popular Xbox 360(TM) HD DVD Player from $199 to $179 ERP (United States only) starting Aug. 1, 2007, and will add five free HD DVD movies for anyone purchasing an Xbox 360 HD DVD Player between Aug. 1 and Sept. 30. In addition, Microsoft further solidified the Xbox 360 as the ultimate high-definition (HD) entertainment platform, with key announcements around the HD DVD launches of “300″ from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group and “Heroes: Season 1″ from Universal Studios.

Its a 20$ drop, basically covers tax...but 5 free movies is pretty nice. I want to get the HD DVD version of Heroes - Season 1 as well...so this will be good. August 1, im off to grab it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


On one hand....this is hot. On the other hand....its scary they need M-16's to go get ice cream.

Israeli girls going out to get ice cream....

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Monday, July 16, 2007

I just Cried.

I just wept happy man tears.

Epic has confirmed that the Xbox 360 mega-hit Gears of War as well as the highly anticipated Unreal Tournament 3 are both coming to the Mac.

I am a happy gamer.

Daddy Want.

Belkin : N1 Vision : Intro

A Monday List

Some things of note for this happy(ha!) monday morning.

1. Harry Potter is getting boring. Latest movie was a snore.
2. Transformers is even awesomer(new word i created) the second time.
3. Transformers: The Game is not great art. However, like the movie, the fun lies in seeing robots kick ass and see great CG. The game is beautiful, robot fights are kind of mindless, but a totally open, fully destructable environment lends itself to some fun times.
4. Time to slowly pull myself off the hydracodone.
5. Having a nightmare that you are getting stabbed in the back and waking up to a cat pressing into your back with her paws is kind of odd.
6. Breach is an ok movie.
7. The Good Shepherd is not an ok movie.
8. Watching the original Die Hard at 745am on a saturday is funny as hell.
9. If harry knowles can get married, why am i single?
10. On second thought, save the hydracodone for work.
11. It figures that when i dont go to the USG sponosored race that i turned tickets down for, my favorite driver, Tony Stewart, wins his first race at the USG Sheetrock 400.
12. Im addicted to jolly ranchers. Peach, Blue Raspberry and Green Apple.
13. Both of my hands still hurt like hell where i had my IV's when in the hospital.
14. My old video iPod hasnt been used once since i got my iPhone.
15. Is it nerdy to want to put a die cast Optimus Prime on my desk at work?

That will do it for today. Have a good monday and rest of the week.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I just got a voice mail from Matt Kenseth. For you non-nascar fans out there, he is the driver that my company sponsors.

Pretty cool. Too bad it was a broadcast message to everyone in the whole company telling them to watch the races we are sponsoring this weekend. I wont be able to attend this year like i did last year since i was out on medical leave when they were giving out the passes...plus, it will be better for me to finish recovering this weekend at home rather than sit in the hot sun for 2 days straight.

Still...a nice thing to come into this morning.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


This is me at work now.

Not the sharp wit, incredible intellect or ability to save lives.

Just the foggyheaded ability to take narcotics at work.

These pain meds for my back make work kind of interesting. Cant wait till im off them. I was on 2 different kinds, now im just on 1. Hopefully i can get off this last kind soon...


So...Dan Patrick is leaving ESPN. He announced it on his radio show yesterday.

Part of me is surprised, part of me isn't. Dan has been an ESPN icon as long as ive watched(not near as long as alot of people i know) but at the same time, he has always kind of done his own thing. Not afraid to ruffle feathers, wont hold back in interviews, almost to the point of being an ass at times. He never was my favorite sports personality, but i enjoyed most of what he did(kind of like Jim Rome).

It will be interesting to see what ESPN 1000(our local ESPN radio station in chicago) will do once he goes off the air next month. Will it be some lame local show replacement like they did when they decided not to air Jim Rome's show? Maybe they can bring Rome back to chicago radio. Who knows. Will be a BIG gap, and an interesting opportunity for ESPN radio to make a new star...or at least give someone the opportunity to be a big star.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Happy 7/7/07

As Michael Scott on the office said....this only happens once in a billion years!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Sickness, Optimus and iPhone

Well, its been a while since i posted, aka...most of the week. Ive been off work most of the week because of all my health junk. I went into work yesterday only to be told to go home and take friday off. My boss is pretty cool, he could tell i didnt feel well. I wanted to go in cause i had stuff in the office i needed to pick up...but the cocktail of close to 10 different meds im taking wears me out something fierce. The antibiotics alone make me sweat like ive just ran a marathon, and that isnt too attractive. So here i am. Sitting at home on a friday, kind of stoned from my pain meds...posting away.

The morning of the 4th of july, my folks and i went to see Transformers. What a frigging fun movie. Im used to movies that get so hyped up that they dont meet the hype, or they dont meet my expectations. This movie, at least in my opinion, delivered on all accounts. I havent been in a movie where i actually clapped and cheered for characters DURING the film before. This was a geek ecstasy movie if i ever saw one. The robots were great, jokes were funny, battles were awesome, f-22s were incredible and the story was fun as hell. Id even contemplate going to see it again. Whichever HD format this dvd comes out...im pretty sure that will be the deciding factor for me on which format to get(HD or Blu Ray). It was a great ride.

iPhone. Im kind of suprised i havent posted much about this since i got it. Well, i shouldnt say that. Ive been so busy playing with it that i havent had much time to write about it. Also going in the category of things that totally live up to the hype, this phone is the cats ass. It is an incredible little piece of hardware. I was kind of hesitant in getting too excited seeing as how all the press and information seemed like it was going to be wayy too good to be true....but Apple seriously delivered with this thing. The ipod features are awesome, the sms messaging is great, email is easy as hell and using it as a phone is the easiest phone ive ever had. Web surfing on it is incredible. Full web pages, using multitouch to zoom in and out of pages to find what you want, it really is incredible. The only serious complaint i have is the edge network. While i havent used it THAT much since ive spent most of the past week in my home, when i have gone out, the critics have been right...its pretty slow. I realize Apple did what they normally do in partnerships like this and went with the biggest name in the industry, but it sure would have been nice if they used sprint's broadband network. Would have been much faster and have much more room to grow. Oh well. Not a huge crisis. Id really like to be able to change ringtones to something that i can hear when my radio is on in my car...most of the ringtones are pretty quiet and subtle. I like my blackberry because it rings like a loud annoying phone, so i can hear it rooms away. I also wish it had a bigger hard drive. 8gb isnt much when this thing is such an awesome video player. Im hoping down the line, someone will have some kind of upgrade service for it like iResq did with ipods before. Id totally put a 40 or 60gb drive in this thing. If i could totally get away from using my ipod because of space reasons...id be a happy camper. 1 less device to carry around.

Ill post some more thoughts on it once ive used it for more than a week...but right now, this thing is one of the coolest gadgets ive ever gotten.

Also....anyone like playing Company of Heroes multiplayer? Im trying to get some people together to play some regular vs or co-op matches vs the computer. Its fun as hell. Hit me up @ bjwaggoner@mac.com or on AIM at Waggoner98.

Sunday, July 01, 2007



So, i didnt post all last week, which some of you may or may not have noticed. Normally when i dont post for long periods of time, its because im in one or a few of the few things.

1. Depressive funk
2. Vacation
3. Nothing Pithy to Say
4. Busy with Family

Or some other things i cant think of. Now, note that not a single one of those things said "in the hospital for a week on my back dealing with Kidney stones, organ infection, pneumonia and a 104 Fever". That was my past week.

Sunday morning around 5am, i woke up with a sharp pain in my left mid back. The day before i spent playing with my 2 nieces, so i figured i just pulled something carrying those 2 sack of potatoes around. Took 2 aleve and tried going back to bed. Pain got worse and worse so that by 545, i couldnt take it anymore. I called my dad, who was surprised to hear my voice at that time of day, and told him to come get me, cause we were going to the hospital. We whisked off to Hinsdale hospital(ironically the same route he and i took when i drove him there for kidney stones about 10 years ago) By the time i was taken into the Emergency room, i could barely function. The pain from kidney stones is so terrible...i cant even put it into words.

From there it should have been simple. Get a feel for where the stone was(ultrasound and xray) and see if it was big enough to warrant going in and getting via surgery or letting me pass it on my own. Well...thats all well and good, but the stone started getting bored. Bouncing around inside my kidney, moving around, causing lots of issues. Somehow, it caused an internal infection...and my body temp started to skyrocket. all the way to consistent 104's. Doctors did everything they could to try to keep it down and keep the pain from making me see little pink dinosaurs. The pain medication got stronger and stronger and doses heavier and heavier. Thats when the real kicker set in.

At this point, it was pretty certain id be there overnight. I was put in a room for observation in-between tests. Overnight, the pain meds they gave me apparently messed up my breathing enough that fluid started to form in my lungs. The next day i could barely breathe, was coughing like there was no tomorrow and there was no end in sight.

Off to the ICU.

Now it is wednesday. Spent time in the ER. Spent time in general observation. Had CT scans, Xrays, ultrasounds, dye tests, etc all taken. Now im in the ER, having more tests done, having a dedicated nurse, more monitoring done...and it seems to be getting worse. Enough headway was made with the fever and infection(aka pummeling my system with super high levels of antibiotics) I was able to get into surgery(where they finally took the stone out) and scope to make sure that everything else was ok. Getting that out was a big big thing. The rest of wed and thurs, and then friday around 1am or so i was moved into general observation again. Fever started going down, pneumonia started subsiding and after more tests, treatments and whatnot on friday and saturday, i was able to leave around saturday night at 5.

Now im home, recouping. Id probably say im at 40%. I have about 900 different medications to take right now Going to take the next 2 days off from work, then have the 4th, and will try to go back to work on the 5th. Let me just say that this is one of the worst things i have ever experienced in my life. Has been a HUGE shock to me, and while lifestyle had little impact on it, i know that i need to change a ton of lifestyle aspects. Now to get back healthy so i can do that. I dont ever want to deal with stuff like this again.