Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Day 2 of the blog...lets see how long i can keep this daily entry stuff up, eh?

Ive heard from a few people that they are reading this and dig it shall continue...

What a long day AGAIN, but its worth it, i guess. Lots of classes and work today, and some shitty situations at work. I wish everything could work out for the best, but i guess thats why they have managers. Someone has to deal with the hard and shitty situations. Although, there is some really cool stuff happening at work that im really proud to be a part of. Im actually updating this today when i should be working on a presentation for my friday staff meeting on the new changes, but i digress.

Making some new friends lately that i would have never expected to be as cool as they are. Some people ive known for a while, some brand new. Makes knowing that im going to leave here in a few months all the harder. Then again, i feel like some friends are slipping away. Im not one to talk about this stuff, but ive realized how you may not really know people. Ive had alot of time to myself to think about this, especially after my last relationship battle...i guess im learning how people can really touch you, but can also really hurt you. It sucks that there is someone out there that you really care think they know..but may not feel the same way, or care that you do.

Worked with my advisor/department head/professor for 3 of my 6 classes. Im about 3 hurdles from the only thing holding me back from graduating in august is my own academic performance. I cant even begin to tell you how exciting this is for me. Its not that i want to leave bowling green, who knows, if ITS offers me a job i may not(wink wink, you out there Chad?) i may still be around working full time. I just am getting so tired of school, school work, school bullshit, you all know the drill. I have no drive to do homework or any work outside of going to class. Sure, maybe the 20 hours are getting to me on top of the 40 hours of work, but still....more and more tedious bullshit. Eh, too much whining on wag's part.

In super awesome news, sloka and i are going to see "An Acoustic Evening with Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds" in march. We are both so stoked to go. This being my 10th DMB related concert ever, im sure its going to be incredible...yah sloka...chicken?

Im adding a new part to my closing section, called Cool Mac Moment. Hopefully those other mac evangelists or people looking to know whats cool about them will see it and be able to check it out.

Well, back to the project. Have a good day, and i hope to see you all back here tomorrow.

Positive: Going to see Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds Acoustic with Sloka
Negative: and work.....
Quote: "Imagine setting the spectrum anylizer on this signal like targeting saddam hussein with a sniper rifle....wait, thats not a PC analogy...well who cares?" - Dr. Border
Song of the day: Coldplay - Yellow
Cool Mac Moment: Keynote is the coolest presentation app ever. Hopefully those who see my presentations will think so...

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