Sunday, February 09, 2003

Howdy loyal readers...

Yah, so i know i "technically" went a day without posting...but its the weekend, so sue me.

No, dont really, i dont have the money for court costs, and knowing the lawsuits ive seen lately, it might happen. Who knows?

Like i said in my short and sweet one last night, i had an awesome time hangin at Kamis while mike bartended. Hes really awesome at what he does, and i know what im going to be doing now when im in town on friday nights. Lots of pretty ladies there too. Too bad i get real quiet when im at a bar, why? who knows...and more importantly...who cares?

Today was kind of a bust, after getting alittle tipsy last night, i slept till about 12. I got up and did alittle work for RCC untill sloka and i went to barnes and noble and best buy. Got a new Bluetooth mouse for my pc that ive been wrestling to work right since i first set it up, but hopefully itll work right now. Who knows, nothing computer related ever does work right...except for my mac. *pause for dramatic emphasis*. If this works as well as it should, i might get the bluetooth keyboard they have too since i think this one is about to take a dive. Ive had this one for YEARS and its been beat to hell with all the computer garbage i do. Who knows?

Got VERY little done for work today, way to go wags, i know...hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for that. Went to a party at a hotel room tonight with Cari, Max, Gehlan and Elo...kind of wierd, very boring but still good to get out nonetheless. Michelob Ultra...let me tell you about this. Not only is this beer good because it only has 2.6 net carbs per bottle(which is good for someone on the atkins diet like myself) but it is also the best tasting beer ive ever had. Those 2 mixed together = something very good...or very bad depending on how you look at it. Plus, its under 5$ for a 6er. How can you beat that? Who knows?

I got some new CD's today too...hopefully i can listen to them tomorrow while i work. Audioslave, Rage against the machine, the two towers soundtrack and the new santana album. Some good stuff on there, ones ive wanted for a while, just didnt buy em cause im a weenie. Ive had them in my amazon wish list for a while, but like ive been saying......Who knows?

Well, off to some major work to get done tomorrow. Hope all you blog readers have a good day as well, and ill be back to post tomorrow...but then again....who knows?

Positive: Better bluetooth acceptance from technology companies
Negative: Microsoft making something really easy....fiendishly difficult....
Quote: "So, what this kid wants to know is....which one of you ladies is single in this joint?" - Gehlan Blank, talking about me...
Song of the day: Audioslave - Cochise
Cool Mac Moment: Watching OS X try so hard to recognize this microsoft bluetooth mouse(unlike XP which needs drivers and other software)..but asking for a hardware code which of course, MS didnt supply....grrrrrrr

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