Saturday, February 22, 2003

Hey all, hope you had a wonderful friday...i sure as hell did :)

Had a good day. Meetings at RCC went really well in the morning, we were for once able to get through our entire agenda while all AC's could be there. I was shocked! :) After that...went to ITS.

I love working at ITS, i dont think i can tell you guys that enough. I spent the morning doing what i normally do, go over to see whats wrong in my 2 buildings, Moesely Hall and University Hall. Are they really my buildings? No, cause im not a full time TSS, but since 90% of all the computers over there are macs, im the man for the job. So chad assigns me all the trouble tickets for me over there, and now they all love me for being their mac hero. I think they are starting to know when i work and are calling TSC asking specifically for me now...kind of cool, i like working a job where i feel appreciated. :)

Spent the better part of the afternoon screwing around with Mike McComas(i know i know too many mikes) who is the TSS for Hayes, but also is chad's right hand man. He's kind of one of my boss's but not really. At any rate, hes about 26 and cool as hell. We sat around the office, answering phones, working on peoples dead zip disks and floppy disks and i worked on training. We both were feeling the friday vibe pretty strongly. Both wanted to get out of there, getting pretty slap happy and making the dumbest jokes ever. Having to deal with some real priceless clients topped it off too, lol....

Came home, did some work...then did what i was looking forward to all week. Kamis...wooooooo. Finally had a chance to forget about all the stress of the week, and go out and just relax at my favorite BG bar, talk to my other friend mike(from class). Elo, Kristen, her friend Kristen and i went out, ended up meeting up with BIll, stephanie, hooper and some of their friends. Next thing i know, Melanie(another friend from ITS slide tackles me from the back) and i end up buying her a beer and talking to her for about a half hour. After going back and hanging with the original crew i came with, then guess who shows up...Mike from ITS. From that point on, the whole nite was just rediculous. He and i ended up doing shots of Jager, doing stupid shit, talking about stupid shit, it was just plain awesome. I got at the bar at 1015, and left at 230. Yah, thats right, we closed kamis down. Thats definately a first for me. What a time it was. The weston crew showed up, even lynne who never comes out anymore, hehe. Had an awesome awesome time. Ran into Kristin McDonald, Chrissann, Wozniak and tons of other assorted friends i havent seen in forever. I also ran into a girl i knew my freshman year, Katy who i havent seen in forever. She gave me her phone number and told me to call her up sometime, i gave her mine too, so this could be interesting...

Came home, went to bed...slept till noon since i didnt get to bed till about 330. What a nite. All ive done so far today is work on RCC stuff, big meetings AGAIN tomorrow night and monday night. Give me a holla if you wanna chat. IM, phone, etc, you all know tha drill.

Positive: WHAT A NITE!
Negative: Screw flirty girls with boyfriends...ESPECIALLY WEEN BOYFRIENDS.
Quote: Too many to remember...mike was rolling them out like it was his job last nite...
Song of the day: Green Day - Time of my life
Cool Mac Moment: Figuring out a HUGE image problem with the os X image at ITS...just cause im cool like that...

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