Saturday, February 15, 2003


Yah, here i am, at home in chicago. Its been a really nice weekend away from all the crazy crap at school. Scholastic crap, work crap, personal crap. Youd think i was a restroom attendant with all the crap I deal with, lol. Sorry, attempt at humor....failed.

Friday I had a pretty good meeting in the morning, hopefully cleared alot of stuff up that weve been having problems with at RCC. Then i had the most enjoyable day at ITS ive ever had. I got to work on training for OS 10 for the people i work with there. Thats right, i got paid to sit, work on a Mac, work with keynote, and write training for my favorite operating system. Wow. I got the cutest valentine from Candy with a Harley on it(inside ITS joke) and had some good food that the TSC staff cooked and brought in. Ive never seen my boss eat that much either, especially since he was going to Outback that night with some friends. Im sure hes still hurting from that, lol!

Ive been having a nice relaxing time with my mom this weekend. Friday night i fought the snow to get home, and FINALLY was able to get home. Had dinner - Mom made steak:) then fell asleep at 10. Im not even making that up. I played with my 2 cats and my sisters 2 cats that are spending a few days here since her, her husband and my dad are in florida for his schools jazz band trip. Lots of hissing and fighting...which is what woke me up today.

RARRR!!! REAAEERRR!!! Yah, that was 845 this morning. Spooks and Brisco were at it, making really nasty noises. Had a nice breakfast with mom, dusted off my car, then headed out to good ole Cantara 30 to see Daredevil. Decent enough flick, i just didnt dig the ending. I wont spoil it for any of you that havent seen it yet, but its just kind of unsettling. Got some new jeans, a new belt, went to CostCo and got some more atkins-y food and then to my personal holy mecca. The Apple Store. I had to talk to myself before walking in and said i was only going to get an airport card, then i was going to walk out. I saw the same guy who i always talk to in there, and they almost talked me in to buying a base station to go with it. My geek side was convinced, but my accounting side of my brain didnt go with it. I talked to them about jobs, and they pretty much told me i was a dumbass for not taking the genious position out in new york. They said to get offered a job working for apple is harder then getting into UCLA, Stanford and MIT combined. I was totally kicking myself. Oh well, at least i was close. Lets hope i can get that close once i graduate. I still only came out of the store with an airport card...and a heavy heart.

Dinner at outback..mmm...then home to do laundry and have my mom do my taxes. Finding out im going to get a pretty phat refund is good news. So now im sitting here with Lord of the rings on, doing laundry. Tomorrow i gotta get up, pack and be on the road by 12 so i can be at work by 6. Should be a real blast, im so excited. My mom did get me the new XMen 1.5 DVD so i can check that out and play that on this lovely laptop. Hope to post again tomorrow and give ye faithful blog readers more inane garbage to read. Id like to get some kind of post feature or talkback forum...let me see what i can work on :)

Nite all...

Positive: Bein at home with mom :)
Negative: Fighting cats!!!
Quote: "REARRR!!!!!!!!" - Spooker at 8am this morning
Song of the day: Pieces - Hoobastank
Cool Mac Moment: Making my monthly pilgramage to the apple store...goddamn that place is awesome. I could go on and on about it......but ill spare you all the boredom of my geekiness....ill go with the fact i got an airport card successfully installed in my trusty powerbook...yay!

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