Thursday, May 29, 2003



- Hoe Security Director Wags

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Well, hello everyone.

Hope all is well...ive had a fairly uneventful past 2 days. Working alot, from 10 to 10 both days, with my stupid ass mgmt class inbetween. Im actually looking forward to a full week of work, rather then have a whole day off, then have to work 12 hour days to make up for it.

Thank god tomorrow is the last one of them.

Management is going well. Its been simple math and retention from mgmt 300...which astonishingly enough...i do. So i think i should be good to go for my exam on monday.

I got DMB seating locations from the warehouse today. And goddamn...i got treated really well....going to 6 shows, only have lawn seats for 1 of those, and anywhere from 20th row to 30th row between the other ones. Im going to get spoiled.

Rain tonight through sunday. Because of this, im going to lower the Hoe Advisory to BLUE. I think we all should be safe to go out. If anything changes, ill be sure to let you know, but this is just a normal rainy week/weekend...intelligence points to a safe weekend with a general risk of hoes. Make sure to avoid any areas that attract hoes, namely trendy malls, bars after 10pm, etc.

Katie leaves friday morning...and i may not get to see her tonite. I wont get to talk to her for at least 3 weeks....then spotty for 2 weeks after that. THEN when she comes home, im going to be gone for the 2 weekends after she gets home. BOO! Sad wags.

36 days untill the best DMB 4th of july weekend ever
21 Days untill the DMB tour opener
11 days untill wag's birthday

Heres to keeping yourself safe against hoes.
Positive: Hoe Warning System
Negative: only one more day with katie...
Quote: "There is a definate lack of jive goin on here" - mccomas
Song of the day: OAR - Hey Girl
Cool Mac Moment: Uplink is a sweet new game from ambrosia sw, check it out. If you have a mac...muhahahahah

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

The Hoe Security Advisory System is a means to disseminate information regarding the number and density of Hoe activity to federal, state, and local authorities and to the American people. These are labeled as the following.

• Low/Green = Low Risk of Hoe Activity. Poor weather, schoolwork, American Idol finale are all examples of reasons why Hoes may choose to keep themselves out of the public eye.
• Guarded/Blue = Conditions warrant an increase in Hoe-supported situations. Warmer weather, average thursday nights or any other normal time. Proceed with caution.
• Elevated/Yellow = Increased Hoe activity is possible. Concerts, Weekends in college towns, any outdoor college activities could warrant this level.
• High/Orange = Specific instances of Hoe attractable situations are known. Dave Matthews Band concerts, Malls, Saint Patricks Day celebrations as well as any end of the semester festivites can bring this about. PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION.
• Severe/Red = Hoe sightings inevitable. Do not leave your house unless survival warrants it. Make sure to protect yourself when leaving if you must. Prepare for the worst.

I have set the Hoe Warning System to yellow for the time being, if any news of Hoe activity comes available, let me know and i will change the warning and advise preparedness immediately.
Well hello everyone. I hope you all had a good weekend. Friday was a really slow day at work, and then i took katie out to hunan(mmm) and to see Down with Love. Was a really good movie, and anyone who likes tounge in cheek movies will like it. It reminded me of a really well acted high school play. Ewan McGregor was excellent as always. It was just a good time. Gave katie her necklace i got her. Its an amber heart pendant. She loves amber, and i figured this would be a good gift for her before she goes away on her trip for a few weeks. Just something to give her to remember me by. Gonna miss that girl.

Saturday was pretty nice, i took some time to finish up setting up my room. Got a new desk chair, a new desk for my laptop and a new lamp for my room plus some other assorted things. After living here for a year, i finally feel like my room is getting in decent shape. Moving my entertainment center and speakers for it was the best idea ive ever had. The surround sound set up is more distributed now, so it sounds alot fuller. So good.

Sunday, Katie and i were supposed to go to Cleveland, but her grandma got sick. So instead, she did alot of work, and i took sometime to relax and get some stuff done around the house. It was nice just to relax, get some work done, clean a bit, etc. Although, we were up at the crack of dawn to leave, so when katie came over at night to be social...we both just fell asleep at 10. Big partiers....

Monday. Memorial day. w00t. Most people are happy cause they get the day off and dont have to work. For me, that means i have to put in extra hours the rest of the week to make up for it. Boo Hiss. But, i digress. Katie and i really did go to cleveland, met her grandparents, spent time with her grandfather getting OS X on his iBook and showing him how non-evil it is. Had a tasty brunch with them, then we were off to the rib fest.

After battling for directions ( ;-) Katie ) We got there, and parked. Wandered around for a bit, went to the mall, got some late lunch and met up with Al and Red at the stage. Virginia Coalition was performing at 4:15 and The Clarks were supposed to be on at 5:30. Saw both bands. I was really impressed with Virginia Coalition. I had never heard them before, but i had heard OF them. Definately a new band for me to listen to. I like their sound alot, and im always a sucker for a rock band that has guys that can sing harmony. They had a pretty solid set, then The Clarks came out. Everyone was so pumped up about them. Maybe its because i never have really listened to them before, but i wasnt overly impressed. I think its a regional pittsburgh thing. To me, the best song they played was a prince cover that just made me laugh. However i do have to give props to the bass player who plays on a gibson using a pick. Kinda nutty. They werent bad, they just didnt do anything to really blow my skirt up. At any rate, it was a good time out in Cleveland, ive decided that cleveland has made it onto my places i could live after i graduate. Seeing Katie all tired and delierious on the way home was also a pretty funny time too. Poor thing, too much excitement for her ;-)

I was thinking while i was in cleveland that ive been to a load of concerts. One of the best things about seeing a band live is seeing them do cover songs. Hearing one of your favorite bands cover an old hit or funny song just makes me smile. So here i am, with the top 10 cover songs ive ever seen
10.)Ben Harper - Sexual Healing
I saw this when he opened for DMB. Pretty solid, as we know ben harper is.

9.)Will Hoge - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
Pretty funny. Will loves to use this when he closes a show. When he opened for OAR, it made us all laugh.

8.)John Mayer - Hoes In Different Area Codes
John Uses snippets of covers as intros to songs sometimes, but this one really was a riot to hear him sing..

7.) Dave Matthews Band - Long Black Veil
Solid song, pretty powerful as far as music goes. A good johnny cash cover is always good.

6.) John Mayer - Dirty Pop
John's cover of n'sync always makes me laugh. Especially when he doesnt know all the words...

5.) Pat McGee Band - Where the streets have no name
Pat's cover of this U2 song was especially good, even after playing a set of mostly new songs, he said "This is a song...not on our album"

4.) Virginia Coalition - Video Killed The Radio Star
I had the biggest smile on my face listening to them play this. This band just has so much energy on stage, and this really brought it out to its fullest.

3.) Dave Matthews Band - All Along The Watchtower
A Staple of DMB songs. Always good, especially when butch uses his keyboards to do an electric guitar solo...

2.) Sister Hazel - Feel Like Making Love
Starting out the song saying "This song always makes me feel dirty" was a riot. Another band with an insane amount of fun on stage.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAND Drumroll please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.) Pat McGee Band - Lifes Been Good To Me
Pat's cover of Joe Walsh's song jut was priceless. The fact that he didnt know the words, but the crowd did was so funny. Pat took out his ear monitors, let the crowd sing some was great.

If you all have heard any bands do a good cover, let me know!

Hope everyone had a good weekend, i know mine was a good time...

Positive: Good Weekend
Negative: windburn!
Quote: WING WAGS! - Red
Song of the day: song - virginia coalition
Cool Mac Moment: Photoshop..youll see why in a few...

Friday, May 23, 2003

This could be the best Xanga ever...

I found this ya red ;-)

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Well...ive been trying to find a new template, but i havent been happy with anything blogger has. I picked this...who knows. If people like it, let me know. Then again, i dont think anyone even reads it anymore.

Working nights has been an adventure. Depending on which TSS works evenings with me, its either been fun or REALLY QUIET. Some people dont talk much, so it can just be me reading the same damn articles online for the 67th time. No, actually ive been busting ass on this new employee orientation for ITS. Ive hammered out about 7 pages last night, and now i need to take some pictures to put in it before i can go any farther, however i didnt bring my usb cable for my digital camera so i cant offload them. I also cant leave the TSC since im the only person im pretty stuck with it.

I sure do get some interesting calls here late at night. Some guy from the health center just called me asking who wendy was, and why she was sending him information on how to increase the size of his penis. I just have to laugh at those sometimes.

Ive set a goal for myself this summer. Pay off my debt. I know ive been wanting to get an eMac, but i really think i need to pay off my 2 credit cards, get rid of one of them and then pay off as much as i can of my laptop loan. With those things out of the way, ill feel better about buying a new computer. Hopefully this will be easy to do once katie leaves...i like taking her out and doing nice things for her...and if i just work and go home, i should be able to save a few bucks here and there. Also, the 40 hours a week at the new pay rate doesnt hurt.... ;-)

Management is going ok, i actually learning some things about management that i would have like to have used at RCC. Not because i wasnt managing correctly, but it would have helped me deal with my supervisor a bit better. Not anything really mind boggling or shocking, but just some good strategies. However, this lady who teaches it, while the kind of person who wants to talk everything through. Why do you have the problem you have, why do you feel that way, gets kind of annoying and difficult when dealing with situational examples. Everything with her has to do with an employees motivation. It could be motivation to work, motivation to follow company policy, motivation to do the right just gets kind of old. Just like my blog rambling.

Less then a month untill i get to start the crazy DMB fiasco. 6 Shows in less then a month, how awesome is that. w00t.

I dont know why, but it seems like everyone is acting strange, angry, touchy or really sensitive lately. I dont know why, but its just strange to me that everyone has been acting this way or making crazy decisions lately. I know i have been too, but i think mine has been more reactionary to other people. Today at work was dubbed Ignorant Asshole Thursday for everyone who called in today who not only had no clue what was going on, but had to be total and complete jerks about it to US, the people TRYING TO HELP THEM....i dont get it. Times like these just really reinforce my lack of trust in people.

I beat the Matrix game today, however i was dissapointed that i didnt get anymore girl on girl kissing at the end. However, an extremely good game all around. Definately solid in all my criteria. Great story, Excellent soundtrack, authentic voice acting, great gameplay and somewhat decent graphics. Now on to Vice City...and to wait for Half Life 2. Im not getting as worked up over doom 3 as everyone else is...i guess i didnt get into the pc game scene untill half life came out, so that was my first real foree into it. Unlike my crazy roommate who used to play the original doom untill he eyes bled.

Going to katies grandparents in cleveland this weekend. Kind of scared, hope it all goes well, and i hope everyone prays for me as well.

Have a good friday all, and ill see you soon.

Positive: Sunny Weather
Negative: people acting funny lately...
Quote: "Man, its Ignorant Asshole Thursday around here..." - Me
Song of the day: Big Eyed Fish - DMB
Cool Mac Moment: Reading more and more on the new ppc 970 powermacs...i cant wait for these things to come out...

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

I write for several true crime shows on cable TV, and I spend 12 and 14-hours at a time cuffed to my computer.

Recently, I went searching for a new notebook. I didn?t set out to buy a Mac, but I soon discovered that all the PC notebooks felt like plastic milk crates. Then I happened on the PowerBook, and thought to myself that this was a machine designed to be lived with.

Mac OS X was not a factor in my purchase, but I soon discovered it was a huge unanticipated bonus; it gets out of your way and lets you do your work. I?d rather sit on tacks than go back to Windows.

PowerBooks are a little more expensive, but so is a good pair of shoes ? and you wouldn?t tolerate blisters with every step just because the boots were marked down 25%. I?m convinced that anyone who lived with a Mac for a week would fight to keep it.

After writing my first true crime episode on this new Mac, I arrested my two PC notebooks. Then I booked them on charges: of poor build quality and assault with an operating system.

- real switcher story

Another day, another dollar.

Or something like that.

Now i dont post untill 5pm, so for those of you early morning blog readers(aka my sister) there is going to be a slight delay in updates. Since im so busy here at nights at the TSC, i figured i should do it now.

I played some more of Enter The Matrix today. What a sweet game. Since i couldnt sleep, i got up early and played way to much of this. Its really an extension of the movie...and im hoping has more information on the next film. The real reason i like it?

Remember the scene where Persephone makes neo kiss her to get to the the game, persephone does the same thing with niobe. Yeah. 2 smoking hot a matrix video game....with lots of guns...and bullet time....and kung me something thats better.

Well, half life 2, but its not going to have hot chicks making out, so whatever.

The girl came to visit me this morning. Happiness :-)

Nothing really groundbreaking today in class. I really dont know how i feel about this management class. Not the class so much but the teacher. Shes the annoying kindergarten teacher who had to hold everyones hand. You know that teacher. She has to call everyone by their first name, make us do stupid ice breakers so we have good "class relationships" Im about ready to puke. Ive lost more management skills then this lady has. Today, we also had to fill out "information cards"(i wondered if she was going to tell my mommy if i dont do my homework) and since im not mentally handicapped, i was able to write my name, phone number, p number and email address in under a minute. So i went to shut off my phone in case someone would call me. She then saw me, and told everyone to pass their cards into the "inconsiderate person in the front with the cell phone" Lady, im turning it off, relax. Meh. At least the book is kind of interesting. Although im honestly getting tired of hearing about the millionares that worked so hard, and still work 17 hour days now that they have made their 100th million but dont know how to quit. Kids, not being able to realize when to relax and when to work your ass off isnt a virtue, its a sickness. Working hard is a good thing, but if you are worth anything over one million, relax, enjoy life...dont work.

5 hours left at work....hmmmm...

Katie leaves in about 2 weeks...i dont know how i feel about that....

Have a good evening tonite, everyone. Heres to hoping that Clay wins American Idol, and to watching the 24 season finale after work tonite...even though i know what happens....


Positive: Chicks Kissing In a Video Game
Negative: I hate my management teacher
Quote: PUPPY DOG CAT MANN!!!! - Max, describing the animal that rowd is...
Song of the day: Unwell - Matchbox Twenty
Cool Mac Moment: FInding out i can go to the grand opening of the Apple store downtown chicago in awesome....

Monday, May 19, 2003

What is the longest relationship you've been in?

A Year and a half. Relationships for me either go for a week or ultra long term. The one im in now has gone for almost 2 months i guess its past the one week mark...*checks calendar*

what kind of car do you drive?
1997 Chevrolet Lumina LTZ. A sports sedan. Dont laugh, they make such things. Its blown tiburons off the line in toledo....that hearty v6 in her can ace almost any other non-sports car of her size...nickname is the Green Lantern

what kind of pets do you have? 
At home i have a cat, spooker...but thats most likely going to stay with the rents when i graduate. I live with 3 cats now that are my roommates, Bobbins, Toad and Rowdy....bobbins has pretty much claimed me as her own...

toilet paper: over or under?
If this was the biggest stressor i had in my life, id be a happy camper.

cheesecake or chocolate cake? 
Dayum. This is hard, however cheesecake is on my diet(seriously, it is) so im going with that.

coffee or tea?
Either one. Im an Earl Gray fan.

caffeinated or decaf?
Pop is trash. End of story.

PC or MAC?
Anyone who knows me can answer this question. Either that or look at the posters in my room.

how many computers are in your house?
Well, i own 3, looking at getting 2 more. I have a Powerbook g4 667, a Powermac G4 400 and a windoze machine running a p4 1.6A Ghz. Max has 4 or 5 more machines. His desktop, his win2k server, raid machine, ftp server, his mac, etc, etc, etc....we have a network so complex in our apartment, we could diagram it and rival many companies business networks.

when you look out a window, what exactly are you looking for?
To see what the hell bobbins is meowing at.

what was the last movie you watched and did you like it?
Matrix Reloaded. F@#$%&! Tight.

what was the last driving ticket you got?
10 expired meter ticket from the assholes at parking and traffic. Dammit P&T sucks.

sleep nude or no?
Woah. TMI. I dont think anyone wants to think about me sleeping naked.

do you smoke?
I used to play the cigar game...but not anymore

have you ever bought anything online?
The question is...what DONT i buy online. Groceries. Thats it. Everything The instant gratification isnt worth dealing with the public.

have you ever sold anything online?
All the time.

what was the worst place you ever lived?
On a tour bus in drum corps. Wow.

what was the best place you ever lived?
Yeah. I like being here on my own in BG...but goddamn, chicago is the best place ever. If i could live on my own in implode and tear the fabric of the space time continuum.(I watched back to the future this weekend, can you tell?)

sunflower seeds - eat the shell or not?
What else is on the menu. I aint no damn forager. Gimme meats.

what was the last book you read and did you like it?
David Pogues missing manual for Mac OS X. Best OS X resource ever.
Welcome to the new week, blog readers...

Had a good rest of the weekend, Met the sister and husband for lunch on sunday, then took Katie on the Clarendon Hills/Oak Brook/Hinsdale/Westmont tour before we finally headed home. 5 hours later, we were back here in BG, dropped her off so she could go spend time with some friends, and i went home to unpack.

Did i unpack? Meh....kind of. Did i play video games like i wanted to? I totally rearranged my room. Moved the bed around, the whole entertainment center(it is now in its new spot, in my closet...sounds wierd, but it works) Im pretty happy with it. I need to get a coaxial cable coupler and extension so i can run cable back to my TV, which of course is in the farthest possible place it could be from the cable jack, another power strip and some other misc cables. This weekend, i think max and i are going to play carpenter and make another small offshoot desk so its kind of an L so i have a place to put my laptop and maybe another computer...;-)

Today, i got up at 930...since my body refuses to sleep in after my schedule last semester...messed around, played some GTA vice, wanted to play Enter The Matrix, but my tv and gamecube arent anywhere close to hooked up, so i showered ate and headed off to mgmt 305. Wow. This class is going to make me dizzy. The teacher seems like shes a throwback kindergarten teacher who wants everyone to know everyone and work well and share and color in the lines. We spent the ENTIRE first class doing an icebreaker where we had to learn something about someone that matched our initials. Yeah. *rolls eyes*

Now im sitting here at ITS, working from 2:30 to 10. This should get interesting.

Seriously, go watch todays strongbad email, it has to be one of the funniest i have ever seen. It makes me think that i go to school at Crazy Go Nuts University. I am a Fighting Dumple.


Positive: Back In BG
Negative: Screw Classes
Quote: "A little email never hurt anybody, except maybe the cheat.." - Strongbad
Song of the day: CGNU Fight Song - Strongbad
Cool Mac Moment: New iPod dock is sweet.....

Saturday, May 17, 2003

Well, im sitting here at my usual blogger spot. Its nice to be in chicago again for a weekend, if just to relax...and to spend some time with the girl too :-)

Made pretty decent time on friday getting out to aurora to get the girl from BG, then home to chicago. Got home around 10...not bad for leaving at 5. Girl and parents are doing well, they really like her....which is good, cause so do i ;-)

Today, we had breakfast with mom since dad was out running errands, then went to see the matrix with sister, her husband and mom and dad. What a great frigging flick. Had some time before we went to dinner, so i took katie to oakbrook mall and spent time at the apple store since her poor little ipod is having screen issues. I oogled the emac that i want to get and talked to all of my friends that work there. Its funny, cause they seem like they know about the new ppc 970 macs coming out, but cant say anything....they crack me up. Dinner at PF changs, then back here to do laundry and relax. Gonna go to bed, get up sometime, then head back home tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a good time this weekend, especially those of you who are far away from BG. Have a good one!

Positive: Being home
Negative: being hungry after eating chinese food
Quote: "I feel cheated" - Dad after the matrix revolutions trailer
Song of the day: Audioslave - gasoline
Cool Mac Moment: Apple store....dayum.

Friday, May 16, 2003

Happy friday everyone...

What a week its been. Its just like BG to take a week that ive been looking forward to since january to be full of drama and all sorts of goofy garbage.

Im finally done at RCC. Again, i went in there yesterday and sat around all morning waiting for a meeting that never happened. I dont know how i feel about the management over there. One thing is for sure, i am damn glad to be done. I worked there for 4 years, and now im just glad to get away from it. It kind of makes me wonder if it is the people over there, or if its me. If its me, i dont know how ill be able to have a steady career somewhere where i dont leave after a few years. Then again, i know better then that with RCC. Hence the 85% turnover in staff this semester. *rolls eyes* Reslife. The only organization in the world that can operate like it does because its on a college campus. Meh.

So, i heard from CTLT. They offered me the job. *insert cheering here* However, i dont think im going to take it. It only pays 6.75(i know im a snob) but for the amount of work and responsibility that isnt anywhere close to decent compensation. Plus, i would have to cut back hours here at ITS during the summer so that i could work 40 hours in the fall as well. I really dont want to do that because ITS is paying me more and because i like the environment here more. Also, if i would go over 40 hours (which i would) because of working 40 hrs at ITS and then 15 at CTLT, the mandatory overtime would come from ITS's student employment budget. Somehow, that doesnt really make sense for ITS to pay money to have me work at CTLT. Plus there are people there that i would rather spend time with. So im pretty sure i have made up my mind. Sure, it would be nice administering 2 os X servers, managing a lab full of macs and learning tons of software that i havent used before....but i dont want to mess with changing everything again this soon before graduation. Meh, im just rationalizing this to myself in my im sorry if you just read that whole thing.

Katie left for chicago yesterday, and i cant wait to see her tonite. Its definately going to be different to see her out at my place. Its not that i think thats not how its supposed to be, its just odd to see people from BG out in chicago. I use chicago as my escape from BG because its so far. 5 people from BG have been to my house, Maury, Brad, Mandy, Max and now i guess its not going to be that wierd... Oh well, this should be a good weekend, somewhat of a vacation for katie and i before she goes off on her trip for 5 weeks. Wow thats gonna suck.

Last night i did a very bad thing. I went to best buy and bought not one but 2 video games. Since when do i have time to play video games. Apparently now. Grand Theft Auto : Vice City and Enter The Matrix. I played both of them all night since katie was gone....both are incredible. The matrix is really awesome seeing as how it has extra footage that they filmed while doing matrix 2 and 3 and the whole game is directed by the 2 guys who did the movies. The production values are great, gameplay is awesome....its quite a ride. GTA is sweet too, riding motorcycles was the MAIN THING i wanted added in the last one...but now there are helicopters and planes too...this is gonna be good. Plus its set in the 80s...who doesnt love the 80's?

So, i gotta give a shout out to red....shes become one of the best friends i could have found around here. Sure we get on each others nerves, but we both do it cause we care about each other. Yay for red :-)

So, now one of the ladies here at work is playing country kill me fast...

I get to have my performance review here at ITS today. Im not worried, seeing as how i got a raise and a promotion while i was on my probation period, i think i should be ok ;-)

Ok, im gonna stop now, seeing as how this already has been the update of jesus. Sorry if the coke thing scandalized you all...but POP IS BAD FOR YOU! Ok, im done now. Peace out, yall...

Positive: New video games
Negative: Wheres the girl?
Quote: Whered carly go? - Dave
She quit - Me
She cant quit, slaves have to be sold! - Dave
(she really just went to the bathroom)
Song of the day: Zion - Fluke
Cool Mac Moment: My laptop is such a war horse...

Thursday, May 15, 2003

For those of you who know how much of a water junkie i am, check this out...

1) 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. (Likely applies to half world
2) In 37% of Americans, the thirst mechanism is so weak that it is often
mistaken for hunger.
3) Even MILD dehydration will slow down one's metabolism as much as 3%.
4) One glass of water will shut down midnight hunger pangs for almost 100% of
the dieters studied in a University of Washington study.
5) Lack of water = the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue.
6) Preliminary research indicates that 8-10 glasses of water a day could
significantly ease back and joint pain for up to 80% of sufferers.
7) A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger fuzzy > short-term memory, trouble
with basic math, and difficulty focusing on the computer screen or on a printed
8) Drinking 5 glasses of water a daily decreases the risk of colon cancer by
45%, plus it can slash the risk of breast cancer by 79%, and one is 50% less
likely to develop bladder cancer.

Are you drinking the amount of water you should every day?

1) In many states (in the USA) the highway patrol carries two gallons of Coke
in the truck to remove blood from the highway after a car accident.
2) You can put a T-bone steak in a bowl of Coke and it will be gone in two
3) To clean a toilet: Pour a can of Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl and let the
"real thing" sit for one hour, then flush clean. The citric acid in Coke
removes stains from vitreous china.
4) To remove rust spots from chrome car bumpers: Rub the bumper with a
rumpled-up piece of Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil dipped in Coca-Cola.
5) To clean corrosion from car battery terminals: Pour a can of Coca-Cola over
the terminals to bubble away the corrosion.
6) To loosen a rusted bolt: Apply a cloth soaked in Coca-Cola to the rusted
bolt for several minutes.
7) To remove grease from clothes: Empty a can of Coke into a load of greasy
clothes, add detergent, and run through a regular cycle. The Coca-Cola will
help loosen grease stains. It will also clean road haze from your windshield.

For your Info.
1) The active ingredient in Coke is phosphoric acid. Its pH is 2.8. It will
dissolve a nail in about 4 days. Phosphoric acid also leaches calcium from
bones and is a major contributor to the rising
increase in osteoporosis.
2) To carry Coca-Cola syrup (the concentrate) the commercial truck must use the
Hazardous Material place cards reserved for highly corrosive materials.
3) The distributors of Coke have been using it to clean the engines of their
trucks for about 20 years!

Now the question is, would you like a glass of water or Coke?
Well, if you got here, you were successfully able to navigate the new I hope you all enjoy it, ive finally merged 3 websites into one super website. If you want to just bypass that page to get here, here are some links for you to remember. - That will take you here - That will take you to my Mac news site - that will take you to Katies Xanga - that will take you to Red's Xanga(LOVE THE WAGS, RED)

If anyone wants a subdomain, let me know. Especially you Xanga clowns who have the hardest URL's to remember. Id venture to say the URL of jesus.

Work yesterday at ITS was so slow i could watch it creep along. Hardly any calls, and its just that time of the summa where nothing happens in BG. NOTHING. This place is so dead. Wow.

Grades came out last night at midnight, i got c's in both kollas classes. THANK JEEBUS I PASSED! Other then that, i got 2 a's a b and 3 c's. Not great, but ill survive. It was the semester from hell. Meh. Now i start classes on monday again, or should i say class...since im taking mgmt 305 for 6 weeks, then fizix 202 for the last 6 weeks. That should be fun. All while working 2:30 - 10 pm at ITS. Still havent heard from CTLT, tho....grrr.

Saw the matrix reloaded last night at a screening in maumee. Damn good movie, but im glad im seeing it again this weekend with the girl at home in chicago. There was WAAAYY too much information to absorb in just one sitting. 2.5 hours of zen, philosiphy and schi-fi tech and fighting...i felt tired. Also, if you go to see it, make sure you stay all the way through the credits, not only to hear the DMB remix, but to see the trailer of Matrix Revolutions.

Sitting here...AGAIN at RCC, when i should be in a transitional meeting, but of course, noone showed up for the frigging meeting. So we are waiting for an hour and a half for them to show up. An hour and a half, and im audi like a tt.

I finally got my new ipod, it is one of the coolest things ive ever seen. Im going to attempt to do a review of it tonite on my mac site, ill let you all know when its done. Expect lots of pictures of it too.

Let me know what you think of the new Either IM me or leave me something in the chatterbox!

Tonight, the girl is going to chicago to spend time with her family, then tomorrow at 5 im leaving here to go to chicago, pick her up and then go spend the weekend with my family. First time having the girl meet the folks, this could be fun. She has no escape route, so shes stuck there with my family....hehehehehehehe.....

May not hear from me untill sunday or monday, but ill be on AIM, and be sure to love my chatterbox, seeing as how it rarely gets love anymore. Poor chatterbox.

Take care, and keep it real......damn im white.

Positive: Matrix Reloaded - so good
Negative: RCC. Wow.
Quote: "Pet the girl....PET HER...." - katie
Song of the day: Rob Zombie - Reload
Cool Mac Moment: I have my new ipod! WOOO!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Welcome to tuesday, blog fans.

Im sitting here at RCC, waiting for people to get here, because apparently noone told me that the transitional meeting that im here for doesnt start for another 45 minutes. Im so glad i got my ass out of bed early in the morning to come here and sit. At least i get to post for you all.

Yesterday was a nice day at ITS. It was a day that reminded me that not all days there are pretty days. The difference isnt in who i work WITH, its the people i try to help. Some people can be really cranky with me over things that arent my fault. Oh well. Oh, and moving 9 truckloads of old computers and monitors....thats fun too.

So now my old boss @ RCC just told me that he forgot we were meeting, so noone is coming in to meet today. So i think im going to go over to ITS. Wow. One more day.

Not much else to post about...except my iPod was held in Taiwan(where it shipped from) for a Regulatory Agency Clearance Delay. Yah, i think it has SARS. First SARS killed 3 kds monitors of mine, now its gonna kill my ipod. Great.

Have a good day, audi.
Positive: Its summa time
Negative: one more day...
Quote: "Wow, my boyfriend comes with a pause, play, fastforward and rewind button, how USEFULL!" - katie after seeing my ipod release party shirt
Song of the day: BT - Never Gonna Come Back Down
Cool Mac Moment: iPod will be in hand today!

Saturday, May 10, 2003

Well, another semester officially down. All my exams are done, all the drama of RCC is done, all the garbage of people drama is done too, hopefully.

Its nice to hear from some people that i will actually be missed at RCC. Too bad its not from anyone in management, who dont even seem to care that im leaving. I get a feeling that the transitional work is more of a burdon for them then anything. Well, more of a reason for me to get out of there. Plus, they are giving sloka the run around BIG time with how he is supposed to do work for them during the summer. He is helping them out, and they are givin him grief. As sloka said, if you want to see how the real world is, dont go to RCC. Everything there is ass backward. 2 more days, wags, 2 more days.

I had my interview with CTLT on friday, it went really well. I dont know if i got it or not yet, he said hed let me know asap, but i have a really good feeling. If not, thats ok, i can make everything happen that i need to @ ITS hopefully, but it would be nice to get the experience from this job.

Speaking of ITS, i really got the feeling that ive been given more responsibility. Chad has just been treating me more like a full time person lately, not that he didnt treat me well before, which is definately not the case, just that hes asking me to do more full time things, asking me for more opinions on things, having me do some pretty important tasks. Its funny, because i found out that Mike only wants me to work next tuesday and thursday at RCC, so i called Chad to ask if it was ok if i added more hours on monday and wednesday, and he was more then happy to have me to do that. If i would have done that at RCC, they would give me some serious flack about it. Dont go over hours, if you dont have work, dont come in, blah blah blah. That whole garbage. But to have an employer who is glad to have me come in and help, wants to give me more responsibility because he knows i can handle it and help him out....its just a really nice feeling. One more week before i start my night time work in the TSC.

Seeing everyone leave is kind of a sad thing. All the people who came in with me and are now graduating. Im happy for them but jealous all at the same time. I know i have one more semester, but i wish i could just graduate, get a real job and be on my own. Im getting so tired of school. 19 more credit hours....19 more.....

Had a nice night with katie, we went to dinner in maumee, rented a movie, watched it...then as usual, fell asleep. Weve both had a really stressful week, and it was nice for it to just be over. I saved the world for katie yesterday when appleworks ate her paper, and i was able to bring it back. Seeing as how she told me she would fail the class if she didnt get it into him on friday. Rest assured, we got it in to him :-)

Now im off to go help her move lauras loft to Al's apartment. The parents are coming into town tonight since my dad has a judging seminar in cincinatti today. Dinner with them tonite at El outback(mmmm), spending time with them at their hotel, then mothers day brunch tomorrow at hops. Gonna be good. Hopefully i can steal katie next weekend and we can go out there for the weekend. That would be nice since she has to go to cleveland today for grandparents stuff.

Have a good weekend, yall.

Positive: Semester Over
Negative: Sleeepy still
Quote: "You got so many bonus points there, you could be a dick the rest of your life" - katie after i saved her resume
Song of the day: Bunnies - Howie Day
Cool Mac Moment: My Ipod has shipped!!! W00T!

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Well all, hold on, this is going to be one hell of a blog entry.

Ive been hinting at some major things happening with me and my employment status. Ill give you a rundown of it now, since its all out in the open now, and i want to let all of you who care, know about whats going on with me.

Currently im in charge of all of the residential computer labs. Ive been in this position for 2 years, but have worked for RCC for 4 now. Ive seen alot of changes, and ive implimented most of them. ive helped do alot there, and lately, i just dont have the drive anymore. Plus some personal conflict with some management things, how money is spent, treatment of employees, etc...i just dont feel it is the right place for me anymore. Ive been looking around, and today something incredible happened.

As most of you know, i also work at ITS on campus in the technology support center. I was asked today to take a sort of a promotion to assist in the evening running of the TSC. Chad has been looking for a stable way to do this, and he thinks with my experience and my background, that i would be the guy to do it. He is also trying to help me as much as he can to find a full time position within ITS. Hes really looking to help me, and i cant even begin to tell you how appreciative of him i am with this. So starting May 19th, i will not be working for RCC anymore, and will switch to being a full time ITS employee.

But wait, theres more. Ive also been asked to interview for a system specialist position at the Center for Teaching and Learning Technology(CTLT). This is a very Macintosh intensive job that entails server administration for OS X servers, and heading up their windows XP and OS X migration project. It doesnt seem too difficult, so im going to do the interview on friday. Ill hear what the position is, if i like it, ill do it, if not, i have PLENTY of work to do for ITS. Only problem is, i dont know if i can work full time in the fall at ITS, which i need to pay bills and everything. Well, well see.

Worked from 8-3 today. Let me tell you, if this is a snapshot of what this summer is going to be like, i think ill have a great time with all these clowns. Its so nice to see Carly back after her semester in Italy. We are such a bunch of goofballs. Its gonna be an awesome time at the TSC this summer. Just you wait.

Took Kollas 453 final after work. meh. Didnt go well...for anyone in the class. I told dr. kolla all i wanted was to not have to retake the class, and he told me i wouldnt have to. So whatever i get, i guess ill clear the class. Also, Dr. Border emailed me and told me i got 2 A's and a B in his 3 classes this semester. So thats awesome news. :-)

Im damn tired now. Everything is over, and now i just have to work. 8-3 at TSC tomorrow and 3-5 @ RCC. Gotta do transitional things to get all of this stuff out of my hands and into mark and nathans. Going to be wierd to not have to deal with it either. going to write my official resignation letter for RCC now then go to bed. Have a good night all, feel free to IM me and ask me more on why im leaving RCC if you wonder.


Positive: New Job
Negative: Leaving RCC(or is this a positive too?)
Quote: 'Well, did you click OK" - Pat @ TSC on my failed attempts to set up a wireless network card
Song of the day: Clocks - Coldplay
Cool Mac Moment: new emacs. I will get one this summer. I will raise 1200 with the hours im working this summer. I WILL DO IT DAMMIT.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003


yeah, thats the general feeling around RCC today. Rcc open house, meaning lots of free food and no work to do. Its good to see everyone for one last time before they all go away for the summer or away for good.

*tear* e.shrades.

Nah, seriously, though. Im gonna miss the kid. Hes been an inspiration to me all through my years here. Smart, hard working, easy to work with, very spiritual. I just admire him. Its gonna suck to not see you sleepy every friday morning. Woah. That sounded dirty.

I got the new Pinewood Derby CD from him. For those of you that dont know. Thats his band. It sounds pretty good...ill have to listen to it when its not so NOISY AROUND HERE. *Looks around the office*

I sold my old ipod on ebay today. Not for as much as id like, but for a decent amount. Its paying for over half of my new one, so thats not bad. Speaking of the new one, i got impatient and called apple today, who said it should ship out thursday...meaning ill get it monday. Boo hiss....i want it NOW!

Im fine, i promise.

Going to study for my other Kolla exam, ECT 453 this afternoon with mike, hopefully i can get a decent grade on this one like i hopefully did in 300. I NEED to clear these classes.

New 24 tonite. W00t.

Any of you ever wish some things in your past didnt happen? Not because of how they hurt you or affect you, but because of how they make you act now and how they make you react to different situations? Im glad some of the things happened in past relationships with me because they taught me what love really is, and brought me out of a naieve relationship state, but it makes me react in ways that arent condusive to someone getting close to me anymore. i guess nothing is easy, but this sure makes things hard.

One more final, then im clear as crystal. More news on the job thing patient all....

Positive: Seeing old friends
Negative: seeing old friends for one of the last times
Quote: Meh...none.
Song of the day: The Horizon Has Been Defeated - jack johnson
Cool Mac Moment: Waking up this morning, remembering that the new jack johnson CD comes out today, trying to figure out when i can go get it, then checking my email and seeing that its new music tuesday in the itunes music store and one of the new feature downloads is the JJ Cd. paid 9.99 for it instead of the 15-17$ at a store. Woot. I love apple.

Monday, May 05, 2003

Well hello there...

I know i havent posted in a few days, ive been feverishly trying to get ready for exams. I have 3 exams, and of course, i had to have 2 of them monday 1st slot and 2nd slot. meh, at least i got them over with.

Mgmt can kiss my ass, i didnt think i did too well on it, but as steve used to say, D is for done.

ECT 300. Yes, a kolla exam. Overla and i studied our asses off sunday to get ready for it. He walked me through how to do the problems that were going to be on the exam.....and would you know it, they were on the exam. I rocked it. YES, I SAID I ROCKED A KOLLA EXAM. Now, I walked out of there feeling fairly confident, however, i didnt know as much of the theory as i hoped. So, i left mike to finish, and went to sell back some books. Mike calls me, said he talked to Dr. Kolla about mine, cause he was interested to see how i did since he helped me with alot of it by tutoring me, kolla looked it over, and estimated a B!!!

A FRIGGING B!!!!! ok now, but this is a pretty huge thing for me. *breathes*\

Some pretty big news about something having to do with me and work. Cant get into more, but if/when it happens, ill be sure to have a HUGE post.

Im selling my ipod on ebay since im getting one of the new ones. I broke down, decided to get it. I want one with a warranty, and since mine is about a year old as of this week, i figured its time to unload it. I got the 15gb model, upgrading from my other 5gb one. I cant wait for it to get fun.

My 3rd replacement KDS monitor should be here on wed...lets hope this one doesnt die....stupid KDS POS crap.

Ok, well i think im gonna go home, maybe play some more jurassic park game...SO FUN.

One more exam, but im not studying for it or even THINKING about it till tomorrow night.

Have a good day, all, and dont let the exam monster get you.

Positive: B ON MY KOLLA EXAM!!!!
Negative: mgmt exam....meh
Quote: " Whats it going to take?"
Song of the day: Warehouse - DMB
Cool Mac Moment: NEW IPOD COMING!!!

Saturday, May 03, 2003

Happy weekend all...

Xmen 2 is awesome...go see it. Those of you who may not be hardcore X-men fans, dont get down with the ending...youll know what i mean when you see it.

I bought one of the new ipods today.....more info on that soon...

Im gonna go nothing...type more periods....

Have a good saturday/sunday. Study hard, BG folk.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Im going to preface this whole post

Wednesday wasnt just some ordinary wednesday. Its the day ive been looking for for over a month now. The minute i saw that Pat McGee Band was scheduled to play at BGSU, i about had a fit. Ive seen these guys live before, and they are so fun its not even funny. As one of my top 3 bands(i say top 3 cause they keep switching order) I was amazed to see they would come play in a town like BG, but i wasnt close to complaining.

I had my last management class in the morning(thank jesus) as well as my last classes with dr. border, the coolest professor ever. Kind of sad, but nice to know that im pretty much done with school....only a few classes to go till i graduate...

Had lunch with katie in the union, and on the walk over, i saw the PMB tour bus parked outside the union. I got pretty giddy, and the whole time she and i were eating lunch, i was looking around, telling her that i KNEW that PMB was the type of band to come down and eat at the food court, hang out with people, etc...she just laughed at me...

I went back to class, then decided to stake out at the union to try to get good line position. HAAHAHAH! If that wasnt the joke of the day. No line formed untill AFTER 7, which is when they said the doors were going to open...yeah. In the meantime, i watched Brian Fetchino and John Small, both PMB members just walkin around the union. Wow was i geeking out, but i was trying SO HARD to not be "that guy"....

Waited for a while with all 10 people in line, then got to go in. Waited for a while, met up with donna, then Alice Peacock came on around 815. Shes ok...nothing that really blew me away. However i was right up at the stage. I felt kind of bad for her, cause stupid college boys decided to yell how hot she was, and that to me just makes you look like a dumbass. Anyways, her set was over, they tore down....and out come PMB. Pat and Brian first, just walking around like nobodys business....just wandering....john small was just kind of hanging out. Now, you have to remember something, the other times ive seen these guys has been in HUGE venues like the House Of Blues in chicago, where they sell out 2 nights in a row, have tons of people there, and security is MAD tight. Now here we are, with them just hanging out like this is like their living room. They take the stage, and the room is eerie quiet. With under 150 people, it was like having them play a show just for my living room....When Brian Fetchino came out, he was totally 3 feet from me, and he and i started chatting. Yeah, i was making small talk with the lead guitarist from Pat McGee Band.

Set list was awesome, opening up with one of my favorites, Passion. After that, they played some new songs...and then did something that made me go nutty. Pat was talking to us about how intimate of a setting this was, and asked for requests. All the jackholes that barely know the band were like "Rebecca"..made my toes itch, but Katie just said "Minute" which is her favorite song...Pat's response? "Minute sounds good", and looks over to us Pat talked to the crowd, people asking "wheres home?" when he said this was the last stop of the tour, and i shouted out "virginia!" and tons of little things. When they went to start a new song, he said "This is a song called Annabelle, we hope you kind of like it"...i said, "oh, im sure we will pat". Pat went "You havent even heard it yet!". After the song, i shoulted out, "we liked it", he got a kick out of it. Played more new and old stuff, switching the setlist up alot, played a pretty neat version of Havent Seen, which was kind of bluesy. Came to the last song, and pat asked again for one last request....and i shouted out Pride, which has to be my favorite PMB song. He looked at me, and i could tell. He turned to the band, said pride, and there we had it. The whole night, i had been messin around with Chardy, the percussionist and Chris the drummer, like chardy would do wild things and id point at him, i got chris to do a drumstick flip, when i was the only one to start the "woos" during the pride intro, needless to say, Chardy about had a cow. The rest of the crowd got into it, and the song just rocked. Set was over, and chris the drummer took his setlist off of his drumset, came up front, handed it to me and shook my hand. After that, Pat came out, did a solo version of Shine as an encore, and that was the concert.

As far as the rest of the I got the setlist signed by the whole band (pictures to come) chatted with each band member for a while, especially Chardy, who has been my hero since day one. All those guys in the band are really cool. They all were totally down to earth. I was just in total shock, cause this sort of thing will never happen again. Im not saying PMB is a huge band, but the chance of having a concert like this with a band like Never ever again. Here are pictures from the night...prepare to be amazed...

Now Katie and I need to get our little selves onto the Rock Boat cruise....PMB, Sister Hazel, Edwin

Well, back to work....heres to another concert as frigging incredible as this.....

Positive: Could be the best concert experience ever...
Negative: People bringing back memories
Quote: " Mlufkin44: pnp
KKB Firedancer: the whole night, i was just thinking
Mlufkin44: those pics are so classy
KKB Firedancer: luffys gonna love this"
Song of the day: Pat McGee - Shine
Cool Mac Moment: itunes 4...dddddamn.