Thursday, November 30, 2006

Winter Is Here

The Winter Storm Warning is now in effect from midnight tonight
to 12 PM CST Friday.

Snow is expected to develop around midnight tonight and continue
into Friday morning and last until about noon on Friday. The snow
may be heavy at times with snowfall rates of 1 to 2 inches per
hour at the height of the storm. Exact storm total snowfall
amounts will vary... but current information suggests 6 to 10
inches of snow will be possible by noon Friday... with isolated
amounts as high as one foot.

Any bets on wether or not this is fo rizzle?


The guys from Red vs Blue did a commercial for EA for madden 07 which showed dallas clark, the TE of the colts getting tackled like mad in game. I guess this irrtated him somewhat and he made a big stink about how it portrayed him.

Red Vs Blue, in their total comedy godlike power, released the directors cut of the commercial, showing their true intentions(with a lovely dose of sarcasm) for dallas clark.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006



I'm killing my email address. Please use going forward. Thanks, Namezero for selling my domain info to other companies so i get more spam than any one human being could imagine.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Playoff scenarios

This kills me...

Playoff scenarios -- Week 13


Baltimore can clinch division title with:

1) BAL win.

Indianapolis can clinch division title with:

1) IND win, OR
2) JAX loss, OR
3) IND tie JAX tie.

Indianapolis can clinch playoff berth with:

1) IND tie NYJ loss KC loss CIN loss, OR
2) IND tie NYJ loss KC loss CIN tie DEN loss.

Chicago can clinch division title with:

1) CHI win or tie.

Indy...the best team in the NFL as most media critics say...have to win or tie or spit water out of their mouth while standing on one foot while petting a chicken and thinking about pandas doing origami to clinch it.

The bears dont even have to win :P


Poppa wags has a good post summing up alot of what i think and have been doing lately. Check him out :)

Has it been that long?

Monday, November 27, 2006

Jack Is Back.

Less than 2 months.

FOX announced that sixth season of 24 will return on Sunday, January 14 with two episodes and continuing on Monday, January 15 with two more. The four hour premiere event is highly anticipated by all people who enjoy entertainment (i.e. everyone whose not my 10th grade math teacher) and features a bevy of new characters. James Cromwell (“Babe?) will appear as Jack Bauer's estranged father. The prolific Regina King (“Jerry Maguire?) will play Wayne Palmer's sister. Kal Penn (“Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle?), Rena Sofer (“Ed?) and Peter MacNichol (“Ghostbusters 2?) will also make appearances in season 6 of 24.

Bond Rox, Rex Sucks

Had a good week off of work. Christmas came early to the Wags household in the form of a new 42" Panasonic Plasma HDTV. It is a thing of sheer beauty. Played alot of Xbox on it, watched alot of TV...even some dvds. Picture is amazing. I have just about sold myself on getting the HD DVD drive for my 360(only is 200$) to watch high def dvds on it. Well see.

Saw the new James Bond movie, Casino Royale. Could possibly be my favorite bond movie ever. New bond is not the same as old bond. I like the grittier, more realistic sort of style. Less crazy stunts and wild gadgets which had somewhat overshadowed the past few. Not to mention that the story was well written(mostly adapted) as well. Very much worth a look.

I spent the whole morning lamenting the bears loss to the pats yesterday. Seeing as how the timeout to ice the pats kicker backfired and a penalty that the bears took resulted in a blocked field could say that those 2 plays could have been a 6 point margin for the bears, enough for a victory. Thanks to rex grossman, with 3 INT and 1 fumble...the bears turned the game over to the pats, no pun intended. Pats had 5 turnovers, however the reason they won was that they have a QB who can make good decisions and doesnt try to be a hero. Im not calling for rex to be benched...but you have to admit...a defense like this doesnt come around every year, neither does a high powered offense...all they need is a consistant QB and the super bowl is within reach.

Back to work after a week off. This will be fun.


When Im tired and thinking cold
I hide in my music, forget the day
And dream of a girl I used to know
I closed my eyes and she slipped away
She slipped awa y. she slipped away.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Here is why, for the time being, im sticking with my 360. (BTW, Superman Returns is really fun)

Not only that, but i think i threw my shoulder out playing wii sports after thanksgiving at my sisters place...thats not good.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

New Take on Numa Numa


What Im Sick Of

Im just about as sick of OSU vs Michigan hype this week as i am iPod vs Zune reviews.

If i have to read one more headline like "DOES THIS SPELL THE END OF APPLES REIGN?!" im going to scream.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Aint it the truth...

TJ sent me this from craigslist....too true, too true.

Dear Jesus,

I want to believe in you and your miraculous powers, I really do. I was raised in a devout Catholic home, and as long as I remember have been hearing about your divine nature and limitless compassion. You turned water into wine, healed lepers, and even raised the dead. I know you have boundless abilities. I also know that your compassion compels you to assist those who suffer, and to hear their agonized prayers.

I have been ceaselessly praying to you for over three years now Jesus, yet still my prayer remains unanswered. Please tell me: Why won’t you run over my co-worker Renee with an 18 ton cement truck? Every day is another eternity of listening to Renee talk about her mildly retarded, morbidly obese child and her husband’s swollen testicles and ass-boils. I am suffering beyond the point of endurance my Lord. Please make manifest your divine Love and Grace by sending a cement truck of mercy to squash Renee flat in all your love and wisdom.

Thank you in advance -


If I dig a very deep hole, where I go to stop?

Man...there go my hopes of digging to china. I actually would dig through to water southwest of austrailia somewhere in the Indian ocean.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Friday, November 10, 2006

I Broke Down!

I did it...i broke down and bought a xbox 360. Thanks to Maury, an old college buddy of mine who worked on the new game, Gears Of i broke down and got the console, gears and madden 07.

Gamertag: Mavrixx

Friend me, kids. Im up for playin on the interwebternetz.

Vista is coming Soona

Bout time microsoft. Only took you like 40 years to get it done after dumbing down the feature listing about 90 times.

jan for all you home users.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Outlands - Instancing!

Been spending some time in Zangarmarsh, the other 60-64 zone. Quests have been fun, nothing too exciting. The best one ive done so far is one that required me to release a cage of pet murlocs into a camp of nagas. Made me lol a bit.

Anywho, ill get to the screenz.

Ding 62 ^.^ - i got a new rank of disengage and a new skill called kill command. Kill command is interesting, its usable whenever i crit a mob, and its an instant attack that my pet does that adds 127 to his normal attack. Kind of interesting.

Yeah. Rofl greens owning epix...

I thought this was an actual mob at first till i realized a mage just ran through and used turtle polymorph on him >.<

Staff of dominance owned by a green!

GS Chest almost beaten by a green quest reward?

Gotta love beta.



Did my first BC instance tonite...have to say, very interesting. We had a decent group makeup of a shaman, rogue, warrior, resto druid and myself. Its a winged dungeon, like SM/DM, but not overly long. 3 bosses in this wing(i think, thats all we did).

First Boss Down - Nothing exciting besides Tank n spank.

Pretty cool design...

You can see the enemy cast bar thats built into the blizz UI now. Pretty helpful. BTW, yes, it works in pvp.

Lots of ramps in here.

Boss 2 - A big ass Crab. Another tank n spank, however the tank had to be kept at full health, otherwise he would get a debuff that made his crits pretty worthless. Interesting idea, imo.


3rd boss - a big spore monster

Big strat for him is to make sure poisons are cleansed and everyone is kept at full health.

Yep...those shoulders replaced my AQ40 ones once properly socketed.

Thattl do it for this post. I know i said id get some enchant screens. Will do that asap.

Outlands - Day 1

Well, char transfers finally went live on friday...and i was able to copy Mav and Smokez over. Here are some screens of my weekend exploits in outlands(when i wasnt vomiting my face off).

The entrance to the dark portal has been changed. No longer are there 61 elite demons guarding it...its now a base of operations for both horde and alliance military.

*holds breath*

The first view once coming through the portal is breathtaking...

Once at the portal, you find that the path to thrallmar, the major horde outpost is blocked by Burning Legion Troops. The only way there is via windriders...and you get to see some of the hidden content from the initial ride. This location is one of the spots that will be only attainable by those with flying mounts.

Additionally, you fly over a few of the Burning Legions bases of operations as well, showing you the front lines. Here is one of their summoning portals, an objective to be destroyed in a later quest.

This picture doesnt realy do it much justice, but Fel Reavers are the new Sons Of Arugal/Devilsaurs in outlands. No idea how something so frigging huge can stalk up to you so fast, then one shot your face off. These things could be one of the largest mobs ive ever seen in game, the perspective of this shot makes them look alot smaller then they really are.

Hellfire Citadel - the first winged dungeon in BC.

Shattrath city is the major hub in outlands. Each faction has their own specific bases and small villages, but shattrath is alot like gadgetzan. Neutral town, has a bank, etc. It has 2 factions as well. The scryers are the faction that the horde start out friendly with. The factions are linked, so gaining one faction reputation reduces your rep with the 2nd. Each faction has (ive heard) different recipies and items you can get, so its beneficial to have guilds with good faction with both.

Gotta love beta! Mmm...dodad.

Anyone remember this chap?

Time to kill me some demons!


YHALOTHAR. My name is retardedly good ring quest reward. Howru?

Random alliance gryphon in the middle of burning legion territory. Has to be some kind of bata buggerz.

Quest rewards for the first HFC Quest

- Mail Gloves
- Plate Shoulders
- Leather Bootz
- Cloth Shoulders

Arrows. Hunters...lets compare the DPS and cost of these...vs that of the AV arrows. (Ice Threaded Arrows, 16.5 dps, 40 silver per stack) Yeah. Psh. What i dont show are the ones usable at lvl 65. e.e

Cool little scripted moment at the end of a quest chain where a bunch of ghosts thank you and bow to you. You feel all warm and fuzzy, however the mobs outside still agro you when you leave.

The Warp Fields is a cool place...if by cool i mean totally over farmed. Right now there are a few quests for it, and only one spawn point for these cool armored voidwalkers that you need to take out. These warp spheres are supposed to be the things that summon them, however some of them are bugged out. Still cool lookin, though.

Lawl rogue geer.

Lawl oomkin geer.

He looks le angry! (Oh yeah, and my new pet chompachomp)

Quest Reward Sword - Will probably use on my lock with a nice off hand book once BC goes live.

Elite Quest Rewards
- Rogue Bewtz
- Pally Bewtz Lawl
- Shaman Gloves
- Another Cloth Shoulder

Ahhh zangarmash. Nice change of pace from the vomit colored lands of Hellfire Peninsula. A quest from the Cenarion hippies turns you into a bird and they fly you around scouting for baddies.

Cool, but creepy debuff.

SO yeah. Tier 2 legs are comperable to lvl 61 quest reward legs with the right gems socketed in them. Tier 2 are still a shade better...but its scary how good these leggings are. IM actually using them now to see what itll be like to not rely on tier 1/2 epix while leveling.

So, that will do it for mav for the weekend. Hes close to hitting 62, so ill post some screens of that and the new spell and whatnot once that happens.

I monkeyed around with smokez as well....and the first kill i do in outland...drops a green item that is better than dreadmist gloves.

Also....+57 stam?!?

Didnt do much else with smokez. Hes doing some tailoring, messing around with the felguard(which is sweetsauce) and other stuff. Hope you all enjoy the screens :)

Belf Day 2!

Not much going on in day 2...servers were down for most of the night.

When i logged back in @ silvermoon, i walked out into the bazaar and saw this. Its an NPC on the BE paladin epic mount. Very cool lookin.

Figured id take a SS of one of the racials that are out there for blood elves.

Here are some Jewelcrafting Screenshots!





Here is what the rough stone statue that jewelcrafters make actually does/looks like!

And my vote for hottest NPC ever....

Hopefully i can get my 60s copied over soon...and get you pictures of outland!

Thats all for now!

My First Day In Beta!

I know ive been in beta almost 2 weeks now, but i wanted to post these posts im doing on my guild forums here too to show what ive been able to see since there is no NDA anymore :)

More to come...mav need sreepy....


Hello world!

Ding 1!

One of the quests takes you up atop this high floating platform...the view is breathtaking...

The "goldshire" of Belfland...its in the ruins of silvermoon. One half of the city is taken over by undead-ish things, other half is the capital city.

Here is the dead scar, which separates not only the 2 halves of silvermoon, but goes allll the way down the entire zone.

More undead dudez to kill!

The Entrance to

First part of silvermoon....seriously, my jaw dropped in this city. Words cant even explain how awesome it is.

Belf mountz!

Cool new low lvl quest mobs...

All of eversong woods is beautiful, but creepy at the same time...

And this paladin is sreppy for the night. More tomorrow!