Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Well, here it is. In talking to good ole Eric Shraedes today, he convinced me to start one of these wild weblogs. My main concern is...who would want to read this crap, but i guess im going to have to hear from you all as to if you like reading about it or not.

Another long day today, for those of you following Wag's schedule. Meetings from 8am to 1130am, class from 1130-4pm, more work and meetings from 4-6pm, then ISA chapter(finally a frigging night when i can attend) from 6-8. I know i know...i am subjecting myself to all of this work and school, but i figure if i bust my ass now...it SHOULD pay off in the long run. Long run which graced my presence in the form of a phone call yesterday...

For those of you that DONT know...im a total computer geek. However i'm a group of elite computer geeks, AKA Mac evangelists. Not mac users, mind you, but evangelists. Someone who makes his Mac a part of his life. Needless to say, working for apple would be and is my dream job. I dont care what i do for them, i could be cleaning latrines in their uber secret underground laboratory(i know there is one...i know it, dammit) and i would be content. Needless to say, something big happened. Finding out i will in fact graduate this august spurred me on a major application of job frenzy this weekend and i applied for 22, yes 22 jobs with apple on jobs.apple.com. Jobs i feel i am qualified for and would excel at. Namely system admin, tech jobs, mac genious(not as concieded as youd think). Well...the gods of careers smiled on me, and a recruiter called to interview me yesterday.

I went through 2 batterys of personality interviews. The first one was kind of a walkthrough of my resume, then more of a situational customer service interview. After that i had an hour of technical testing. One hour of the most difficult computer questions ive ever been asked. Out of 150 of them, i got only 10 wrong. Go wags, i know. So after that, she offered to fly me out to New York(long island to be exact) to interview in person. It was at that point when i turned down my dream job.

Thats right sports fans, i turned it down.

The thing was yah, its everything i want to do with my life, yah its a job starting at 45k a year...but they wanted me to start right away. As in bail out of school, dont graduate and go work for apple. Thinking in the long run, i decided that wouldnt be the best decision. That was easily the hardest thing ive ever had to do. Turn down the job ive wanted ever since i was a kid.

Well, heres to graduating and having more oppertunities at apple computer, i know ill make it there...i have to make it there.

Positive: Getting interviewed by apple
Negative: Having to turn down my dream job
Quote: "We at apple would love to fly you out to new york on us to interview you for this position" - Apple recruiter
Song of the day: Counting Crows - Holiday in Spain

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