Thursday, February 13, 2003 close....i can feel it.

I know, i know, i know, i know...i didnt post yesterday. Yesterday was too crazy for words anyways. Came home at night, did my work, watched west wing and law and order then fell asleep. Im getting like an old man. But at least west wing and law and order were both very good.

Too much work, not enough time. I know what you mean eric, i know my blog entries seem real whiny and boring, but so am i at this point. Work is getting more and more stressfull, school is getting more and more stressfull, 3 exams in the next week. That should be real fun. At least tomorrow i get to spend the majorty of the day at ITS. Maybe its because im the low man on the totem pole there, maybe its because i get to do some different things and i excel at what i do, maybe its because i actually feel appreciated, but i have to tell you guys, i love working over there. Kirkum hooked me up to play with the new 12 inch powerbook from Apple. What a sleek little notebook computer. It is very light, has a nice aluminum case....sheesh. I wish i would have waited to get my powerbook...but every computer buyer has said that before.

Well, i wont bore you with anymore bitching. Im going to go get more work done then hit the sack.

Nite all.

Positive: Command and Conquer : Generals
Negative: Stress
Quote: "Brian and I already had our private conversation...uh, i mean..." - Rosie @ ITS
Song of the day: O.A.R - Delicate Few
Cool Mac Moment: Playing with the new 12" powerbook, what a sleek little thing

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