Thursday, February 06, 2003

Well well well....bloggin away as per usual....

Well...another exciting day. Thursdays are always bundles of fun with 2 classes with Dr. Kolla. Those of you non-ECT folks just dont understand how much fun that is;) I got to see Mike get pretty whacky today, which is something new. Note to self...before i leave BG, I have to spend time with mike when hes hammered, if hes anywhere close to what he was like today all slaphappy, it will be definately a sight to be seen...

I like the new niche im fitting into at ITS. Nothing like only having to work on Macs all day and being the hero for people who have problems with theirs. Something about the difference between Mac users and PC users. Im not saying all PC users suck, im just saying that a majority of mac users are alot more pleasant and are willing to work through problems rather then scream and shout and demand you do everything they want. Besides the fact that Apple hardware and software are less prone to problems, its just a joy to work on that stuff. I actually hope to find problems i dont know answers to so i learn more. As geeky as that sounds, i love having a passion. Which brings me to a new ramble point.

I gotta tell ye blog readers, something that bugs the hell out of me is people with no drive. People who are too wrapped up in themselves and have no ambition or fire about anything. I dont care if your drive is basketweaving, but people who just sit around, dont do anything, dont work hard, just BS around, act like they know stuff when they, just gets under my skin. I am meeting more and more people like that, and when i see them get chances and succeeding while riding coattails or bullshitting, it makes me really evaluate myself and how i try to be true to myself and others, and how far thats gotten me. Ugh.

Computer job fair tonight. Those of you who were there to hire full time employees please raise your hands?


*chirp chirp*

Yah. Thats what i thought. Thanks, nice to know the economy is strong, jobs are plentiful and IT is thriving. Wow, sarcasm.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for RCC. Im actually pretty excited. Those of you who arent AC's will find out soon what im talking about. Hopefully you will be as excited as i am about this whole thing. Its going to definately revolutionize how RCC works not only this year but next year.

Random side is it someone can come rolling in and out of your life, totally change how you feel, how you operate, how you see the future, but then can roll out just as fast. There is someone who is like that in my life, and its so hard to see it happen, but its so good when they are around. Ugh. After so many failed relationships, its so nice to see someone that sparks me like that, but so hard that its like a magnet. Get so close, then suddenly for no reason it pushes away so hard. Too bad all you have to do is flip one magnet around to make them come together. To bad i dont know which magnet to turn around.

Oh well, enough inane babbling from me for one night. Off to prep for my senior staff meeting tomorrow morning at 8am. Have a good day yall, and ill see you tomorrow night.

Positive: Seeing her again...
Negative: The Economy
Quote: "It's not the meaning of life, it's the feeling of life..." - Down to You
Song of the day: Power of Love - Huey Lewis
Cool Mac Moment: OS X being able to naitivly install files rather then needing uncompressing programs like in 9....or like winzip in windows ;)

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