Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Not much to post....cause im going to write a few reviews on my professional blog about apples new music service, the new ipods and a hands on review on the new 12 inch powerbook that katie let me play with last night since her mother just.....went out and bought her one. Lucky girl.....

Class and work today, then going home to get my new 19" monitor...this means i get to move all my machines and cables around...and it also means that katie can watch and make fun of me ;)

MY LAST ECT 300 CLASS TODAY!!!!!!! (unless i have to retake it) Hopefully not...

Well, i think thats all for now...have a good day all!!


Monday, April 28, 2003

Time is winding down for the semester....

Friday was pretty slow. Short meeting in the morning, so i did alot of office work. Got my meeting maker and my ical all updated to december 19th. Hopefully this will be the last time i have to input class information before im audi 5000.

Friday was Katie and my 1 month anniversary. We went to carrabas up in maumee. Pretty nice place, ran into deb wells from ITS up there....kind of nice. Katie also ran into her ex, dan there...which was pretty interesting. The food was good, and it was nice to just have a nice dinner out with the girl. After that we went to best buy, i spent way too much money getting new speakers, a new hub and that jurassic park simulation game that ive been drooling over. Came back, set up the speaks, the hub(mmm, 100mbit connection) and started playing the jurassic park game for a bit. Then it was time to go see one of the craziest things ive seen here at BG.

Campell Hill 45 - Beach Party. The crazy bastards bought like 500lbs of sand to put on their carpet....but they did lay down some plastic sheeting first. Pretty wild. Stayed for a bit, katie got toasted. Listened to "The Band" which was pretty good, saw alot of hooches.....lots of young kids that made me feel REALLY old. Oh well.

Saturday was nice and relaxing. Had breakfast with katie at bob evans, talked for a while anout all the craziness here at school going on. Spent the afternoon doing homework, take home exams, presentations, etc. Katie had a "special someone" dinner for TBS and then went to Mo's recital. I got to stay home, do homework and call my sister since it was her birthday. Had a good time after all of that with red, haus, slooks, al, wilson, laura and donna. Went to beyond 2000 for ice cream, then sloka haus and i went into jeds, sat down, did a tequila shot, then got some beverages at meijer, went back to reds, ordered some pizza then all laid around and almost fell asleep....god wild partiers....

Sunday, sunday, someday. Played the homework game....then i the moment of truth came.

Katies parents invited me over for dinner. Now, ive never really spent that much time with katies parents, other then 5 minutes here and there. This was the first time ive sat down, had them talk to me, ask me about me, what i do, where im from, etc...Went pretty well. Played with the dog alot and talked about all the work i do here at BG for work and school. I think it went pretty well.

I got to fight the exam game tonight, we had 3 to do...got 2 done. Spent more time with katie, then finally went to bed. Meh, need sleepy.

Today is going to be a neat day with apples announcement on their digital music service. Stay tuned to my other blog for details and a review...

Positive: Good weekend
Negative: I Hate School
Quote: "she put the hood on to hide from the funny" - me to katie trying to hide from the jokes i was making so water didnt fly out of her nose.
Song of the day: Audioslave - gasoline
Cool Mac Moment: new mac announcement today...stay tuned for details....

Friday, April 25, 2003

blog blog bloggin on heavens doorrrrrrrrr........

What a day yesterday. Work was fun, didnt do much as usual at ITS. My boss decided to get on MY case on why apple doesnt put zip drives in any of their new macs. Cause i have a say in it ;) He was just playin, but i told him, why spend extra money for a zip drive, when cd-r drives come standard in them, cd media is so much cheaper then a zip disk, and waaaay less prone to failure.

Silence from the peanut gallery.

ECT 300 blew as normal, but at least i got to chat with Red on IM and she kept me sane. Im losing sanity at an exponential rate as of late. This time in the semester just plain sucks. People are crabby, teachers are unreasonable, bosses dont want to deal with pissy employees. Boo hiss. Any stress possible come out at this time of the year. Oh well, 2 weeks, and its coast time.

Spent some time in the afternoon with katie. Finally got new laces for my doc martins that have been without for a while now. Got a new mac addict magazine too, big article on the airport extreme base stations...of which i will be a proud owner come june 8th(happy birthday to me). Talked to crazy old JR, whos pimpin the Verizon kiosk, drivin the YZF, bein crazy as normal. Picked up the CD for the band that opened at the sister hazel concert, Pay The Girl. I think this is my new favorite CD. Its very formulaic alternative rock, but its the kind of music i need right now.

Phi Mu Alpha Funk-a-thon was tonite. I wish i would have had time to rehearse with them, they sounded really good. I miss playing stuff like that. Senior night for our PMA chapter meeting too, it was the last meeting ill go to as an active member. All of us old guys sat up in the balcony of the choral room and heckled everyone during the meeting. It was a good time. I tried to say something pithy to all the brothers, but it got runied by the other seniors smacking my ass while i was talking. Meh, oh well....at least i got a cool engraved flask out of it. Ill miss those guys.

Went to myles after the meeting...had a good time, untill people who should just stay out of my life decided to come back and wreak havoc again. Well, scratch that. Its not really them, its what theyve done to me in the past. Its a knee jerk reaction, and i hate it. I just want it all to go away, cause im afraid its going to affect things that are going so well for me right now. (those of you close to me can already tell what im talking about) I am so happy right now, and i dont want anything to get in the way of that. Katie does things for me that i could never imagine anyone ever doing. Shes so caring, so patient, perfect for me in every way. Sorry if im sapping people out right now. But this really has been a life changing thing for me. Shes the best thing to ever happen to me.

So, now that i got that out of my system, im gonna go sit and think about work at ITS. Boss is out today, playing golf...so i get to do phones. Not so bad, i get to do blog updates ;-)

Have a good day yall, i get to speak at another co-op seminar today, have lunch with my girl, work till 5, then going to take katie to carrabbas up in toledo for our 1 month anniversary. Tonight is also the infamous beach party at ch 45, this i gotta see...

Positive: Katie being the best thing ever for me
Negative: Did i say its stressfull right now?
Quote: "Wags+church steeple+high powered rifle+Res Life= perfect" - Me to red about how much i hate reslife
Song of the day: Pay the Girl - Junkie
Cool Mac Moment: cmoooooonnnnn eMac updates....you know you want to. Think about this. G4 powermac, g4 powerbook, emac, airport, p4 machine...these could all be on the wags network this summa....

Thursday, April 24, 2003

So close
So deep inside me
I would be you
And you would be me

Right here
It's now or never
We've come this far
Let's stay together

All this time we never knew

Freeze right here
Turn around
Lean into me
We fall to the ground
We don't even notice who's around

We're getting closer now

Right now
I'm crazy for you
Your playful eyes
I can't ignore you

We're friends
And we're lovers
We're turning on
As we discover

All this time we never knew
You'll be good to me
And I'll be good to you

One kiss
We live for the thrill
We live for the moment
When time stands still

Freeze right here
Turn around
Hold onto me
We don't make a sound
We don't even notice who's around
Freeze right here
Turn around
Lean into me
We don't even notice who's around
Freeze right here

Freeze - Pay The Girl

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Good evening all..

I should be doing my ECT 453 lab report now that ive been putting off for weeks, but instead im messing with both my blogs. Oh well.

The past few days have been somewhat exciting. Ive been able to nail down a graduation plan. I dropped the accounting class and math 131 from this summer, going to only take mgmt 305 and physics 202. Shouldnt be too bad. This means ill have calc 131, mkt 442(in place of the acct class) and ect 441 to take. Yes, this means i have to take kollas shitty instrumentation class instead of doing an independant study, but i dont feel like fighting with this man to approve an independant study. Who knows if ill pass ect 453 or 300, so if thats the case, then ill be here to retake these goddamn classes in the fall. Heres to hoping for a nice kolla and a nice curve to the class.

Shit, ill take a d. In the words of steve, an old guy in my ect classes last semester...d is for done.

So yeah, this means graduation date is set earliest for december. Hey, i like cold weather, it should be a nice time for a party. Or not. I just cant wait to get done with school and get a real job and a real life. Dammit, i have so many toys i want to buy with money from a real job ;-) j/k

Talked to chad about my schedule at ITS for this summer, gonna be working alot there, tentatively going to be working some mad hours at RCC, and i might have another oppertunity at CTLT doing mac stuff there this summer. I sure hope that pans out. Heres to a job where ill actually learn things rather then be a sheep hearder.

Today also had another presentation by wags. Todays was on G4 processors in my ECT 442 processor class. I think it went pretty well. Overla did his on intel centrino technology. He was really nervous, and sick to boot, but he did a good job too. Its funny to see people get nervous when they have to speak in public. Its something i just do automatically now since ive done so much of it with the jobs and classes ive had since ive been here in BG. Talking to huge groups of people doesnt scare me, i look at it like an oppertunity. Oh well.

SPEAKING of talking in public, i forgot that today was one of the days i got asked to talk to new co-op students about my experience doing internships/co-ops. Since ive been here 9 years longer then god and have done 3+ co-ops, i got asked to do this. Talked for about 20 minutes on how to act, what to do, and other things that should be self evident to any human with half a brain. It made me feel a whole lot older then i should right now. Those kids look so young.

Tomorrow, only have ECT 300 and work @ ITS. 453 is cancelled because we need to "prep for our presentations". I have to talk for 15 minutes on different types of communication protocols for intdustrial networks and write a 3 page paper on it. I could do that with half my brain tied behind my back, yet people in my class are stressing. So why is it im ok doing this stuff, but suck at the exams, but they rock the exams but stress over presentations and papers.

I think im in tha wrong major. Whatever wags, yer a dipshit.

On that note, i think im gonna go....do something productive. Heres to hoping that my scholarship doesnt die after this semester...

Positive: Finally have a graduation plan
Negative: School stress, work stress, school stress, work stress... again
Quote: "i can tell when people are bein snakey, and shes rattlin' - me
Song of the day: Pay the Girl - Freeze
Cool Mac Moment: im totally eyeing a new mac....this is not good...but maybe the new music service will make me poor...

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Well, well well.

Here i am, posting away here. Not much has been going on lately since ive been back in BG. Class was class yesterday, work was work. I found out i may get to do alot of Macintosh specialization at ITS this summer, which would be pretty awesome. Working with soley macs and doing what i love to do would be pretty tight.

Got kinda stressed out about everything going on, including work, school, work and school. Trying to figure out if i should try to kill myself this summer by taking 20 credit hours, including math 131 and phys 202 at the same time during a 6 week semester. However, if i dont do it, then im assuring myself that im going to stay here through the fall at least, maybe spring. With the market the way it is right now for jobs, maybe that isnt a bad thing.

Why is this so stressfull to decide? Well, for one, i dont know if i will still have my alumni scholarship after this summer semester. That and i have 2 jobs to work this summer(as i do right now) and both of them have alot for me to do and would like as much time from me as possible. Id love to just work and not have to worry about classes, but i know that isnt frigging fiesable. If that was the case, then id go back to AEP this summer. Which im kicking myself in the junk for not doing....i got all wrapped up in the idea of graduating this summer, instead of thinking about what i REALLY should do.


So i told Chad, my boss at ITS that ill decide if im going to slim my class load down a bit by next week. I just have to get the balls to do it.

Last night, katie and i went to panera to destress, got some ice cream and watched the new harry potter movie. I wanted so badly to watch CSI miami...but we both fell asleep at 10, woke up at 2. Yah. Wild friggin partiers.

In other kind of big important news, im starting a new weblog. Brian Waggoner, Mac Evangelist Check it out, let me know what you think. Its a news and technical assistance site for Apple Computers. If you have any questions about things with Macs, let me know, and i can create tutorials. I think im going to post some of the training materials ive done for both ITS and RCC to assist people who may be looking for help.

Im off to another frigging meeting. Andy Gross is smacking me in the back of the head with a notepad. Ill ttyl later.

Positive: New Website
Negative: School stress, work stress, school stress, work stress...
Mark: I think we need to institute communal RCC Naptime after this meeting in meeting maker
Me: Does this include cuddling and spooning?
Mark: We could work up to it...
Andy: Youll have to buy me dinner first...
Me: Flowers?
Andy: Nah, i got allergies, but i love to eat.
Song of the day: Happy - Sister Hazel
Cool Mac Moment: http://macevangelist.blogspot.com

Saturday, April 19, 2003

For those of you that are computer geeks, check out Bill Palmer, Macintosh Specialist , his site is pretty awesome. He brings alot of good points up about Apple, computing in general as well as business strategy.

Well hello there, bloggers :)

Hope everyones weekend is going well so far. I know most of you are busy doing family things this weekend, so you probably wont read this till sunday night or monday.

Pictures from Formal!
There are some pictures from the Tau Beta Sigma formal that Katie took me to. We had a good time with good friends, despite the weather, lame DJ's etc. Katie looked beautiful....truely beautiful.

Went home to chicago today...got here around noon-1ish. Had dinner with the family, and now we are watching the new harry potter movie on dvd. Good times, good times. Tomorrow, church, brunch then back home to BG. Hopefully ill get to see katie at somepoint...

Ive been asked to put in here how much my sister pisses me off ;) and something about my dad, seeing as how he is growing facial hair just like i am...pretty funny to see...hehehe...

I found the setlist for the sister hazel concert last tuesday, it was on their message board. Here it is for those of you who would like to see it...

Life got in the way
Just Remember
Change Your Mind
Your Mistake
Champagne High
Beautiful Thing (with intro Ken made up)
Strange Cup of Tea
Come Around
Your Winter
Feel Like Making Love (Bad Company Cover)
All For You >
Happy >
Thank You
She Talks to Angels (Black Crowes Cover)
Seven Bridges Road > (Eagles Cover)
Swan Dive

So good. Cant wait to see Pat McGee in a few weeks!!!! Have a good weekend, and heres to the easter bunny being kind to all of you...

Positive: Formal - so fun, katie - so pretty
Negative: Need sleep...
Quote: "Grasp Your Mandrake" - Harry Potter
Song of the day: Sleep = BNL
Cool Mac Moment: being my dvd player on my drive home to help keep me awake...

Friday, April 18, 2003

According to Jessie, i am a "Bossy-butt" today.

Just thought id let you all know.
A Characteristic Blog Entry: By Brian Waggoner

Here is where people will normally talk about how they havent had a chance to update in a while because school is so busy right now. Then the ramble would continue to discuss how much we hate school and how we cant wait for it to be over because summer is going to be sooooo fun.

A discussion on someone who randomly said something nice to you and made you feel better about yourself and how you just realized how you never realized how cool they were untill now.

A discussion on how much the weather sucks/is nice right now.

Another rant on how much it sucks to be tired/sick.

Yet another rant on how you cant wait untill the weekend is here.

A long sappy discussion on who your sig oth is and how much you love them and why.

Its Friday, so a long extended discussion on what you are doing this weekend, why it will be the best weekend ever.

Conclude with a list of things that are good, bad, a inside joke quote of the day and whatever music you are currently listening to.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

Trying something new since my last template took a crap. Ill be customizing this a bit more hopefully tonite...
How bout this weather today?

82 yesterday? 36 today?


Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Well.....what can i say.

Tuesday. What a day. Went to ECT 300, then went to katies, got her, played with lois for a bit(her turtle) then hit the road to go to columbus. Had a fun drive, we were both so giddy just to get the hell out of BG and out of all the craziness that is here that just the car ride was a blast. Once we got closer to columbus, i started getting really nostalgic about last summer and how i missed columbus. *sniff* We went downtown, went to a mongolian barbeque place that was a regular lunching spot for us at AEP over the summer, had an AWESOME dinner(she even got me to try tofu) and then got ice cream at the ben and jerrys scoop shop in the arena district. We then tried to find the newport music hall, which was kind of a riot. It involved parking about 8 blocks away, then mindlessly wandering around trying to find it. We were pretty close in line to get in, finally got in....and goddamn. I got to see one of my favorite bands from 10 feet away. 10 FEET!!!!!!!!!!!! The set was awesome, Ken Block kept looking at me and smiling since i was totally singing along to all the songs with him, then pointed to me and katie and said how nice it is to see people who can already sing along to the new album...i was goin wild. Did a good cover of Feels Like Makin Love, ended the concert with my favorite SH song, Swan Dive....i dont know what else to say. Easily one of the best concerts ive ever seen.

PICTURES FROM THE CONCERT HERE!! Let me know what you think of them.... I have so many more, i took over 120....

We got home kinda late, went to bed, slept through management so i could be rested and came to class, did the ITS thing, then went and did one of my presentations i had to do. Todays was on bluetooth. If i feel very tech savvy, i might post a quicktime of the keynote presentation.

Tonight was a katie and wags nite. Relaxed, watch some TV, had dinner out. Wild partiers...

Tomorrow i get to do my training for ITS on OS X. My boss told me today hes got a pile of things he wants me to train on. Im kinda stoked, this is a good way for me to get noticed there. Oh well....time for sleepy time. Have a good night, and give me feedback on my pictures in EL chatterbox....

Positive: What an awesome concert, awesome time with katie, honest to god one of the best days of my life!
Negative: so tired
Quote: "Oh my feet I walk, with my legs I run
In my arms I'll hold another day
With my head I think, from my heart I sing
And with my hand to my face I pray" - Sister Hazel "Strange Cup of Tea"
Song of the day: Sister Hazel - Strange Cup Of Tea
Cool Mac Moment: keynote rocking my A presentation, and bluetooth example working flawlessly in my presentation...i love you, little titanium laptop...

Tuesday, April 15, 2003


Film at 11.

Nah, but seriously, today is a great day. After yesterday being somewhat shitty because of some people deciding to ONCE AGAIN stick their noses in other peoples business and meddle in the affairs of others, we got it all straightened out. Its funny, everything is perfect between katie and i, its other people deciding to do whatever they can to try to make more drama explode is whats becoming the problem now. People that used to tell me how much they liked being around me and how fun i was before she and i started dating now just suddenly now decide im a terrible person. Meh, whatever. Times like this just show someones true colors.

Today will be nice, i had some meetings this morning, now im going to my ECT 300 lab...then katie and i are heading to columbus to de-stress, have a mini vacation, have fun in a big city and see sister hazel. Im so excited i can barely stand it right now. I need to get away from all the stupidness here at BG, so i think this will be good.

Hope all of you have a good day too, Pat McGee Band tickets go on sale tonite! Its a good thing katie can go tomorrow....if anyone else wants to go see one of the best live bands out there here at BG in the ballroom, let me know, they are going to be here april 30th...its gonna be SWEET.

Peace out to tha 9-9.

Positive: TODAY IS GOING TO BE THE BEST DAY EVAR! (stole the word evar from sean)
Negative: some people.....christ.
Quote: "Hoes, hippies and motorocyles all come out when it gets warm out" - katie
Song of the day: Sister Hazel - Everybody
Cool Mac Moment: Making my keynote presentation on bluetooth for my ECT 486 Class...gonna be a good one, kids.....

Monday, April 14, 2003

Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 13, 2003

Well Well Well.....what have we here? Blog : Weekend Edition?

Its been a nice weekend. Friday i spent some time with katie before she went off to do the whole girly " sit around and talk bad about boys while drinking" thing....i dont get girls sometimes.....I got drunk dialed and asked to see her later, which was fine with me, shes pretty funny when shes drunk....she also knows how to give me some pretty big scares.

Saturday....WE MOVED THE OFFICE FINALLY!!!!! Im actually sitting in my new office right now, its pretty nice. I hope to post some pictures of it relatively soon, its a really nice place, WAY better then harshman. Once we get the ped issues figured out, itll be even better ;-) After then, katie came over for a bit before she had to go get ready for her concert. She watched me wrestle with all the cables under my desk to try to make some sense of them all. Im sure it was as frustrating for her as it was for me. I went, saw her concert, met up with her after it so that she could get her TBS points for helping do chairs and stands ;-) and then went back to her place. At that point...the moment came.

I got to meet the parents. Now, saying this was the first time ive met her parents is a misnomer. Ive met her dad at one point before we were dating. Also, ive talked to her mother on the phone at one point, where she called me asking if i knew of any technolog savvy college students looking for summer/fall positions working with her at the University Of Findlay. This was the first time ive "met" mom. I always want to work to make sure i have a good relationship with the parents of the girl im dating just because it makes everything else work so much better. I hate friction in a relationship, especially with a girls parents. However, i met mom, and the strangest thing happened. I sat down, we were talking about music, and how she wants to go to the Pat McGee concert. She then started asking me questions about issues shes having with her new 12 inch powerbook (drool) Some of her icons werent responding to her selecting them, and asked me if i had any ideas. I said....hmm, took the laptop, changed the resolution, moved the icons over, then changed the resolution back. Boy she was a happy camper. I think this is the first time i had ever had to show off my skills with computers to attempt to impress my girlfriends parents. However, it went well, and i think i made a good impression. After that, i went with katie to dairy queen with al, red and some other people i didnt know, had some fun conversation and then went back to my apartment....and promptly fell asleep. Yah, we got home at 11, then fell asleep. What wild partiers we are.

Sunday, i got up, went to see SAI's musicale, saw mom again, then spent some time with katie this afternoon. Watched supercross on ESPN, messed with my newly installed partition of OS 10.2 server, eating dinner, etc. She studied for her anatomy exam. Like i said, were wild partiers.....and twice on sundays....

Now im at work, doing work stuff. Nothing huge. Tomorrow i have an 8am management exam, so im gonna have to peruse my notes to see whats going to be on it. Shouldnt be too bad. Hope everyone else had a good weekend. Chatterbox lovin sure has gone down in the past few days....makes wags a sad boy.....

Positive: Good Weekend
Negative: Weekend is over...boo hiss...
Quote: "Please try to impliment the employment of monkesy to your computer lab tech staff. They would do just as good of a job as the current humans and monkeys are alot cuter." - Comment left in a comment box in one of the macdonald hall computer labs
Song of the day: Flooding Both Of Us - Pat Mcgee Band
Cool Mac Moment: 10.2 server.....wow. So much power, especially when the administrators guide is a 12.5 mb pdf that is over 700 pages....

Friday, April 11, 2003

Hello all....

Well, interviews are sure over. Thank god. Work has been kicking my ass, ive been pretty burned out. Its gonna be nice just to relax tonite and do whatever. Im done at 5. Thats gonna seem so early for me, since ill be getting home when its light out.

Classes could be going better, i hate kolla. HATE HIM. Ill deal with it, but damn i cant wait to get past his POS classes.

I get to go play at ITS today, woo! I found out that im going to be doing my OS X training for them next week sometime. Thats kind of cool for me, seeing as how i have only been there since last part of december, and they already want me to train their staff. Itll be fun to get harassed by all the full time people there, im not nervous about it at all.

Speaking of presentations, i just remembered this past week that i have 3 huge presentations to do before the end of the semester. I guess the new dean of the college of technology decided that tech majors done have enough public speaking capability, so they want all 400 level tech courses no matter what major to have to do a major presentation. Seeing as how all of my classes are 300+ and half of them 400 level, im gonna be busting my ass on them. Im going to do one on the new intel centrino technology for my processors class, one on bluetooth for my digital communications class, and i god knows what for kollas process control class. This should be fun. Im gonna try to hammer out the bluetooth one this weekend and hopefully get it out of the way.

Speaking of bluetooth, the 10.2.5 OS update came out for MAC OS. Wow. I had fun last night trying to battle with my network. I was using both my powermac and powerbook, and then suddently after restarting, both machines couldnt access my network. I tested different thing, then suddenly had a heart attack where i thought that both machines network drivers got aced from the new update. Then i realzed that i was getting a 169 IP address, which normally means its a network infrastructure problem and that it wasnt a problem with the hardware or software on my machine. Sure enough, i couldnt access any machines in my workgroup in our apartment. I tested my 8 port network switch, and sure enough...dead. So now im using this little ghetto 10mbps hub that only has 4 ports, so just enough for uplink and my 3 machines. Im definately going to have to get a new switch. Especially if i ever want to build a new windows 2k/2003 server or the linux box i want to build or if id ever get my new powermac....wink wink wink....

Also along the computer issues, i found out that i cant use my version of office v.x on more then one of my macs at once. Goddamn i hate microsoft. However, the new bluetooth integration in OS X.2.5 is awesome. Im using my microsoft bluetooth mouse, works 100000X better then it did on my PC. So awesome.

Katie came over last night right after i was done trying to get work done, but couldnt because i had to play network monster. It was good to see her, its always good to see her. I dont know what shes done to me, but i sure like it.

Just got done with my RCC senior lab staff meeting, pretty excited about FINALLY moving to our new office in saddlemire. This office is getting to be a pretty ugly place. New pretty office...woo, too bad we have to move on a saturday...hey, money is good, too bad im already probably going to have 30 hours for this week....

Hope all is well with everyone, im off to ITS.....come visit me today at 129 hayes, if im not there, im out on a ticket somewhere...

Positive: Weekend is here...
Negative: Nothing to do tonite....
Quote: "Hes not diggin that we dont love it" - Phil talking about kolla being pissed that we werent 100% excited that we got our process control lab working...
Song of the day: BT - Shame
Cool Mac Moment: 10.2.5...wow, how awesome...bluetooth mouse working like a charm....os responding alot faster...damn i love apple swus....

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Yeah.....been one busy yatch lately.....

Interviewin after my normally full days, then trying to spend some time with katie. Its been so nice to have her around. Damn this girl is something else. Shes magic, pure magic.

Didnt do that well on the kolla exam i thought i did well on, i dont know whats going to go on in this class. Heres to hoping i dont have to retake it. Cause while i like BG...i dont like it enough to stay here any longer then i have to. Actually, it isnt the town, its the fact that i pay a hoejillion dollars to go here. Booo hiss...

Im really digging using my G4 as my primary machine anymore. Sure AOL IM sucks for mac, iChat isnt that great, but everything else is better. Honest to god, its just better. Im using a 3 year old mac that works better then my almost brand new PC that i built within the last year. Damn. i cant wait untill i can buy a new power mac. Then i REALLY can take over the world.

Good news on the monitor front, KDS quickly RMA'd me a new monitor, should be here soon. Im gonna use that one for my PC, since this old dell gets better resolution and better refresh rates then that KDS POS. Oh well, not that anyone really cares, but im just suprised KDS got on the RMA ball so fast to get a new one in the mail for me.

I have some pictures ive been meaning to post, but i dont have an FTP client on my mac yet, but once i do, ill have a picture fiasco for you all to see. Pictures from our trip to miami to see dave and tim, some pictures of the cats, and i think this weekend im gonna go out shooting if the weather is nice enough. Saturday were moving to our new office for RCC, so that will be nice. Katie and i have been invited to nikki samms party on friday too, that should be fun. I havent been to kamis in a while to see mike either when he works, maybe i can get some people together to do that.

The actual strongbad cartoon that came out this week is a riot......just....looking at a thing in a bag....drinking some drinks.....

Talk about comedy. Checkitout Checkitout Checkitout Checkitout
Checkitout....hahahha, man im laughing at myself, god knows its late....

Tomorrow will be a decent day. If by decent day i mean im going to bomb kollas shack since im gonna get my ECT 300 exam back. Lets see how shitty i did on that....wooo. Then more interviews at night, then hopefully to see katie, since she can make my day better by just looking at me. Sorry to get mushy, but its true. Ive never met someone who could do this to me....

Baghdad is free, iraqis are free, war is winding down. Heres to finding saddam, finding WMD and making this whole ugly thing going away. I sure hope that this sprouts good democracy in that area of the world. It would be nice if that part of the world would for once be a decent place for the people who want to live there, rather then radical extremists.

AiiiiiIiiIIiiIIIIIIiiiIIIiIIiIIIight....im goin to bed. Id like to work on my imovie project a bit, but im damn tired, and know i will be when i get up too.....I NEED TO GO TO BED EARLIER!!! ;-)

Positive: Katie. :-)
Negative: Kolla.
Song of the day: Pride - Pat McGee Band
Cool Mac Moment: I love my G4.

Monday, April 07, 2003

Well, i orginally posted a what homestar runner character are you thing....but it didnt work right, oh well.

Im very dissapointed, no new strongbad email today. Theres something there, but no email...im wondering what the boys over at hr.com have goin on....

I was in a pretty sour mood today, just because im tired of feeling that noone is happy for katie and i. All i hear is people talking shit about me, etc...its just really gotten on my nerves. Granted, i dont care what people have to say about me, but at the same time, id like people to be happy that we are happy. For whatever reason, people think this is this huge scandalous thing that we are dating. Whatever. Just whatever. Im tired of people being generally assholes. Im ending this rant now, because i should be happy because katie makes me so incredibly happy, but other people have to interfere lately. Meh.

Full night of interviews, and a full day of classes and work....so another 15 hour day and i have an ECT exam tomorrow for kolla...yah, cause thats going to go well.

Hope you all had a good day, im just waiting for katie to come over now, its been a stressfull day and itll be nice to talk it out with someone.

Good night.

Positive: Possibility of only a few interviews tomorrow?
Negative: People. Being Stupid. About something thats none of their business.
Quote: "Whats DKBJ, Inc? Is that like Donkey Kong bl......errrr" - Max in an interview to a potential RCC Hire
Song of the day: John mayer - Neon
Cool Mac Moment: Im going to start a new project since my last imovie kind of fizzled. mainly cause i dont have the time to document my day....im working on 2 new ones...not anything huge, but ill post more news on them later....

Sunday, April 06, 2003

Wow....i gotta tell you guys, i didnt think anyone really read this garbage...untill i didnt keep up on entries. then everyone and their mom started getting on my case about updating. Well, heres why.

Like i said in the other entries, ive been doing tons and tons of interviews. Were talking 6-10pm every night of the week except friday and weekends. On top of that, working my normal hours, working at ITS and class, ive been pushing myself to the limit. I dont know why i keep pushing for things that only push back, but i guess to me its becoming a way to pay for things. It gets to a point where i can only care as much as it takes to do a good job. I used to pour 100% of myself into any job or organization i was in and lately i just dont feel like i get anything in return. I work my ass off for nothing. Its one thing to be a hardworking employee and a hardworking employee who cares. Im starting to understand why some people just stop caring. Oh well.

Besides work, ive been busting ass with schoolwork too. Friday was nice just to work at ITS. Talking to chad and all the nice ladies over there always helps me calm down. Its such a grown up place to work. Had a good time working with jessie too, she always brings a smile to my face. After work, though, the fun began :)

I went and picked up katie, we went to the olive garden for dinner and had a nice time just the 2 of us out alone. Its so nice to finally have found someone who is on the same level with me and who is just a damn pleasure to be around. There hasnt been a time where ive been around her and i havent been the happiest ive been in a long time. I know this may sound like mushy bullshit, but its all true. For those of you who have known my relationship issues in the past, you could understand when i thought i may not find anyone like this again. Not that they didnt exist, but that i wouldnt be able to open up to someone. Anyways, i digress on that. After dinner, we trekked through the rain to the maumee theatres and went to see phone booth. It was a pretty good movie, and it had some good previews. After that, we came back to my place, watched jurassic park and fell asleep. I couldnt have asked for a more perfect night. *sigh*

Saturday was nice. I finally slept in and caught up on some MEAN sleep ive been missing out on since ive been working so goddamn much. I had breakfast with Mo and Sloka, had to leave early because of family drama, then i went home and I messed with my computers a bit, trying to get samba/rendevous to work better, or not to work better, to get ME to work better to understand HOW they work...then katie came over. I battled the laundry monster, got pissed at my KDS POS monitor because it just up and died....which i am NOT happy about at all. Spent the rest of the night having dinner, watching some movies, going over to CH 45 to do the normal hang out and drink thing, then staying up till all hours talking about important things. What a night.

Today, same thing. Catching up on sleep. I finally made the leap to use my G4 as my primary desktop machine. Ive come to the conclusion that in my experience(and with computers, that is fairly significant) that pc's are just better for gaming. And by gaming, its only because that there are more out there. High power graphics capability on macs only will boost gaming in the future. Am i using a G4 400 MHZ? Is it more reliable running OS X then my PEE CEE running windoze Xp anyday? Eric and i had a moment at our meeting tonight where we bitched about how faulty XP is anymore. It just drives me nuts how everyone is so brainwashed to how great PCs and Windows is. Ugh. Oh well, im not going to ever give my PC up because in my field i need to be able to use it...but if i had 2 grand to spend, Id be running to www.apple.com faster then you could say quicksilver.

I was supposed to have an ECT 300 study group tonite, but it had to be cancelled cause of some people being out of town. Should i go study for it now? Yes. Will i get anything out of it? No. So im gonna study with peeps tomorrow inbetween classes. Hope you all had a good weekend. I wouldnt expect alot of blogging this week...interviews will own me.....

Positive: What a great weekend. Katie makes me happy :)
Negative: Weekend WAY too short...that and stupid daylight savings time....I WANT MY HOUR BACK.
Song of the day: Jason Mraz - Curbside Prophet
Cool Mac Moment: Are you reading this? Then this is a cool mac moment. All of erics battling with the AC computer in the office today with windoze xp is also a cool mac moment. All it takes is windows dropping the ball for apple to gain points with me anymore. What is this world coming to?

Thursday, April 03, 2003

So, i know ive been alittle slow on posting the past few days, the thing is that ive just been super swamped. Work has been murder, doing interviews every night from 6-10 which has been resulting in 14-15 hour days. Sure, im making money...but as someone at ITS called me today, im a "walking zombie". At least ive been able to find an hour or two a night to see katie, who has been INSTRUMENTAL lately in keeping brian sane. Even if its just a trip to meijer to get her Dance Marathon pictures, or to go with her for a bit to keep her company at the life science building while she develops her pictures for her portfolio....it just is nice and LARGELY decreases my stress level.

So, i have an exam in kollas ECT 453 class today. For ONCE in my life, i finally feel somewhat ready for a kolla exam. Have i been able to study for it as much as i needed, but i kind of understand all the calculus bullshit that we do in there, even if i havent taken calc and im avoiding it like the plague....even if it means i take a 1 credit hour penalty for taking it this summer...

More interviews tonight, wooo. Tomorrow will be nice just to have a relaxing day working at ITS. Thats right, blog readers, i think of relaxing days as days where i work at ITS. What the hell is wrong with me?

This weekend is shaping up to be some fun. Looks like there is going to be some kind of get together with sloka, wilson, katie, al, mo, red, et al on friday, could be a good time, then hopefully katie and i can go on our first "date" even though we will have been "dating" for almost 2 weeks by then. I dont know about the titles in relationships, im a boy, OK? I fix things, talk about sports and buy her flowers. I leave the titles up to her.

Hope all of you have a good day. Hopefully ill post soon.

Positive: Being alive, seeing katie for a bit
Quote: I just thought id offer my services to you - Me to Red
Song of the day: Dave Matthews - Blue Water
Cool Mac Moment: I love my laptop. That is all.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Wow...i know ive been saying that alot lately, but damn. Things have been so good lately, and some things have been so bad. Its wierd when you actually long for the ho hums of boredom to come around, because you wont ever be suprised. Oh well.

Monday monday monday. What a day. Classes all day, but the day i have been waiting for since i was born has come. I got to go to see "An Acoustic Evening With Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds". Had a fun drive there, had some Skyline for dinner, then got in line. I took my digimatal camera to get pictures for all you folks, and because i heard on www.anyoneseenthebridge.com that people werent getting searched for cameras. I figured, why not take advantadge. We got to the front of the line around 7, show started at 730. Then we get inside...and everyone is practically being strip searched. Metal detectors like in prisons, wands, latex gloves, the whole shebang. So....im like, well....what should i do...and i watched some people get through with cameras, albiet smaller ones, so i figured i was g money(bling bling). At any rate, gary and tiff go through, i see the dude in front of me go through with a camera in his pants over his junk, blamed it on his belt buckle(that one is for you, e.schrades) and i laughed. So i put my cell, pager, keys, wallet, headset, and camera in the basket, figuring they wouldnt see it with the pile of shit i put in there. So, the little j. crew ween who was in charge of the door i was going through, rifled through my stuff, and made a HUGE production about me having a camera. So i said, fine. What do i do? His answer?

Take it out to your car and come back through the line. Now, the line mind you had now circled around the arena. I about spazzed. So, sloka and i trek out there, put it in my car and then wait in line. 715. comes. 720. 730, and we are still nowhere close to the doors. Then, SOMEHOW, 2 more sets of doors open, and aroun d 5,000 angry college students bumrush the arena. So sloka and i try not to get slaughtered by the stampede, end up getting in...WITHOUT GETTING SEARCHED. Grarr. Oh well. Sloka got to our seats and got ready for the wildest concert ive ever seen. Heres the setlist for you guys. Hardcore DMB fans will get why it was so wild.

Best of What's Around
Grey Street
Everyday (#36)
When the World Ends [extended]
Big Eyed Fish
The Stone (Wise Men Say)
Jimi Thing (What Will Become of Me)
For the Beauty of Wynona
Two Step
Stay or Leave
Tim Solo ~
Grace Is Gone
Crash (Dixie Chicken)
Lie In Our Graves
Blue Water Baboon Farm *FULL w/NEW verse*
Where Are You Going
Don't Drink the Water (This Land Is Your Land)
The Maker
Tim Solo ~
Christmas Song
Ants Marching

Dancing Nancies

I cant believe i was there to see the first blue water since 1997. It was so amazing to see a show like this that will probably never happen again. Sloka and i had the best time, and out of 10 DMB shows, this is BY FAR the best one ive been to. The set, the energy, al;skdhf;lakds. So good. Long drive home after that, then to bed.

This morning, fun with meetings again. I got to spend way too much time sitting through and sorting through applications for RCC. Mike, nathan, mark and i ended not going to the senior staff meeting because we needed to get these going. Im starting to get very annoyed with how everything is a huge issue, everything is last minute, everything has to be done now, now, now. I attribute it to poor planning. We have plans in place, then we suddenly have to up and change it at the last minute. Also, getting screamed and swore at is always something that motivates staff, especially when the staff was trying to assist in what the supervisor wanted. Professionalism should have a major part in jobs like this, even if it is a university job. It drives me nuts that people can act this way and its just accepted. Im pretty fired up about this, and it makes me wonder why i work so hard for some things sometimes.

More class this afternoon. Kolla, just something else im looking forward to making my day oh so much better. Then BACK to RCC when i find out i may have to do said interviews tonight. Great. However, katie and i are going to see Sister Hazel later this month and Pat McGee Band is coming to BGSU later this month too, thats gonna be AWESOME. I cant wait.

Oh yah, and according to my degree audit......all of my stipulations for graduation are completed. If by completed they mean almost 44 hours are in progress....(aka this semester and summer semester) But still pretty cool to have it tell me to apply for graduation. Hmmmm...the real world, here i come.

Hope all is well, and jesus, what happened on everyones chatterbox/tagboard last night?

Positive: Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds, best concert ever
Negative: Please, treat me like shit some more at work
Quote: "BUSINESS GIRLS!!!!" - sloka
Song of the day: Sister Hazel - Sword And Shield
Cool Mac Moment: Portable Titanium and iTunes keeping me sane.