Friday, May 21, 2004

Idiots everywhere

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Wow. Just to show you that more education does not mean you are smarter.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Another day another Dollar....or in my case, another day another 600$ in hotel costs and 1200 hilton honors points...

So, as a slight caveat, i tried posting this last night, but the wireless connection in my hotel has been pretty goofy. So here goes.

Hope this finds everyone doing well. Again, ive been travelling like mad, spent 2 weeks in columbus doing some work. Things were going very well. I met some new people from IRM, worked with some existing people i have a great relationship, got to see Tom(a friend/fellow intern from AEP) and spend 2 weeks in one of my favorite cities in the world. Columbus. Im also about 99% sure that as of october 1, ill be transferring to the columbus office. I cant even put into words how excited i am. Katie will be down there working on her grad school things, ill be down in columbus, we finally wont have to travel over 2 hours one way to see each other. Itll definately be good....especially since we need to start planning a wedding soon ;-)

So all in all, things in columbus were going well....

Then i got reassigned to a client i worked on before. However, the good part of the deal was i didnt have to actually go on site for this job. Working out of the clevleand office for the next few weeks, which is nice since i actually have a good network connection to get work done and cleveland is a decent city. Working with Paul is a riot again. The only Senior Manager in our group who will sing to me, then burp, then sing again while we are working. What a character. I thought the work was only going to go about 2 weeks, but now its looking like closer to the middle of june. Middle of june, hmm...sounds like me birthday time w00t0rz.

Turning 23 on june 8. Whaaaa...when did i get so old. *sucks*

Katie leaves for her field camp trip next week. It *should* be easier to deal with this year since ill be alot busier, and im used to going weeks at a time without seeing her. However, going without talking to her either on IM or on the phone will be a chore. Well get through it, we always do.

Callie is getting declawed in the next few weeks. It will sure be nice to have a lap cat that doesnt cut me up 6 ways to sunday. From there, she will most likely be going to spend some time with my mom untill my travel schedule dies down a bit. Hopefully ill spend alittle time in the office in august to prep for my move. Time to start looking for a place to live in columbus. Yay :-)

On a sad note, everyone please pray for Al. Her mother just passed away, and shes going through a real rough time. Shes a great gal, and deserves the best. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

On a happy note, im now a contributing writer to and soon to Bill has brought me on as a writer, i dont know what he was thinking. Finally i can have a place to write about Apple stuff without the hassle of running my own website. Those of you with ipods should really check out We have some good info on there, good ads for you to check out, and some sweet forums to participate in. Let me know if you want any info.

Hope all is well, im really trying to post more regularly. But when i have a choice between star wars galaxies or blogging....those of you who know me know what im going to choose.

Take care all.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Another week of fun...

Hello all -

Just got back from another week of fun. I spent the past week doing an internal penetration assessment for a bank in ohio. It was pretty fun, very secret agenty, very spy-esque. Learned alot, had a good time.

Went to another formal this past weekend, went to the SAI/PMA formal. Saw alot of good friends this weekend and had some very good times. There are some funny pictures on katies website, Check em out.

Heading out tomorow to columbus for 4 month job there. I love columbus, so it should be great. Spending every week away from home, now thats another thing. Although, things are looking good for my eventual transfer to the columbus office with Crowe. More news on that hopefully soon.

Hope all is well with everyone, send me a note,

Take care.