Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hes Back :)

Welcome back, Jack. I've missed you.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

WoW Update

Since im sick of the election, I'm going to focus on some cool WoW news.

Since we beat the game by downing KJ, the final guild rankings on Wowjutsu have come in. We achieved the following ranks.

Realm Rank: 1
US Rank: 179
World Rank: 474

Not bad :D Im really proud of what we were able to do, especially since I joined this guild in a strange time. When i finally made the move to Anvilmar Realm off of Dalaran, it was a big step. I didn't know anyone, the person i transferred with stopped playing, so i was on my own. I made tons of friends there and as things with the guild started to deteriorate, i helped create the guild we are now back in february. Stoic was formed and we have flourished since then, taking the top spot in server progression.

Asros - 70 Holy Paladin

It is very interesting to see how far ive come since moving to anvilmar and even since i went back to my paladin as my main. Here are some screenshots of him as he has progressed over time.

Here is my Paladin when he first hit 60 back on Dalaran.

Here is my Paladin when he initially hit level 70.


My Paladin when we first started working through Hyjal/Black Temple and i had hit 5/5 Tier 5.


My Paladin as of last night, with full t6/sunwell gear(and his sweet new haircut)


Its amazing to see the changes in his gear over the time. Hes become the top geared paladin on the server and ive created a pretty good reputation for myself. I do everything i can do to help teach some up and coming holy paladins the theory that i work with and give them tips and tricks that i know. If you are interested in his gearing/gemming/enchanting/talents, armory links are on the right.

Tyyrol - 70 Enhancement Shaman

In the alt world, my shaman has become pretty legit. I wanted to play enhance, but never in my life thought he would have seen as much content and get as geared as he would. With the 3.0 raid nerfs, hes seen full BT and Hyjal clears, amassed tons of badges and is now sitting at a crazy 3/5 tier 6. Insane. I have to send a shoutout to purifiedtart, one of the players in our guild that runs a great pick up raiding group that helped my shaman get geared up pre 3.0 with 5/5 t4 and the gems to get his 2 badge fist weapons.

Here he is early in his lifetime at lvl 70 in most t4 and one badge fist.


And here he is as of yesterday, sporting his hot new tier 6 level gear and dual badge fists...which just look incredible.


Mavrixx - 70 Shadow Priest

Mavrixx has really taken a back seat. Due to some bad raiding experiences with him at the start of BC, I used him for some daily farming, herbs, etc. he hasnt changed much, gear wise, in the past year, but i thought it would be interesting to see what hes looked like since lvl 60 to raid geared at lvl 70.

Here is Mavrixx as he first ventured into outlands at lvl 60.


Here he is in his raid gear at lvl 70.


And here he is, feeling somewhat festive.


Cant wait for lich king to drop. Im so excited for it. Going to take some time off to level and relax and get ready to start rocking naxx :)

Friday, October 24, 2008


Love the Guy

I love Charles Krauthammer. While i know im not crazy about McCain, this editorial hits the nail on the head.

Charles Krauthammer - McCain for President: "Charles Krauthammer"

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beat The Game

More info to come soon once i can eloquently put it together. Funny to see how much things have changed in my WoW career since it began a few years ago. From not raiding and dealing with casual guild drama to being the top geared paladin on my server with 2 server first Sunwell kills including KJ. My, how far we've come.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Officially Meh.

While ive never contemplated voting for Obama, i never really felt compelled to vote for Mccain. I think hes someone who does what the polls tell him to do. That being said, I finally decided on voting for him because the socialist policies of Obama that have come out lately are just too ridiculous to let go. Wealth redistribution? Tax "rebates" for people who dont pay taxes? Sorry. No thanks. Dont penalize people who work hard to strengthen the economy while rewarding those who suck welfare from the system.

Out of control.

Win or lose, i just want this election to be over. Its giving me too much anxiety. I havent blogged lately cause im tired of politics and tired of WoW complainers, so i have nothing really to say. Nothing that big and exciting going on.

Happy hump day.