Monday, December 08, 2008

Ill Take What I Can Get

With impending layoffs at work(tomorrow), im tryng to do everything i can do to keep my mind off of it. This weekend, i was a total mess. Couldnt sleep, couldnt focus....not fun.

My main distraction, WoW....been great., one of the guild ranking sites just came out with their first global ranks since the new expansion came out based on cleared raid content. While i knew we were good since we got server firsts of all 3 top 25 man raid bosses(Sartherion, Kel'thuzad and Malygos), i didnt know wed come out as high as we did.

Realm: 1
US Realms: 130 out of 3865 ranked guilds
Worldwide Realms: 393 out of 7649 ranked guilds.

Ill take that. Lots of hard work went into our server firsts. Pretty amazing stuff...then again, the content was relatively easy. We have sartherion 25 down with 1 drake up. Will be awesome when we can do it with all 3 up.

Anywho, back to worry about layoffs.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Apple Love

Well, I love my apple products, but they have never really known to be that giving. If something breaks, you normally have to pay for it, unless you get applecare.

Last night, i bit the bullet and went to buy my 3rd iphone headset since i got it in june of 07. Not bad, since i use the headphones at work for close to the whole day, but still. The latest one was only 2 months old. One of the drivers in the right earbud died. Wasnt thrilled. At any rate, went into the apple store, grabbed a new one and went to the checkout guy. He asked me if this was a replacement set, which it was. He told me to give him the old ones, which i did. He then said that if your ipod or iphone headphones/headset ever dies, they will replace them for free.


Yep. Free. Just take em in and ask for a retail exchange. Incredible.

So nice to have working headphones again.