Thursday, August 28, 2003

Here i am....taaadaaa...

Yeah, i know nothing really going on lately. Oh wait, not so much. Heres a bit of a recap.

Got declined from the apple job. Ok, shit happens, we move on. So, i had to go full tilt to get ready for the fall semester here at BGSU. While doing that, it was also virus hell week here at BGSU, so i was working some mad hours, during the day rather then my normal night time garbage, since there were no classes to support at night.

The week before classes started, including the saturday and sunday of move in, i worked over 55 hours. I know, it was sick, good thing that i get paid overtime. Do other ITS students get paid overtime? No. Why do i? Beats me. I dont know why they go the extra mile, or sometimes extra 194039472 miles for me to do things for them. Meh, dont fight it wags.

Its funny to see how RCC is viewed not only at ITS but in the rest of the university now that im outside the organization. I always knew that RCC and the whole organization was the butt of alot of jokes around campus, but jesus, this past week/weekend really showed me why. Yes, i used to be in charge of the computer labs there, and i also assisted in alot of the move in operations that first week. I have a really good idea of what went on and how things were run. This weekend was such an eye opener for me. Lets get one thing straight.

I appreciate everything i learned at RCC and where it got me today.

Ok, now that that disclaimer is over with....GODDAMN. As any of you with eyes, a sense of retention and some kind of incoming news feed can attest, there were 4 major virus attacks in the past 10 days. Thats the largest attack on this campus's infrastructure...ever. Since i work in the university main help desk, i get to see first hand how all of these viruses(virii?) effect computers and network usage. When MSBlast(aka lovesan) hit, i spent the whole day getting the union and tech computer labs up and running again. Any virus that is strong enough to bring down over 50% of a universities windows XP machines is something to worry about. Especially a worm that takes NO EFFORT on the user end to spread. After we got that somewhat under control, we got hit with sobig. Then Nachi. Now Dumaru. Now, as move in started, we had only been hit with the first 3. The wed before exam week, we were scrambling at ITS. We were dealing with those viruses, the blackout that hit the whole east coast/midwest and increase in network traffic. Now, the way lovesan works is through a windows vulnerability. Meaning users have to patch the vulnerability with a windows update to fix it. My ex-boss at RCC told my current boss that he "wasnt concerned" with the imminent virus problem on campus and said they were ok to deal with it.

Ha. HOW CAN YOU NOT BE CONCERNED WITH A VIRUS THAT BROUGHT DOWN THE NEW YORK TIMES NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE???? Right there, i was so mad i could spit blood. Think about this....once students moved in, all of their brand new dells that mommy and daddy bought them that they didnt take out of the box since they got them weeks before suddenly connected to the university network..and BAM. Infected. Last count was over 300 infected systems. Thats unheard of. Yes, it could have been worse, but it was insanity to clean up. Last count here at ITS was over 170 virus removal discs handed out for free, god knows how many people shared them. Those were just people who DIDNT report their problem to RCC. Not only that, but the fact that there were viruses all week when RCC was in training and nothing was done about it. Now, i know that its difficult for them to drop training to do that, but i also know(since i made the training outline 3 years ago) that there is considerable downtime in the evening to do things like this. We got so many calls of angry people regarding network connection issues and virus problems that Toby Singer, the head of ITS called Tim King, the head of technology stuff at ResLife(and a former boss of mine before the RCC Reorg of jesus) telling him to get on the ball. I dont know how that came about, but man. The problem was so widespread that little freshman girls who didnt know anything about computers were calling us at ITS afraid to use the RCC connection CD because they thought it would give them the virus. People called us asking for network connection and virus help because they said they werent getting responses from RCC. Something needs to be done over there. Something huge and drastic. I dont know what, but something needs to be done.

I dont want anyone to think im badmouthing RCC. Im not, i was just very suprised to see how this crisis, and yes it was a crisis was dealt with. I spent 4 years of my life there working so hard for them that i couldnt see straight. Am i bitter about how i was treated? Yes. This has nothing to do with that, this has to deal with leadership in a time of crisis. Character shows itself in crisis situations, and from what ive heard, it didnt impress the campus community.

This week ive been working alot and started classes. My last semester, hopefully. After getting the B in phys 202, hopefully i can survive calc. The teacher is a total yatch and assigns over 40 problems of homework a night. It sucks. Other then that, i have a 6-9 mktg class...who needs that? Intro to unix will be fun, 1 credit hour, hopefully learn to do more in the unix terminal in OS X, and then ECT 441. Yes. Dr. Kolla strikes again. Another fun filled semester with him, but he swears(and im not making this up) that this class will be easier, have less homework, no formal lab reports and easier exams. Well see about that.

Other then that, been playing alot of star wars galaxies, madden 04 and trying to stay personally sane, which has been more then a chore lately. Im looking forward to a weekend of nothing. Preseason football is over, bears were 1-3, doesnt show much, but i was happy with how the 1st string offense looked, should be a good season for them...JUST NEED TO STAY HEALTHY.

Well, hopefully ill start to post a bit more, and put a chatterbox or tag board back up. But well see about that ;-)

Positive: One semester to go before im out of this place...
Negative: One semester to go before im out of this place...
Quote: None...too many to write down.
Song of the day: Dave Matthews - Save Me
Cool Mac Moment: Using the panther dev preview on my machines. Buggy, but still cool.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Yeah...I didnt get the job with Apple in Cleveland.


Was it cause i was unqualified? Not according to them.
Was it cause i didnt interview well? Not according to them.
Was it cause i didnt fit the profile? Not according to them.

Was it cause they instead decided to fill them by transferring people internally?

Yes, yes it was.

Did they say i would have gotten it if they didnt do that?

Yes, they did.

Oh well, she said shed check into finding another position for me. Well see...

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Alot of people have asked me what im interviewing for out in cleveland at apple. Here is the official job description.

Mac Genius

The Ultimate Mac Technician

Do you love repairing Macs and enjoy interacting with other Mac users? Does the thought of working for Apple make you tingle more than those three seconds right after a sneeze? Do you have technical support experience coupled with retail sales or customer service experience and can’t imagine a more rewarding place to utilize those skills than an Apple Store? If so, you might have what it takes to become an Apple Mac Genius.

You have lost endless hours of sleep troubleshooting a clients’ or neighbor’s machine. You, and millions of other Mac experts around the world, know that when a computer is done right it can be much more than a beige box made for the left side of the brain. You know and love the ease of use along with the power and elegance of the Mac.

As an Apple Mac Genius, you'll have the opportunity to share your wealth of knowledge on the latest Mac OS and products with millions of eager customers. Whether someone is a new user, a lifelong Mac enthusiast, or a PC switcher, you'll be the person to nurse his or her sick Mac back to health.

Some stores have technicians who sit in a back room and just see machines that are broken. Our Mac Genius is out on the floor helping customers fix their own machines and answering their toughest questions. An Apple Mac Genius is the cream of the crop. Are you one of them?

Key Features:

Seek challenge and enjoy finding answers.

Could write an encyclopedia of Mac Products.

Have mastered the latest Mac OS and keep up with cutting edge technology, while knowing what is in the pipeline.

Provide complete and appropriate solutions for every customer by utilizing retail sales and customer service skills.

Can identify tactfully the difference between a misguided user and an unhealthy Macintosh.

Have a high level of attention to detail and are a perfectionist.

Translate "techno-speak" into laymen's terms. Have the ability to teach and demonstrate to all levels of experience.

Are eager to discuss tips and tricks and why Macs rule.

Love interacting with people as much as Macs.

Be a good listener and an excellent communicator.

Bring your area of expertise to add value to our diverse team.

Would rather be in the front row of a MacWorld keynote speech than have free cable TV for a year.

Job Description:
-Run Apple’s service business by providing unparalleled customer service while solving and diagnosing Apple customer issues.
-Provide complete and appropriate solutions for every customer, explain and sell the benefits of .mac and Applecare.
-Complete bench repairs in a thorough and timely fashion.
-Keep workbench area and Genius Bar meticulously clean and organized.
-Reach out to the small business community by networking with clients.
-Demonstrate responsibility and take good care of Apple's assets.
-Comply with all company policies and procedures faithfully. Follow Apple’s steps of service with every customer.
-Execute transactions through customer tracking database.
-Communicate positively with store team members, customers, channel partners, and headquarters. Remember, you represent the Apple brand.
-Have the ability to be on your feet up to 8 hours a day.
-Maintain a fit and healthy Mac mind and oh yeah, have fun. After all, this is Apple.
-Successful candidates have bench and/or technical support experience, are using the latest Mac OS, and have worked in a retail or customer service environment.

Hey all,

I know most of you probably dont check it, but my Mac Website has been getting some decent press lately. The guys over at 2 guys have been real kind to me, and have made me a contributing writer as well. Check out my Mac Website at and check out the 2 guys website at

Also, dont forget to check out my dad's new weblog, hes kind of goofy, but its fun to read! Gets some insight into the thing that raised this crazy idiot who feels the need to ramble on on a website as well...Click if you dare!

Its looking like some major changes could be on the horizon. Im looking to get a job with Apple Computer in a few weeks out in cleveland. That would mean that i would leave BG one semester before im done with school, but its a price im willing to pay to work for the company ive always dreamed of working for. It poses a few "logistical" problems to say the least, but i hope i can work through them. Those of you who have been with my blog since day one know that day one was actually me talking about getting offered a job with Apple in New York that i had to turn down. This seems like a ironic turn of events. Maybe its saying that i should quit blogging, lol.

Ill post full information on what happens tomorrow at some point, im sure those of you who i talk to or see on a daily basis im sure will know the outcome, but dont worry, information will be posted here as well.

Oh, and since senseless team bashing is going on much to my chagrin, I just have to say that the Green Bay Packers lost their preseason opener.


Positive: I could be working for Apple Computer soon. Oh yes. Its true.
Negative: Planning for the REALLY IMPORTANT THINGS.
Quote: "Yeah, someone called about a reference for you? I told them how much you suck. Oh wait, i mean how much i suck." - McComas on the Apple people calling him for a reference about me.
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Monday, August 04, 2003

Cris Carter sez

I understand Cleveland's dilemma. When a team drafts a quarterback with the top overall pick, it doesn't want to admit failure to establish that guy as the franchise quarterback. But right now, Kelly Holcomb is better than Tim Couch.

When a team has a quarterback controversy like this -- and loses five defensive starters without truly replacing them -- it can't expect to return to the postseason.

Good point, cris. Good point.

He sez the following of the Steelers.

These are not the Steelers of the glory days. Gone is smashmouth football, replaced by a top-notch passing attack and, at least last season, a frustrating inability to stop the pass.

But Tommy Maddox has fit perfectly into Mike Mularkey's offensive scheme. Week in and week out, nobody comes up with better schemes than Mularkey.

Another truth. Straight from the horses mouth kids.

Now, i try not to get all wrapped up in the team rivalry BS. I like teams for teams. Yes, ill always be a Bear fan, but i know when the Packers are a better team. I never say the packers suck or anything like that, because i have respect for them as a team. They play well, have a great QB, etc. Sure, the Bears have won more times against them then the packers have won, but right now, Green Bay is a better team.

Well see this year, it could be a very different year for the bears.

Moral of the story, dont bash teams just cause they are a rival. Especially when they are a better playing team.

Friday, August 01, 2003


Oh yes, mac genious position in cleveland. Here is the information on the location i would be working at!

Lyndhurst, Ohio @ Legacy Village
As noted by MacMinute and originally reported by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Apple will have a store in Legacy Village when it opens October 24. Additionally, Apple is currently hiring positions at this location, according to the company's jobs database.