Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Strange Cup Of Tea - Sister Hazel

Sometimes I wake with a weary head and
I wonder how I'll ever get through
Then I think of the things you said
how you told me to my self be true
My faith in things unseen,
My belief that it'll all work out
May seem like a strange cup of tea,
but if its all right with you than it all
Right with me

Oh my feet I walk, with my legs I run
In my arms I'll hold another day
With my head I think, from my heart I sing
And with my hand to my face I pray

There's times I feel with the stains of life
I could just turn around, turn around walk away
Then a strength like a beam from above
lifts me up by the hand and it leads me to say
Good things for good people you see
good things they seem to all work out
May seem like a strange cup of tea but
if its all right with you well then its all right with me

Oh my feet I walk, with my legs I run
In my arms I'll hold another day
With my head I think, from my heart I sing
And with my hand to my face I pray

Getting by ain't enough for me
I know what I like I like what I see
I'm not only flesh and blood but
I'm heart and soul I know

Sometimes I feel at the end of the day
was it worth while or have I settled for less
I sit back and your there by my side sincerely you say,
we're both so blessed
Count your blessing count them one, two, three
don't give up cause it'll all work out
It may seem like a strange cup of tea but
if it's all right with you, it's just fine with me

Oh my feet I walk, with my legs I run
In my arms I'll hoild another day
With my head I think, from my heart I sing
And with my hand to my face I pray

Back again, and something of a regular schedule of posting, OMG!

Its been a pretty wild day. Nutty stuff at work, bleeding everywhere from a gash i got from callie, slipping on ice outside tgi fridays(thanks for the bad karma, morgan) and messing up my ankle and knee among other things.

I gotta tell you guys, ive always been a sister hazel fan, but lately, they have been growing on me more and more. I just got their new live CD "Live, LIve" which is awesome. Most people know them from their radio hits, which are awesome, but the rest of thier stuff is awesome. They are one of the most consistantly good bands ive ever heard. Thier first live DVD just came out too, called "A Life In The Day" which has a hilarous documentary about their travels all over the nation, their concerts, the rock boat cruise they started a few years ago, and all the great stuff they do with their fan base. I love the fact that they are popular enough to get good billing, tour enough, but not have huge ampitheatre crowds and enough time to still do everything they can to meet and talk to their fans. Ive made a decision that im going to The Rock Boat this year, since they head it up, and other bands i love are playing as well. This year, Pat McGee Band, Edwin McCain and Will Hoge are going on the cruise with a bunch more bands to be announced. Last year, among those, Virginia Coalition played. Wow. 4 days on a cruise in the carribean with these Ken Block said in the documentary on the DVD, "Its like spring break for people with jobs!".

Im gonna go head off to bed, hopefully not get scratched by callie again tonite and not fall on my ass again tomorrow at work. Good news is that my mom and missy are coming out tomorrow night to spend some time out here, and they are going to help me get a couch and coffee table!

In other news, everything is now unpacked an in some sort of arranged sort here. I finally went through, created a bill filing system, as well as seriously put in hanging files in my filing cabinet. Is this something worthy of blogging? Not for most of you, but before, i could fit all my critical information(bills, statements, pay stubs, etc) in an accordion folder...but when i started to do that got too big to close. So, looks like i had to upgrade to adult filing. Especially with my big kid moment of the day, i got my own car insurance starting in 45 minutes! Its so wierd to have all these bills to myself. Im just glad i have a good paying job to help me with it.

Also, ive gotten a new email address for everyone to use. I figure i have it, so i might as well start using it, and start phasing out all my other ones, since this one aint goin nowhere. is it for you all. Send me love!

Hope all is well for everyone else, but if i seriously see one more away message about BG not cancelling school because of snow, im gonna start shooting. The weatherman JUST SAID that in the last 48 hours, we have gotten between 12-20 inches of snow over michiana(the wierd ass term they call the northern part of indiana and southern michigan, apparently its not enough for indiana to have their own wacky ass time zone, they want to have a new state or something. I really dont get it. I digress). So yeah. No complaining. Its not that BG "doesnt care about your safety" or that "they dont think before making a decision" its more along the lines are adults now, and can decide if your safety is really at stake and if its worth risking your safety to go to class. In my 4.5 years at BG, not ONCE did a teacher not sympathize with a commuter because of a short term(less than a few days) weather issue, and i saw some students abuse it. So RELAX ABOUT THE STUPID SNOW DAY.

Ok, im done. Good night.

*whistles to callie to tell her to come to bed*

Monday, January 26, 2004

Of Snow, Peanuts, Cabinets, videochats, hacking and Indian food...

I know it has been a long time since I have posted, but im hoping to change that. Alot of stuff has happened since the last post(s), and Im going to do my best to break it down(chicka wooow-wooowww) for you. So here goes!

Im sitting here posting from South Bend, Indiana at my desk, on an IBM thinkpad eating peanuts and preparing for an exit meeting.


I think im getting ahead of myself.

A person said to me once, "Dont grow up all at once, else youll lose all the fun." I tried to live by that motto, slowly easing myself into adulthood and responsibility. Well, arguably a few of the most important things in my life have happened within the past month. So much for all at once. On paper, it looks like i grew up extremely fast, but to me, its been a smooth transition.

Its true. I passed calculus(got a c with the grace of god and jimmy lesko) and therefore graduated from Bowling Green State University with an undergraduate degree in Electronics and Computer Technology. What should i do with this degree? Honestly, stuff i hate. Circuit design, mechanical electronics, manufacturing systems, etc. To that, i thanks. I focused on network security, hardware, network administration. No degree program at BGSU really focuses on any of those areas, so i took as many classes as i could as well as did internships with those topics. Having a resume that rivals people 10 years older than me, I started looking for jobs.

While I had many prospects, and in retrospect, a few offers, one of them really stood out from the crowd. My number one pick was an Information Security Consultant position with Crowe Chizek, an accounting and consulting firm. Ive known the name for a while, seeing as how they have had a major office 5 minutes north of my parents house for as long as I can remember, i talked to them at the BGSU job fair. Not thinking i had much of a chance because of my background, i went in with a "nothing to lose" attitude. I gave them my resume, expected that to be it.

A few days later i was asked to do an interview on campus with their representatives. I met with 2 people from their Information Risk Management group, and had the same sort of attitude. I figured they were looking for people with much higher GPA's than myself, internships with the big 4 consulting/accounting firms and other huge professional accolades. Now, my credentials are good, but i didnt think they were in the niche they were looking for. After meeting with both interviewers, I was very interested in their position. Its part james bond, part hacker. Take the movie Sneakers and mix it with the movie Hackers. Thats the job. Testing network security, doing external penetration tests (a.k.a. Hacking) and doing internal penetration tests(a.k.a. lying to people about who you are to get critical informationby way of social engineering). I figured i had a decent interview and would get a thank you note in the mail, but nothing else.

Around 5pm, i got a call asking me to come to their headquarters in south bend, IN for an on site office visit. They were very impressed with me and my interview, and brought me out to south bend in mid november. I visited for 2 days, met with everyone, interviewed with the partners(one of which is a BGSU graduate) and then played the waiting game. In the end, the thursday of exam week....i got my offer call from the partner. I accepted, and had to find a place to live within 2 weeks, with christmas and new years sitting square in the middle of those 2 weeks.

I took a trip out here to south bend with katie, i found a nice place to live, moved in and got settled in to start work on the 5th of january. South Bend gets a boatload of snow, since we are in a lake effect snow zone, and the first night i lived here, we got 4-5 inches. Since moving in, ive been working here, loving every minute of it, and letting people know all the cool stuff i do(that i can talk about because of security reasons and confidentiality agreements). I was able to get my own cat, a black domestic short hair named Callie who is one of the most interesting animals i have met. She loves to open and close all cabinets in the apartment. Shes a good cat, very affectionate, even when im in the middle of things.

The people i work with are very interesting. We all have drastically different backgrounds. Everyone eats different things, does different stuff, knows different topics. One of the crew's favorite places to eat is an indian resteraunt that i didnt really care for ;-) but its good to try different things.

I spoiled myself a bit since i got a good job with a great salary, bought myself some neat toys. The best is probably my iSight camera that i got so that i can still see and talk to Katie and my parents from the comfort of my Mac. Its great, makes phones useless. If anyone has a mac with iChat AV, i suggest getting one of these. It will change the way you communicate.

Starting today, im going back on the Atkins diet. I was very successful with it before and hope to repeat that performance this time. Being back on a somewhat 8-5 schedule is easier for that, rather than working/class everyday from 11-10pm. I really want to get my health in order. I figure thats a good way to get started while i wait for the dietician from St. Joes Med Center to call me back.

I have definately learned alot in a month. Relationships have changed, people have changed, i have changed. I try to keep in touch with my friends, and have been dissapointed with some people doing what they can to screw me over. Its sad to see some people become everything they hated about someone else, but there is nothing i can do. Things are definately hard on the relationship front being 2.5 hours away from Bowling Green, but anything is possible. People never cease to suprise me, but they also never cease to amaze me.

Be looking for more updates soon. I promise im going to keep up on it, since i cant talk to everyone id like to, but im sure trying!

For those of you who i didnt send the information to(did ya get that memo?) I have new contact information. Email me at for it!