Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Not much of note for today....didnt have much happen cause i didnt do much....

I get a pretty sweet nextel phone for work soon, they decided on which ones to get today and should have ordered them today as well. Im pretty excited, i always love new toys to play with. It also means i get rid of this goddamn pager which has done nothing but work right. Such a pain....i love pages that look like 419-3**-4*2**DGLJKHG;oighal;gnaweiog

Think im kidding...thats a normal one....

For some reason the tag board thing went down as of this afternoon...especially after i was pumped that i could have people leave me messages now...oh well, hopefully itll be back up soon..

I love how people talk to me in their away, too bad they dont leave me messages or call me ;-)

Its supposed to be in the 40's tomorrow!! Is it bad that that gets me excited? I may not wear a coat tomorrow just cause its going to be that balmy. Ok, maybe not. Maybe now my car wont sound so damn angry when i start it up early in the morning. that the car thats angry, or me?

I dont have much more intelligent speak to throw out today, today was kind of a waster as a day. Not much done, not much accomplished. Got a big exam tomorrow in my ECT 453 class....should be a real good time.

Im off to bed so i can get up to head to ITS at 8am. See yall later, fellow blog readers...

Positive: Sleep
Negative: Sleep
Quote: I am Emmitt Smith.
Song of the day: My Stupid Mouth - John Mayer
Cool Mac Moment: Didnt do anything today....include even taking my laptop out of my bag....

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