Monday, February 24, 2003

Ugh. What a day.

I slept like shit last night, it was pretty bad. Id say overall i got about 2 hours of sleep. Oh well. Up at 645 as usual. Off to class by 8. Once i got there, overla reminded me that we had this labview seminar put on by National Instruments that we signed up for from 9-noon. So, we left management early, and spent the rest of the morning doing that stuff. Not bad, learned more in 1 morning of that then the entire semester so far of ECT 453(which kolla teaches labview). Lunch was cool, went and got a salad at wendys with overla and talked about more inane bullshit. It snowed probably another 4 inches today, making walking so frigging hard. Ugh.

Afternoon, we had another labview seminar, but i could only stay from 1-215, then i worked at ITS from 215-415. I was looking forward to going since mccomas would have good stories for me on what happened to him when he got home. Nonetheless, i walk into mike. I talk to chad, and apparently he slipped saturday night at his girlfriends kitchen, hit his head on the counter, got a concussion and was knocked out. I had to tell everyone why i felt partially responsible since i was buying him drinks that night like it was going out of style, and they all thought it was funny. 415 rolls around and i was getting ready to go to class....and guess who shows up...none other then mccomas. He was the most softspoken ive ever heard him. I felt bad for the guy, walked with him to his class then went to my last class of the day. Nice and sunny out...ahh.

Class ended, and overla and i went to walk out of the tech building....and its snowing again. SNOWING. As if we didnt get enough this morning or during the blizzard the past 2 days. So i had to go to meijer and get some food and stuff. BTW, i got a nice remington beard trimmer, used it on the goatee today, looks alot better now i think :) Called mom and talked to her a bit about my huge ass tax refund thats comin. Ran into an old buddy from my frosh year who now works at meijer, Mark Horak, it was good to see him and BS for a while. After that, went home, made some steak, watched some boston public then had another meeting tonite. Wow what a meeting.

Someone quit work today, i had to let someone go and sloka got promoted. Good for sloka, bad for wags. Im so proud of him, hes such a hard worker and a smart guy, the new database job will be so much better for him. Just sucks it has to happen when we are as short staffed as we are. Ill miss supervising sloka :( I got reamed out tonite with tons of questions on why RCC does what it does now from people. Lots of good input, some input i didnt agree with but i think overall it helped. Talked about the new structure and where RCC is going next year and tried to get a sense of who would be coming back and who wouldnt be. Im suprised to see who isnt coming back next year, but i wish them all luck in their endeavours.

So here i am, its 1230am, and i havent done any studying for my ECT 300 exam tomorrow at 1130. Or any prep for my senior staff meeting. Or the Senior Coordinator meeting. Or my 1 on 1 meeting with garret, or leah or eric. Ugh. Am i going straight to bed?

You bet.

Nite all, send me some lovin, wags could REALLY use it about now.
Positive: Goatee looks better now, thanks to ole remington
Negative: Work. Boo Hiss.
Quote: "Ugh" Sloka
Song of the day: Hypnotize - Audioslave
Cool Mac Moment: Trying to get keynote to open a corrupt powerpoint file...alas, no workie...

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