Thursday, October 26, 2006


Jack is Back.

Sunday, October 22, 2006



Having conquered cat flu, triumphed over tapeworm and braved
behavioral quirks, it is time to focus attention on some
oft-observed, but little-documented, afflictions of cats.


Symptoms: The affected cat places one side of its head on the
ground as though cheek-marking the concrete, carpet etc. After
several such maneuvers, the legs on that side of the cat suddenly
collapse, leaving the cat waggling its feet in the air.

Treatment: This involves placing the palm of one hand on the
exposed belly and rubbing gently. There are side-effects though -
some feline sufferers attack the rubbing hand while others recover
spontaneously, often after prolonged treatment. This condition is
probably incurable and any cat which requires prolonged treatment
after an attack will most likely suffer repeated attacks of
collapsible legs throughout its lifetime.


Symptoms: The cat spreads to take up all available free bed space
at night. It then expands a bit more until any human occupants
occupy the smallest possible area of bed. It may do this on top or
underneath the covers or on the pillow. It is highly contagious -
any other cats on the bed will also develop symptoms of bed-hogging.

Treatment: The most obvious solution is to evict the cat from the
bed. If this is morally unfeasible, train yourself not to give way
as the cat expands. Buying a bigger bed is probably pointless as
most affected cats can easily expand to fill standard, queen-sized
and king-sized beds. Otherwise, simply train yourself to sleep
while hanging precariously off the side of the bed. Attacks of
bed-hogging have been known to last up to 23 hours (in one case
a 3-day attack was noted by a cat-owner who was confined to bed
with flu; the cat thoughtfully kept her company during this time).


Symptoms: The cat lowers its nose into water and exhales. This is
followed by whiffing, spluttering, sneezing, snorting, head-shaking
and a generally confused expression. Bath-foam appears to trigger
attacks of fuffling in some cats. It may also be linked to
interesting items seen in the water e.g. goldfish, food-crumbs,
greeblingz. Fuffling is most common during kittenhood although
even quite elderly may suffer an occasional bout.

Treatment: None. Snorkelling apparatus or scuba suits
are possibilities, but cats do not readily accept such
treatment. Kittenhood fuffling generally subsides as the cat
grows older, possibly due to some acquired immunity (or greater
common sense).


Symptoms: Random dashes through to helter-skelter running through
house in pursuit of unseen prey. Greeblingz are believed to be
non-visible entities and some authorities have linked them to UFO
sightings or feel that they may be diminutive other-dimensional
beings. Cats suffering from greeblingz typically have wild-eyed
expressions. There is a minor danger of greeblingz attaching
themselves to humans; if a cat tackles such greeblingz, injury to
humans may result. A very few cats are naturally immune.

Treatment: None known. Anti-epileptics are ineffective as the
condition appears unrelated to other forms of seizure. Avoid getting
in the way of a cat engaged in greebling hunting. Attacks usually
subside spontaneously, perhaps as greeblingz return to their own
dimension. These irritating creatures are not visible to human eyes,
but no doubt the superior sight and hearing of cats enables them
to see them.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


cant wait for burning crusade...


Make your own jack-0-lanternz!

Halloween -

Monday, October 16, 2006

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Its Gametime

Those of you who cant wait to see a little bit of the new BSG is the first act of episode 3x1.

Wow. Im so glad this show is back. <3 u yots, ron moore.

First Look | Battlestar Galactica | SCIFI.COM

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bears Football

Chicago is ranked #1 in ESPN Power rankings and #2 in Power Rankings. (btw, the colts suck, carrucci)

Only the most cynical of fans would complain about Chicago's pantsing of Seattle in front of the nation. There's no denying that the Bears are the best team in the NFC right now and probably in the NFL.

Im in heaven. The bears are like.....a real team this year. Its so fun to watch them play...FINALLY.