Sunday, November 23, 2003

An hour before game time, fertel gets his picks in.

He picks...


Well see...

Saturday, November 22, 2003


So i was 10-6 last week, not too bad, if i do say so myself. However this week, Fertel and i are going head to head on the picks. Here are mine.

Panthers Vs Cowboys - Will be tough. Im going to give the edge to the panthers, having played better teams so far. While i want parcells to win, i think the cowboys have been too lucky this season. If they win, they will be for real, otherwise, i think its been luck

Lions Vs Vikings - look for the vikings to spring back this week.

Colts vs Bills - Colts to win

Jaguars vs. Jets - hard to say, would like to see leftwich do well, but the battle of marshall QBs will prolly end in a jets win.

Pats vs Texans - battle of red white and blue. Goes to Patriots.

Eagles Vs Saints - Eagles on a row. Mcnabb is back.

Browns vs Steelers - while i hate to say it, its going to be the browns. Steelers need to kill this slump. How great would it be to do it against the browns?

Seahawks vs Ravens - good matchup. Good seattle offense vs good ravens defense. i think the defense will be too good for seattle and hold them to a loss.

49ers vs Packers - battle of lost potiential. Green bay should win if they keep themselves together.

Bears vs Broncos - Broncos. *tear*

Rams vs Cards - Rams. Hands Down.

Raiders vs Chiefs - id say chiefs hands down, but the bengals rocked em last week. The raiders are still a shadow of their former selves, and chiefs will bounce back to win this one.

Bengals Vs Chargers - bengals. Will win their division too.

Titans Vs Falcons - Titans. Go mcnair

Skins vs Dolphins - Dolphins to get some momentum now.

Giants Vs Bucs - I cant believe the bucs now. What they did to keyshaun is so stupid. Barber boys will play well, but bucs will win.

There ya go, have a good sunday NFL day!

Saturday, November 15, 2003


Ill make this short and sweet.

Browns over Cardinals - Browns need to rebound after last week. Cards dont pose much of a threat for browns.
Saints over Falcons - Vick is back in practice. Ok, but that wont save a team with 2 wins.
Ravens over Dolphins - Ricky vs Jamal, will be battle of the run defense. Ray lewis at the helm, Ravens have the lead on this one.
Bills over Texans - Bills can rebound from last week. Will be a pretty ugly game.
Titans over Jaguars - Titans are on a roll, keep it comin. Id love to see leftwich do well, though...
Chiefs over Bengals - COME ON. If you are the chad johnson going against a 9-0 team, dont guarantee a win. Jeez
Eagles over Giants - Eagles are back on track. No shockey? Who cares.
Rams over Bears(i know, i know...) - Rams are too good. Bears are too bad. I still love my bears, though.
Panthers over Skins - Most people didnt know carolina had a football team, let alone a winning team.
Colts over Jets - Peyton will bring it home with all the tools at his disposal. No repeat of the 41-0 loss in the playoffs last year.
Broncos over Chargers - Last week was a fluke for flutie. Broncos will win. PLUMMER IS BACK!
Seahawks over Lions - Hawks at home. Hawks win.
Packers over Buccaneers - Bucks aint what they used to be. Only thing they might have are GB turnovers, but the GB offence is in sync.
Vikings over Raiders - Vikings will be focused and ready to spring back after their 4 game losing streak.
Cowbows over Patriots - Low scoring defensive game. Parcells will do it. Hes incredible.

Monday -
Steelers over 49ers - Steelers are back on a roll...cmon pitt!

6-7 In picks last week, lets see how i do this week! Tell me what you think in the chatterbox!

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Hello again!

Again, sorry for the posting delay, but this has been an extrordinarily busy week. Calc exam, preparation for the job interview im going on for today and tomorrow...its been tough. However, i wanted to give the recap on the NFL picks i did as well as the Bears v. Lions game i attended.

Cardinals V. Steelers
I actually picked well for this game. I knew the steelers had it in them to come back and get a win. Lets hope they can keep it up for the rest of the season.

Falcons vs. Giants
Alright, my bad here. Who would have thought the Falcons could win this game. Good for them, but also good that vick started practicing again yesterday!

Browns vs. Chiefs
I figured it would be a shut out, i was wrong. However, i knew the chiefs would go 9-0. My boss picked the Browns. I dont get him sometimes.

Texans vs. Bengals
Right again. Kinda wish i could have seen the game though.

Colts vs. Jags
Uh. jaguars beat Colts? Noone saw that coming

Dolphins vs. Titans
Tennesee shut out the Dolphins. Right. What a week for upsets. Good god, though. Steve McNair is a god. Another wrong pick for me

Seahawks vs. Redskins
Another bad pick. I didnt see spurrier as having that good of a team. BUT, Hawks suck on the road. Should have seen that.

Bucs vs. Panthers
Well, the bucs didnt win this. So they dont deserve to go to the playoffs. What an upset.

Vikings vs. Chargers
AGAIN with the upset. I cant believe that the CHARGERS, the team the bears blasted last week beat the vikings. Wow.

Bills vs. Cowboys
Atta boy parcells and crew. Way to keep bledsoe in check. Dallas at 7-2. Wow.

Jets vs. Raiders
Picked a winner in an OT terrible game here. Go raiders. Go HOME.

Ravens vs. Rams
Rams win. Now, on like 100 yds of offense? What a game of turnovers. man.

Bears v Lions.
Anyone who saw this game knows what im going to say. Lions win by a joke field goal with 30 seconds left in the game. Terrible. Nice stadium, nice fans. Thats all im gonna say.

So i was 6-7. not bad with all the crazy upsets this week. Ill try to do another pick set this week.

Other than that, im heading to south bend for 2 days for an onsite interview with Crowe Chizek. They are an accounting/consulting firm that are interviewing me to work in thier IT Risk Management department. Gonna be a very very cool thing if it would work.

Ill be sure to keep you all posted here on my job status if it changes this weekend!

Saturday, November 08, 2003


As most of you know, im a huge NFL junkie. So i thought id put that to good use, and take the weekend to make my predictions for sundays games. Here are my picks to win sundays NFL games.

Cardinals V. Steelers
I think im going to have to go with the steelers on this one. I know they havent really been playing that well this year, but they do have alot of potential. All Arizona has is....a has been running back and a bunch of other mediocre players. Plus, being at Heinz Field should give the steelers a slight boost coming into this game.

Falcons vs. Giants
No contest here. No Vick, no Falcons. Im not saying that Vick is the only thing that the falcons have, but without him, they havent been playing well all season. It may not be his athletic ability but his leadership this team has been lacking since the preseason. The giants arent knocking my socks off, but Kerry Collins and Jeremy Shockey are a pair that are hard to beat.

Browns vs. Chiefs
Sorry browns fans, you arent gonna be enough to hand the only unbeaten team left in the league their first loss. Sorry, just not gonna happen. Ill eat my words if it does, but it doesnt look likely.

Texans vs. Bengals
This could be one of the more interesting games. Marvin Lewis has done some good things to the bengals, but the texans are about at the same point. They need something big to happen to rally the team so that they can play better. I wish i could catch this game, it seems like it could be a matchup, but i think im gonna give the bengals the small edge on this one.

Colts vs. Jags
Colts. Playing so well this year, they really are coming together as a team. Jags got ALOT of work to do.

Dolphins vs. Titans
Dolphins need a win here and i think they are gonna get one. They play well, but i think there is too much crap off the field with these 2 teams. Plus, they rely on ricky williams too much to run the ball for them while not spreading it around the field. However, the titans arent much. But lets hope mcnair has a good game for all you fantasy players out there.

Seahawks vs. Redskins
Hawks. Playing REAL well this year, not stellar, but enough to get them to the postseason i think. Redskins arent terrible, but arent great. I dont see them really shining this year. I dont know if spurrier is still adjusting to coaching in the NFL or what, but something isnt gelling with that team.

Bucs vs. Panthers
If the bucs dont win this, they dont deserve to go to the playoffs. Thats all im saying on this game.

Vikings vs. Chargers
See above post for thoughts on what the Vikings need to do.

Bills vs. Cowboys
Cowboys. Parcells is a god among men. I odnt know how he does this with teams, but man the cowboys look good. Maybe the bears should hire him, lol. nah, but seriously, this Dallas team looks great this year for such a turnaround. I hope they do well, i really do.

Jets vs. Raiders
Battle of the dissapointing teams this year. Ill go with the jets just because of all the drama in oakland with woodson talking about all the problems and team infighting. Raiders. Wow. Werent you in the super bowl last year? Fooled me.

Ravens vs. Rams
2 of the top teams in the league. It will be interesting to see if the rams can keep up their streak or if they are just lucky so far. I think im going to pick the rams on this one, because they are an all around good team. Id love to see the ravens do well since they have potential, but it will have to be seen.

Ill leave the monday night game untill sunday night. However, the game of the week for me?

Yes, folks. The bears could hit a 3 game winning streak. Lets hope they turn it around. Away from home and in detroit, this could be interesting. They played the lions 2 weeks ago and beat them, so this could be an easy game for them. What will make it better?


Expect a full recap of the events when i get back!