Monday, December 31, 2007


I cant count. Fine...heres post 186.

Whatever. Im off to myself? Weeeee...

Happy New Year!

Oh yep. 1 more post than my previous high. Next year gotta top 200 :)

Have a happy new year, all. Im off to florida until the 6th!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Car!

Well, 4 years have come and gone with the Equinox....barely. It would have been up on good friday, but i got a notice in the mail that GMAC would waive 2 of my last payments if i turned it in on friday, i went to look and see what the new Equinoxes are like....and i walked out with a new one!

Here are pictures :D

Navy Blue Metallic!


Passenger Side - with sunroof :D

Back Seats

Console - including built in XM!

More info once i get to drive it a bit more :) Nice to have a car without a window crack, doesnt smell oddly like smoke and where all windows function correctly!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Friday, December 21, 2007

Stick a fork in me...

Yep...90 minutes and im out of here. No more work until 1/7/08. Cant wait.

Next week, doing the christmas thang with the family, then spending the rest of the week having some SIGNIFICANT "me" time and relaxing the work stress away. New Years Day, Mom, Dad and I are flying to Florida for a nice relaxing week at the timeshare. Pool, maybe some sea world, some disney....just going to let the stress ooze out of me.

I have to say, though...having nieces makes christmas fun. I had such a blast shopping for them and finding toys i thought they would dig. I cant wait till the 2 of them are a little older so i can spoil them rotten :D

Oh, yeah...and im back playing WoW again. The hell is wrong with me?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pro Bowl? More like Bowl of Sh....

So, i know the bears were a flop this year, but good lord, the pro bowl selections are pretty bad.

Hester is a gimme. Brendan Ayanbadejo is a gimme. Tommie Harris....meh. Decent. But Briggs over Urlacher? I dunno. Maybe i need to look at numbers, but no Urlacher. Thats some rough shit.

Also...11 Players from Dallas? Man...get over them. I even think GB were under represented.

Lofa Tatupu? What? Other than being my new nickname for my cat...that guy doesn't deserve to be in the pro bowl. URLACH GOT ROBBED.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Lazy Friday

Tim: i'm browsing the blu ray release list
Tim: checking out reviews
Tim: planning future purchases
Me: im flipping my pen at my cube wall
Me: and they say the american work ethic isnt what it used to be.
Tim: i know right

Whats worse than having nothing to post about?

Having something to post about, but not being allowed to. Some interesting(good) things going on at work, but im not going to post about it until they are official. Could be a while, so well see.

Otherwise, nothing much new. COOOOLD. ICCEEE. SNOWWWW. Winter is here, 10 days till christmas.

2 weeks of vaca coming up, including 1 in florida. Cant wait.

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Slashdot sez:

Microsoft has made available the release candidate for Vista SP1, after a limited beta begun last September. Informationweek points out white papers telling business users that if they were waiting for SP1 to solve application compatibility issues, they needn't bother waiting: SP1 won't solve them, and in fact might cause applications to break that were running under Vista. Techworld outlines the hoops users will have to jump through to get SP1 installed.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007






Monday, December 03, 2007

Mid 20's Dating for the Non Barfly - Part 2: The Inevitable End of the touchiest subjects when participating in internet dating is exclusivity. Most people who use internet dating never had huge success in the bar or club scene, so the availability of a large potential dating pool has people with poor self control foaming at the mouth. Take this example.

Mid 20s female. Moderately attractive, smart, successful, socially awkward. Probably never had a lot of luck with men in high school or college because most guys looking for women were going for the slutty hotter women or they couldnt find someone that matched what they were looking for in the crowds they were limited to with their schooling.

Bring on or eharmony. Suddenly, these girls rise above and are exposed to hundred if not thousands more potential men. I hate to use crappy analogies, but it becomes essentially a buffet. Since in these kinds of situations, the women have more of a choice over the men, it becomes a suitor situation. Next thing they know, they are balancing multiple men without really having the know how or skill to do it. Suddenly they get mixed up in a wave of emotion and cant control whats going on. It can only go downhill at that point.

Im not saying that men dont do that. I have worked pretty hard to be careful when dating to always respect the person i am "dating" to not make them feel like they have to compete with other people. If i decided to date someone, i make them the priority. Does this mean initial choices? Yes. However, life is full of choices. Some people are afraid of choice and how it affects people, even if its better to make those choices earlier than longer down the road.

One of the other MAJOR issues with this is how a person lies or "excludes truths". As someone who has been burned by dating habitual liars in the past, i possibly could just be extremely oversensitive to this issue. Some people think that lying isnt bad if they think it is justified. I guess i have no tolerance for it. Even if its hard to hear or tough to say, id like to know the truth of what is going on at all times. I hate feeling like i have been duped or that i had been looking like a total fool.

Honesty. Key ingredient. Have i gotten burned? Yeah. Am i trying to turn this into a learning experience? Of course.

Is it disappointing? Of course. Im sick of this sort of stuff happening.