Friday, February 24, 2006

Friday + IM + Bored = Hilarity

[13:31] Gastroph: If I gave Eloy 10 bucks, you think he could slip me a copy of episode 19 so I can load it onto an MP3 player for the drive home tonight? <_<
[13:31] waggoner98: 1. outback
[13:31] waggoner98: 2. no, cause he doesnt even have it
[13:32] Gastroph: lawl
[13:32] Gastroph: Hmmmmm...
[13:32] Gastroph: What's the other Podcast you're on? GCO?
[13:33] waggoner98: ha
[13:33] waggoner98: yeah
[13:33] Gastroph: Maybe I'll download an episode of that
[13:33] waggoner98: download the latest one
[13:33] waggoner98: crom and eloy are on it
[13:34] Gastroph: haha
[13:34] Gastroph: k
[13:36] waggoner98: and we talk about porn
[13:36] waggoner98: and killing chickens
[13:36] waggoner98: wait
[13:36] waggoner98: no
[13:36] waggoner98: thats on my other podcast
[13:36] waggoner98: Porn and killing chickens online
[13:37] Gastroph: Subscribing to that one now
[13:37] Gastroph: That sounds hot

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Could be the funniest vista screen yet...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What has the world come to?

I know its very cliche to start a blog post with "Sorry its been a while, ive been sooooooooooooooo busy!", But in this case, its very true. I have been busy. Unfortunately, its been mostly lame stuff.

On the positive side, TavernCast is going strong. Thanks to all the listeners. Ive met a ton of people there that i am so grateful. Who would have thought that the people i would consider to be my closest friends are people i havent met in person, or have met once. Its a very different world now. Monday nights have become something of a ritual, with rushing home to make dinner and get ready for a 630 skype conference. Its a very fun experience. Always a bunch of laughs. And trust me, ive needed that lately.

Gamecast Online is going slower. We are down to about 2 shows a month, which isnt too bad, but im just losing the drive to do it. It seems like so much more of a job than Taverncast, but i think that is mainly because im host/producer/editor/webmaster/etc for a show with close to 1000 listeners. Trying to spark some life back into the show, but it seems like im just recycling old material. The last episode was fun, had Eloy and Cromley from Taverncast join us, but i cant do stuff like that every time. Suggestions?

Guested on the latest episode of World Of Warcast. Its so odd to be on these shows, when 6-8 mos ago, i was a faithful listener and saw all these people as pseudo stars, now i talk to them on a daily basis. Very odd. Thanks to starman and ren for having me on, even though i am "a disruptive influence :P".

The pod people continues to get big. We are over 350 members now...and thats after we have started pruning inactive members. We have over 15 level 60s now which is an awesome suprise to me.

Having some medical issues which i dont want to go into here. If you want to ask about it, shoot me an IM or email. Its pretty involved, and pretty depressing.

Hope all is well.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Happy Late Valentines Day

I know its late, but it makes me wheeze.

Thursday, February 02, 2006