Friday, February 28, 2003

Hello all...

Hope this finds you all doing well. Today was pretty uneventful. Short meeting this morning, ended not going to ITS today since i feel like absolute garbage still. I got a new computer today at work, so i spent that time in the office setting it up since i didnt feel up to walking to my car to drive home. I could sit and play with my new mac rather then go home nothing. Some bumps at work, some days it really sucks, some days its great.

Got a new John Mayer live CD and Jason Mraz's disc, hopefully i can check those out soon. Im pretty excited to hear both. I also finally broke down and got a headset for my cell phone since i do alot of travelling and talking. Figured it be worth the money.

Been a pretty low key day, but with some positives and negatives. Hopefully things will work out better tomorrow. Then again, who knows.

Leave me some cheerful tags, i could use em...

Positive: New G4 desktop at work
Negative: Ugh...dont want to get into it.
Quote: "Chicken" - Sloka
Song of the day: Jason Mraz - The Remedy(I Wont Worry)
Cool Mac Moment: desktop g4..........mmmmmmmmmm

Thursday, February 27, 2003

I KNOW FRANKLIN. I was sick as anyones business last nite and couldnt drag myself to the computer to do a blog entry. Not that it would be overly exciting anyways. So heres a double dose of blog for all you faithful readers out there.

Took my management 300 exam yesterday morning. I think i did pretty well on it, however, who knows. I think my goal now is to see how hard i can work at school and fail out. I dont know what else i can do besides work 12 hours a day and study 12 hours a day. I feel so damn drained but it doesnt matter. 20 Credit hours of school is enough to kill some people, but working 40 on top of that, sure its stupid, but i have bills to pay and i cant cut hours at work to study more. I'm really at a crux. But ill talk about this garbage alittle later.

Border classes...always fun. Fun cause i learn in there, not constantly, i have to remember this cause kolla will broadside me with this on a test. Finally had some good news, though. Mike(my boss at RCC, i know..another mike) cancelled one of our weekly meetings, thank god. Sure, its one hour extra a week, but looking at my schedule, one hour is an eternity to get stuff done.

I got home, felt terrible, was looking forward to doing some work(uh, that came out wrong) watching the west wing and law and order and going to bed. Yah, well...NBC died in the middle of the west wing, so...screw that. Wags was in bed by 11. However i did get my advance copy of the Two Towers dvd to play on my PC, so i watched some of that to relax. By the time i went to bed, i had a MEAN fever, was sweating and coughing like it was my job.

Woke up this morning feeling like i was dead. My boss at ITS told me yesterday that i shouldnt come in if i felt bad. So i emailed him and stayed home. Spent the morning trying to rest, but it didnt really work out that way. I went in to class at 1130, got another exam back i bombed which im so thrilled about. Figured what the hell, im on campus, ill go to ITS. Maybe itll keep my mind off things.

Too bad i get there and find out how i botched up 2 peoples machines the day previous. I thought i had fixed them, but instead, it made more work for someone else who had to go out and repair what i had done. So i sat there for an hour, fixed some disks...then back to class.

Worked on a lab for ECT 453 that is making no sense. I didnt learn anything because before my lab, i got to go talk to dr kolla again. This time about a class i took an incomplete in last semester AS PER HIS IDEA so that i wouldnt have to drop it and could make my work up from time off from surgery easier. So instead, he told me 2 weeks ago that it had to all be done by tomorrow. I didnt think it would be a problem and started working on the work that day. Then the next day, he assigns 2 homework assignments and 2 exams for that time period as well. Then i get 2 exams from dr border and an exam in management. Plus all the garbage at work, me getting the flu, i kind of got behind. So i asked him if he could extend the deadline. He said ok...then told me when he would extend it to.


Yes, thats right. I should graduate in august. So why would he extend it to december? He proceeded to go on a rant about how he doesnt think im going to pass his two classes and how he thinks im not going to pass the classes i need to graduate this summer. Ok, so i know i bombed the first 2 exams of his, but how can he tell me this stuff? Ive had 2 classes with the guy, one i got a B, the other i took the I since i had surgery, then these! My in major GPA is a 3.6 and ive worked my ass off for 2 years with this major. Now suddenly im a shitty student? The other thing he failed to realize is that after august, my scholarship runs out and i most likely wont be able to afford to go to school here. THIS IS MY LAST CHANCE. But he doesnt care, he has his ways set and his attitude set, so screw the world.

Now im at home, and im not even going to get into any of that. I need to de stress, but apparently i cant do that. I guess tonite ill have to sit and stare at the wall.

I dont know, i hate bitching about these things, but it just seems like lately more and more roadblocks keep getting placed in front of me. I work damn hard, i do everything im supposed to do, but barely anything works out the the way its supposed to.

People who i thought i knew have changed so much its scary. People who act as though they are always there for you and want to talk about problems are such a farce. Most people just want to seem like they care so that youll do things for them. People who claim they arent selfish but if its not their way or if you do something that isnt how they do it, dammit you are such a screw up. Im tired of being judged by my so called friends, im tired of people judging what i do, how i act or what i say. I thought people were supposed to be accepting rather then picking out every single fault. I thought people who say they are accomodating only do what they want to do and want to use you for things they want to do. Other then that you are there as a resource for them. Not as a person.

Ok, im done with that. Im so frustrated right now i could explode. i dont even think talking about it will help since i dont know anyone who would really take anything about me to heart anymore and would do anything for me like i would for them.

Screw it. Hopefully ill have a happier blog later.
Positive: least im not dead.
Negative: Read above blog entry.
Quote: "I dont think you are a good enough student to pass these classes" - Dr Kolla
Song of the day: Coldplay - Everythings not lost
Cool Mac Moment: Burning a cd for Overla in 5 minutes

Tuesday, February 25, 2003


Hey all...wags here as usual. What a day. I survived. The flu is back in my body with full force. Meetings this frustrating at times. Ugh. Somedays i dont mind workin, some others i just go nutty. Today was the latter rather then the former.

Class? Exam in ECT 300? Destruction? Yah. I just for once would like a Kolla exam where i would come out going...GODDAMN. I ACED THAT DAMN THING. Will it ever happen? never ever. Got my Exam back from 453. Didnt do well on it. I dont get it. Makes no sense. No matter how hard i work in those classes, i just get screwed. Makes me wonder why i work.

Good times with e. schrades this afternoon at work. He always puts me in a better mood. maybe its the belt buckles or his dry wit, but that kid sure can pick me up when im down. Thanks Eric. Gonna miss you when yer gone. And i dont mean that homosexually.

Tonite, did some work and fixed ole josh malcoms computer. Spyware and registry errors had taken his machine over. Hope its runnin better now. Spyware = tha devil. Remember that kids. Spyware bad.

24 was good as usual. Is it bad that i kind of want the bomb to go off? meh...

So, apparently one of our cats is writing songs for me. Heres a little excerpt...

PimpSLAYER187: toad just made another song for you
Waggoner98: oh yah?
Waggoner98: scribbled on paper again?
PimpSLAYER187: no
PimpSLAYER187: she uses the computer now
PimpSLAYER187: here, she wants to send it too you

I got a fuzzy cat and her name is toad
becareful now or else she'll explode,
with a puddle o piss, and then she'll get mad
and hiss

meow meow meow meow
meow meow
meow meow meow meow

And here is the published version of "Barkin in the woods" By Toad

who's that barkin
deep in the woods
oh my word it is the mountain toad.

jumpin through the air with the blonde foot
she'll stomp on yo ass and make you wack.

with the furry fur she make you cough
then its in your eyes and you can't see
blined by the light and then she'll pee
all over the floor and then you'll slip

she will bark and call you jack
and you'll try to give her a wack

but she'll bounce to the tree,
just like when you set some birds free...

Wow. On THAT note, im off to study for my management midterm then sleepy wags.
Positive: Its tuesday...that means...24!
Negative: Sick, class, work. You name it.
Quote: I mean, i dont wanna sound homosexual...but you look good - eric talking about how my diet is workin
Song of the day: Blue Man Group W/ Dave Matthews - Sing Along
Cool Mac Moment: Office v.X is pretty nice...too bad its still Micro$oft.

name: Brian Jeffery "Old Man Wags" Waggoner

what you wish your name was: Honkey McHonkerson

birthday: June 8th, 1981

food you eat that no one else you know does: Turtle feet. J/K Atkins Bars.

why do you blog? I, like franklin have anger issues and need a non destructive way to vent after each day.

favorite blog: Franklins...damn he makes me laugh

person who reads your blog and doesn't have one of their own, but should: SLOKA!!

funniest person you know: Strongbad.

the best "unknown" band: Pat McGee band

the best "known" band: Dave Matthews Band - not cause im trendy abercrombie wearing fratboy, but because i have respect for their multicultural and jazz influences. So there.

east coast or west coast: Chicago?

coolest place in bowling green: kamiz

paper, rock, or scissors: Scissors. Rock. So reliable.

seinfeld or simpsons: Simpsons.

favorite class taken at college: MIS 417 - Computer Hardware Management

ohio state or michigan: Interned in i guess OSU.

weird thing that you can do with your body or general physical deformity : more joints of mine crack and pop then anyone else. Sucks getting old.

Monday, February 24, 2003

“A Well Thought-Out Englilsh Paper”
by: Kyle “The Yellow Dart” Smith

Since maybe like the Middle Ages, there have been many differing opinions about

hustle and bustle. This cannot be denied. It is my intention to sit down and play video

games for several hours.

First, moving around quickly, and with purpose, is a true sign of character.

Secondarily, bustle(e.g. hustle) yields more product for the working types. “Hustle and

bustle are like my right and left arms,” said Li’l Spicy in his famous “Hustle and Bustle

Are Like My Right and Left Arms” speech. Webster’s defines bustle as “excited and

often noisy activity; a stir.” A stir, indeed. Finally, sometimes gross stuff can be funny.

In conclusion, I, “The Yellow Dart,” think I have done a great job illustrating the

many differing opinions about hustle and bustle, may they both rest in peace. Also, I

think Strong Bad should decrease The Cheat’s allowance.
Ugh. What a day.

I slept like shit last night, it was pretty bad. Id say overall i got about 2 hours of sleep. Oh well. Up at 645 as usual. Off to class by 8. Once i got there, overla reminded me that we had this labview seminar put on by National Instruments that we signed up for from 9-noon. So, we left management early, and spent the rest of the morning doing that stuff. Not bad, learned more in 1 morning of that then the entire semester so far of ECT 453(which kolla teaches labview). Lunch was cool, went and got a salad at wendys with overla and talked about more inane bullshit. It snowed probably another 4 inches today, making walking so frigging hard. Ugh.

Afternoon, we had another labview seminar, but i could only stay from 1-215, then i worked at ITS from 215-415. I was looking forward to going since mccomas would have good stories for me on what happened to him when he got home. Nonetheless, i walk into mike. I talk to chad, and apparently he slipped saturday night at his girlfriends kitchen, hit his head on the counter, got a concussion and was knocked out. I had to tell everyone why i felt partially responsible since i was buying him drinks that night like it was going out of style, and they all thought it was funny. 415 rolls around and i was getting ready to go to class....and guess who shows up...none other then mccomas. He was the most softspoken ive ever heard him. I felt bad for the guy, walked with him to his class then went to my last class of the day. Nice and sunny out...ahh.

Class ended, and overla and i went to walk out of the tech building....and its snowing again. SNOWING. As if we didnt get enough this morning or during the blizzard the past 2 days. So i had to go to meijer and get some food and stuff. BTW, i got a nice remington beard trimmer, used it on the goatee today, looks alot better now i think :) Called mom and talked to her a bit about my huge ass tax refund thats comin. Ran into an old buddy from my frosh year who now works at meijer, Mark Horak, it was good to see him and BS for a while. After that, went home, made some steak, watched some boston public then had another meeting tonite. Wow what a meeting.

Someone quit work today, i had to let someone go and sloka got promoted. Good for sloka, bad for wags. Im so proud of him, hes such a hard worker and a smart guy, the new database job will be so much better for him. Just sucks it has to happen when we are as short staffed as we are. Ill miss supervising sloka :( I got reamed out tonite with tons of questions on why RCC does what it does now from people. Lots of good input, some input i didnt agree with but i think overall it helped. Talked about the new structure and where RCC is going next year and tried to get a sense of who would be coming back and who wouldnt be. Im suprised to see who isnt coming back next year, but i wish them all luck in their endeavours.

So here i am, its 1230am, and i havent done any studying for my ECT 300 exam tomorrow at 1130. Or any prep for my senior staff meeting. Or the Senior Coordinator meeting. Or my 1 on 1 meeting with garret, or leah or eric. Ugh. Am i going straight to bed?

You bet.

Nite all, send me some lovin, wags could REALLY use it about now.
Positive: Goatee looks better now, thanks to ole remington
Negative: Work. Boo Hiss.
Quote: "Ugh" Sloka
Song of the day: Hypnotize - Audioslave
Cool Mac Moment: Trying to get keynote to open a corrupt powerpoint file...alas, no workie...

Sunday, February 23, 2003

So....sitting here watching the grammys....this is how i know im getting old. Theres some artists on here that i dont really get. Dixie chicks....i dont know, they arent bad, they just dont do anything for me. Avril levigne...i dont know. Shes nothing special. Some girl whos real cagy and can sing half decent. Bruce springsteen...good music, but it looks like it hurts him to sing. like to give a huge I TOLD YOU SO to everyone. My boy, John Mayer won a grammy tonite...ive been listening to him for 2 years, seen him in clubs. I remember when id say john mayer, and id hear...john who? Im proud of him, granted he won for a song that isnt really my favorite, but at least he gets recognition. Now, i know this means its going to get harder to see him live...grrrrr

Last night....hmm, where should i start? How about right after i posted my last blog entry. After i posted, i did some more work...then all hell broke loose. Like tons and tons and tons of snow. It snowed from about 12pm to about 4am straight hard. I think we got a total of about 8-10 inches, but there were drifts over a foot. THEN our firewall/dhcp sercer took a dump and i had no way to do work i needed to do. Of course, stupid BG DOT wont plow ever, so it was heinous out. But like i always stay, drive smart and yer fine. One of my employees ended up calling me because she was sick. I felt so bad for her, shes been sick for a while. I told her that i would help her out and would do her rounds at night. I braved the snow, did them was go time.

Met up with jen and scott after midnite, got a call from mike mccomas(from ITS) and we ended up meeting up at sky bar. It was a very different crowd out there, and damn did mccomas get WASTED. It was pretty funny to see him. Took him, his lovely girlfriend, scott and jen home then stayed up till 4 watching tv. Figures, its the weekend, and i couldnt sleep. Meh.

Got up at 10, did more work today, meetings and what not. Now i think im gonna go watch the rest of the grammys and head off to bed. Till tomorrow, yall...asterissssssssskkkkssssss

Positive: Seeing McComas trashed out of his brain
Quote: "Let me hhellllp" - McComas right before he fell on my car when i was dusting off my windows
Song of the day: Let it snow....
Cool Mac Moment: Using my mac laptops network utility to help diagnose our network problem...

Saturday, February 22, 2003

Hey all, hope you had a wonderful friday...i sure as hell did :)

Had a good day. Meetings at RCC went really well in the morning, we were for once able to get through our entire agenda while all AC's could be there. I was shocked! :) After that...went to ITS.

I love working at ITS, i dont think i can tell you guys that enough. I spent the morning doing what i normally do, go over to see whats wrong in my 2 buildings, Moesely Hall and University Hall. Are they really my buildings? No, cause im not a full time TSS, but since 90% of all the computers over there are macs, im the man for the job. So chad assigns me all the trouble tickets for me over there, and now they all love me for being their mac hero. I think they are starting to know when i work and are calling TSC asking specifically for me now...kind of cool, i like working a job where i feel appreciated. :)

Spent the better part of the afternoon screwing around with Mike McComas(i know i know too many mikes) who is the TSS for Hayes, but also is chad's right hand man. He's kind of one of my boss's but not really. At any rate, hes about 26 and cool as hell. We sat around the office, answering phones, working on peoples dead zip disks and floppy disks and i worked on training. We both were feeling the friday vibe pretty strongly. Both wanted to get out of there, getting pretty slap happy and making the dumbest jokes ever. Having to deal with some real priceless clients topped it off too, lol....

Came home, did some work...then did what i was looking forward to all week. Kamis...wooooooo. Finally had a chance to forget about all the stress of the week, and go out and just relax at my favorite BG bar, talk to my other friend mike(from class). Elo, Kristen, her friend Kristen and i went out, ended up meeting up with BIll, stephanie, hooper and some of their friends. Next thing i know, Melanie(another friend from ITS slide tackles me from the back) and i end up buying her a beer and talking to her for about a half hour. After going back and hanging with the original crew i came with, then guess who shows up...Mike from ITS. From that point on, the whole nite was just rediculous. He and i ended up doing shots of Jager, doing stupid shit, talking about stupid shit, it was just plain awesome. I got at the bar at 1015, and left at 230. Yah, thats right, we closed kamis down. Thats definately a first for me. What a time it was. The weston crew showed up, even lynne who never comes out anymore, hehe. Had an awesome awesome time. Ran into Kristin McDonald, Chrissann, Wozniak and tons of other assorted friends i havent seen in forever. I also ran into a girl i knew my freshman year, Katy who i havent seen in forever. She gave me her phone number and told me to call her up sometime, i gave her mine too, so this could be interesting...

Came home, went to bed...slept till noon since i didnt get to bed till about 330. What a nite. All ive done so far today is work on RCC stuff, big meetings AGAIN tomorrow night and monday night. Give me a holla if you wanna chat. IM, phone, etc, you all know tha drill.

Positive: WHAT A NITE!
Negative: Screw flirty girls with boyfriends...ESPECIALLY WEEN BOYFRIENDS.
Quote: Too many to remember...mike was rolling them out like it was his job last nite...
Song of the day: Green Day - Time of my life
Cool Mac Moment: Figuring out a HUGE image problem with the os X image at ITS...just cause im cool like that...

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Well, this is later then id like it to be....

Ive come down with some kind of flu the past couple of days...just what i need at this time of the year, wow how i love it.

Ive linked to Josh Franklins blog on my link section. That guy is one of the funniest dudes i know, im sure his blog will reflect that and make us all laugh our asses off.

Had a long day, still feeling the stomach flu ive had for the past few days..I think today is the first time ive had a boss tell me to go home from work to rest and i said no. I appreciated his compassion, but i only worked 8-11AM, was already up and had classes and an exam in the afternoon. I survived. Once i got home, now thats a different story.

Goddamn ECT 453. I hate that class. I hate going into an exam that ive studied and studied and studied for and still feeling completely unprepared for it. Oh well, as Phil told me today "Its just a f!@#$%& test, not the end of the world. If everyone did as bad as we think we did, well be fine" It sucks when you have to have that attitude from a class. I just keep telling myself, these are my last 2 kolla tests, heres to getting through them. As steve used to say, D is for done...

I had full intention of going to Phi Mu Alpha tonight, but now that i feel like an alien is going to erupt out of my stomach, doesnt look like its going to happen. I got an 8am meeting to prep for as per usual, and with the boss out on vacation, its all my show. And for those of you whove asked (MAX AND SEAN) no we cant have it at mcdonalds. I cant eat there cause of my diet...silly employees....

well, dont forget to sign the tag board to the side. I know there are lots of you blog lurkers who dont want to be known...just slap up a note to say hi, but keep it clean ;-)

Hope everyone has a loverly thursday going to bed. Nite all.. Gimme those asterisks....

Positive: End of my week
Negative: Screw ECT 453.
Quote: *angry face* - Franklin and I during the computer portion of our exam, that took an hour and a half, and we still didnt get it done...
Song of the day: Plush - Stone Temple Pilots
Cool Mac Moment: My laptop....turn on, wireless, portable, OS X being able to naitively create PDF's...oh its good...
Funny tidbit from sloka today...dont worry, there will be a real post later, just had to share this...

In order to ensure the highest levels of quality work and productivity
from employees, it will be our policy to keep employees well trained through
our program of Special High Intensity Training (S.H.I.T.). We are trying to
give employees more S.H.I.T. than anyone else.
If you feel that you do not get your share of S.H.I.T. on the job,
please see your manager. You will immediately be placed at the top of the
S.H.I.T.list, and our managers are especially skilled at seeing that you get
all the S.H.I.T. you can handle.

Employees who don't take their S.H.I.T. will be placed in the
Departmental Employee Evaluation Program (D.E.E.P.S.H.I.T.). Those who fail to take
D.E.E.P.S.H.I.T. seriously will have to go on the Employee Attitude
Training (E.A.T.S.H.I.T.). Since our managers took S.H.I.T. before they
were promoted, they don't have to do S.H.I.T. anymore, and are full of
S.H.I.T. already.

If you are full of S.H.I.T. you may be interested in the job of
training others. We can add your name to our Basic Understanding Lecture List
(B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T.). Those who are full of B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T. will get the
S.H.I.T. jobs and can apply for a promotion to Director of Intensity
Programs (D.I.P.S.H.I.T.).

If you have any further questions, please direct them to our Head of
Training, Special High Intensity Training (H.O.T.S.H.I.T.).

Thank You,
Boss in General
Special High Intensity Training.

See ya later tonite, bloggers..

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Not much of note for today....didnt have much happen cause i didnt do much....

I get a pretty sweet nextel phone for work soon, they decided on which ones to get today and should have ordered them today as well. Im pretty excited, i always love new toys to play with. It also means i get rid of this goddamn pager which has done nothing but work right. Such a pain....i love pages that look like 419-3**-4*2**DGLJKHG;oighal;gnaweiog

Think im kidding...thats a normal one....

For some reason the tag board thing went down as of this afternoon...especially after i was pumped that i could have people leave me messages now...oh well, hopefully itll be back up soon..

I love how people talk to me in their away, too bad they dont leave me messages or call me ;-)

Its supposed to be in the 40's tomorrow!! Is it bad that that gets me excited? I may not wear a coat tomorrow just cause its going to be that balmy. Ok, maybe not. Maybe now my car wont sound so damn angry when i start it up early in the morning. that the car thats angry, or me?

I dont have much more intelligent speak to throw out today, today was kind of a waster as a day. Not much done, not much accomplished. Got a big exam tomorrow in my ECT 453 class....should be a real good time.

Im off to bed so i can get up to head to ITS at 8am. See yall later, fellow blog readers...

Positive: Sleep
Negative: Sleep
Quote: I am Emmitt Smith.
Song of the day: My Stupid Mouth - John Mayer
Cool Mac Moment: Didnt do anything today....include even taking my laptop out of my bag....

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Wow...Here she is folks, blog 2.0. After fighting with it all day, sloka won the battle on how to get the formatting close to right. I know you have to scroll a bit to see on the side, hopefully i can get that fixed asap. Anyone who knows HTML really well is more then welcome to help ;) (thanks sloka, yer the bomb...good thing its your 21st tonite and im gonna get you lit....)

Morning of work meetings...8am to 1130 as usual...went better this week though. I finally feel like im able to put out some fires rather then watching them burn around me. I think we might be able to accomplish some things at RCC once we arent putting fires out all the time. I like being able to do long term planning and plan implimentation when i dont have to deal with lots and lots of "piddly shit" like my boss likes to call it.

Its that means only one thing....kolla classes. 2 of them. However, i did get to see dr. kolla almost electrocute himself while working with one of the electrolab motor stations. Gotta shut off the main switch before dealing with the contacts. Seeing blue arcs about 6 inches from your face is enough to scare the shit out of anyone, lol...Worked my ass off to get the homework that was due and then he didnt collect it. I dont know about him sometimes...oh well...

I had something typed up yesterday about the whole anti war protests. I know eric has talked about it in his blog, but i want to say my 2 cents. I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion about everything, however i think that colleges are way too liberal. First off, why do a anti war rally at a college? who here has anything to do about it? If you are going to rally, go to state capitals, go to washington, go somewhere where someone who can do something about it will see it. Second...are people really that dense to think that our president is just deciding to go to war with iraq because it is fun? Oh, no they think we are going to take all the oil fields, bad. Did anyone stop to think that the attitude they have now is the same that most of the US had before WW2? Hitler isnt our problem, he is just some guy in a country. So what if he kills his own people(saddam uses chemical weapons on the kurds of northern iraq) So what if he is breaking UN laws and going against what the sanctions say? So what if he has weapons of mass destruction that if he had the chance he would use on us or our allies? Who cares? Not my problem...Im by no means Pro safety of the world community. I think that something needs to be done and noone has the balls to stand up to this guy but us and britain. So what if we have to go it alone. Fine. Saddam isnt a knight in shining armor. Hes a dictator, he has ties to terrorist groups and supports them. What happened to everyones feelings of world safety and doing whatever we had to do to stop the terrorists since 9-11? Nothing...why? Everyone feels secure again. Noone worries that we could get hit again. They take the government and what it does to protect us for granted rather then understand that there are guys out there everyday busting their balls for us to help keep america safe.


*gets off soapbox*

Oh, and the idea of a "die-in". I find that so repulsing i could vomit.

Im off to the bars to celebrate slokas birthday. I think ive earned it after the weeks ive had. Nite all...tag me in the tag box on the left side!

Positive: 2 numbers.....24
Negative: HTML sucks
Quote: brian + html = not bedfellows - me
Song of the day: Album - Sister Hazel - Chasing Daylight(just got it in the mail today)
Cool Mac Moment: Dreamweaver on my mac...oh so nice....

Monday, February 17, 2003

wow...i had a real nice blog entry typed up, and my cable modem took a dump while posting. Sorry kidz, ill let you alllll know about it tomorrow, i gotta go to bed.

I mean were talkin a page was more better then yesterday....


more better....

You know what i mean.

Alas, off to bed. Email me at to ask me questions, and ill answer them in my blog just like
Positive: Classes finally getting approved
Negative: #$#@$#@ SNOW
Quote: STUPID FRIGGING....UPLOAD....THING.....DAMMIT! - Me at the blog before it dumped
Song of the day: No Such Thing - John Mayer
Cool Mac Moment: airport is up and running on my laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaptooooooooooooppppppppppp

Sunday, February 16, 2003

Not much to report today....back in bg...wooooooooooooooooo. Cant wait till i graduate so i can get out of this dump. Oh well, less then 6 months to go.

Positive: Time at home
Negative: Having to come back to BG
Quote: ......................................................... - Silence in the car by myself
Song of the day: Fool To Think - Dave Matthews Band
Cool Mac Moment: My laptop being one hell of a great dvd player for my car while on the road....

Saturday, February 15, 2003


Yah, here i am, at home in chicago. Its been a really nice weekend away from all the crazy crap at school. Scholastic crap, work crap, personal crap. Youd think i was a restroom attendant with all the crap I deal with, lol. Sorry, attempt at humor....failed.

Friday I had a pretty good meeting in the morning, hopefully cleared alot of stuff up that weve been having problems with at RCC. Then i had the most enjoyable day at ITS ive ever had. I got to work on training for OS 10 for the people i work with there. Thats right, i got paid to sit, work on a Mac, work with keynote, and write training for my favorite operating system. Wow. I got the cutest valentine from Candy with a Harley on it(inside ITS joke) and had some good food that the TSC staff cooked and brought in. Ive never seen my boss eat that much either, especially since he was going to Outback that night with some friends. Im sure hes still hurting from that, lol!

Ive been having a nice relaxing time with my mom this weekend. Friday night i fought the snow to get home, and FINALLY was able to get home. Had dinner - Mom made steak:) then fell asleep at 10. Im not even making that up. I played with my 2 cats and my sisters 2 cats that are spending a few days here since her, her husband and my dad are in florida for his schools jazz band trip. Lots of hissing and fighting...which is what woke me up today.

RARRR!!! REAAEERRR!!! Yah, that was 845 this morning. Spooks and Brisco were at it, making really nasty noises. Had a nice breakfast with mom, dusted off my car, then headed out to good ole Cantara 30 to see Daredevil. Decent enough flick, i just didnt dig the ending. I wont spoil it for any of you that havent seen it yet, but its just kind of unsettling. Got some new jeans, a new belt, went to CostCo and got some more atkins-y food and then to my personal holy mecca. The Apple Store. I had to talk to myself before walking in and said i was only going to get an airport card, then i was going to walk out. I saw the same guy who i always talk to in there, and they almost talked me in to buying a base station to go with it. My geek side was convinced, but my accounting side of my brain didnt go with it. I talked to them about jobs, and they pretty much told me i was a dumbass for not taking the genious position out in new york. They said to get offered a job working for apple is harder then getting into UCLA, Stanford and MIT combined. I was totally kicking myself. Oh well, at least i was close. Lets hope i can get that close once i graduate. I still only came out of the store with an airport card...and a heavy heart.

Dinner at outback..mmm...then home to do laundry and have my mom do my taxes. Finding out im going to get a pretty phat refund is good news. So now im sitting here with Lord of the rings on, doing laundry. Tomorrow i gotta get up, pack and be on the road by 12 so i can be at work by 6. Should be a real blast, im so excited. My mom did get me the new XMen 1.5 DVD so i can check that out and play that on this lovely laptop. Hope to post again tomorrow and give ye faithful blog readers more inane garbage to read. Id like to get some kind of post feature or talkback forum...let me see what i can work on :)

Nite all...

Positive: Bein at home with mom :)
Negative: Fighting cats!!!
Quote: "REARRR!!!!!!!!" - Spooker at 8am this morning
Song of the day: Pieces - Hoobastank
Cool Mac Moment: Making my monthly pilgramage to the apple store...goddamn that place is awesome. I could go on and on about it......but ill spare you all the boredom of my geekiness....ill go with the fact i got an airport card successfully installed in my trusty powerbook...yay!

Thursday, February 13, 2003 close....i can feel it.

I know, i know, i know, i know...i didnt post yesterday. Yesterday was too crazy for words anyways. Came home at night, did my work, watched west wing and law and order then fell asleep. Im getting like an old man. But at least west wing and law and order were both very good.

Too much work, not enough time. I know what you mean eric, i know my blog entries seem real whiny and boring, but so am i at this point. Work is getting more and more stressfull, school is getting more and more stressfull, 3 exams in the next week. That should be real fun. At least tomorrow i get to spend the majorty of the day at ITS. Maybe its because im the low man on the totem pole there, maybe its because i get to do some different things and i excel at what i do, maybe its because i actually feel appreciated, but i have to tell you guys, i love working over there. Kirkum hooked me up to play with the new 12 inch powerbook from Apple. What a sleek little notebook computer. It is very light, has a nice aluminum case....sheesh. I wish i would have waited to get my powerbook...but every computer buyer has said that before.

Well, i wont bore you with anymore bitching. Im going to go get more work done then hit the sack.

Nite all.

Positive: Command and Conquer : Generals
Negative: Stress
Quote: "Brian and I already had our private conversation...uh, i mean..." - Rosie @ ITS
Song of the day: O.A.R - Delicate Few
Cool Mac Moment: Playing with the new 12" powerbook, what a sleek little thing

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

"Sometimes i feel like im faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggg...fall....back....again..." - DMB


That was the sound of my dead body hitting the desk. These 12 hour days kill me. 8am to 8pm straight, wow. If i could travel back in time back to my first semester as a freshman, sit myself down and tell young me what ive been through at college, i dont think young me would believe old me. I dont even believe what ive done and gone through in my time here. Some days it seems ive been here such a short time, other times i feel like the old man wags that people call me. If i could take young me around with me for a day, i bet id scare young me to death. Saying, know what young wags? When you are a senior, are 21 and think all you are gonna do is take easy major classes and go to the bars, you will actually be working 40 hours a week, class 20, be in a fraternity and a professional organization. You will try to excel at everything, instead pretty much fail at everything and wear yourself into a smoldering heap of human matter everyday. After that, you will go to bed, wake up and think you can change the world. Oh well..i guess its more or less the attitude that keeps me goin.

As you may or may not have seen, i now have redirected this page to Maybe itll get some more views...maybe not. Dont worry, kids, the movie is still in development, just slowing down cause of how busy i am...

Cheap plug here... Thats the blog for the smartest person i know, E.schrades. Eric is not only a great co-worker and employee but also a great friend. Hes got lots of good sense in his head and im gonna miss him once he graduates. Head over and check out his blog....well...after reading the rest of READING....CMON.

Well, for those of you who didnt abandon me to the man who has sweet belt buckles, what a day its been. What a long morning of meetings. 8am - 11:30am straight. Some meetings that went ok, some that went just god-awful-piss-poor. But, youll have that in management. I just feel like im treading water and im barely able to keep my head above water at RCC. No matter how hard i work, it just seems that i got more and more things working against me. I try to be as dedicated as i can be to a job, but man, after days like sure is hard. Oh well. Like i said, it comes with the territory i think.

More class with kolla. Nothing can add to frustration like class with kolla. The guy means well, i just have a hard time understanding what he says sometimes. Deciphering what he says and writes is just hard. Takes a 1.5 hour lecture and draws it out. Plus finding out that i have to get all my makeup work for my class i missed done by march first. yes, as in alittle over 2 weeks away. Its a good thing i found out..............TODAY. Ugh. Add another thing on my pile of shit i have to do that i HAVE NO FRIGGING TIME TO DO IT.

Work this afternoon went well, was very productive and i got alot done. Its amazing what a bad mood can do to my motivation. Sometimes it kicks me into high gear, sometimes i dont want to do anything. This afternoon, i had some good meetings and some good brainstorming. Plus i got to meet with the staff who will be trying out a new job, and they seem to be fairly excited about it. Almost as excited as i am about this whole thing. Lets hope it goes well. Everything starts a week from today with it, i think it will definately be a new change.

Home tonite at 8, had some dinner, first real meal of the day. New 24 tonite and damn was it good. Now im sitting here debating if i should do any work or if i should cut my losses and go to bed. I got toad sleeping on my chest( ), got some DMB on....hmmm...choices choices choices.

Let me know if you are reading this and like it. I know of a few people who read it, and its kind of theraputic for me to get it out, but i wonder if any of you are reading this and actually enjoy reading it. IM me @ waggoner98 and let me know.

Have a good nite, blog readers, till tomorrow....
Positive: 24. Best Show Ever.
Negative: Getting yelled at.
Quote: "I think it looks kind of like a vegetable" - Phil talking about Dr. kollas handwriting of an R.
Song of the day: DMB - #41
Cool Mac Moment: Keynote - kicking ass on another presentation...

Monday, February 10, 2003

Ahhh.....Monday. Aint no day like monday. Except the worst day of the week.

Ehhhh, at any rate, here i am. I had a pretty interesting day, Ill give yall the rundown of it. Started this morning, waking up at 7, which should have been earlier so i could hit the rec before my 8am class, but whatever. I laid in bed untill like 710 debating getting up or staying home so i could register for fall classes and get those in right at 8. I then looked out the window to see that it was snowing like a bitch. So what did i decide? Those of you keeping score at home with the "Life of Brian Waggoner Game:Home Edition" can chalk up some points for me, i still trudged to that damn 8am Management 300 class. I got there late thanks to some asshole in front of me who got in an an accident in which i had to wait to get around, but still got there in time just to have 2 minutes to do the damn pop quiz. Then, in going over the quiz, i almost saw mike and my professor get in a boxing match, it was pretty good. (Hey mike, standard deviation = sigma ;-) ) Then off to my long day of ECT classes...

(I hauled ass to get to the tech building and register for the classes i need to graduate. Did I get them all? DOES A FLYING MONKEY HAVE WINGS? In all the classes i need to graduate, just waiting on my other independant study to go through so i can get that damn instrumentation class out of the way....

First ECT 4whatever (i dont remember even the course numbers im in cause i have 5 damn ECT classes) lab. Not too hard messing with some microprocessors and coding them to flash dirty words in the 7 segment display, hehehe. After that and while waiting for ECT 4somethingelse to start, mike happened to roll over a floor electrical outlet and creat the biggest electrical explosion ive seein in the longest time. Honest to god, the blue flame that shot out of the outlet had to have been around 8 inches in length. Singed mikes leg, made a huge scorch mark on the ground and scared the shit out of both of us. After we made sure that we didnt kill anyone or any electronics, i heard the funniest thing that has come out of my advisor/professor/ECT dept head Dr. Border ever, which is the quote of the day down below. After another 400 level ECT class, its off to work at ITS.

Goddamn i love this job. Name another job that will let me work with macs whenever i want and troubleshoot them. I love working with macs so much better then PC's, its sick. After doing some tickets and going back to my favorite area, academic enhancement(since they love me so much over there) i went back to TSC at hayes hall. While working on some OS X training for the Tech support staff, a cute girl came in with a problem with her iBook. Of course, they ask me to be the hero and save her data. Not only do that, but i load os X on there for her, set it up, do software update and all other sorts of goodies for her. I end up staying late to help her, then off to ECT 4something else to watch mike swear at another lab we have to do. Thennnnnnnnnnn home.

So now im here, after a damn long day looking at a stack of work taller then a midget and having no drive to do it. What killed my drive to do it tonight? Funny you should ask...

There are days where some things happen where you say, damn..i guess i didnt expect it, but i kinda did. Then there are days where you go...hmmm, well that makes no sense, but ok. Then there are days where one thing happens that makes you say.... What the f&*$. Someone, who will remain nameless IMed me out of the blue tonight. Someone who had a huge impact on my life, and someone who has hurt me a great deal. No matter how much time has gone by, there are still DAMN strong emotions. Good emotions and bad emotions. Wanting to reconcile and start talking after nearly a year of, im not sure what to think. The only thing i can use to explain is a song like usual.

Once upon a time I was of the mind
To lay your burdon down
And leave you where you stood
And you believed i could
Youd seen it done before
I could read your thoughts
Tell you what you saw
And never say a word
Now all that is gone
Over with and done - never to return

I can tell you why
People die alone
I can tell you a shadow on the sun

Staring at the loss
Looking for a cause
And never really sure
Nothing but a hole
To live without a soul
And nothing to be learned

I can tell you why
People go insane
I can show you how
You could do the same
I can tell you why
The end will never come
I can tell you Im
A shadow on the sun

Shapes of every size
Move behind my eyes
Doors inside my head
Bolted from within
Every drop of flame
Lights a candle in
Memory of the one
Who lives inside my skin

Audioslave - Shadow on the Sun

Thats all for now, blog readers. Till tomorrow.

Positive: Scheduling for summer classes, getting all of them I need
Negative: Ghosts from the past
Quote: "I hate electricity" - Dr. Border, Head of the Electronics and Computer Technology Department
Song of the day: Audioslave - Shadow on the Sun
Cool Mac Moment: OS 10 installing so easily on an iBook that is 9 years older then god himself.

Sunday, February 09, 2003

Howdy loyal readers...

Yah, so i know i "technically" went a day without posting...but its the weekend, so sue me.

No, dont really, i dont have the money for court costs, and knowing the lawsuits ive seen lately, it might happen. Who knows?

Like i said in my short and sweet one last night, i had an awesome time hangin at Kamis while mike bartended. Hes really awesome at what he does, and i know what im going to be doing now when im in town on friday nights. Lots of pretty ladies there too. Too bad i get real quiet when im at a bar, why? who knows...and more importantly...who cares?

Today was kind of a bust, after getting alittle tipsy last night, i slept till about 12. I got up and did alittle work for RCC untill sloka and i went to barnes and noble and best buy. Got a new Bluetooth mouse for my pc that ive been wrestling to work right since i first set it up, but hopefully itll work right now. Who knows, nothing computer related ever does work right...except for my mac. *pause for dramatic emphasis*. If this works as well as it should, i might get the bluetooth keyboard they have too since i think this one is about to take a dive. Ive had this one for YEARS and its been beat to hell with all the computer garbage i do. Who knows?

Got VERY little done for work today, way to go wags, i know...hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for that. Went to a party at a hotel room tonight with Cari, Max, Gehlan and Elo...kind of wierd, very boring but still good to get out nonetheless. Michelob Ultra...let me tell you about this. Not only is this beer good because it only has 2.6 net carbs per bottle(which is good for someone on the atkins diet like myself) but it is also the best tasting beer ive ever had. Those 2 mixed together = something very good...or very bad depending on how you look at it. Plus, its under 5$ for a 6er. How can you beat that? Who knows?

I got some new CD's today too...hopefully i can listen to them tomorrow while i work. Audioslave, Rage against the machine, the two towers soundtrack and the new santana album. Some good stuff on there, ones ive wanted for a while, just didnt buy em cause im a weenie. Ive had them in my amazon wish list for a while, but like ive been saying......Who knows?

Well, off to some major work to get done tomorrow. Hope all you blog readers have a good day as well, and ill be back to post tomorrow...but then again....who knows?

Positive: Better bluetooth acceptance from technology companies
Negative: Microsoft making something really easy....fiendishly difficult....
Quote: "So, what this kid wants to know is....which one of you ladies is single in this joint?" - Gehlan Blank, talking about me...
Song of the day: Audioslave - Cochise
Cool Mac Moment: Watching OS X try so hard to recognize this microsoft bluetooth mouse(unlike XP which needs drivers and other software)..but asking for a hardware code which of course, MS didnt supply....grrrrrrr

Friday, February 07, 2003


This is gonna be short and sweet....

Had an awesome time tonight at kamis, watching mike work his magic as a bartender, being hooked up with free drinks...and now being slightly lit, i think im gonna head off.

I got a ton of work to do tomorrow, so ill put in a better log then...hope you all are doin well...

Thanks mike for hookin me up tonite!!!!

Nite all, tty tomorrow!

Thursday, February 06, 2003

Oh, one more quick thing...


Who are you? I see you checking my profile out...but i dont know you...send me an IM!

Well well well....bloggin away as per usual....

Well...another exciting day. Thursdays are always bundles of fun with 2 classes with Dr. Kolla. Those of you non-ECT folks just dont understand how much fun that is;) I got to see Mike get pretty whacky today, which is something new. Note to self...before i leave BG, I have to spend time with mike when hes hammered, if hes anywhere close to what he was like today all slaphappy, it will be definately a sight to be seen...

I like the new niche im fitting into at ITS. Nothing like only having to work on Macs all day and being the hero for people who have problems with theirs. Something about the difference between Mac users and PC users. Im not saying all PC users suck, im just saying that a majority of mac users are alot more pleasant and are willing to work through problems rather then scream and shout and demand you do everything they want. Besides the fact that Apple hardware and software are less prone to problems, its just a joy to work on that stuff. I actually hope to find problems i dont know answers to so i learn more. As geeky as that sounds, i love having a passion. Which brings me to a new ramble point.

I gotta tell ye blog readers, something that bugs the hell out of me is people with no drive. People who are too wrapped up in themselves and have no ambition or fire about anything. I dont care if your drive is basketweaving, but people who just sit around, dont do anything, dont work hard, just BS around, act like they know stuff when they, just gets under my skin. I am meeting more and more people like that, and when i see them get chances and succeeding while riding coattails or bullshitting, it makes me really evaluate myself and how i try to be true to myself and others, and how far thats gotten me. Ugh.

Computer job fair tonight. Those of you who were there to hire full time employees please raise your hands?


*chirp chirp*

Yah. Thats what i thought. Thanks, nice to know the economy is strong, jobs are plentiful and IT is thriving. Wow, sarcasm.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for RCC. Im actually pretty excited. Those of you who arent AC's will find out soon what im talking about. Hopefully you will be as excited as i am about this whole thing. Its going to definately revolutionize how RCC works not only this year but next year.

Random side is it someone can come rolling in and out of your life, totally change how you feel, how you operate, how you see the future, but then can roll out just as fast. There is someone who is like that in my life, and its so hard to see it happen, but its so good when they are around. Ugh. After so many failed relationships, its so nice to see someone that sparks me like that, but so hard that its like a magnet. Get so close, then suddenly for no reason it pushes away so hard. Too bad all you have to do is flip one magnet around to make them come together. To bad i dont know which magnet to turn around.

Oh well, enough inane babbling from me for one night. Off to prep for my senior staff meeting tomorrow morning at 8am. Have a good day yall, and ill see you tomorrow night.

Positive: Seeing her again...
Negative: The Economy
Quote: "It's not the meaning of life, it's the feeling of life..." - Down to You
Song of the day: Power of Love - Huey Lewis
Cool Mac Moment: OS X being able to naitivly install files rather then needing uncompressing programs like in 9....or like winzip in windows ;)

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Day 2 of the blog...lets see how long i can keep this daily entry stuff up, eh?

Ive heard from a few people that they are reading this and dig it shall continue...

What a long day AGAIN, but its worth it, i guess. Lots of classes and work today, and some shitty situations at work. I wish everything could work out for the best, but i guess thats why they have managers. Someone has to deal with the hard and shitty situations. Although, there is some really cool stuff happening at work that im really proud to be a part of. Im actually updating this today when i should be working on a presentation for my friday staff meeting on the new changes, but i digress.

Making some new friends lately that i would have never expected to be as cool as they are. Some people ive known for a while, some brand new. Makes knowing that im going to leave here in a few months all the harder. Then again, i feel like some friends are slipping away. Im not one to talk about this stuff, but ive realized how you may not really know people. Ive had alot of time to myself to think about this, especially after my last relationship battle...i guess im learning how people can really touch you, but can also really hurt you. It sucks that there is someone out there that you really care think they know..but may not feel the same way, or care that you do.

Worked with my advisor/department head/professor for 3 of my 6 classes. Im about 3 hurdles from the only thing holding me back from graduating in august is my own academic performance. I cant even begin to tell you how exciting this is for me. Its not that i want to leave bowling green, who knows, if ITS offers me a job i may not(wink wink, you out there Chad?) i may still be around working full time. I just am getting so tired of school, school work, school bullshit, you all know the drill. I have no drive to do homework or any work outside of going to class. Sure, maybe the 20 hours are getting to me on top of the 40 hours of work, but still....more and more tedious bullshit. Eh, too much whining on wag's part.

In super awesome news, sloka and i are going to see "An Acoustic Evening with Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds" in march. We are both so stoked to go. This being my 10th DMB related concert ever, im sure its going to be incredible...yah sloka...chicken?

Im adding a new part to my closing section, called Cool Mac Moment. Hopefully those other mac evangelists or people looking to know whats cool about them will see it and be able to check it out.

Well, back to the project. Have a good day, and i hope to see you all back here tomorrow.

Positive: Going to see Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds Acoustic with Sloka
Negative: and work.....
Quote: "Imagine setting the spectrum anylizer on this signal like targeting saddam hussein with a sniper rifle....wait, thats not a PC analogy...well who cares?" - Dr. Border
Song of the day: Coldplay - Yellow
Cool Mac Moment: Keynote is the coolest presentation app ever. Hopefully those who see my presentations will think so...

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Well, here it is. In talking to good ole Eric Shraedes today, he convinced me to start one of these wild weblogs. My main concern is...who would want to read this crap, but i guess im going to have to hear from you all as to if you like reading about it or not.

Another long day today, for those of you following Wag's schedule. Meetings from 8am to 1130am, class from 1130-4pm, more work and meetings from 4-6pm, then ISA chapter(finally a frigging night when i can attend) from 6-8. I know i know...i am subjecting myself to all of this work and school, but i figure if i bust my ass SHOULD pay off in the long run. Long run which graced my presence in the form of a phone call yesterday...

For those of you that DONT a total computer geek. However i'm a group of elite computer geeks, AKA Mac evangelists. Not mac users, mind you, but evangelists. Someone who makes his Mac a part of his life. Needless to say, working for apple would be and is my dream job. I dont care what i do for them, i could be cleaning latrines in their uber secret underground laboratory(i know there is one...i know it, dammit) and i would be content. Needless to say, something big happened. Finding out i will in fact graduate this august spurred me on a major application of job frenzy this weekend and i applied for 22, yes 22 jobs with apple on Jobs i feel i am qualified for and would excel at. Namely system admin, tech jobs, mac genious(not as concieded as youd think). Well...the gods of careers smiled on me, and a recruiter called to interview me yesterday.

I went through 2 batterys of personality interviews. The first one was kind of a walkthrough of my resume, then more of a situational customer service interview. After that i had an hour of technical testing. One hour of the most difficult computer questions ive ever been asked. Out of 150 of them, i got only 10 wrong. Go wags, i know. So after that, she offered to fly me out to New York(long island to be exact) to interview in person. It was at that point when i turned down my dream job.

Thats right sports fans, i turned it down.

The thing was yah, its everything i want to do with my life, yah its a job starting at 45k a year...but they wanted me to start right away. As in bail out of school, dont graduate and go work for apple. Thinking in the long run, i decided that wouldnt be the best decision. That was easily the hardest thing ive ever had to do. Turn down the job ive wanted ever since i was a kid.

Well, heres to graduating and having more oppertunities at apple computer, i know ill make it there...i have to make it there.

Positive: Getting interviewed by apple
Negative: Having to turn down my dream job
Quote: "We at apple would love to fly you out to new york on us to interview you for this position" - Apple recruiter
Song of the day: Counting Crows - Holiday in Spain