Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hitler Reacts to Abrams Trek.

I wheezed.


Good: Comcast has an HD version of one of my favorite movies, "A Few Good Men" up on demand for free.
Bad: Full Dolby Digital reminds me how god awful the score was for this movie. Would it have been that hard to get some generic orchestral score instead of some idiot with a synt(mark shaiman)?

HD Version looks amazing though.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Auto Tune The News

Im dying here.


4 People in 2 Hours

Interview on thurs went well. "Final" interview. I love terms like that. I treat every interview like its a final interview. Whats the point if you dont?

Interviewed with 4 different people in a 2 hr span. Talk about rough. Having to be on your toes with that many people in such a short time wears the brain out. Especially talking about work i havent necissarily done since the end of 2008. I really hope when i do go back to work, im not rediculously rusty.

Things are looking good for this one, though. Its up in deerfield, about 40 min north with no traffic. Traffic on 294 could be brutal during rushour. I guess ill have to wait and see. If it ends up happening, i guess i might be up for a move up north in the future. Kinda dont want to do that, i like being close to my folks and living where i grew up. Im torn about it.

Full week without WoW. Goin strong. I dont really miss the game all that much, and to be brutally honest, MOST of the people. Its rough dealing with the boredom of pulling something out of your life that you spent a good 40 hours a week doing on top of your life. Big open hole. Im managing. Thank god the weather is getting nicer.

Fun time on twitter today discussing the mental/psychic powers of waterfowl. Interested? Follow me on twitter.

Thats about it for today. I think Tim and i might go kill some zombies in Left 4 Dead.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Trek Excitement.

New Star Trek Movie comes out officially on May 8th. However....being a total Star Trek fan, I've managed to score a few awesome things.

1. 7pm VIP Tickets for my parents and me on May 8th at Muvico in Rosemont. Going to be an a-freaking-mazing way to see it.
2. If that wasnt awesome enough, I managed to get 2 tickets to an invite only screening done by Aint It Cool News downtown chicago on thursday the 30th of april. 250 seats and i managed to score an invite for both me and my dad. Had to write an email to them explaining why i deserved to see Trek before anyone else. Wrote a nice email about how my dad really deserved to see it more than me since he did all the hard work of raising me but used Trek to teach me lots of good lessons on respect, morality and responsibility.
3. Yes. I got the playmates toy of the new enterprise. However, this is the best reason why.

Raising a new generation of trek fans is my new mission in life. GO GO Little Captain Emmy. When she said that the ship was her "FAYYYVORITE" i about exploded.

Cant wait for 4/30. Going to be an awesome night.


Its been close to 4 months since my last post. Thats gotta be a new record for me. I like to use this to post funny things, cute pictures, frustrations, etc....but its been a pretty rocky 4 months. So that being that, i decided for my own sanity and those of people who may read these things to let the blog simmer for a bit.

A lot of people say writing is good to get stuff off your chest. That may be true, but the last thing i wanted to do was really talk about what was going on, let alone write about it. I’ve had my outlets, mainly my family and a few close friends.

All that being said, im not sure how to kick off the “relaunch” of the blog. Rather than get into some real self-preachy discussion of the past 4 months of my life, ill dial it down to a bullet list.

- Yes. Laid off at work. No, dont want to blog about it.
- Job market is bad. Unemployment is high. Sucks for job seekers. Great for employers.
- Seems the glut of hiring done since SOX for IT Audit is starting to balance out. IT Audit is the first area tons of public companies and public accounting firms are slashing.
- Recruiters are telling me that top public acctg firms have slashed their IT Audit teams by ~10% or more. Yikes.
- Had a good christmas/new years despite all that.
- Played alot of World of Warcraft. Subsequently quit WoW for good.
- Have started using twitter. Hopelessly addicted.
- Springtime is here, although the temperature hasnt really showed it yet.
- Nieces are growing up fast. So cute!

Thats about it. Trying to keep my head up and plugging on. Its been the wierdest 4 months of my life so far. Hopefully ill have some more insightful things to post here. Its about time to get back to writing...even if noone is reading. For more regular updates, I would suggest checking me out on Twitter. Theres even an RSS feed for you tech junkies. I post alot of pictures, thoughts, etc there.

Talk soon.