Sunday, March 02, 2003

mmmmmmmmmmm....blogger goodness.

What a weekend, i know i havent updated in a few days. I...i...I KNOW....JESUS CHRIST ON A CRACKER, I KNOW I HAVENT UPDATED, RED!! CHILL OUT!!

Saturday i spent the afternoon with sloka at the office. We messed around with the database, he got alot of work done, i played around with my mac, getting it to do tons and tons of badass stuff. Man i love that machine. I love it enough....i bought one of my own on ebay. I know i sold my windoze server, but i got a killer deal on this thing, and i need to learn more stuff with desktop macs. Im free to modify it more then my laptop and do more things to the hardware. One thing i learned with my interview with apple is that i dont know as much as i think i do about apple hardware. Soooooooo, i guess im gonna learn now, i got a barebones system coming to my house care of the mail soon...yippie! Who knows, things go well enough...i might use it as my primary machine :-D

That night, went over to slokas and had a hell of a good time with red, sloka(duh) and katie, a new girl i met that a.) Loves Macs, b)Is into john mayer and c.) weblogs. I put her on my link list on the side. How cool is she! We drank, shot the shit, made asses of know, same old same old. Id say more, but i think this picture will do it more justice then i would.

Priceless red, priceless.

Today i slept(THANK GOD) then went into work for some meetings and to do some other payroll garbage. Like i said, nothing real exciting. Called my sister since she was having a birthday party for her 2 cats who are from the same litter today. Should have been a good time, wish i could have been there. Oh well... Tonite i spent some time with overla doing our ECT midterm takehome, rocked through it, since more then likely, it will be our only grade in the class....goddamn i love dr. border.

Well kidz, off to bed soon...long day tomorrow.

Positive: New G4 desktop COMING TO MY HOUSE!
Negative: No more weekend :(
Quote: "Damn I'm a horrible person" - Red
Song of the day: John Mayer - Somethings Missing
Cool Mac Moment: Everythings Easier on a mac...i wanna make my own switch commercial....

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