Monday, December 15, 2003

Climbing up on solsbury hill
I could see the city light
Wind was blowing, time stood still
Eagle flew out of the night

He was something to observe
Came in close, I heard a voice
Standing stretching every nerve
I had to listen had no choice

I did not believe the information
Just had to trust imagination
My heart was going boom boom, boom
Son, he said, grab your things, I’ve come to take you home.

To keeping silence I resigned
My friends would think I was a nut
Turning water into wine
Open doors would soon be shut

So I went from day to day
Tho’ my life was in a rut
’till I thought of what I’d say
Which connection I should cut

I was feeling part of the scenery
I walked right out of the machinery
My heart was going boom boom boom
Hey, he said, grab your things, I’ve come to take you home.
Yeah back home

When illusion spin her net
I’m never where I want to be
And liberty she pirouette
When I think that I am free

Watched by empty silhouettes
Who close their eyes, but still can see
No one taught them etiquette
I will show another me

Today I don’t need a replacement
I’ll tell them what the smile on my face meant
My heart was going boom boom boom
Hey, I said, you can keep my things, they’ve come to take me home.

Sunday, November 23, 2003

An hour before game time, fertel gets his picks in.

He picks...


Well see...

Saturday, November 22, 2003


So i was 10-6 last week, not too bad, if i do say so myself. However this week, Fertel and i are going head to head on the picks. Here are mine.

Panthers Vs Cowboys - Will be tough. Im going to give the edge to the panthers, having played better teams so far. While i want parcells to win, i think the cowboys have been too lucky this season. If they win, they will be for real, otherwise, i think its been luck

Lions Vs Vikings - look for the vikings to spring back this week.

Colts vs Bills - Colts to win

Jaguars vs. Jets - hard to say, would like to see leftwich do well, but the battle of marshall QBs will prolly end in a jets win.

Pats vs Texans - battle of red white and blue. Goes to Patriots.

Eagles Vs Saints - Eagles on a row. Mcnabb is back.

Browns vs Steelers - while i hate to say it, its going to be the browns. Steelers need to kill this slump. How great would it be to do it against the browns?

Seahawks vs Ravens - good matchup. Good seattle offense vs good ravens defense. i think the defense will be too good for seattle and hold them to a loss.

49ers vs Packers - battle of lost potiential. Green bay should win if they keep themselves together.

Bears vs Broncos - Broncos. *tear*

Rams vs Cards - Rams. Hands Down.

Raiders vs Chiefs - id say chiefs hands down, but the bengals rocked em last week. The raiders are still a shadow of their former selves, and chiefs will bounce back to win this one.

Bengals Vs Chargers - bengals. Will win their division too.

Titans Vs Falcons - Titans. Go mcnair

Skins vs Dolphins - Dolphins to get some momentum now.

Giants Vs Bucs - I cant believe the bucs now. What they did to keyshaun is so stupid. Barber boys will play well, but bucs will win.

There ya go, have a good sunday NFL day!

Saturday, November 15, 2003


Ill make this short and sweet.

Browns over Cardinals - Browns need to rebound after last week. Cards dont pose much of a threat for browns.
Saints over Falcons - Vick is back in practice. Ok, but that wont save a team with 2 wins.
Ravens over Dolphins - Ricky vs Jamal, will be battle of the run defense. Ray lewis at the helm, Ravens have the lead on this one.
Bills over Texans - Bills can rebound from last week. Will be a pretty ugly game.
Titans over Jaguars - Titans are on a roll, keep it comin. Id love to see leftwich do well, though...
Chiefs over Bengals - COME ON. If you are the chad johnson going against a 9-0 team, dont guarantee a win. Jeez
Eagles over Giants - Eagles are back on track. No shockey? Who cares.
Rams over Bears(i know, i know...) - Rams are too good. Bears are too bad. I still love my bears, though.
Panthers over Skins - Most people didnt know carolina had a football team, let alone a winning team.
Colts over Jets - Peyton will bring it home with all the tools at his disposal. No repeat of the 41-0 loss in the playoffs last year.
Broncos over Chargers - Last week was a fluke for flutie. Broncos will win. PLUMMER IS BACK!
Seahawks over Lions - Hawks at home. Hawks win.
Packers over Buccaneers - Bucks aint what they used to be. Only thing they might have are GB turnovers, but the GB offence is in sync.
Vikings over Raiders - Vikings will be focused and ready to spring back after their 4 game losing streak.
Cowbows over Patriots - Low scoring defensive game. Parcells will do it. Hes incredible.

Monday -
Steelers over 49ers - Steelers are back on a roll...cmon pitt!

6-7 In picks last week, lets see how i do this week! Tell me what you think in the chatterbox!

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Hello again!

Again, sorry for the posting delay, but this has been an extrordinarily busy week. Calc exam, preparation for the job interview im going on for today and tomorrow...its been tough. However, i wanted to give the recap on the NFL picks i did as well as the Bears v. Lions game i attended.

Cardinals V. Steelers
I actually picked well for this game. I knew the steelers had it in them to come back and get a win. Lets hope they can keep it up for the rest of the season.

Falcons vs. Giants
Alright, my bad here. Who would have thought the Falcons could win this game. Good for them, but also good that vick started practicing again yesterday!

Browns vs. Chiefs
I figured it would be a shut out, i was wrong. However, i knew the chiefs would go 9-0. My boss picked the Browns. I dont get him sometimes.

Texans vs. Bengals
Right again. Kinda wish i could have seen the game though.

Colts vs. Jags
Uh. jaguars beat Colts? Noone saw that coming

Dolphins vs. Titans
Tennesee shut out the Dolphins. Right. What a week for upsets. Good god, though. Steve McNair is a god. Another wrong pick for me

Seahawks vs. Redskins
Another bad pick. I didnt see spurrier as having that good of a team. BUT, Hawks suck on the road. Should have seen that.

Bucs vs. Panthers
Well, the bucs didnt win this. So they dont deserve to go to the playoffs. What an upset.

Vikings vs. Chargers
AGAIN with the upset. I cant believe that the CHARGERS, the team the bears blasted last week beat the vikings. Wow.

Bills vs. Cowboys
Atta boy parcells and crew. Way to keep bledsoe in check. Dallas at 7-2. Wow.

Jets vs. Raiders
Picked a winner in an OT terrible game here. Go raiders. Go HOME.

Ravens vs. Rams
Rams win. Now, on like 100 yds of offense? What a game of turnovers. man.

Bears v Lions.
Anyone who saw this game knows what im going to say. Lions win by a joke field goal with 30 seconds left in the game. Terrible. Nice stadium, nice fans. Thats all im gonna say.

So i was 6-7. not bad with all the crazy upsets this week. Ill try to do another pick set this week.

Other than that, im heading to south bend for 2 days for an onsite interview with Crowe Chizek. They are an accounting/consulting firm that are interviewing me to work in thier IT Risk Management department. Gonna be a very very cool thing if it would work.

Ill be sure to keep you all posted here on my job status if it changes this weekend!

Saturday, November 08, 2003


As most of you know, im a huge NFL junkie. So i thought id put that to good use, and take the weekend to make my predictions for sundays games. Here are my picks to win sundays NFL games.

Cardinals V. Steelers
I think im going to have to go with the steelers on this one. I know they havent really been playing that well this year, but they do have alot of potential. All Arizona has is....a has been running back and a bunch of other mediocre players. Plus, being at Heinz Field should give the steelers a slight boost coming into this game.

Falcons vs. Giants
No contest here. No Vick, no Falcons. Im not saying that Vick is the only thing that the falcons have, but without him, they havent been playing well all season. It may not be his athletic ability but his leadership this team has been lacking since the preseason. The giants arent knocking my socks off, but Kerry Collins and Jeremy Shockey are a pair that are hard to beat.

Browns vs. Chiefs
Sorry browns fans, you arent gonna be enough to hand the only unbeaten team left in the league their first loss. Sorry, just not gonna happen. Ill eat my words if it does, but it doesnt look likely.

Texans vs. Bengals
This could be one of the more interesting games. Marvin Lewis has done some good things to the bengals, but the texans are about at the same point. They need something big to happen to rally the team so that they can play better. I wish i could catch this game, it seems like it could be a matchup, but i think im gonna give the bengals the small edge on this one.

Colts vs. Jags
Colts. Playing so well this year, they really are coming together as a team. Jags got ALOT of work to do.

Dolphins vs. Titans
Dolphins need a win here and i think they are gonna get one. They play well, but i think there is too much crap off the field with these 2 teams. Plus, they rely on ricky williams too much to run the ball for them while not spreading it around the field. However, the titans arent much. But lets hope mcnair has a good game for all you fantasy players out there.

Seahawks vs. Redskins
Hawks. Playing REAL well this year, not stellar, but enough to get them to the postseason i think. Redskins arent terrible, but arent great. I dont see them really shining this year. I dont know if spurrier is still adjusting to coaching in the NFL or what, but something isnt gelling with that team.

Bucs vs. Panthers
If the bucs dont win this, they dont deserve to go to the playoffs. Thats all im saying on this game.

Vikings vs. Chargers
See above post for thoughts on what the Vikings need to do.

Bills vs. Cowboys
Cowboys. Parcells is a god among men. I odnt know how he does this with teams, but man the cowboys look good. Maybe the bears should hire him, lol. nah, but seriously, this Dallas team looks great this year for such a turnaround. I hope they do well, i really do.

Jets vs. Raiders
Battle of the dissapointing teams this year. Ill go with the jets just because of all the drama in oakland with woodson talking about all the problems and team infighting. Raiders. Wow. Werent you in the super bowl last year? Fooled me.

Ravens vs. Rams
2 of the top teams in the league. It will be interesting to see if the rams can keep up their streak or if they are just lucky so far. I think im going to pick the rams on this one, because they are an all around good team. Id love to see the ravens do well since they have potential, but it will have to be seen.

Ill leave the monday night game untill sunday night. However, the game of the week for me?

Yes, folks. The bears could hit a 3 game winning streak. Lets hope they turn it around. Away from home and in detroit, this could be interesting. They played the lions 2 weeks ago and beat them, so this could be an easy game for them. What will make it better?


Expect a full recap of the events when i get back!


Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Christ, sloka has posted more than i have lately....

Stupid 40 hours of work a week...stupid full class load....stupid trying to graduate in december...stupid trying to find a job....stupid.....a;lsdkhfla..

Its been really stressfull lately, and i havent had a chance to update. No, scratch that, ive had the time, but ive spent it trying to regain my sanity. Every day for me is at least 11 hours long with no break(11am to 10pm) and when i get home, the last thing i want to do is recap all the shit i did that day.

As my time at BG is winding down, ive been focusing on my future, trying to figure out what the right thing to do is. Career, personal life, etc. I guess i just dont know. Too many uncertainties. I am very happy though that i have been out on my own, having to pay my own bills, live on my own, take care of myself, etc so i have that level of maturity. I know alot of people who dont have that sort of mental attitude, and real life is gonna be a big shock when it hits them.

Big thing on my plate right now? Interview with crowe chizek. Check them out at This could be a real good job, id be doing IT consulting, doing alot of travelling and alot of cool tech work. I want this job soooooo badly. I interviewed with them a few weeks ago, and almost immediately got offered an on site interview in their headquarters in south bend. Im going out the 13th of November(lucky 13) for 2 days, they are paying for me to travel and stay out there as well as interviews, meetings...and a 20 minute all or nothing interview with an "Executive". *holy nervous*

I think i should do ok. Ive had more job interviews in my life than almost any other college student i know. My resume rocks and i have GREAT interviewing skills. Is that cocky? Maybe, but its all i let me be.

New season of good, so good...

Other than that...same shit is on my mind...dont know what i should do with anything...anyone have any bright ideas? Let me know....

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Hes Alive!

Yes, I know again its been a long time since ive posted, but man my life has been busy lately. Working full time and being a full tiem student at the same time can be a real bear. Im so ready for that whole thing to be over with.

Got some job interviews as of late, things are looking good for a december graduation date. All i have to do is pass calc, and that could be a chore. However, my teacher said i can do it. So lets see what happens.

Some new cool things came out from apple. iTunes for windows came out today, so all you windoze users who said they wish they had itunes can now use it. Good for you step closer!

Have had alot of heavy stuff on my mind lately, havent talked to anyone about it, but its been that time of the year. Trying to figure out what i want to do with the rest of my life, where i want to start it, what i will and wont do or will or wont go, making sure im doing what i want to do rather than what someone else wants me to do or what someone else wants to do. Its hard. Trying to get started is hard enough, but making sure that start is the right one for the rest of your life is definately one of the hardest things to ever do.

Flag football tonite. Playin sig ep's C team. Should be a good game.

I read some good quotes in my cousins profile that bear posting.

People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.

Every person, all the events of your life are there because you have drawn them there.
What you choose to do with them is up to you.

Don't settle for the one you can live with, wait for the one you can't live without.

Thanks les.

Im audi.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Windows users may have to right click on the little red download arrow and save target as. Mac OS X users should see it download automatically, otherwise control + click and download link to disk.

Graphite File Sharing

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Well Hello There, My It's Been A Long, Long Time...

Yes, it has indeed been a long time. Alot has happened with me, but ive had very little time to blog. I know, extreme sadness.

Also in the category of extreme sadness, i had to deal with on of the hardest choices in my life lately. As many of you know, i interviewed for a full time position working for apple in cleveland. I got offered the job. Yay! Well, not so much. They offered to pay little more then what i make now as a student employee. That makes very little financial sense for me to leave school to work for apple when i wouldnt be making enough money out there to barely survive. So, i had to turn the job down. Honest to god one of the hardest things ive had to do in a while.

On the job front, a technology support specialist position has opened at ITS, the job ive wanted to apply to for a while now. I went overboard and got 4 letters of reccommendation inside ITS, sent in a resume, cover letter, and reference sheet. I REALLY hope i get this job. REALLY.....rea....really.

On the good side, though, our Intramural Flag Football team seems to be shaping up very nicely. We had our first scrimmage this past thursday. We have had a few actual practices before that, but never with the whole team there. We got there around 830, then found out that they moved it to the turf room of the field house. So cary(from work) and i both had to drive to our respective homes and get tennis shoes rather than the cleats we had on. We still get to the field house with time to spare, get warmed up, stretched, and took the field. We were playing some clowns that were really cocky. We took a quick lead, but they eventually matched it. We played really well but had alot of bad coverage and penalties which gave the other team prime scoring opportunities. We only lost by one touchdown, but we could have had that game if we were prepared. Oh well, at least it was a scrimmage, not a recorded loss.

We were about to leave, and they asked us if we wanted to stay, since the 10:00 slot only had one team. About 60% of the team stayed, which was still more then enough for us to play with. The team we played i i found out afterwards was a ranked team. We had alot of experience on both sides during the second game, and ended up winning. These guys werent some random jackasses, they were ripped big guys with some real athletes on their team. We ended up winning 14-12. It was insane. I got my first TD of the season there, nothing special, but it still got us the 2pt conversion we needed. Funny part was the first play of the game, they got a 5 yard penalty because their QB didnt have flags on. Which prompted me to ask the head can this be flag football if he doesnt have....flags. Cause then its He agreed and thought it was funny. All in all, this is going to be a good time. Look for us on the intramural fields thursday nights at 9. You all may ask, dont you work those nights? Yes, i do, but my boss let me take an hour off for these few weeks for "teambuilding" since most of the guys on our team are from ITS. w00t!

To keep tabs on the flag football stuff, check out this link below.

BGSU: Student Affairs: Intramural Sports: Flag Football Home Page

I also have the first highlight film up. Nothing real special, just some of the great plays of the first game. Thanks to Red for taping. Check it out on my download page off of Click on the GRAPHITE FILE SHARING link on the top and download the file.

Thursday was Katie and my 6 month anniversary, and since today is the only real time we have together, were going to actually go out on a date for it. Seeing as how its the 6 month milestone, i figured i should do some special things for her. Im sure shell say something about them. Its going to be good, kids, lol

Hope all is well with everyone. Please let me know you read this....i havent been posting much cause i dont see much in the chatterbox. If you read it, let me know by posting in the c-booooox!

Positive: Flag Football and 6 Months
Negative: Who says no to their dream job?
Quote: "I dont know how to uninstall windows 98 off of my computer. is there an uninstall button?" - Some guy who called the TSC
Song of the day: NFL on Fox Theme...hehehe
Cool Mac Moment: New 15" powerbooks are really slick. We also should be getting som g5's in to test at work!

Friday, September 19, 2003

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

My Mac Website

Many of you may not read this, however id love as many people as possible to check it out, and today is as good of a day as any with the new hardware announcements from Apple Expo Paris! Check it out below!

One Infinite Loop

Friday, September 12, 2003

Wow....RIP John Ritter

First Johnny Cash now this....sadness for a friday...

TV Star John Ritter Dies of Heart Problem (

Monday, September 08, 2003

Well, what a weekend...

Friday i worked 8-5. No calc since fridays are now optional. Thats good, i guess...but i feel kind of guilty not going, then again, what do i learn IN class? Not much.

Pretty busy at work, didnt even have a spare minute to check my email untill about 4:45, and when i did, i got the following email...

Hello, Brian!

I am emailing to let you know that we will be conducting interviews for the remaining FT and PT employment opportunities at the Legacy Village Apple Retail Store. If you think you would be interested in talking with the management team about these opportunities, please let me know and I will be happy to schedule a time for you to meet with them on September 15th, 16th or 17th.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Julie Thornton Allen
Apple Retail Recruiter another interview with apple. This could be good and bad, but well have to see. Im not sure what id do if i got offered a specialist or keyholder job, i guess i have to figure that out when/if i get offered. I was going to call her back today, but alas, she was out of the office. So exciting, but very very nervewracking.

After that, I picked up katie and met sloka and red at Hunan for some tasty chinese dinner. From there, katie, red, fyfe, al and i drove up to novi michigan to go get red a new mac! She got a real nice emac, good value and a nice printer. After that, i managed to prod the apple employee about what he thinks i should do about the jobs going on. He told me alot of things that are making me think i should really go for it. However, like i said, well have to see. We drove home, i set up reds computer, then came home to crash.

Saturday wasnt very exciting, i did some work around the house, took katie to get her car fixed, etc etc etc. That night, i had dinner at the Abells and many assorted friends of katies sister. Came home to do calc after that, but i failed miserabley...and got some sleep.

Sunday, up early to head off to Farm Aid in Columbus. We got to leave around 11, down in columbus around 1. Concert started at 2, heard a few iffy bands, but heard some real good ones like Brooks and Dunn, which i had never really heard before, and of course, Dave Matthews. Dave played some older stuff as well as some stuff from his upcoming solo album, which was exciting. All in all, we got out of there around 1230, and home around 230.

The Bears got destroyed yesterday...not even funny. Something has to happen there. You can bet ill be parked in front of ESPN on sunday at 8:30. I gotta see them play. LETS GO BEARS.

BGSU football made history on saturday, when BG beat purdue. This is gonna be a great season. Harris for heisman, indeed, fertel.

Well, i just had 3 classes, including my 6-9 marketing class. I got assigned to do a spoken report on an article next monday. Dammit...

Off to watch the rest of MNF. I cant choose who i like more, Tampa or Philly...choices choices choices.

Leave box love.

Positive: Good Weekend
Negative: Slightly Sunburnt
Quote: "I need to calm down" - Dave Matthews - Farm Aid 03
Song of the day: Dave Matthews - So Damn Lucky
Cool Mac Moment: New iPods and iMacs today. Powerbooks next week? Software releases too?


Thursday, September 04, 2003

Back again...

Looks like thursday may be the only day i can find some time to post during the week. The rest of the week i go from 11am-10pm with loads of calc to do later. Not so much fun. But i see the light at the end of the tunnel...the 3 month tunnel...

So, someone left me a very upset IM yesterday about what i had to say about RCC. Let me clarify some things. First off, im not at any rate minimizing the work that the students do at RCC. Working there for 4 full years and being a supervisor for 3 of those, i know exactly how hard the students work there. I have never seen an organization where students work as hard as RCC employees work (special cases notwithstanding) and get as little reward as they do there. I just think that there were some managerial hiccups that could have been avoided. I know how many viruses in res halls, because i was helping log all those with the security guys here and staying after to make sure that people could get the appropriate tools they needed as well. I was working 8-10 hours straight as well. Like i said, i worked over 55 hours that week, and worked 14 days straight with no break. This is the 5th straight "IROC" that ive seen. It was by far one of the roughest. All i was saying was that we had 2 weeks from the break of the virus untill when students started moving in. Something could have been done to prep for that. Something SHOULD have been done to anticipate that. Nothing the students should have to do, but a coordinated effort with ITS and RCC. Ended up that ITS had to pick up alot of res hall slack when we had many many things to tend to on the faculty network side as well. We adapted, mass made over 200 virus removal tool cd's, handed them out, made sure they were being shared as well as fixed machines with viruses in here that people would bring in. Was that our job? No, but we had to adapt to the situation. All i was trying to bring up was a factor of adaptation, pre-move in, not have to deal with it AS people were moving in. But i digress.

Its been a rough week with people this week. I get strange feelings from alot of people im close to and people i work with. I dont know if its the stress of the beginning of the year getting to me or what, but it just seems odd. I dont know how to describe it. Its hard because i rarely see anyone. I spend 11 hours a day straight on campus, then come home to do a boatload of calc then go to bed. Wake up at 930, go to work at 11 and it repeats itself. Who knows. I guess im just feeling detached from reality. Maybe im really looking forward to starting something new. New job, moving somewhere new, just getting a change. Im the kind of person who needs some kind of change every once in a while, and im to the point where i need some kind of change again. I dont know what, im sure ill know when i see it, but something has to change....

Job market is grim. I applied for 2 computer jobs at OSU, 3 jobs with Nextel in VA, some other random tech jobs here and there all around the midwest/east coast. I keep calling the lady at apple back, she doesnt return my calls, thats not a good sign. Who knows. Rumor has it a TSS job will be open here at ITS soon since the PC image guy left and moved to florida. But do i want to stay here in BG and work for ITS full time? I dont know. I dont know what to do. Im looking for what to do with the rest of my life, but its hard, because so much is in flux. *heavy sigh*

Mission for you blog readers. Think about where you were 2 years ago. 4 years ago. Think about how far youve come. Its kind of scary.

ITS intermural football league is starting soon. McComas, Me, Mike Good, Gebby, Cary and a bunch of guys from ITS and friends of ITSers are gonna rip up the rec league. Should be fun and interesting to see. Get my ass on that field. See whats gonna happen.

Well, leave some love in the box, kids. Watch out for dem hoes.

Positive: 2 Weeks down
Negative: 15+ to go
Quote: "Can i just tell her.."Sorry, no tools allowed on this team?" Can I?" - McComas
Song of the day: John Mayer - Homelife
Cool Mac Moment: New version of backup 2.0 is awesome. Finally i can backup to network drives! Wow, why does this excite me so much..i suck.
I know a girl
she puts the color inside of my world
but she's just like a maze
where all of the walls are continually changed
and I've done all I can to stand on the steps
with my heart in my hand
now I'm startin' to see
maybe it's got nothing to do with me

fathers be good to your daughters
daughters will love like you do
girls become lovers who turn into mothers
so mothers be good to your daughters too

oh you see that skin
it's the same she's been standin' in
since the day she saw him walkin' away
now she's left cleanin' up the mess he made


boys you can break
you find out how much they can take
boys will be strong, boys soldier on
but boys would be gone without warmth
from a woman's good, good heart

on behalf of every man, lookin' out for every girl
you are the guide and the weight of her world

so mothers be good to your daughters too
so mothers be good to your daughters too

- John Mayer "Daughters"

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Oh yes. Even in DOOR COUNTY, hoes are hard at work.

People are emailing me pictures of hoe stuff. How insane.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Here i am....taaadaaa...

Yeah, i know nothing really going on lately. Oh wait, not so much. Heres a bit of a recap.

Got declined from the apple job. Ok, shit happens, we move on. So, i had to go full tilt to get ready for the fall semester here at BGSU. While doing that, it was also virus hell week here at BGSU, so i was working some mad hours, during the day rather then my normal night time garbage, since there were no classes to support at night.

The week before classes started, including the saturday and sunday of move in, i worked over 55 hours. I know, it was sick, good thing that i get paid overtime. Do other ITS students get paid overtime? No. Why do i? Beats me. I dont know why they go the extra mile, or sometimes extra 194039472 miles for me to do things for them. Meh, dont fight it wags.

Its funny to see how RCC is viewed not only at ITS but in the rest of the university now that im outside the organization. I always knew that RCC and the whole organization was the butt of alot of jokes around campus, but jesus, this past week/weekend really showed me why. Yes, i used to be in charge of the computer labs there, and i also assisted in alot of the move in operations that first week. I have a really good idea of what went on and how things were run. This weekend was such an eye opener for me. Lets get one thing straight.

I appreciate everything i learned at RCC and where it got me today.

Ok, now that that disclaimer is over with....GODDAMN. As any of you with eyes, a sense of retention and some kind of incoming news feed can attest, there were 4 major virus attacks in the past 10 days. Thats the largest attack on this campus's infrastructure...ever. Since i work in the university main help desk, i get to see first hand how all of these viruses(virii?) effect computers and network usage. When MSBlast(aka lovesan) hit, i spent the whole day getting the union and tech computer labs up and running again. Any virus that is strong enough to bring down over 50% of a universities windows XP machines is something to worry about. Especially a worm that takes NO EFFORT on the user end to spread. After we got that somewhat under control, we got hit with sobig. Then Nachi. Now Dumaru. Now, as move in started, we had only been hit with the first 3. The wed before exam week, we were scrambling at ITS. We were dealing with those viruses, the blackout that hit the whole east coast/midwest and increase in network traffic. Now, the way lovesan works is through a windows vulnerability. Meaning users have to patch the vulnerability with a windows update to fix it. My ex-boss at RCC told my current boss that he "wasnt concerned" with the imminent virus problem on campus and said they were ok to deal with it.

Ha. HOW CAN YOU NOT BE CONCERNED WITH A VIRUS THAT BROUGHT DOWN THE NEW YORK TIMES NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE???? Right there, i was so mad i could spit blood. Think about this....once students moved in, all of their brand new dells that mommy and daddy bought them that they didnt take out of the box since they got them weeks before suddenly connected to the university network..and BAM. Infected. Last count was over 300 infected systems. Thats unheard of. Yes, it could have been worse, but it was insanity to clean up. Last count here at ITS was over 170 virus removal discs handed out for free, god knows how many people shared them. Those were just people who DIDNT report their problem to RCC. Not only that, but the fact that there were viruses all week when RCC was in training and nothing was done about it. Now, i know that its difficult for them to drop training to do that, but i also know(since i made the training outline 3 years ago) that there is considerable downtime in the evening to do things like this. We got so many calls of angry people regarding network connection issues and virus problems that Toby Singer, the head of ITS called Tim King, the head of technology stuff at ResLife(and a former boss of mine before the RCC Reorg of jesus) telling him to get on the ball. I dont know how that came about, but man. The problem was so widespread that little freshman girls who didnt know anything about computers were calling us at ITS afraid to use the RCC connection CD because they thought it would give them the virus. People called us asking for network connection and virus help because they said they werent getting responses from RCC. Something needs to be done over there. Something huge and drastic. I dont know what, but something needs to be done.

I dont want anyone to think im badmouthing RCC. Im not, i was just very suprised to see how this crisis, and yes it was a crisis was dealt with. I spent 4 years of my life there working so hard for them that i couldnt see straight. Am i bitter about how i was treated? Yes. This has nothing to do with that, this has to deal with leadership in a time of crisis. Character shows itself in crisis situations, and from what ive heard, it didnt impress the campus community.

This week ive been working alot and started classes. My last semester, hopefully. After getting the B in phys 202, hopefully i can survive calc. The teacher is a total yatch and assigns over 40 problems of homework a night. It sucks. Other then that, i have a 6-9 mktg class...who needs that? Intro to unix will be fun, 1 credit hour, hopefully learn to do more in the unix terminal in OS X, and then ECT 441. Yes. Dr. Kolla strikes again. Another fun filled semester with him, but he swears(and im not making this up) that this class will be easier, have less homework, no formal lab reports and easier exams. Well see about that.

Other then that, been playing alot of star wars galaxies, madden 04 and trying to stay personally sane, which has been more then a chore lately. Im looking forward to a weekend of nothing. Preseason football is over, bears were 1-3, doesnt show much, but i was happy with how the 1st string offense looked, should be a good season for them...JUST NEED TO STAY HEALTHY.

Well, hopefully ill start to post a bit more, and put a chatterbox or tag board back up. But well see about that ;-)

Positive: One semester to go before im out of this place...
Negative: One semester to go before im out of this place...
Quote: None...too many to write down.
Song of the day: Dave Matthews - Save Me
Cool Mac Moment: Using the panther dev preview on my machines. Buggy, but still cool.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Yeah...I didnt get the job with Apple in Cleveland.


Was it cause i was unqualified? Not according to them.
Was it cause i didnt interview well? Not according to them.
Was it cause i didnt fit the profile? Not according to them.

Was it cause they instead decided to fill them by transferring people internally?

Yes, yes it was.

Did they say i would have gotten it if they didnt do that?

Yes, they did.

Oh well, she said shed check into finding another position for me. Well see...

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Alot of people have asked me what im interviewing for out in cleveland at apple. Here is the official job description.

Mac Genius

The Ultimate Mac Technician

Do you love repairing Macs and enjoy interacting with other Mac users? Does the thought of working for Apple make you tingle more than those three seconds right after a sneeze? Do you have technical support experience coupled with retail sales or customer service experience and can’t imagine a more rewarding place to utilize those skills than an Apple Store? If so, you might have what it takes to become an Apple Mac Genius.

You have lost endless hours of sleep troubleshooting a clients’ or neighbor’s machine. You, and millions of other Mac experts around the world, know that when a computer is done right it can be much more than a beige box made for the left side of the brain. You know and love the ease of use along with the power and elegance of the Mac.

As an Apple Mac Genius, you'll have the opportunity to share your wealth of knowledge on the latest Mac OS and products with millions of eager customers. Whether someone is a new user, a lifelong Mac enthusiast, or a PC switcher, you'll be the person to nurse his or her sick Mac back to health.

Some stores have technicians who sit in a back room and just see machines that are broken. Our Mac Genius is out on the floor helping customers fix their own machines and answering their toughest questions. An Apple Mac Genius is the cream of the crop. Are you one of them?

Key Features:

Seek challenge and enjoy finding answers.

Could write an encyclopedia of Mac Products.

Have mastered the latest Mac OS and keep up with cutting edge technology, while knowing what is in the pipeline.

Provide complete and appropriate solutions for every customer by utilizing retail sales and customer service skills.

Can identify tactfully the difference between a misguided user and an unhealthy Macintosh.

Have a high level of attention to detail and are a perfectionist.

Translate "techno-speak" into laymen's terms. Have the ability to teach and demonstrate to all levels of experience.

Are eager to discuss tips and tricks and why Macs rule.

Love interacting with people as much as Macs.

Be a good listener and an excellent communicator.

Bring your area of expertise to add value to our diverse team.

Would rather be in the front row of a MacWorld keynote speech than have free cable TV for a year.

Job Description:
-Run Apple’s service business by providing unparalleled customer service while solving and diagnosing Apple customer issues.
-Provide complete and appropriate solutions for every customer, explain and sell the benefits of .mac and Applecare.
-Complete bench repairs in a thorough and timely fashion.
-Keep workbench area and Genius Bar meticulously clean and organized.
-Reach out to the small business community by networking with clients.
-Demonstrate responsibility and take good care of Apple's assets.
-Comply with all company policies and procedures faithfully. Follow Apple’s steps of service with every customer.
-Execute transactions through customer tracking database.
-Communicate positively with store team members, customers, channel partners, and headquarters. Remember, you represent the Apple brand.
-Have the ability to be on your feet up to 8 hours a day.
-Maintain a fit and healthy Mac mind and oh yeah, have fun. After all, this is Apple.
-Successful candidates have bench and/or technical support experience, are using the latest Mac OS, and have worked in a retail or customer service environment.

Hey all,

I know most of you probably dont check it, but my Mac Website has been getting some decent press lately. The guys over at 2 guys have been real kind to me, and have made me a contributing writer as well. Check out my Mac Website at and check out the 2 guys website at

Also, dont forget to check out my dad's new weblog, hes kind of goofy, but its fun to read! Gets some insight into the thing that raised this crazy idiot who feels the need to ramble on on a website as well...Click if you dare!

Its looking like some major changes could be on the horizon. Im looking to get a job with Apple Computer in a few weeks out in cleveland. That would mean that i would leave BG one semester before im done with school, but its a price im willing to pay to work for the company ive always dreamed of working for. It poses a few "logistical" problems to say the least, but i hope i can work through them. Those of you who have been with my blog since day one know that day one was actually me talking about getting offered a job with Apple in New York that i had to turn down. This seems like a ironic turn of events. Maybe its saying that i should quit blogging, lol.

Ill post full information on what happens tomorrow at some point, im sure those of you who i talk to or see on a daily basis im sure will know the outcome, but dont worry, information will be posted here as well.

Oh, and since senseless team bashing is going on much to my chagrin, I just have to say that the Green Bay Packers lost their preseason opener.


Positive: I could be working for Apple Computer soon. Oh yes. Its true.
Negative: Planning for the REALLY IMPORTANT THINGS.
Quote: "Yeah, someone called about a reference for you? I told them how much you suck. Oh wait, i mean how much i suck." - McComas on the Apple people calling him for a reference about me.
Song of the day: Jimi Thing - DMB
Cool Mac Moment: Ill let the readers decide what this is for themselves. Feel free to discuss in the "Bitch about whatever wags says box", errr i mean the chatterbox.

Monday, August 04, 2003

Cris Carter sez

I understand Cleveland's dilemma. When a team drafts a quarterback with the top overall pick, it doesn't want to admit failure to establish that guy as the franchise quarterback. But right now, Kelly Holcomb is better than Tim Couch.

When a team has a quarterback controversy like this -- and loses five defensive starters without truly replacing them -- it can't expect to return to the postseason.

Good point, cris. Good point.

He sez the following of the Steelers.

These are not the Steelers of the glory days. Gone is smashmouth football, replaced by a top-notch passing attack and, at least last season, a frustrating inability to stop the pass.

But Tommy Maddox has fit perfectly into Mike Mularkey's offensive scheme. Week in and week out, nobody comes up with better schemes than Mularkey.

Another truth. Straight from the horses mouth kids.

Now, i try not to get all wrapped up in the team rivalry BS. I like teams for teams. Yes, ill always be a Bear fan, but i know when the Packers are a better team. I never say the packers suck or anything like that, because i have respect for them as a team. They play well, have a great QB, etc. Sure, the Bears have won more times against them then the packers have won, but right now, Green Bay is a better team.

Well see this year, it could be a very different year for the bears.

Moral of the story, dont bash teams just cause they are a rival. Especially when they are a better playing team.

Friday, August 01, 2003


Oh yes, mac genious position in cleveland. Here is the information on the location i would be working at!

Lyndhurst, Ohio @ Legacy Village
As noted by MacMinute and originally reported by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Apple will have a store in Legacy Village when it opens October 24. Additionally, Apple is currently hiring positions at this location, according to the company's jobs database.


Thursday, July 31, 2003

Hello all...

Not much going on lately of note.

Heres a day in the life of me.

Wake up at 6:45, shower, get dressed, find something to eat and head to one of my 6 different times i meet for physics that week.

8:00am. Physics...something. Monday/wed its lecture. Tues its Recitation(aka bring beer for the teacher and you get full credit for the quiz) and lab. Friday its only lab.

Home for a quick bite to eat after all that jazz, maybe an hour or two to relax, play some Star Wars Galaxies, or to go to Univeristy Of Findlay to work on this contract job that i have signed up for. Then its off to work at ITS from 2-10(monday through thursday) or after class untill 5 on friday.





Its getting really old. I hate physics, i hate the BS corrupt teacher we have and how noone will stand up to him. Im pretty much getting really tired of working nights, just in time to come home, not have energy to do things i need to just so i can go to bed and wake up and do it all over again.

Hopefully that is ALL about to change. After next week, summer classes will be over. BUT, today i have decided to apply for a full time job that opened up on campus. Its 40 hours a week, salary, benefits..the whole shebang. Its working for IMS, pretty much doing what im doing now, so it should be a real good thing if it works out. Rumor also has it that there may be a TSS position opening up here at ITS that im going to look into as well.

Meh, thats the general attitude.

Thats all for now, ill talk to you all later.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Yeah, i know havent had any posts of merit lately. Its been one of the roughest weeks of my life and i really havent had the chance or the feeling to post about it here..

And im not going to do it now. If anyone wants to talk to me about it, let me know, other then that, im trying to deal with everything the best i can.

I hope all is well with everyone else...soon i hope to feel up to posting about daily occurrances as well as projects and things that im up to. The only thing im excited about right now is Star Wars: Galaxies. Its been a long long time since ive geeked over a computer game like this(i think it was diablo 2 with josh and maury) but then again, RPG's have a way of sucking you in. I created a new character, been messing around with it here and there. Havent had a chance to really spend alot of time messing with it, but thats ok, since Greg Gilbert, a fellow ITS employee plays as well, and is able to play a bit more then i am(stupid class and working till 10pm) We just got a house today, and im working on being a smuggler so i can do slicing(hacking) and be a spice dealer(kind of like a drug dealer, but spices are drugs that are combat enhancers) Its all pretty cool, at least to me.

Im out for now, leave some love on the chatterbox...although this whole website has seemed dead lately. If not for the lack of new blogger templates, id change everything up to give it a new look, however i digress.

I hope all is well with everyone...take care.

Positive: Star Wars : Galaxies
Negative: Um...yeah.

In every heart there is a room
A sanctuary safe and strong
To heal the wounds from lovers past
Until a new one comes along
-Billy Joel

Song of the day:And So It Goes - Billy Joel
Cool Mac Moment: Apple dropping their education prices 5-15% Good thing i dont have money, or id be stupid and buy stuff...

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

I'm not right
And I'm not fine
I wanna be rain that tastes like wine
I wanna be good
I wanna be great
I wanna be everything except for your mistake

Send me inside your mind
I wanna know what you're thinking
This time I'll try to be the one you always thought you knew

It's true
I'm blue
And without you -

I'm not right
I'm not fine
I wanna be rain that tastes like wine
I wanna be good
I wanna be great
I wanna be everything except for your mistake

Let me into your view
I wanna know how you see this thing that's us
I must keep managing my madness over you

And I don't want your sympathy just understanding
We'd be better off if I just took some time to try to understand you

I'm not right
I'm not fine
I wanna be rain that tastes like wine
I wanna be seen
I wanna get clean
I wanna just fall out of in-between
I'm not right
I'm not right
I don't wanna be your mistake

Monday, July 21, 2003

She said she'd meet me in the bar
At the Plaza Hotel
"Wear a jacket and a tie"
"What's the occasion?"
She just smiled and she wouldn't say why
So here I am standing , waiting in the lobby
Sweating bullets in this stupid old suit
And when she sees me she busts out laughing
"You're a sad sight honey, but you look so cute" and

I don't want to be alone anymore
I was checking you out
I was just making sure
No, I don't want to be alone anymore
And, I want you tonight
Although you hurt me before
It didn't matter that I felt like a fool
'Cause I forgot when she walked through the door
I said I'm sorry, but she said it was cool
And I don't want to be alone anymore

It's so confusing choosing sides
In the heat of the moment
Just to see if it's real
It's so erotic having you
Tell me how it should feel
But I'm avoiding all the hard cold facts
That I've got to face
So ask me just one question
When this magic night is through
Could it have been just anyone
Or did it have to be you
And, will you still be saying-

I don't want to be alone anymore
I was checking you out
I was just making sure
No, I don't want to be alone anymore
And, I want you tonight
Although you hurt me before
It didn't matter that I felt like a fool
'Cause I forgot when she walked through the door
I said I'm sorry, but she said it was cool
And I don't want to be alone anymore

But, don't you know that it's wrong
It's wrong, it's wrong
But like the song
Being caught by the wink of an eye
I can't be sure we'll get along
But I'm willing to try
As long as you can tell me-

I don't want to be alone anymore
I was checking you out
I was just making sure
No, I don't want to be alone anymore
And, I want you tonight
Although you hurt me before
It didn't matter that I felt like a fool
'Cause I forgot when she walked through the door
I said I'm sorry, but she said it was cool
And I don't want to be alone anymore

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Im sure this will stir up alot of debate, but id love the discussion.

The President’s top priorities are winning the war, protecting the homeland and generating economic growth and jobs, and he has continued to lead boldly on these priorities. However, the lagging economy and weak stock market caused revenues to decline further, which explains the biggest change in the budget position, followed by the costs of the war and the economic growth plan. Although large in nominal terms, these deficits are manageable and the Administration plans to cut the deficit in half in a few years through a combination of economic growth and spending restraint. Thanks to the President delivering on a 3rd consecutive growth plan and other factors, the economy seems poised for a strong recovery.


Budget projections from the Federal Budget Submission
Fiscal Year 2003     
304 Billion

Fiscal Year 2004     
307 Billion

Fiscal Year 2005     
208 Billion

Fiscal Year 2006     
201 Billion

Fiscal Year 2007    
178 Billion

Fiscal Year 2008     
190 Billion

At the end of Fiscal Years 2004-08
1.08 Billion

The Deficit Is Manageable. The deficit is manageable given the shocks our economy has endured (recession, terrorist attacks, revelation of corporate scandals, and a weak market). At 4.2% of GDP, it is well below the 1983 peak modern-day deficit of 6% (it’s not even in the top five). In fact, it is the same or smaller than deficits following similar recessions. These deficits are not hurting the economy right now, as interest rates are at 45-year lows. 

Cut the Deficit With Economic Growth and Spending Restraint. The fundamentals – lower taxes, a positive outcome in Iraq, strong housing markets, record low interest rates, renewed consumer confidence, low inflation -- are in place for a strong recovery and job growth. Tax refund checks are on the way. A strong economy and spending restraint will cut the deficit by more than half. Economic growth creates surpluses, not the other way around.

Tax Relief is Helping the Economy Recover. Economists generally agree that the 2001 tax relief helped combat the recession, and that the latest growth and jobs package will help spark investment, recovery and job creation. Now is exactly the wrong time to raise taxes.

The Need for Spending Discipline. The President’s budget holds growth in discretionary spending below 4% (less than half the growth rate of recent years) because government spending should not grow faster than family income. In fact, spending growth outside of defense and homeland security has been slowed from 6.0% in FY02, to 4.7% in FY03, to a proposed 2.0% in FY04 (compared to a near 15% spike in FY01). The President’s budget would also re-impose spending caps and pay-as-you-go requirements to help slow spending further.

Recession, Plunging Revenues and the War – Not Tax Relief – Brought Back the Deficit.  

The overwhelming reason for the change in deficit from the February projection continues to be the impact of the recession and previously weak market on tax revenues. Revenues dropped for three years in a row, which hasn’t happened in the U.S. since the 1920s. The recession and its revenue effects erased 100% of the projected FY 2002 surplus. 

The response to the attacks of September 11th resulted in unanticipated but necessary spending of roughly $180B to prosecute the war on terrorism (including Operation Iraqi Freedom), build a robust homeland security system, and rebuild New York. Both parties overwhelmingly supported this additional spending.

If there had been NO TAX CUTS, not in 2001, 2002, or 2003, the budget would be in triple digit deficits today ($278B in 2003).

Monday, July 14, 2003

John Mayer Fan?

New album coming out on Sept 9th

Check it out here!

Also, if you pre-order, there is an acoustic track that hasnt been released before! Its called sucker, and ive heard other versions, but this is definately the best!


Saturday, July 12, 2003

Wow...what a day. Commissioning was INCREDIBLE. I got on the ship, etc. I wont go into the details, cause im sure noone cares.

In the rare event you DO care, here are the pictures from it!

Day 3 - U.S.S Ronald Reagan Commissioning Ceremony

Anyone seen my girl? *pokes around, looks worried since he hasnt heard from her in a while*

Positive: My first and probably last time on an aircraft carrier! Meeting pilots from VF - 213 and seeing the vice president speak...incredible
Negative: SO HOT IN VIRGINIA! That and im so sunburned now!
Quote: "Some people are kind of dissapointed i didnt land on the carrier like the president did on the lincoln a few weeks back, maybe next time i will" - Vice President Dick Cheney on his helicopter landing on the deck of the USS Ronald Reagan
Song of the day: Anchors Aweigh
Cool Mac Moment: Uh...either noone has been leaving me IMs, or iChat has been eating them...either way im switching back to AIM untill iChat AV isnt a public beta anymore...

Friday, July 11, 2003


Thats right, kids, its day 2 in norfolk. This morning we got up at the buttcrack of dawn, got breakfast, then drove the 20 minutes out to virginia beach so that we could take the HRT(Hampton Roads Tranportation) exclusive tour of the Naval Air Station at Oceana, the largest NAS in the world. We got there early, so i had time to walk around the beach in my bare feet for a while. Such a pretty town, beautiful beach, etc etc etc.

We took the tour of the base, and got to have lunch at the officers club on the base. Saw alot of incredible aircraft, f-14's, f/a-18's, E-6's, f-16's(why air force jets were on a naval base, well never know) and had 2 great tour guides to give us all the information. We were able to get on the "flightline" as the military guys call it, which is the tarmac where all the aircraft are parked right by the runways. After lunch, we went to what they call "The Petting Zoo" which is where they take 1 of every aircraft the navy has ever used and put them all in a row so people can walk up to them and see what they look like and feel like as well as get a real scale of size. We also got bumper stickers for me and my mom that say "I (heart) Jet Noise - The Sound of FREEDOM" So funny! Why is it funny? Cause its true! There were full squadrons of aircraft flying around the base, i tried taking some pictures of them, but because they have the gull grey low vis paint job on them, it was impossible to get pictures to come out. Which is the point of that paint scheme! It was awesome. Nothing i could write here could do it the slightest bit of justice. Youll just have to look at the pictures on my website, which are now up for the first 2 days!

Day 1 - Downtown Norfolk and the Harbor Cruse Tour
Day 2 - Virginia Beach and Oceana Naval Air Station

I hope you all check them out! Im having a blast here, and those pictures are a good representation of whats going on!

Tonight is going to be pretty low key, maybe go swimming, get something to eat (30 minutes inbetween of course ;-) and probably an early bedtime. Tomorrow is the big commissioning, and we have to be there in our seats by 10 AM, however there are going to be 20,000 people there according to our tour guide on the bus today, so im thinking we need to get there alittle early. Im sure to have plenty of awesome pictures from tomorrow, its going to be one hell of a ride. Leave me some love in the chatterbox and let me know what you think of the pictures!

I know you all miss me ;-)

(psst, i miss you, katie!)

Negative: So frigging hot here, its over 110 heat index...blah
Quote: "That plane is for anti-submarine warfare, but they dont use it for that anymore, cause noone has squat on our subs anymore..." - Tim, the Navy officer who did some tour guide stuff for us who is a member of VFW - 101, The Grim Reapers
Song of the day: God Bless America
Cool Mac Moment: .Mac, for letting me post my pictures on my website!

Thursday, July 10, 2003


Thats right kids! Here i am, posting in my hotel room in norfolk, va. Im here this weekend because my family got invited to the official commissioning of the newest aircraft carrier, the U.S.S Ronald Reagan. My family are huge military buffs. We love to go to naval bases and keep up with all the huge hardware that the military has. This whole thing started 5 years ago when my parents took me here to NAS Oceana and the Norfolk Naval Station as a stop on our way to DC. We just happened to stop here the same day that they were commissioning the USS Harry Truman, the latest carrier at that time. The president(clinton, ick) was here and the whole shebang. That day, my mom promised to get us on the commissioning of the next carrier. So here we are, 5 years later, and she fulfilled her promise. She made donations to the navy league, wrote her local congresswoman, etc, and we have tickets to the commissioning on sunday. Its going to be awesome.

The vice president is speaking, we will not only get on the aircraft carrier, but have a seat during the ceremony, and are going to an after party where lee greenwood is performing. Its all really exciting. For those of you who know band literature, my dad is good friends with Steve Millello(of stormworks fame) and he is writing a piece for the commissioning that the navy band is performing. He may be coming with us if he doesnt get any passes for himself. Its going to be such an awesome time.

Today, i drove to cleveland intl airport and flew out to norfolk. First off, we had an avionics failure in the plane that needed to be replaced before we took off. I met my parents in norfolk late since they were flying in from chicago, and found out they lost one of their bags. We got to the hotel, then decided to walk around town, found someplace to eat, and then headed over to the Nauticus, the Naval Museum in downtown norfolk. Our hotel is right downtown, so we are in walking distance of almost anything. We went through the museum, i bought something very pretty for katie, then took a tour of the USS Wisconsin, which is a battleship that is on inactive reserve(meaning it can be sent to sea in time of a national emergency). After that, i talked to katie(i forgot to call her and told her i got here ok cause of all the craziness at the airport) then we took the Norfolk harbor cruise, where we rode a boat all around the harbor. From Newport News shipyard(the largest shipyard in the world, they make all the navy's ships) to the Norfolk Naval Station, we saw so much. I took a ton of pictures, but the crazy ghetto internet here in the hotel room wont let me upload them to my website(ill get them all up once i get back, dont worry) There are so many ships in port at NNS, 3 aircraft carriers(including the reagan and the USS Enterprise) over 20 Missile frigates/destroyers/cruisers, a handful of submarines and many supply and support ships. For someone like me, its very very exciting. I cant wait untill the commissioning ceremony on saturday!

Tomorrow, we are going to take a tour of the Naval Air Station Oceana then head over to Virginia Beach for some good time with the sun so im not so goddamn pasty. Going to be a nice relaxing day.

Hope all is well with everyone else, i miss my girl, i wish she could be here!!

Hopefully more posting tomorrow night with news of what ive been up to!

Positive: BOATS!
Negative: Airlines suck so much, its not even funny
Quote: "Thats one big ass ship." - my Dad
Song of the day: Press On - Robert Randolph and the Family Band
Cool Mac Moment: Im on my laptop in Norfolk! That, and iPhoto is working wonders for editing my bad pictures i took today, and sorting out the unusable ones!

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Im still alive, i promise!

Here i am, going a week without posting...bad wags, bad wags. Heres the run down.

Last wed, i went to class, then drove home to chicago. Spent the night doing nothing, lounging around the house with my mom and i fell asleep at 9. Yes, 9pm. I suck.

The next morning, i went downtown with my dad to the doctor with him, then to the new apple store. (pictures to come soon). The store is awesome, 2 stories, one of apples new flagship stores. For those of you following my laptop woes, they were clueless about the problems im having with it, so i opted to just buy a new hard drive for it. Im thinking about selling it on ebay and getting a 12 inch powerbook. I dont know, im going to wait and see if they are upgraded soon, though.

That night, Martha(the last remaining high school friend i have) and i went to Tinley Park, IL for DMB show number 3. Pretty good set, awesome seats, terrible acoustics. Im never going back to that venue again. Heres the setlist...

Don’t Burn The Pig 
Fool To Think 
One Sweet World 
Pay For What You Get 
Drive In Drive Out 
You Never Know 
Where Are You Going 
Too Much 
Dreaming Tree 
Tripping Billies 
(Blue Water) 
Typical Situation 
What You Are 

(song name) indicates a partial song

Full band blue water was really good. Really exciting to see them pull that out, plus the new What You Are intro is just plain sick. The acoustics are really just god awful there, though. I cant even believe how bad they were. A good thing? I weasled my way out of the parking lot in 5 minutes, rather then an hour. Hehehe, im so clever. After a lovely stop at steak and shake, back home to bed.

4th of july. Woot. Went to watch the parade with mom to take pictures of my dads high school band. It was the first time in a long time that i have seen the band and not been marching. My dad has this thing where alumni can come back and march in the 4th parade, but since i had the surgery on my throat and havent played in over 2 years, i figured it wouldnt work, plus i didnt make any of the rehersals. We had a nice cook out that night(minus the wasps) and saw the fireworks that they shot off at the country club behind my house. I even played secret agent man(insert music) and snuck out onto the golf course with the fam and sat on the green to watch the 'works. Good times.

On the 5th, i got up, kind of jerked around the house, did some laundry, had some lunch, etc...then Martha came at 2 to pick me up so we could drive to East Troy, Wisconsin for dmb show 4 and 5. The drive was fun, had some funny moments, checked into our hotel and got to the show in good time. We went to lake geneva for dinner at a place called popeyes, which was really good. Not the fried chicken chain, this was a sit down resteraunt that was owned by a Americas Cup winner. Pretty good...had a Gyro :-) We headed off to the show then, had a few beers in the parking lot that we took along, then headed in. Robert Randolph and the Family Band opened, and they were smokin. Too bad they only have 1 CD out thats a live CD with 5 tracks, cause the play some good stuff. The concert was awesome, good set and good crowd. Heres the setlist from that night.

Grey Street 
When The World Ends 
Say Goodbye 
Loving Wings 
Where Are You Going 
What Would You Say 
Ants Marching 
Cry Freedom 
Last Stop 
The Stone 
If I Had It All 
Jimi Thing 
Two Step 
The Maker 

Another solid set, not a bad song in it. Rapunzel was off the hook and ants in the middle of the set was such a throwoff.(its normally a closer for those of you non-dmb fans) Martha and i parked about 100 yards from the exit, and it took us over an hour to get out of the damn parking lot(aka grass field). Sucked. However, her CRV was a trooper in making sure we kept our spot in the line. Went back to the hotel, slept in the room that "smelt of must" and then got up the next morning to check out at noon.

Now, mind you, i knew that it was supposed to rain like mad on sunday. How do i know such information? BECAUSE I WATCH THE WEATHER CHANNEL. I told martha, if its pouring, i wont want to stay at the show. She thought that was dumb, but i stuck to my guns. We went to this place called millies for breakfast, kinda tasty, then to find more pre show festivities beer. Not only did we find beer, but chex mix, gum, water for after the show, and martha(being the strangest woman i know) had to have fried chicken for after the show, so we got some KFC. Shes insane. "Well, i had me some bacon, now fried chicken, if only i had some beef to top off my day" - Martha

We watch nasty clouds roll into ET(does gang symbol) and parked, had some beer and chicken...then it rained. No, scratch that. It poured. No, scratch that. Hurricane Tommytoughnuts came through and wrecked the world. 12 people got hit by lightning(they were all leaning on a metal fence and the fence got hit) and the lot got flooded. It rained up untill the show started...ick. Especially since we were on the lawn. The people we were around were awesome, but in general, the crowd sucks on the lawn. People there just for the scene. Blegh. Here was the set for that night.

Don’t Drink the Water 
Rhyme & Reason 
Fool To Think 
One Sweet World 
Song That Jane Likes 
Too Much 
Dancing Nancies 
Grace Is Gone 
Help Myself 
So Much To Say 
Digging a Ditch 
What You Are 

Nancies into warehouse was so old school. SMTS into minarets was incredible too. It was a decent set, hearing 2 songs(minarets and help myself) that ive never seen live before. Fink(marthas nickname) and i ran out to the car to try to get a head start. We get out, drink our water and finish off the rest of our chicken, and end up finding a back way out of Alpine Valley, so instead of the 2 hours we figured it would take, it only took 20 minutes. Drove home to chicago, got home by 1, then sleepy time.

Woke up the next morning to total ass rain storms, packed my stuff and headed back to BG. Got here around 330, and i finally got to see katie for a small bit. Its so good to see her, ive missed her more then words can even say. Had dinner with the Abell family(including sister and grandparents) and played tech support guy for the whole night. Anything to help out the family. Since katie couldnt leave her house, i went home and got some sleep.

Got up this morning, went to fizix lab, then had "lunch" with katie. Working 2-10 today, and damn if we didnt have the storm of jesus. Roof blown off of the airport, off of the music building and heavy damage to the fieldhouse. 2 planes collided on the BG airport runway and a helicopter got damaged as well. 50+ trees estimated down, a tree through a window at the health center, plus other misc damage. Pretty nasty. 2 more waves of storms coming too. WoooooOOooOOOOoooOOoooOOo. Good thing i get to see katie tonight, though :-)

Well, now that i just made the post of jesus, im goin to get back to work. Hope all is well with everyone, and i hope to post the pictures of my trip up soon. I may not post again untill next week sometime, tomorrow i have class and work all day, then thursday morning im driving to cleveland ITL arpt then flying to norfolk for the commissioning of the U.S.S Ronald Reagan, the newest aircraft carrier for the navy. Mom has some friends in high places that got us into the ceremony and onto the ship. Its going to be an awesome thing to see. So ill be out untill sunday in beautiful norfolk VA, one of my favorite places in the world.

Leave me some love in EL chatterbox, and all my crazy travelling will be over soon!

Negative: Stormy McStormerson kicked BG's ass
Quote: "ICE CREAM!!!!" - Katie
Song of the day: Best When Your On Top - Wallflowers
Cool Mac Moment: Apple store in chicago....*drool*

Monday, June 30, 2003


Wow. The grief i get from some people. Its been a pretty busy week or so. Work was hell, so much to do, some reorgs in the office physically(we moved my desk and we got a new G4 system to go on that desk...mmm) and impending job reorgs in the office too. It could get crazy around there. Especially since i guess some people claim that im treated differently then the other student staff in there. I could go on about that, but i have pride and tact and wont do that. *shakes head*

Have had some quality friend bonding time. Been spending alot of time with B lately. Hes been a good source of sanity for me in the otherwise insane world. Which for those of you who know the situation of a few weeks would laugh if you read that. Some situations get blown out of proportion, and in the end, not only did it work out, but things are really great because of it.

Supposed to hit my 3rd fo 6 DMB shows this weekend, but other circumstances came up. Sucks, but it happens, i guess.

I still had friday off from work, which was nice and relaxing. Spent the whole weekend only doing one thing...playing star wars galaxies. Greg, one of the guys i work with beta tested the game, and we both preodered it. We got it on friday and i played it incessantly this whole weekend. This weekend...and anytime im on im now known as Detoun Iceew, a Zabrak(the same race as Darth Maul from ep 1) who is an aspiring weaponsmith. Ive done enough missions for the empire where i am now an overt operative for them with a rank of Private, working on lance corporal. The game is pretty sweet and greg and i did some general ass-whooping. Good times were had by all.

*insert 45 minute break of time to talk to katie on the phone*

Yeah, so i just found out that katies grandparents may be coming in to town, or katie might have to go out to visit her grandparents the weekend she gets back..and she wouldnt be back untill monday or have to be with them on monday. Yes, meaning i may not get to see her the day i get back...also known as THE FIRST DAY POSSIBLE TO SEE HER IN 6 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!! Yeah...that is fate kicking me straight in the yammies. Yeah, i guess weve gone this long without seeing each day wouldnt matter that much, but im missing her so much right now and shes missing me just...blah.

Ok, im off to bed, up at the butt-crack of dawn for fizix recitation and lab. W00t. Im so excited. Night all.

Positive: Star Wars : Galaxies
Negative: One week from today? maybe?
Quote: "When i get home, im going to kiss you untill you dont know your own name" - Katie
Song of the day: Clapton - Wonderful Tonite
Cool Mac Moment: My laptop hard drive dying...twice...oh wait, that aint cool, its shitty.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

I know i havent updated in a while, its been a busy couple of days.

Had a good time hangin with B and company, did some quality Haloing and grillin at wilsons on sunday. Good times were had by all. Bonding time with another level headed guy is always something wags needs.

Lots of stuff going on with school, this is the equivlant to the week before finals week in fall and spring. 2 exams this week in management, had one on monday and the final on friday. Good thing she cancelled class tomorrow, lets me sleep in a bit after working a 14 hour day today, and still get in time to make up for taking this friday off.

Thats right, this friday is quality time with sloka in da burgh. Goin out there to see a DMB show and take in the sights. Should be a good time.

In other news, apple has redefined the personal computer yet again with the powermac g5. Check all the new suff out at

Im audi for now, im going to go finish reading my midnight nation trade paperback and then go to bed. For a long time.

I miss you katie, and i love you very much.

Positive: 1st summer semester almost over
Negative: almost 2 weeks...and shes in my arms
Quote: Well, see, well have these joggers, just like the secret service - a kid in my management class on how to control a birthday party of 6 year olds when it gets out of hand
Song of the day: Ben Folds - The Luckiest
Cool Mac Moment:

Sunday, June 22, 2003

I don't get many things right the first time
In fact, I am told that a lot
Now I know all the wrong turns, the stumbles and falls
Brought me here

And where was I before the day
That I first saw your lovely face?
Now I see it everyday
And I know

That I am
I am
I am
The luckiest

What if I'd been born fifty years before you
In a house on a street where you lived?
Maybe I'd be outside as you passed on your bike
Would I know?

And in a white sea of eyes
I see one pair that I recognize
And I know

That I am
I am
I am
The luckiest

I love you more than I have ever found a way to say to you

Next door there's an old man who lived to his nineties
And one day passed away in his sleep
And his wife; she stayed for a couple of days
And passed away

I'm sorry, I know that's a strange way to tell you that I know we belong
That I know

That I am
I am
I am
The luckiest

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Well hello all...

Another few days since ive posted, and some pretty awesome things have happened. I worked 8-1 on tues, then went to class. After class, i met up with SLOKA!!! He came out all the way from pittsburgh to head down to columbus with me to see DMB. We carpooled with good ole gary budar and his lovley girlfriend lauren, who incidentally was in my management class for a few weeks...and i didnt even know. Im sorry lauren...i suck.

The show was awesome. Heard moe. open, and they were ok. Not great, sounded like a mumbling phish, but still pretty good. This however, was the first time i had ever seen a tour opener for DMB, so expectations were high. Here is the set that they played.

Too Much
When The World Ends
If I Had It All
Rhyme & Reason
You Never Know
Grey Street
Typical Situation
Loving Wings
Where Are You Going
Last Stop
Tripping Billies

Grace Is Gone
Don’t Burn The Pig

Incredible. Dave messed up some lyrics here and there, especially in When the World Ends, which made it about 2 minutes long(which is fine IMO). Sloka and i had a great time. Great seats, good crowd and fun atmosphere. We got out to the parking lot, ended sitting there for about an hour, while i talked to katie on the phone for a bit. Got home around 230, put sloka to bed and talked to katie for a bit more. She finally got to the college part of her trip, so she has a dorm room with a phone. I finally got to bed around 330, and was up at 645 to get myself and sloka through the shower. So i could be at work by 8. Worked 8-1 again, then class...then it was time for Red and Wags day out. We went to DMB night 2. Drove down, had some fun times, some serious talk and alot of fun. Tasty dinner at Max and Ermas, then saw the best DMB concert i have ever been to. Which is about 10. Heres the set for last nights show.
So Much To Say
Don’t Drink the Water
One Sweet World
Pay For What You Get
Kit Kat Jam
Dancing Nancies
Cry Freedom
The Maker
Lie In Our Graves
Fool To Think
Dreaming Tree
Jimi Thing
What You Are


Ants Marching

What a show. Dreaming Tree would have been worth the 50 bucks just to hear, but pay for what you get? Both those songs havent come around in years. Cry freedom and dancing nancies are definate rarities too. What a time.

At any rate, red and i had a great time. The drive was so fun. We had some pretty funny moments. Also got to talk to katie again while in the parking lot. Shes also back online from time to time, look for her! She also updated her xanga....but im still missin her...

Today was work and class all day. Boo. Plus im ass tired, but i have a new rising stars trade paperback to read to make me happy. Im gonna do some work on the training docs, eat my taco salad from pollyeyes(mm, tasty) then read me some comics. Im tired and im audi. Lookin forward to halo'ing it up with B this weekend...

Peace out, yall..
Negative: 18 days.
Quote: Regarding the coast guard.
They're keeping our borders safe. -Wags
From what?! -Red
Coasts. -Wags
Song of the day: DMB - Dreaming Tree
Cool Mac Moment: G5 - coming soon...or if by soon i mean MONDAY.

Monday, June 16, 2003

Ten Layer Dip

name: Brian Waggoner AKA Wags
birthdate: June 8th 1981
birthplace: Bowling Green, Ohio
current location: Bowling Green, Ohio(not how it sounds, folks)
eye color: Depends on the day...anywhere from silver to deep blue.
hair color: RED HAIRS! - Katie
height: 6' 7"
righty or lefty: Righty
zodiac sign: Gemini


your heritage: German and Irish. Like my dad says, i should just try to conquer a country, then fail, get depressed and drink.
the shoes you wore today: Birks. booyah.
your fears: Losing the person i love, being cheated on, dying and clowns.(stop giggling)
your perfect pizza: Pepperoni and extra cheese.
goal you'd like to achieve: Working for Apple Computer.(again, quit giggling already)


your most overused phrase online: "Yeah?"
your best physical feature: Katie says hair, i say eyes. Either way, nothing that will get me far.
your bedtime: 8 hours before i have to get up. And thats a damn rule.
your most missed memory: Drum Corps.


pepsi or coke: Aquafina - F pop.
mcdonald's or burger king: McDonalds
single or group dates: I dunno, is there the same question about sex?
adidas or nike: Nike. Swoosh.
lipton ice tea or nestea: Aquafina ;-)
chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
cappuccino or coffee: Coffee


smoke: Cigars once in a while...its been a while...;-)
cuss: When appropriate.....dammit.
sing: Sure...what do you want me to sing? blue skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieessssssss....
take a shower everyday: How can you not. Maybe im just a sweaty sleeper. (TMI alert anyone?)
do you think you've been in love: I know i am, hows that. SUCK ON THAT, QUESTION!
want to go to college: Yeah, i figure itll be a good idea someday. But for now, i think im content panhandling and prostituting.
liked high school: I went to high school? Oh yeah, those are the 4 years of my life i blocked out of my memory. RIiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
want to get married: Very much so.
believe in yourself: Meh, sure.
get motion sickness: Nope. Thats for pussies.
think you're attractive: i say no, others say yes, i never win.
think you're a health freak: Lately, im doing the atkins thing. If by lately i mean for 6 months. So i might lean towards yes.
get along with your parent(s): At times.
like thunderstorms: Im down with tha thunda.
play an instrument: I used to...and damn well. Now all i play is the computer. Let me tell you, it doesnt sound that hot.


in the past month...
drank alcohol: Indeed
had sex: *blushes*
made out: *blushes again*
gone on a date: Yup. Gotta take my girl out ;-)
gone to the mall: Yes
eaten an entire box of oreos: Hells no.
eaten sushi: I dont know, have i been submitted to any other forms of torture?
been on stage: Nah.
been dumped: Not that i know of, but maybe this trip is katies way of saying she needs space ;-)
gone skating: Ive skated around issues *looks at sex question*
made homemade cookies: Nope, not on the diet.
gone skinny dipping: Cant say that i have. Sorry to dissapoint, yall.
dyed your hair: Nope, still all red. UNLIKE RED. WHOS IS FAKE. YEAH. SUCK ON THAT. i love you red.
stolen anything: Some peoples thunda.



played a game that required removal of clothing: Strip yahtzee. Wait. Just kidding, actually yes, i have.
if so, was it mixed company: Now, stop. Lets think about this. Why in the world would i play strip whatever with people of the same sex. Dumb question, moving on.
intoxicated: But fo sheezy.
been caught "doing something": Almost...allllmost.
been called a tease: Im male. Thats a statistical impossibility.
gotten beaten up: Yup. I didnt start it, but i sure ended it.
changed who you were to fit in: Look at me, im one big fake as it is. Man, who writes this shit?


age you hope to be married: 25. That sounds good. SHIT, THATS IN 3 YEARS. I hate myself.
numbers and names of children: I dont care, but i need at LEAST one boy. Im the last male of my family line, so if i dont have boys, the Waggoners end at this wags.
describe your dream wedding: Simple, but elegant, plenty of friends from college and have it be the best night of my life. Not too hard, eh?
how do you want to die: In a blaze of glory. Or peacefully in my sleep.
where you want to go to college: I hear Slut University is nice.
what do you want to be when you grow up: Consultant or Higher Up at Apple Computer
what country would you most like to visit: USA. Aaaaaaaand thats it.


in a girl

best eye color: brown. The darker the better.
best hair color: Brunette
short or long hair: short is ok, but not as short as mine. I like decent length. Enough for a pony tail :-)
height: I dont care, as long as they arent 5'5" seeing as how every girl sans Katie has been 5'5"
best weight: Cmon. Is anyone going to answer this question? Wow.

best articles of clothing: I assume this is for a girl to wear? I like dresses and skirts. Tank tops are cute too. Also, nothing beats a girl in pajama pants and a big sweatshirt. Booya.
best first date location: Doesnt matter
best first kiss location: On the lipsesessesseeses.


number of people I could trust with my life: a handful.
number of CDs that I own: over 100. Plus i have over 40 GB in ripped CD's and other music. yay for itunes.
number of piercings: 0
number of tattoos: 0.
number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: a few from HS.
number of scars on my body: 5 or 6. I get new ones all the time. Plus all the scars IN my body from the surgery i had. Im sure yall aint down with that.
number of things in my past that I regret: 1 thing. MY SECRET.

There ya go, kids. Post feedback in el chatterbox.

Start time of blog entry: 5:20PM

Hey all -

Hope everyone had a good weekend, with fathers day and all. I had a fairly nice and relaxing weekend. I had a very nice weekend, let me recap! :-P

Friday, worked 8-5 at ITS. Busy busy friday. The most interesting thing of the day is Chad assigning me to work on a 17" Powerbook that someone brought in because he couldnt get it to boot. Oh, and he forgot to tell us that he dropped the damn thing, which isnt hard to MISS when you look at the back and see the dents, scratches and marks from where it was dropped. I rassled with it for a while, then finally figured we would wait untill today to deal with it.

Max, Cari, Elo and I went out to Jeds for dinner like the happy lil family we are. Had a good time, had a few beers, then came home and watched Die Another Day, the James Bond flick i got for my birthday. Not bad, but not the best bond movie ive seen. After that, max and i stayed up while i negotiated with this crazy lady from new york to buy her quicksilver g4 off of her. I got a pretty good deal. Its a Quicksilver g4 800Mhz, CD-RW, 40Gb HD, 256 MB ram, Final Cut Express and a scanner for 1000. After i get it and transfer over my files and applications, im going to sell my G4 400Mhz on ebay(i should get around 500$ for it, so 500$ for this new G4 aint too bad), put my 120GB hard drive in the new one, put an old 20 gb drive in the 400mhz and leave 128mb ram in the 400Mhzand put the 384 in the new Quicksilver. I wanted to get an emac, but didnt need the monitor, but wanted the flexibility and expandability of a powermac. I know my parents promised me a "mac of my choice" when i graduate, and this one i just got has the horses to do what i need untill december or january when i graduate. Plus its coming with a scanner and final cut express, so i can do more with digital imaging, photography and movie making. Should be nice. Im excited. Now once i get paid on friday, shes going to send it out to me. Hopefully mid next week, ill be the proud owner of a quicksilver G4. Next on my ebay list of things to get, a 15 inch LCD apple studio display. For 200$, you cant beat the picture quality of the digital output. Im losing my love of CRT monitors. Too dull. Yich.

After going to bed, the next day i was woken up by bobbins who got all riled up after cari played with her in the morning. I got alot of work done during the morning, so i did more communication with crazy new york mac lady, organized my room and did other things here and there. Red and i went to Hunan for some tasty dinner, chatted for a while then i went back home to start working on moving some computer parts around. I wanted to see if the burner thats in my PC(that windows XP hates with a passion) would work in my G4. Alas, it didnt work. I also did some stupid things with my PC so that now it doesnt boot. FYI, dont delete linux partitions if you dont know what you are doing. Its not smart. Now i have to take the 80 GB drive out of my Mac, put it in my PC, do a fresh install of windows on that, slave the 20 to it, pull off the data, then format the 20Gb drive to put in my old g4 when i go to sell it. After all of this, i will have 3 desktop machines with the following statistics.

Pentium 4 1.6A GHZ
512 MB Ram
80 GB Hard Drive
Windows XP
17" KDS CRT Monitor

PowerMac G4 (Quicksilver Model)
G4 800 MHZ
640 MB Ram
120GB Hard Drive
Mac OS 10.2 Jaguar
17" Sony Trinitron Monitor(soon to be 15" LCD Apple Studio Display)

PowerMac G4 (Sawtooth Mode)
G4 400 MHZ
128 MB Ram
20 GB Hard Drive
Mac OS 10.2 Jaguar
(EST Selling price ~500$) If anyone is interested, send me an email at

Yeah, sorry for getting so technical in my personal blog, but this is my hobby, and love doing this stuff. Muahahahaha...

Sunday, i got up, tried messing with my stupid hard drive mess up on my windows machines(man windows pisses me off) and then at 1, I left to go to Tom Gruzs's Graduation Party in Columbus. 2.5 hours down there, but what a beautiful day to drive. I had a great time at tom's party, it was good to see him and leslie(his girlfriend of like 6 years or so). I also got to see Randy Tackett, who was in the Intel Server Platform Services group that i worked in last summer at American Electric Power. He was telling me about all the different changes at AEP and how i would hate it there now. He said that almost everyone wants to quit because of all the stupid changes that have gone on, and even if i didnt have to stay and take classes this summer, that i wouldnt have even had an internship position again. That sucks. However, Im really glad tom got a job there, hes put in alot of time with them, and really deserved a good job from them. Id love to work there, and while its windows stuff, i wouldnt mind doing it, id just REALLY rather do work with Macs for a career. Problem is its a niche market. Heres to hoping i get a gig with that. After i drove the 2.5 hours home, i got a call from Franklin telling me they were grilling out over at our friend Chris Hauk's apartment. I went over there, had some meats and beers, then came home with full intention of fixing my PC, instead, i went to bed. I was kind of worked up because 1.) I had some alcohol in my system and 2.) because Katie called me while i was at chris's. Normally, those should be good things, right? Well, katie called me to tell me that she fell on her hand again(the hand she broke last summer) and had to be taken to the hospital, but it wasnt broken because she was wearing her brace on it. So thats good, but she was so upset, sounded so stressed and so sad...and i couldnt do anything about it. Thats what sucks so bad, is i cant do anything to make her feel better. Maybe i shouldnt nag her, and know that no matter what i say or do, shes going to climb and fall, but i worry about her and care about her. Only 2 more weeks from friday. I cant wait.

Today was a little different, i came into work at 10 and worked till 1, then had class from 1-230 and then im working 230-10. Hopefully ill be able to stop by BW3 tonite for a bit to hang with B.R.A.D W. Dont know, though. Im working more hours in the morning because im taking tuesday and wednesday afternoon/night off. Why?


Thats right, kids. 6 shows in 3 weeks. Tuesday and wednesday, ill be in Columbus, Ohio for the first 2 shows of the tour. This is the first time ive been able to go to a tour opening run, im hoping its going to be great. Sloka is coming into town tomorrow for the show. Its gonna be nice to spend some time with sloka again, i miss the kid. Wednesday, Red and I are heading down for night 2, and hopefully having dinner with Tom and Leslie. Gonna be goooood.

I think thats all for now, thats whats going on with me, its been a pretty eventful weekend. Looking back, this was a pretty haus entry. Lol. Oh well, feel free to leave love in the chatterbox!

Positive: DMB TOMORROW AND THURSDAY! Seeing tom and dinner time with the crew.
Negative: STILL 3 weeks till katie comes home
Quote: He couldnt find his ass with a flashlight 2 hands and a GPS - Max
Song of the day: Dave Matthews Band - #41
Cool Mac Moment: NEW MAC COMING!

Final time of blog entry: 6:25PM