Thursday, July 31, 2003

Hello all...

Not much going on lately of note.

Heres a day in the life of me.

Wake up at 6:45, shower, get dressed, find something to eat and head to one of my 6 different times i meet for physics that week.

8:00am. Physics...something. Monday/wed its lecture. Tues its Recitation(aka bring beer for the teacher and you get full credit for the quiz) and lab. Friday its only lab.

Home for a quick bite to eat after all that jazz, maybe an hour or two to relax, play some Star Wars Galaxies, or to go to Univeristy Of Findlay to work on this contract job that i have signed up for. Then its off to work at ITS from 2-10(monday through thursday) or after class untill 5 on friday.





Its getting really old. I hate physics, i hate the BS corrupt teacher we have and how noone will stand up to him. Im pretty much getting really tired of working nights, just in time to come home, not have energy to do things i need to just so i can go to bed and wake up and do it all over again.

Hopefully that is ALL about to change. After next week, summer classes will be over. BUT, today i have decided to apply for a full time job that opened up on campus. Its 40 hours a week, salary, benefits..the whole shebang. Its working for IMS, pretty much doing what im doing now, so it should be a real good thing if it works out. Rumor also has it that there may be a TSS position opening up here at ITS that im going to look into as well.

Meh, thats the general attitude.

Thats all for now, ill talk to you all later.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Yeah, i know havent had any posts of merit lately. Its been one of the roughest weeks of my life and i really havent had the chance or the feeling to post about it here..

And im not going to do it now. If anyone wants to talk to me about it, let me know, other then that, im trying to deal with everything the best i can.

I hope all is well with everyone else...soon i hope to feel up to posting about daily occurrances as well as projects and things that im up to. The only thing im excited about right now is Star Wars: Galaxies. Its been a long long time since ive geeked over a computer game like this(i think it was diablo 2 with josh and maury) but then again, RPG's have a way of sucking you in. I created a new character, been messing around with it here and there. Havent had a chance to really spend alot of time messing with it, but thats ok, since Greg Gilbert, a fellow ITS employee plays as well, and is able to play a bit more then i am(stupid class and working till 10pm) We just got a house today, and im working on being a smuggler so i can do slicing(hacking) and be a spice dealer(kind of like a drug dealer, but spices are drugs that are combat enhancers) Its all pretty cool, at least to me.

Im out for now, leave some love on the chatterbox...although this whole website has seemed dead lately. If not for the lack of new blogger templates, id change everything up to give it a new look, however i digress.

I hope all is well with everyone...take care.

Positive: Star Wars : Galaxies
Negative: Um...yeah.

In every heart there is a room
A sanctuary safe and strong
To heal the wounds from lovers past
Until a new one comes along
-Billy Joel

Song of the day:And So It Goes - Billy Joel
Cool Mac Moment: Apple dropping their education prices 5-15% Good thing i dont have money, or id be stupid and buy stuff...

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

I'm not right
And I'm not fine
I wanna be rain that tastes like wine
I wanna be good
I wanna be great
I wanna be everything except for your mistake

Send me inside your mind
I wanna know what you're thinking
This time I'll try to be the one you always thought you knew

It's true
I'm blue
And without you -

I'm not right
I'm not fine
I wanna be rain that tastes like wine
I wanna be good
I wanna be great
I wanna be everything except for your mistake

Let me into your view
I wanna know how you see this thing that's us
I must keep managing my madness over you

And I don't want your sympathy just understanding
We'd be better off if I just took some time to try to understand you

I'm not right
I'm not fine
I wanna be rain that tastes like wine
I wanna be seen
I wanna get clean
I wanna just fall out of in-between
I'm not right
I'm not right
I don't wanna be your mistake

Monday, July 21, 2003

She said she'd meet me in the bar
At the Plaza Hotel
"Wear a jacket and a tie"
"What's the occasion?"
She just smiled and she wouldn't say why
So here I am standing , waiting in the lobby
Sweating bullets in this stupid old suit
And when she sees me she busts out laughing
"You're a sad sight honey, but you look so cute" and

I don't want to be alone anymore
I was checking you out
I was just making sure
No, I don't want to be alone anymore
And, I want you tonight
Although you hurt me before
It didn't matter that I felt like a fool
'Cause I forgot when she walked through the door
I said I'm sorry, but she said it was cool
And I don't want to be alone anymore

It's so confusing choosing sides
In the heat of the moment
Just to see if it's real
It's so erotic having you
Tell me how it should feel
But I'm avoiding all the hard cold facts
That I've got to face
So ask me just one question
When this magic night is through
Could it have been just anyone
Or did it have to be you
And, will you still be saying-

I don't want to be alone anymore
I was checking you out
I was just making sure
No, I don't want to be alone anymore
And, I want you tonight
Although you hurt me before
It didn't matter that I felt like a fool
'Cause I forgot when she walked through the door
I said I'm sorry, but she said it was cool
And I don't want to be alone anymore

But, don't you know that it's wrong
It's wrong, it's wrong
But like the song
Being caught by the wink of an eye
I can't be sure we'll get along
But I'm willing to try
As long as you can tell me-

I don't want to be alone anymore
I was checking you out
I was just making sure
No, I don't want to be alone anymore
And, I want you tonight
Although you hurt me before
It didn't matter that I felt like a fool
'Cause I forgot when she walked through the door
I said I'm sorry, but she said it was cool
And I don't want to be alone anymore

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Im sure this will stir up alot of debate, but id love the discussion.

The President’s top priorities are winning the war, protecting the homeland and generating economic growth and jobs, and he has continued to lead boldly on these priorities. However, the lagging economy and weak stock market caused revenues to decline further, which explains the biggest change in the budget position, followed by the costs of the war and the economic growth plan. Although large in nominal terms, these deficits are manageable and the Administration plans to cut the deficit in half in a few years through a combination of economic growth and spending restraint. Thanks to the President delivering on a 3rd consecutive growth plan and other factors, the economy seems poised for a strong recovery.


Budget projections from the Federal Budget Submission
Fiscal Year 2003     
304 Billion

Fiscal Year 2004     
307 Billion

Fiscal Year 2005     
208 Billion

Fiscal Year 2006     
201 Billion

Fiscal Year 2007    
178 Billion

Fiscal Year 2008     
190 Billion

At the end of Fiscal Years 2004-08
1.08 Billion

The Deficit Is Manageable. The deficit is manageable given the shocks our economy has endured (recession, terrorist attacks, revelation of corporate scandals, and a weak market). At 4.2% of GDP, it is well below the 1983 peak modern-day deficit of 6% (it’s not even in the top five). In fact, it is the same or smaller than deficits following similar recessions. These deficits are not hurting the economy right now, as interest rates are at 45-year lows. 

Cut the Deficit With Economic Growth and Spending Restraint. The fundamentals – lower taxes, a positive outcome in Iraq, strong housing markets, record low interest rates, renewed consumer confidence, low inflation -- are in place for a strong recovery and job growth. Tax refund checks are on the way. A strong economy and spending restraint will cut the deficit by more than half. Economic growth creates surpluses, not the other way around.

Tax Relief is Helping the Economy Recover. Economists generally agree that the 2001 tax relief helped combat the recession, and that the latest growth and jobs package will help spark investment, recovery and job creation. Now is exactly the wrong time to raise taxes.

The Need for Spending Discipline. The President’s budget holds growth in discretionary spending below 4% (less than half the growth rate of recent years) because government spending should not grow faster than family income. In fact, spending growth outside of defense and homeland security has been slowed from 6.0% in FY02, to 4.7% in FY03, to a proposed 2.0% in FY04 (compared to a near 15% spike in FY01). The President’s budget would also re-impose spending caps and pay-as-you-go requirements to help slow spending further.

Recession, Plunging Revenues and the War – Not Tax Relief – Brought Back the Deficit.  

The overwhelming reason for the change in deficit from the February projection continues to be the impact of the recession and previously weak market on tax revenues. Revenues dropped for three years in a row, which hasn’t happened in the U.S. since the 1920s. The recession and its revenue effects erased 100% of the projected FY 2002 surplus. 

The response to the attacks of September 11th resulted in unanticipated but necessary spending of roughly $180B to prosecute the war on terrorism (including Operation Iraqi Freedom), build a robust homeland security system, and rebuild New York. Both parties overwhelmingly supported this additional spending.

If there had been NO TAX CUTS, not in 2001, 2002, or 2003, the budget would be in triple digit deficits today ($278B in 2003).

Monday, July 14, 2003

John Mayer Fan?

New album coming out on Sept 9th

Check it out here!

Also, if you pre-order, there is an acoustic track that hasnt been released before! Its called sucker, and ive heard other versions, but this is definately the best!


Saturday, July 12, 2003

Wow...what a day. Commissioning was INCREDIBLE. I got on the ship, etc. I wont go into the details, cause im sure noone cares.

In the rare event you DO care, here are the pictures from it!

Day 3 - U.S.S Ronald Reagan Commissioning Ceremony

Anyone seen my girl? *pokes around, looks worried since he hasnt heard from her in a while*

Positive: My first and probably last time on an aircraft carrier! Meeting pilots from VF - 213 and seeing the vice president speak...incredible
Negative: SO HOT IN VIRGINIA! That and im so sunburned now!
Quote: "Some people are kind of dissapointed i didnt land on the carrier like the president did on the lincoln a few weeks back, maybe next time i will" - Vice President Dick Cheney on his helicopter landing on the deck of the USS Ronald Reagan
Song of the day: Anchors Aweigh
Cool Mac Moment: Uh...either noone has been leaving me IMs, or iChat has been eating them...either way im switching back to AIM untill iChat AV isnt a public beta anymore...

Friday, July 11, 2003


Thats right, kids, its day 2 in norfolk. This morning we got up at the buttcrack of dawn, got breakfast, then drove the 20 minutes out to virginia beach so that we could take the HRT(Hampton Roads Tranportation) exclusive tour of the Naval Air Station at Oceana, the largest NAS in the world. We got there early, so i had time to walk around the beach in my bare feet for a while. Such a pretty town, beautiful beach, etc etc etc.

We took the tour of the base, and got to have lunch at the officers club on the base. Saw alot of incredible aircraft, f-14's, f/a-18's, E-6's, f-16's(why air force jets were on a naval base, well never know) and had 2 great tour guides to give us all the information. We were able to get on the "flightline" as the military guys call it, which is the tarmac where all the aircraft are parked right by the runways. After lunch, we went to what they call "The Petting Zoo" which is where they take 1 of every aircraft the navy has ever used and put them all in a row so people can walk up to them and see what they look like and feel like as well as get a real scale of size. We also got bumper stickers for me and my mom that say "I (heart) Jet Noise - The Sound of FREEDOM" So funny! Why is it funny? Cause its true! There were full squadrons of aircraft flying around the base, i tried taking some pictures of them, but because they have the gull grey low vis paint job on them, it was impossible to get pictures to come out. Which is the point of that paint scheme! It was awesome. Nothing i could write here could do it the slightest bit of justice. Youll just have to look at the pictures on my website, which are now up for the first 2 days!

Day 1 - Downtown Norfolk and the Harbor Cruse Tour
Day 2 - Virginia Beach and Oceana Naval Air Station

I hope you all check them out! Im having a blast here, and those pictures are a good representation of whats going on!

Tonight is going to be pretty low key, maybe go swimming, get something to eat (30 minutes inbetween of course ;-) and probably an early bedtime. Tomorrow is the big commissioning, and we have to be there in our seats by 10 AM, however there are going to be 20,000 people there according to our tour guide on the bus today, so im thinking we need to get there alittle early. Im sure to have plenty of awesome pictures from tomorrow, its going to be one hell of a ride. Leave me some love in the chatterbox and let me know what you think of the pictures!

I know you all miss me ;-)

(psst, i miss you, katie!)

Negative: So frigging hot here, its over 110 heat index...blah
Quote: "That plane is for anti-submarine warfare, but they dont use it for that anymore, cause noone has squat on our subs anymore..." - Tim, the Navy officer who did some tour guide stuff for us who is a member of VFW - 101, The Grim Reapers
Song of the day: God Bless America
Cool Mac Moment: .Mac, for letting me post my pictures on my website!

Thursday, July 10, 2003


Thats right kids! Here i am, posting in my hotel room in norfolk, va. Im here this weekend because my family got invited to the official commissioning of the newest aircraft carrier, the U.S.S Ronald Reagan. My family are huge military buffs. We love to go to naval bases and keep up with all the huge hardware that the military has. This whole thing started 5 years ago when my parents took me here to NAS Oceana and the Norfolk Naval Station as a stop on our way to DC. We just happened to stop here the same day that they were commissioning the USS Harry Truman, the latest carrier at that time. The president(clinton, ick) was here and the whole shebang. That day, my mom promised to get us on the commissioning of the next carrier. So here we are, 5 years later, and she fulfilled her promise. She made donations to the navy league, wrote her local congresswoman, etc, and we have tickets to the commissioning on sunday. Its going to be awesome.

The vice president is speaking, we will not only get on the aircraft carrier, but have a seat during the ceremony, and are going to an after party where lee greenwood is performing. Its all really exciting. For those of you who know band literature, my dad is good friends with Steve Millello(of stormworks fame) and he is writing a piece for the commissioning that the navy band is performing. He may be coming with us if he doesnt get any passes for himself. Its going to be such an awesome time.

Today, i drove to cleveland intl airport and flew out to norfolk. First off, we had an avionics failure in the plane that needed to be replaced before we took off. I met my parents in norfolk late since they were flying in from chicago, and found out they lost one of their bags. We got to the hotel, then decided to walk around town, found someplace to eat, and then headed over to the Nauticus, the Naval Museum in downtown norfolk. Our hotel is right downtown, so we are in walking distance of almost anything. We went through the museum, i bought something very pretty for katie, then took a tour of the USS Wisconsin, which is a battleship that is on inactive reserve(meaning it can be sent to sea in time of a national emergency). After that, i talked to katie(i forgot to call her and told her i got here ok cause of all the craziness at the airport) then we took the Norfolk harbor cruise, where we rode a boat all around the harbor. From Newport News shipyard(the largest shipyard in the world, they make all the navy's ships) to the Norfolk Naval Station, we saw so much. I took a ton of pictures, but the crazy ghetto internet here in the hotel room wont let me upload them to my website(ill get them all up once i get back, dont worry) There are so many ships in port at NNS, 3 aircraft carriers(including the reagan and the USS Enterprise) over 20 Missile frigates/destroyers/cruisers, a handful of submarines and many supply and support ships. For someone like me, its very very exciting. I cant wait untill the commissioning ceremony on saturday!

Tomorrow, we are going to take a tour of the Naval Air Station Oceana then head over to Virginia Beach for some good time with the sun so im not so goddamn pasty. Going to be a nice relaxing day.

Hope all is well with everyone else, i miss my girl, i wish she could be here!!

Hopefully more posting tomorrow night with news of what ive been up to!

Positive: BOATS!
Negative: Airlines suck so much, its not even funny
Quote: "Thats one big ass ship." - my Dad
Song of the day: Press On - Robert Randolph and the Family Band
Cool Mac Moment: Im on my laptop in Norfolk! That, and iPhoto is working wonders for editing my bad pictures i took today, and sorting out the unusable ones!

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Im still alive, i promise!

Here i am, going a week without posting...bad wags, bad wags. Heres the run down.

Last wed, i went to class, then drove home to chicago. Spent the night doing nothing, lounging around the house with my mom and i fell asleep at 9. Yes, 9pm. I suck.

The next morning, i went downtown with my dad to the doctor with him, then to the new apple store. (pictures to come soon). The store is awesome, 2 stories, one of apples new flagship stores. For those of you following my laptop woes, they were clueless about the problems im having with it, so i opted to just buy a new hard drive for it. Im thinking about selling it on ebay and getting a 12 inch powerbook. I dont know, im going to wait and see if they are upgraded soon, though.

That night, Martha(the last remaining high school friend i have) and i went to Tinley Park, IL for DMB show number 3. Pretty good set, awesome seats, terrible acoustics. Im never going back to that venue again. Heres the setlist...

Don’t Burn The Pig 
Fool To Think 
One Sweet World 
Pay For What You Get 
Drive In Drive Out 
You Never Know 
Where Are You Going 
Too Much 
Dreaming Tree 
Tripping Billies 
(Blue Water) 
Typical Situation 
What You Are 

(song name) indicates a partial song

Full band blue water was really good. Really exciting to see them pull that out, plus the new What You Are intro is just plain sick. The acoustics are really just god awful there, though. I cant even believe how bad they were. A good thing? I weasled my way out of the parking lot in 5 minutes, rather then an hour. Hehehe, im so clever. After a lovely stop at steak and shake, back home to bed.

4th of july. Woot. Went to watch the parade with mom to take pictures of my dads high school band. It was the first time in a long time that i have seen the band and not been marching. My dad has this thing where alumni can come back and march in the 4th parade, but since i had the surgery on my throat and havent played in over 2 years, i figured it wouldnt work, plus i didnt make any of the rehersals. We had a nice cook out that night(minus the wasps) and saw the fireworks that they shot off at the country club behind my house. I even played secret agent man(insert music) and snuck out onto the golf course with the fam and sat on the green to watch the 'works. Good times.

On the 5th, i got up, kind of jerked around the house, did some laundry, had some lunch, etc...then Martha came at 2 to pick me up so we could drive to East Troy, Wisconsin for dmb show 4 and 5. The drive was fun, had some funny moments, checked into our hotel and got to the show in good time. We went to lake geneva for dinner at a place called popeyes, which was really good. Not the fried chicken chain, this was a sit down resteraunt that was owned by a Americas Cup winner. Pretty good...had a Gyro :-) We headed off to the show then, had a few beers in the parking lot that we took along, then headed in. Robert Randolph and the Family Band opened, and they were smokin. Too bad they only have 1 CD out thats a live CD with 5 tracks, cause the play some good stuff. The concert was awesome, good set and good crowd. Heres the setlist from that night.

Grey Street 
When The World Ends 
Say Goodbye 
Loving Wings 
Where Are You Going 
What Would You Say 
Ants Marching 
Cry Freedom 
Last Stop 
The Stone 
If I Had It All 
Jimi Thing 
Two Step 
The Maker 

Another solid set, not a bad song in it. Rapunzel was off the hook and ants in the middle of the set was such a throwoff.(its normally a closer for those of you non-dmb fans) Martha and i parked about 100 yards from the exit, and it took us over an hour to get out of the damn parking lot(aka grass field). Sucked. However, her CRV was a trooper in making sure we kept our spot in the line. Went back to the hotel, slept in the room that "smelt of must" and then got up the next morning to check out at noon.

Now, mind you, i knew that it was supposed to rain like mad on sunday. How do i know such information? BECAUSE I WATCH THE WEATHER CHANNEL. I told martha, if its pouring, i wont want to stay at the show. She thought that was dumb, but i stuck to my guns. We went to this place called millies for breakfast, kinda tasty, then to find more pre show festivities beer. Not only did we find beer, but chex mix, gum, water for after the show, and martha(being the strangest woman i know) had to have fried chicken for after the show, so we got some KFC. Shes insane. "Well, i had me some bacon, now fried chicken, if only i had some beef to top off my day" - Martha

We watch nasty clouds roll into ET(does gang symbol) and parked, had some beer and chicken...then it rained. No, scratch that. It poured. No, scratch that. Hurricane Tommytoughnuts came through and wrecked the world. 12 people got hit by lightning(they were all leaning on a metal fence and the fence got hit) and the lot got flooded. It rained up untill the show started...ick. Especially since we were on the lawn. The people we were around were awesome, but in general, the crowd sucks on the lawn. People there just for the scene. Blegh. Here was the set for that night.

Don’t Drink the Water 
Rhyme & Reason 
Fool To Think 
One Sweet World 
Song That Jane Likes 
Too Much 
Dancing Nancies 
Grace Is Gone 
Help Myself 
So Much To Say 
Digging a Ditch 
What You Are 

Nancies into warehouse was so old school. SMTS into minarets was incredible too. It was a decent set, hearing 2 songs(minarets and help myself) that ive never seen live before. Fink(marthas nickname) and i ran out to the car to try to get a head start. We get out, drink our water and finish off the rest of our chicken, and end up finding a back way out of Alpine Valley, so instead of the 2 hours we figured it would take, it only took 20 minutes. Drove home to chicago, got home by 1, then sleepy time.

Woke up the next morning to total ass rain storms, packed my stuff and headed back to BG. Got here around 330, and i finally got to see katie for a small bit. Its so good to see her, ive missed her more then words can even say. Had dinner with the Abell family(including sister and grandparents) and played tech support guy for the whole night. Anything to help out the family. Since katie couldnt leave her house, i went home and got some sleep.

Got up this morning, went to fizix lab, then had "lunch" with katie. Working 2-10 today, and damn if we didnt have the storm of jesus. Roof blown off of the airport, off of the music building and heavy damage to the fieldhouse. 2 planes collided on the BG airport runway and a helicopter got damaged as well. 50+ trees estimated down, a tree through a window at the health center, plus other misc damage. Pretty nasty. 2 more waves of storms coming too. WoooooOOooOOOOoooOOoooOOo. Good thing i get to see katie tonight, though :-)

Well, now that i just made the post of jesus, im goin to get back to work. Hope all is well with everyone, and i hope to post the pictures of my trip up soon. I may not post again untill next week sometime, tomorrow i have class and work all day, then thursday morning im driving to cleveland ITL arpt then flying to norfolk for the commissioning of the U.S.S Ronald Reagan, the newest aircraft carrier for the navy. Mom has some friends in high places that got us into the ceremony and onto the ship. Its going to be an awesome thing to see. So ill be out untill sunday in beautiful norfolk VA, one of my favorite places in the world.

Leave me some love in EL chatterbox, and all my crazy travelling will be over soon!

Negative: Stormy McStormerson kicked BG's ass
Quote: "ICE CREAM!!!!" - Katie
Song of the day: Best When Your On Top - Wallflowers
Cool Mac Moment: Apple store in chicago....*drool*