Sunday, February 23, 2003

So....sitting here watching the grammys....this is how i know im getting old. Theres some artists on here that i dont really get. Dixie chicks....i dont know, they arent bad, they just dont do anything for me. Avril levigne...i dont know. Shes nothing special. Some girl whos real cagy and can sing half decent. Bruce springsteen...good music, but it looks like it hurts him to sing. like to give a huge I TOLD YOU SO to everyone. My boy, John Mayer won a grammy tonite...ive been listening to him for 2 years, seen him in clubs. I remember when id say john mayer, and id hear...john who? Im proud of him, granted he won for a song that isnt really my favorite, but at least he gets recognition. Now, i know this means its going to get harder to see him live...grrrrr

Last night....hmm, where should i start? How about right after i posted my last blog entry. After i posted, i did some more work...then all hell broke loose. Like tons and tons and tons of snow. It snowed from about 12pm to about 4am straight hard. I think we got a total of about 8-10 inches, but there were drifts over a foot. THEN our firewall/dhcp sercer took a dump and i had no way to do work i needed to do. Of course, stupid BG DOT wont plow ever, so it was heinous out. But like i always stay, drive smart and yer fine. One of my employees ended up calling me because she was sick. I felt so bad for her, shes been sick for a while. I told her that i would help her out and would do her rounds at night. I braved the snow, did them was go time.

Met up with jen and scott after midnite, got a call from mike mccomas(from ITS) and we ended up meeting up at sky bar. It was a very different crowd out there, and damn did mccomas get WASTED. It was pretty funny to see him. Took him, his lovely girlfriend, scott and jen home then stayed up till 4 watching tv. Figures, its the weekend, and i couldnt sleep. Meh.

Got up at 10, did more work today, meetings and what not. Now i think im gonna go watch the rest of the grammys and head off to bed. Till tomorrow, yall...asterissssssssskkkkssssss

Positive: Seeing McComas trashed out of his brain
Quote: "Let me hhellllp" - McComas right before he fell on my car when i was dusting off my windows
Song of the day: Let it snow....
Cool Mac Moment: Using my mac laptops network utility to help diagnose our network problem...

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