Tuesday, February 11, 2003

"Sometimes i feel like im faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggg...fall....back....again..." - DMB


That was the sound of my dead body hitting the desk. These 12 hour days kill me. 8am to 8pm straight, wow. If i could travel back in time back to my first semester as a freshman, sit myself down and tell young me what ive been through at college, i dont think young me would believe old me. I dont even believe what ive done and gone through in my time here. Some days it seems ive been here such a short time, other times i feel like the old man wags that people call me. If i could take young me around with me for a day, i bet id scare young me to death. Saying, know what young wags? When you are a senior, are 21 and think all you are gonna do is take easy major classes and go to the bars, you will actually be working 40 hours a week, class 20, be in a fraternity and a professional organization. You will try to excel at everything, instead pretty much fail at everything and wear yourself into a smoldering heap of human matter everyday. After that, you will go to bed, wake up and think you can change the world. Oh well..i guess its more or less the attitude that keeps me goin.

As you may or may not have seen, i now have redirected this page to www.brianwaggoner.com Maybe itll get some more views...maybe not. Dont worry, kids, the movie is still in development, just slowing down cause of how busy i am...

Cheap plug here... http://sleepingnexttowaterfalls.blogspot.com Thats the blog for the smartest person i know, E.schrades. Eric is not only a great co-worker and employee but also a great friend. Hes got lots of good sense in his head and im gonna miss him once he graduates. Head over and check out his blog....well...after reading the rest of mine...no...KEEP READING....CMON.

Well, for those of you who didnt abandon me to the man who has sweet belt buckles, what a day its been. What a long morning of meetings. 8am - 11:30am straight. Some meetings that went ok, some that went just god-awful-piss-poor. But, youll have that in management. I just feel like im treading water and im barely able to keep my head above water at RCC. No matter how hard i work, it just seems that i got more and more things working against me. I try to be as dedicated as i can be to a job, but man, after days like today...it sure is hard. Oh well. Like i said, it comes with the territory i think.

More class with kolla. Nothing can add to frustration like class with kolla. The guy means well, i just have a hard time understanding what he says sometimes. Deciphering what he says and writes is just hard. Takes a 1.5 hour lecture and draws it out. Plus finding out that i have to get all my makeup work for my class i missed done by march first. yes, as in alittle over 2 weeks away. Its a good thing i found out..............TODAY. Ugh. Add another thing on my pile of shit i have to do that i HAVE NO FRIGGING TIME TO DO IT.

Work this afternoon went well, was very productive and i got alot done. Its amazing what a bad mood can do to my motivation. Sometimes it kicks me into high gear, sometimes i dont want to do anything. This afternoon, i had some good meetings and some good brainstorming. Plus i got to meet with the staff who will be trying out a new job, and they seem to be fairly excited about it. Almost as excited as i am about this whole thing. Lets hope it goes well. Everything starts a week from today with it, i think it will definately be a new change.

Home tonite at 8, had some dinner, first real meal of the day. New 24 tonite and damn was it good. Now im sitting here debating if i should do any work or if i should cut my losses and go to bed. I got toad sleeping on my chest( http://www.slooks.com/images/wags/wagsntoad.jpg ), got some DMB on....hmmm...choices choices choices.

Let me know if you are reading this and like it. I know of a few people who read it, and its kind of theraputic for me to get it out, but i wonder if any of you are reading this and actually enjoy reading it. IM me @ waggoner98 and let me know.

Have a good nite, blog readers, till tomorrow....
Positive: 24. Best Show Ever.
Negative: Getting yelled at.
Quote: "I think it looks kind of like a vegetable" - Phil talking about Dr. kollas handwriting of an R.
Song of the day: DMB - #41
Cool Mac Moment: Keynote - kicking ass on another presentation...

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