Tuesday, February 25, 2003


Hey all...wags here as usual. What a day. I survived. The flu is back in my body with full force. Meetings this morning...so frustrating at times. Ugh. Somedays i dont mind workin, some others i just go nutty. Today was the latter rather then the former.

Class? Exam in ECT 300? Destruction? Yah. I just for once would like a Kolla exam where i would come out going...GODDAMN. I ACED THAT DAMN THING. Will it ever happen? never ever. Got my Exam back from 453. Didnt do well on it. I dont get it. Makes no sense. No matter how hard i work in those classes, i just get screwed. Makes me wonder why i work.

Good times with e. schrades this afternoon at work. He always puts me in a better mood. maybe its the belt buckles or his dry wit, but that kid sure can pick me up when im down. Thanks Eric. Gonna miss you when yer gone. And i dont mean that homosexually.

Tonite, did some work and fixed ole josh malcoms computer. Spyware and registry errors had taken his machine over. Hope its runnin better now. Spyware = tha devil. Remember that kids. Spyware bad.

24 was good as usual. Is it bad that i kind of want the bomb to go off? meh...

So, apparently one of our cats is writing songs for me. Heres a little excerpt...

PimpSLAYER187: toad just made another song for you
Waggoner98: oh yah?
Waggoner98: scribbled on paper again?
PimpSLAYER187: no
PimpSLAYER187: she uses the computer now
PimpSLAYER187: here, she wants to send it too you

I got a fuzzy cat and her name is toad
becareful now or else she'll explode,
with a puddle o piss, and then she'll get mad
and hiss

meow meow meow meow
meow meow
meow meow meow meow

And here is the published version of "Barkin in the woods" By Toad

who's that barkin
deep in the woods
oh my word it is the mountain toad.

jumpin through the air with the blonde foot
she'll stomp on yo ass and make you wack.

with the furry fur she make you cough
then its in your eyes and you can't see
blined by the light and then she'll pee
all over the floor and then you'll slip

she will bark and call you jack
and you'll try to give her a wack

but she'll bounce to the tree,
just like when you set some birds free...

Wow. On THAT note, im off to study for my management midterm then sleepy wags.
Positive: Its tuesday...that means...24!
Negative: Sick, class, work. You name it.
Quote: I mean, i dont wanna sound homosexual...but you look good - eric talking about how my diet is workin
Song of the day: Blue Man Group W/ Dave Matthews - Sing Along
Cool Mac Moment: Office v.X is pretty nice...too bad its still Micro$oft.

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