Sunday, January 29, 2006

Holy Crap!

Got a review for gamecastonline from a website called that reviewed us. Take a read, we got a 5/5!

GameCast Online
Subject: Games and Gadgets
Host: Brian Waggoner (AKA Asros from Taverncast)
Commentary: Brian's alter-ego, Asros, on Taverncast is the most disruptive personality on that show, but on GameCast, where Brian is the host he is surprisingly lucid. GameCast online can best be summarized as Gaming Steve Jr. The content is similar, the format is similar, and the production quality is equally superb. The only significant difference is the host. Gaming Steve excels in expertise and industry insight, but Brian excels in producing entertaining shows with precisely the right amount of detail within his chosen subjects. His laid back style, dry sense of humor, honest and insightful commentary and excellent production skills mark him as perhaps the most accomplished podcaster on this entire list. GameCast Online is an excellent show, and while I was skeptical at first, this podcast is now among my favorites. Brian has had a variety of well chosen co-hosts on his show, my only request to Brian would be, please never invite Jamie Jordan from Gaming Uncensored to be a guest again. The show deserves better.
(5 out of 5)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

My little Bears, my how far you came...

Another bear has been elected to the pro bowl, using the NFC's Need position. Im so proud of these guys this season....most analysts didnt give them a chance to win the division, let alone be the #2 seed in the NFC in the playoffs. Lets hope next year they can build on this!

"Bears tight end Desmond Clark on Wednesday was selected to the Pro Bowl as the NFC's 'need player.'

Clark's inclusion gives the Bears seven Pro Bowlers, tying the Colts and Seahawks for the most in the NFL.

Clark's teammates who were voted to the game include Brian Urlacher, Olin Kreutz, Tommie Harris, Mike Brown, Lance Briggs and Nathan Vasher. " -

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Asshole Of The Year Award Goes to......

This Hack!

Seriously. This guy did it just for the press hes getting/creating. Just because you dont like what people are doing doesnt mean you badmouth them. It means you support them in anyway you can to get them home safe, you insignificant jackass.

Cellular - bananular Phone!


Episodes in Instancing

So, this is a post i made on my guild site about a guild instance run in WOW last night. Pretty funny story, IMO.

We set up an UBRS group last night. Despite an Officers meeting on TS and login issues, we were able to get a group put together quickly and off to the instance, thanks to Kristyn and Defile grabbing a few pick ups. We had a 15 man raid of mostly pods, only about 4-5 pick ups. Including Happylaoda...which if you havent had the pleasure of meeting, he is a Chinese Gold Farmer rogue...and very odd. Ni hao?

As the first guild UBRS run, there were some things to be expected, and i pity the pick ups that werent on teamspeak to hear the tomfoolery :P Raid started off pretty well, even though after the first boss, kristyn pulled an exact replica of Leroy jenkins, and went in and agrod a bunch of the rookery whelps....wiping the party. At that point....we had our first PUG drop. Claiming they had to help their guild with something, we all knew why :P

After shendo walked through the eggs....(he claimed a graphics glitch) and a PUG's voidwalker walked through the eggs, i figured we were done with those frigging whelps. Ohhh no. Our favorite farmer rogue said that he knew of a mage to bring into the raid to round us out at 15, even though it really came out as "i know invite mage plz" or something to that effect. SO a few of us ran outside to send a summon, and after 2 tries, he didnt show. Kristyn said to forget it and keep moving, and we started pulling some mobs on the ledge above the rookery. Well, less than 5 min later, we see the mage, face down in a pile of rookery whelps. We decide to rez him after the whelps despawn, and as he is rez'd, he immediately ninjas a nice hunter 1h axe, while cru rolled need on it. Mage...with an agil axe....makes sense. So we tell him to cut that out, and move on. Next, this clown runs straight for the first chest he sees, untill we get on his case about rolling for it. We start moving through the rest of the instance, where this mage only uses improved blizzard or his wand. No other spells. We do the rend event, and he starts saying the following whenever anything drops.

"[Dropped Item] Give me KK?? TYTY!!!"

I kid you not. he did it for EVERY item. When he won an item off of Rend, Defile got whispers stating "I Love you!!!!" Looks like he has a new fan. Calls for him to be kicked were made, but in the end, we kept him for whatever minute damage he did put out. We got to Beast, and were prepping for the pull of the 2 dragons right outside of where beast is, when our favorite mage decides to pull himself....Since TPP are LEETPANTZ, we took down the 2 dragonkin and beast with minimal deaths, and he does the same "GIVE ME KK?!?! TYTY!!!" with the items that drop off of beast(all crap, though). So, we give him some more shit, and get ready to pull some more dragons. Im discussing chain freezing them with kristyn when genious boy pulls them again with blizzard. And again...and again. We barely survive the room where the general is. I keep telling myself...

"Who cares that its 1230am and im up at 530. Who cares that we have a Gold Farmer with a death wish. Beaststalker Tunic could drop off the general." I tried to find solace in that...but alas, we pressed on. After some more intelligent blizzard pulls by our good mage, we decide to let him stay dead until we have the room with the general cleared. We couldnt stand to take any more wipes, so we let him stay dead, much to his chagrin.

Defile got many angry broken engrish tells asking for a rez, but we kept him dead till the room was cleared. Alas, we were able to kill Drakkisath on the first try, with a near wipe, thanks to Cru and Ablatus being PRO tanks, Akando, Shendo, Kristyn and Defile being PRO healers, and me being a not-so-pro puller who dies on one hit. So what dropped?

Devout Robes. Which Defile already had.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hey Crackhead

Here is a task for you blog readers....

1. surf to
2. type in "hey crackhead" in the search box
3. Click the "I'm feeling lucky" box
4. Read and enjoy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Weekend Away

Hey all -

Been a busy guy lately. Work has been picking up, plus I seemed to be infected with bird sars for a few days. This past weekend, went with mom and dad to Las Vegas to see Tower Of Power. We stayed at The Orleans, a pretty nice hotel, and had a good time.

Im not a big gambler, but i decided to play the dollar slots with mom, we both were just going to do 10$ worth. About 4 spins in, boom, i won 60$. Me, being the suave gambler i am, immediately cashed out. What was going through my head?

This is what im going to bet on the Bears on sunday. Needless to say, they lost, but put up a good fight. Hopefully next year they will be a bit more in sync with the offense, and the defense will be up to where it was at the peak of the season. Still, first round bye isnt too bad.

TOP Show was great. Were right up by the stage, and as soon as i get the pictures i took off of my dads laptop, ill be sure to post them. Incredible set, incredible time. Never knew going to a concert with my parents would be fun :P

Missed night 2 of TOP because i had either some kind of wierd food poisoning or a flash up of my bird sars, but its ok, cause i got to see the 24 premiere. Show is getting better and better each season. Cant wait to see how it is going to play out.

Hope all is well with everyone, and be sure to look for pictures soon. Also, check out the revamped! The new iWeb app from Apple is pretty fun :)

Take care!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Interesting news on Intel Macs

This from Engadget...

If you've been counting on being able to run Windows on those new Intel-based Macs, Apple's not about to make it easy for you -- at least not if you're attached to Windows XP. According to Apple SVP Phil Schiller, the new Macs announced yesterday (those being the Intel iMac and MacBook Pro) may not be able to run current versions of Windows due to the fact that the computers will boot using the Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI), rather than a traditional BIOS (current Power PC Macs use Open Firmware). EFI was developed by Intel and allows a number of advanced features, including the ability to connect to the Internet from a command shell before the OS is loaded. Since EFI was developed after the rollout of Windows XP, it's not supported by the current or earlier version of Windows (it is, however, supported by 64-bit versions, but the new Macs are 32-bit, so it's back to square one). However, all is not lost: Windows Vista will support EFI, and Apple has said it has no plans to directly block Windows from working on the new boxes. So, if you're a Vista beta tester and have ordered a new iMac or MacBookPro, get those install CDs out; the rest of you will have to wait for the official Vista release, or find a way to hack XP to boot using EFI (which we're sure is about to become a major priority of some of you at this very moment).

Friday, January 06, 2006

Who Says Tivo Is Dead?

This looks to be exactly what Tivo needs to stay afloat.

Dual cable cards?
Backlit remote?
External SATA drive option?

I love it. Please, tivo, come out with one soon so i can watch my lovely digital cable without using the crappy comcast DVR...

TiVo’s Series 3 HD Lives!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Sorry for those of you who might have viewed an "unsavory" image due to the hotlinking debacle. I have changed the image.

BTW, nice move, buddy. Touche.

Monday, January 02, 2006

The Internet Brings out The Best In People


After having the images for my 10 list of tech toys, apparently someone got upset that i hotlinked an apple promotional image of a G5 from his site without giving this dude here is the credit you wanted, boss.

Hi Brian.

Your blog entry
is hotlinking one of the images hosted on my server. Stop it. There is
absolutely no excuse for this. Download the image, host it somewhere else, and
then change your post to link to the new image.

I will check again in two days. Change it before then. If this mail seems
nasty, well it was meant to. You're using *my* bandwidth from my server, which
is using electricity *I* pay for. And you haven't even been kind enough to
give me some sort of credit for it.

Hey, I promised myself to be kind this year, but you've got me mad!

Now be a good lad and fix it, please.

R. Sanchez


So, here ya go. Credit where you want it. Next time, dude...try not to be such a jerk about things like this. If you dont want hotlinking, configure your site to not allow it. I found the image on google images. If google images hotlinks it, and you piss and moan about the bandwidth I bring on to your server? You got some serious issues.