Tuesday, February 25, 2003

name: Brian Jeffery "Old Man Wags" Waggoner

what you wish your name was: Honkey McHonkerson

birthday: June 8th, 1981

food you eat that no one else you know does: Turtle feet. J/K Atkins Bars.

why do you blog? I, like franklin have anger issues and need a non destructive way to vent after each day.

favorite blog: Franklins...damn he makes me laugh

person who reads your blog and doesn't have one of their own, but should: SLOKA!!

funniest person you know: Strongbad.

the best "unknown" band: Pat McGee band

the best "known" band: Dave Matthews Band - not cause im trendy abercrombie wearing fratboy, but because i have respect for their multicultural and jazz influences. So there.

east coast or west coast: Chicago?

coolest place in bowling green: kamiz

paper, rock, or scissors: Scissors. Rock. So reliable.

seinfeld or simpsons: Simpsons.

favorite class taken at college: MIS 417 - Computer Hardware Management

ohio state or michigan: Interned in columbus....so i guess OSU.

weird thing that you can do with your body or general physical deformity : more joints of mine crack and pop then anyone else. Sucks getting old.

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