Tuesday, April 26, 2005

As if I needed another TV show to watch...

This looks pretty slick. I just hope the new one on cartoon planet is an actual series, not just shorts that run at random times, that way i can Tivo them, and never miss one. Im pretty excited about the second one, sounds very, very interesting.

Slashdot | Lucas Confirms Star Wars spin-off TV series

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Me Loves A Good Game

Not only am I a star wars fan, but a Real Time Strategy fan as well. This game looks to be the best of both worlds.

Take a look at the screens, it looks incredible.

LucasArts | Star Wars Empire At War

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Well, i learned my lesson...

Wow...I thought id try to spice things up by letting Webproze in here...I think i learned my lesson, my poor cat...

Here I am in St. Louis. Havent posted a real worthwhile blog in a while, so I figured I'd give a little update. Not much of an update, though...I've been to some neat locations in the past few weeks, Atlanta, Tennessee and now St. Louis. Its been different, ive been enjoying my travel more, the only reason I can think of is that im rarely gone all week, normally 3-4 days at the most. Ive seen some nice areas of the country lately, and have some nice ones coming up as well.

Personally, I'm not one to rant out here about really personal things, but I've come to the realization that dating sucks. I've come to the conclusion that im officially undatable anymore. Plus, I'm really sick of being told I'm a great friend, but not datable. Thats the worst insult I can think of.

Update on the ankle. Xrays were clear, thank god. Just a torn tendon(for those of you that didnt know, i tore it a few weeks ago, then reaggrivated it on vacation). The pain comes and goes, and I still have to wear this godforsaken brace. However, its fun to take the pain medication I was perscribed in the afternoon of a day that I got up at 4pm. Add in some client wonkiness...you have a good time. However, Idiot here tripped in a movie theatre on a date this weekend, took a cup holder to the chest, reaggrivated my ankle and bent my right middle finger some strange direction. I got bruises all over from that lesson in smoothness.

Adam and I definately found a bad-good chinese place today. Shizzles will get it.

The more I see paris hilton, the more I realize shes a waste of space. I say that as I stay at a hilton property. Hmm...

Time to go finish watching american idol, house and SVU. Constantine as usual was OFF THE HOOK.


Sunday, April 17, 2005

Well, apparently I have the right to remain silent....

Those friendly men in blue just stopped by. Just to see if everyone was ok, after the accidental discharge of the loaded firearm.
Unfortunately, I was a little shook up after the shooting incident and decided that much grain alcohol was to be consumed.
Then they showed up.
I almost talked my way out of trouble, when the cat came strolling around the corner. Apparently they don't take kindly to shaved pussies in Columbus. Well...not shaved per se...more of a 'closely trimmed'.
When she was covered in wesson oil after the game of 'naked twister', I figured that we couldn't have her licking all that off (you know how cats are with hygiene).
It was so good to have girls here to help, since they have experience doing that sort of thing.
Anyway, the police didn't take kindly to what THEY said was abuse, but what I tried to explain away....but by the time I got to naked twister, they had already read me my rights.
Anyone got $5000 for bail? Hope BW's reads this soon as this big guy in the corner with a lot of tatoos keeps eyeing me in my hawaiian shirt like he wants to be a close friend....

Saturday, April 16, 2005


Dont mind him...i think his parents fed him paint chips as a kid....

No really, im pretty sure they did. Every once in a while, he gets this look in his eye like his brain is swelling...and he starts talking in tounges. Its kinda scary and kinda cool at the same time. I guess youll have that with ex-marines who spent years of their lives figuring out how to blow shit up.

Man...i wish i spent years of my life blowing shit up...i think the closest ive been is spending years of my life blowing shit out of proportion.

Anyways...its 530am on a saturday. Cant sleep tonight...thought id leave a little note.

Later all.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Kitty kitty kitty.......

Hmm....kitty seems to be hiding. Dunno why, she really seemed to like the Absolut. However, BW's seems to be running short on the liquor all of a sudden.

All the people I invited are clamoring for more and I'm raiding the cupboards and am only finding cat food.

What does this guy eat? Little Friskies? That's all I can find on his shelves...talk about a spoiled pussy.

Ah there she is....looking kinda queasy...

Wow....I certainly hope that's a hairball she just choked up, because that's WAY too big to be a mouse.

Hey, look what I found, a Sig-Sauer 9mm. I heard that BW's likes guns...wonder if he keeps it loaded
...Damn, hope he doesn't need that telephone anytime soon. Wonder how many rounds he's got in there...good thing I'm trained to handle these things
Well, now I feel like Elvis....drunk, constipated, AND I shot the TV....I think I'm gonna stop now, and go throw up on the cat....More later

Knock knock.......

Is anyone home? Just your friendly neighborhood blog-sitter, coming by to watch the liquor cabinet....uh, I mean, the blog while BW's takes a much deserved sabbatical.
I think he left me a note on what I should do....feed the cat...water the plants...yeah, I think I can kill two birds with one stone there.

Just move these plants over toward the kitty house and bingo.

Hmm..now gotta get her something to drink...well, since I'm getting MYSELF something to drink, I'll just share...let's see...Absolut? Yeah, kitty will like that.

Aw, look at her sleep......

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

From Macrumors.com


Apple posted their second quarter results today.

Apple posted a net profit of $290 million or $.35 per diluted share - as compared to profit of $46 million or $.06 per dilluted share for the year-ago quarter (up 500%)

- Revenue was up 70% to 3.24 billion from the year-ago quarter.
- Gross margin was up to 29.8% (up from 27.8%)
- 1,070,000 Macintosh units shipped (43% increase)
- 5,311,000 iPods shipped (558% increase)


Havent BAB in a while...feeling pretty down. Tore a tendon in my ankle last week, kept me immobile for a while. Still on meds for it that mess with my head. Good times. You should see me limp, its kind of funny.

I read the Star Wars : Episode 3 novellization....pretty good. Alot better than i thought it would be. If the movie is half as good as the book is, its going to be the best of the prequels.

Also got ahold of the soundtrack a few weeks early too. Very "Indiana Jones" ish...but still has alot of the older themes in it. This movie seems to finally be what everyone wanted, something to tie all 6 together.

Bears schedule came out, hall of fame game, a sunday night game, christmas vs the packers and new years day game. Not too bad.

I really am glad i get WGN in columbus. I can watch the cubs play. Happayaaaayyayayayaay.

Im in some little joke of a town in TN this week. Nothing to do, probably better since i should stay off my ankle at night. Ice, brace, high powered naprosin...good times.

Special shout out to bad andy for keeping me sane lately. Hes the man0rz.

Hit me up, leave me some love, something. Lord knows what im actually doing. Next week ill be in St. Louis.


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Good Good Time

Oh I said, I was driving with a friend just the other day
Down the sea an old man wrote a book and told a good story

So we sat and sipped the wine with him
We sat and had a good good time
And listened to wisdom of the old
'Cause they know what's on the line

'It's a good good time tonight'
Sitting there he said,
'It's a good thing to have good friends
Young and old the same.'

Don't believe what ya say
Well style's ok, but you've got your style of your own
Don't listen to the tv, just make your own way home.

Its a good time tonight
Come maybe with you
And don't believe there's a light that's brighter
Than the one that shine's from you.

You're a good good time
A good time tonight, for sure
And roll up your feeling, let the whole thing roll on

It's got a bit of soul, got a bit of soul
Got a bit of soul in everyone
I'm telling you friend, telling you friend,
You got to shine on shine on.
Gotta shine on, shine on, yeah
Shine on, shine on.

He said that the brightest thing is the things at the borders
And you hear one thing, said
This is right sometimes you hear this is wrong
But in your heart you know
The truth it always shine on

Difference says between you and me
Ah, but they can lie down
'Cause the wine taste good
And the dance is feelin' fine, fine, fine

Cuz we got a good good time tonight
And we're gonna have it here
Always good good friends your coming
Lay it on me.
Lay it all on me.
Lay it on me.

Don't worry about what's on your mind.
Feel alright here tonight
It's a good good time tonight
It's all a waste
Fill your head with good things
Fill your head my friend

Hope we don't start
Hope we don't start
The stars stay forever
I hope that I do too
Here tonight with ya'll
Here tonight with you

So cry cry cry, if that's what makes you
And laugh laugh laugh, if that's what does it to you
Cry cry cry, if that's what you need to
And laugh laugh laugh, if you in the mood
Cry cry cry, if that's what you got to do
And laugh laugh laugh, if you want me to
Cry cry cry, if that's what you got to
Laugh. Laugh. Laugh. "

My new lyrics to live by.

Jack Bauer Sez...

This Week, Jack Bauer Sez...