Friday, September 29, 2006

Guild Thoughts - One Year Later

Havent talked much about WoW on here in a while, mostly because of trolls from my old guild like to come on and harass me...but i figured this was definately worth biting the bullet and posting.

My guild experiment v2 seems to be going along nicely. A community that can function as family rather than what most guilds do, where anything can be said or done to another person. The whole reason i wanted to form a guild with the crew of Taverncast back a year ago was to create a community of friendly people, like the fanbase of the show was. As the guild grew and the fanbase grew, the show got more corporate and the guild reflected that too. NOone wanted to be choosy about applicants, people started shady cliquish things...while it hurt me to leave the guild, i cant say that im sorry, personally, for doing it. NOt only that, but after reading some blogs of members of the current iteration of TPP...i see its turning into exactly what i didnt want it to be.

One reason is that I have this sinking feeling in my gut. A feeling that social dynamics in raids and in the guild are going to take a turn for the worst. Not that they have been going bad as of now, but little hints keep warning me. Latent hostility between groups of guildies, the subtle formations of clicks, etc. I'd rather not be caught in the crossfire when this all goes down.

"I don't want the loot." I found myself saying this last night when asked about the giantstalker drops. I know that it is important to be there if I want to get the loot, but if I don't want the loot then why am I there? Spending time with cool people in a big instance is awesome but why am I there if I am ignoring and passing on loot for my class.
Secret chat channels. This kind of ties in with my first reason. I don't mind chatting about random things or strategy in the hunter channel in raids. But when there are private channels being formed to keep guildies oblivious to actual happenings in the guild instead of sorting things out publicly, there's something wrong. I don't want to part of this when it all blows up.

Its too bad that seems to be happening. Cant say im suprised. I wished them the best, but it was on its way of being an elitist culture/fanboi worship group. When the officers of the guild are treated like celebrities, there is little to no check in place. People seem to follow whats going on in an effort to get in good with them. Currently, thats my main concern. I never have thought i was infallable, nor officers. However, as officers of the current guild, we ensure that our actions are questioned and our policies discussed.

There was a comment response from another guild member in that post as well, that i find faily interesting.

I've noticed a shift in TPP to be honest. Once upon a day no one in TPP would of passed up going out and celebrating someone buying their first level 40 mount. Not anymore... people are too busy raiding or gearing up for raiding or talking about what they are going to loot while raiding.

Nowadays... its the raiders in their chat channel and the rest of us being silent in another.

TPP is by far not a bad guild, but the change is there and it is obvious for anyone that has been around a while.

PS I haven't played with TPP on a regular basis in a couple months because of my wedding and getting school started, but I've kept up on everything.

Seems to be turning into what we didnt want from the beginning. Im sure this isnt the whole story, and im not claiming it just saying that i find these sentiments VERY interesting after what has happened. It was the foundation of the guild a year ago that this would not be the case. However, seems times are changing.

Flash forward to now, where the 2nd iteration of the guild experiment is doing well. Been building it since may, and im not going to say its been all milk and honey, weve had our bumps. However, the work is starting to pay off. We asked ourselves a few fundamental questions.

1. Is it possible to have a guild that is successful doing end game content, while not trampling people both in a relationship sense and community sense.

The answer, yes. HOWEVER, it is very difficult to build and manage. The key is recruitment. While most people i find who are interested in a community setting are looking for it for a simple reason. Conflict avoidance. People want to play to have fun, not have to deal with more clashing egos like in the real world. Yet, anything you do with other people(i like to use the softball team analogy) is going to have people, therefore different personalities. The difficult process is ensuring that the people that you bring into the guild fit this persona. Finding people that mesh with the flow of the guild is key. We found out the hard way how putting progression in front of the community can not only create issues for officers, but for members as well. I.e. we brought in a warrior who was in full tier 2 who claimed he was looking for a relaxed environment where he could raid a few nights and pvp the rest of the time. In the end, he came into the raid, was pretty abrasive verbally and didnt fit the feeling of the guild. All in all, what im trying to say is that this is very possible, but the officers MUST be willing to turn away applicants and kick out members who dont fit the guild. No way around that.

2. Is DKP evil?

Of course not. A LARGE point of contention with the old guild. They had it set in their minds that DKP is the tool of the devils ding dong. Again, ignorance is bliss. I was opposed to it at first, but after doing research, i decided to see how it was used. IN my time in end game raiding guilds, ive seen 3 different systems. Zero sum, fixed and a bidding system. All 3 are different, all 3 have pluses and minuses. I honestly feel that fixed is the easiest and fairest way to go to ensure that the people who work hardest to help the raid progress get rewarded and geared properly. Loot is not a present. Loot is a tool to help progression. One thing i stress with my guild is that if you are here for loot, go join another guild. Our focus is on PROGRESSION. NEW CONTENT. Loot is a tool to help us get there. Until there is a way for blizzard to institute a system different than just pure /rand...dkp is a tried and true way to distribute loot. In my experience...those who bitch most about dkp are those who rarely attend raids. Ive NEVER EVER seen someone who works hard for the guild by attending raids say...damn, you know, this system is so unfair.

3. How do you officiate a guild?

Another HUGE issue with my old guild. Its clear that there needs to be a final say in all decisions. We have found that the best way to do it is through a true guild master position. Officers have say and input, core officers even have a vote. However, the GM is the leader, and as such makes the decisions for the guilds directions. Its just like a government. Its his job to keep the people happy. If he doesnt, hes going to hear about it, and eventually something will be done. Ive distributed alot of authority among a core group of officers, and the utilization of class officers. It has worked incredibly well. Maturity and experience are 2 things that i looked for in officers. Something i was seriously lacking in some officers in the old guild.

All in all, its going well. Havent even been in MC a month and we have started ragnaros attempts. No, we arent full of tier 2 transfers. WE are mainly new rerolls on this server and some people who got sick of raiding on the alliance side. Its been going well.

As for me, i miss some old friends. However, i just have to think about how it went down, how nothing has happened to try to bridge that gap since then and how i must have really not mattered to them. Its amazing how fast some people can turn their back on you.

*cheers* aretaics. Ragnaros goes down this week.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Friday, September 22, 2006

Quick update

Life has been movin at quite the chop lately...

Been the busiest time of the year for me, we are wrapping up our largest audit, so ive had some nutty hours. On top of that, i get to observe 2 Disaster Recovery tests in the next 2 weeks...too bad they are both on saturdays. Oh well, good experience anyways.

On top of this, ive had the cold/flu from hell this week, so ive felt even more blah. However, sloka came out last weekend and we went to see DMB in Tinley Park. Shitty amphitheatre, but still good seeing DMB in the 9th row.

Oddly enough, i dont post about the new guild on here that much. Been rough being gm again, not bad per se, just alot of work and alot of babysitting. Everything works out in the end. We are one boss away from domo in only 2 weeks in MC, with almost all new raiders. Pretty amazing stuff. The bullshit that happened in my first horde guild made me question if i could lead a group to do this stuff, but one of our priests posted this the other day, made me feel pretty good.

As for raiding.. I used to HATE raiding.. honestly.. but since joining TA I have come to really love running with you guys.. barring the times that I either couldn't be on due to RL.. or I was being a whiny bioytch.. lol

The leaders of TA have been awesome in reguards to both issues.. lol so it makes me want to be there for every raid I can... The officers are putting in the time to get this guild up and running... and I think as a member I agreed to support and help out as much as I can.. just as everyone who wanted to be a member...

Sorry if this comes off as brown nosing.. but it really isn't... lol I am honestly impressed with how the guild is run... and I feel it is run fairly and that the officers and leadership are open to everyones veiw point... even if you do not agree with them... they still listen and try their best to work it out.. (ok so I am brown nosing a bit.. Razz )

Anyway.. just wanted to add my voice as a member.. I would like to see more of us.. and initiates make an effort to be more involved.. I know we have alot of 50+ people who are working hard to get to 60 .. so they can raid which is cool.. one of the reasons I am leveling my warrior .. so that I can help .. with higher 50's instances and groups.. to get people where they want to be...

Sorry this got so long.. but with recent issues I have had in RL.. and how helpful and supportive the Leadership of TA .. has been.. i thought I would share... thanks agian guys...

Besides his excessive use if was a big boost for me after the old bullshit with TC and TPP. Nice to be with a good group again.

Off now to go home, get over this sars bug i have and get some rest before i go to the DR test tomorrow.

Oh yeah...Tower Of Power @ house of blues on sunday with mom and dad. 2 words.

Total blast.

You all should take your parents to a concert of their favorite band. Its so fun, at least with my cool folks.

Lookin forward to monday off....*oh yessssss*

Check it.

Rest In Peace, old Tomcat....

Flying off into the danger zone for one last time :(

One of my favorite jets of all time. You will be missed.

US Navy Retires The F-14 Tomcat

Monday, September 18, 2006

Roy Williams is a Dumbass

Honestly. How stupid can you be? - NFL - Score bored: Lions' Roy Williams plays to strike pose



(btw, the bears kickass.)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Monday, September 11, 2006

Never Forget.

And by never forget...i dont mean say nice things about the people that died, then bitch endlessly about personal liberties and complaints about the administration doing what they can to make us safer.

We arent any safer today than on that day? Id like some proof. An incredible amount of terrorist plots have been foiled since that day. Terrorists have been captured and dealt with. Osama bin laden is a useless icon now.

Never Forget what happened that day and what needs to be done to rid the world of the extremist murderers that will take every chance they can to kill any of us.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

2 weeks of work...almost lost...

This just saved my life....

It is often possible to recover word files from Auto-Save backup copies. Auto-Save files are used by programs such as Microsoft Word to recover word files in case of a crash. To view Auto-Save files, open the folder where your document was saved. Select Tools from the top menu and click on Folder Options. Under the View tab select the option to View Hidden Files and then click Ok. Auto-Save files often have the first letter replaced with the ~ or $ sign.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I just rofld.

WTG Engadget

I used to have respect for Engadget as a good tech news site, till i read this article. its OBVIOUS these guys didnt do any frigging research before they wrote this article, just made a sensational headline thats completely untrue.

All disney does is measure the length of your fingers and compares it to the ticket. This is to make sure a ticket you pay 230942348990$ for doesnt get sold and reused. They arent storing fingerprints in a database to track you, the measurement is encoded on the ticket.


Walt Disney World to start fingerprinting everyone - Engadget