Thursday, November 05, 2009

Gaming Season

As the temperature drops and so do the leaves, its a signal to me for one thing.

Gaming Season is here.

Starting in November, the holiday season of games starts and runs through the first quarter of the next year. FOr some reason this year, December is void of any real big releases, but November has the true juggernaut. Here is the listing of games im looking forward to from now until spring next year.

11/10 - Modern Warfare 2
11/17 - Left 4 Dead 2

World of Warcraft Content Patch 3.3 - Icecrown Citadel

1/5 - Darksiders
1/12 - Dark Void
1/26 - Mass Effect 2

1st Quarter(no set release date)
Star Trek Online
Alien Vs Predator
Dante's Inferno
Command and Conquer 4
Starcraft 2 - Maybe?

Looking forward to this.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fall TV

Time for my annual Fall TV premiere dates! No, this isnt all shows. Yes, its only the ones i watch.

Thursday, September 17
8 pm Bones(FOX)
9 pm The Office (NBC)
9 pm Fringe (FOX)

Monday, September 21
8 pm House (FOX)
8 pm Heroes (NBC)
10 pm CSI: Miami (CBS)

Tuesday, September 22
8 pm NCIS (CBS)
9 pm NCIS: Los Angeles (NEW! CBS)

Wednesday, September 23
10 pm CSI: New York (CBS)

Thursday, September 24
8 pm FlashForward (NEW! ABC)
9 pm CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS)

Tuesday, September 29
8 pm Hell's Kitchen (Fox)

Friday, October 23
9 pm Southland (NBC)

Tuesday, November 3
8 pm V (NEW! ABC)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Top 5 Questions about Cataclysm not answered at Blizzcon 2009

So i know the last blog i had that mentioned my World of Warcraft addiction said that i had quit for good. I really thought that for a while. I realized it wasnt the game i had an issue with, but that i just needed a break, focus and center myself and take some time to take care of other aspects of my life. Since then ive started dating a great girl and done a lot of stuff. I slowly got back into playing and have found a great balance of RL and WoW. That being said...

I took some time to get the web stream of Blizzcon from DirecTV this weekend. I loved the blizzcon coverage on directv this weekend. I have some gripes about it, but its more about scheduling of panels than actual coverage.

That being said, im not going to reiterate all the new info about the FANTASTIC looking new expansion to World of Warcraft, titled "CATACLYSM". This year was a big departure from blizzard which keeps most info under wraps, as they had tons of panels, tons of info and tons of availability to answer questions.

That being said, here are 5 big questions I would love to find answered about the expansion.

1. Does the Cataclysm affect Northrend as well? All the shots show Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, but doesn't talk about Northrend. They talk alot about the 1-60 experience, but does "all zones being affected" mean that Northrend is as well?

2. Are there new faction cities for worgen and goblins? They said that worgen are getting a new district in stormwind, so im guessing not, but what are gobs getting? Rumors of a total rebuild of orgrimmar and even that org is going to get destroyed...but no concrete info.

3. We know the Goblin mount(car/go kart) but what about worgen?

4. How will the cataclysm event happen? All at once? Over time? Does it tie into the defeat of Arthas?

5. Why oh why cant you up the character per realm limit?! You want us to reroll some alts! Some of us are already capped!

Hope to find out some answers soon!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Tim is a terrible person


15:29] Brian: Tampa Bay Online: Billy May's official cause of death is a heart attack but cocaine in his system contributed to his death.
[15:29] Brian: SAY IT AINT SO BILLY
[15:29] Tim: dude
[15:29] Tim: i can imagine the hilarity of the conversation when he tried to get his friends to do cocaine with him
[15:30] Brian: lol
[15:30] Brian: you are so bad

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mind Blown.

Since i mostly "blog" on twitter now, this thing has kind of slowed down.

My dad is outblogging me now. Hes on a roll this summer.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Told You So

I guess my rants about movie critics, while i do feel that way, doesnt really matter.

People saw the so called "reviews" of Transformers 2, and apparently didnt care. They wanted to see it for themselves.

60.6 Million in its first day (a wed, too) which puts it in #1 for wed opens and #2 for all time single day revenue.

While im not some crazy Michael Bay or Transformers advocate, i think this really shows that the general public doesnt give a shit what reviewers say and will go see a movie regardless of a review.

What they think of the movie after that remains to be seen, and thats how well see if the movie keeps a high ranking in the next few weeks, a la Star Trek.

I think its easy to see though that Transformers 2 will be the biggest money earner this year. Sorry Trek :(

Transformers 2

There has been a lot of criticism and speculation about Transformers 2 by the media and so called "critics". I went to see it last night and a bunch of people wanted to know what i think, so ill try to put some initial thoughts down without giving too much away.

- Story: Was a very covincing story giving more weight to why the Transformers are on earth. I thought the whole idea of the NEST team was cool, would have like to see them doing more ops instead of fighting with the Obama administration over how they operate.

- Character development between Megatron and Starscream. Showing their rivalry, starscream's shady side and how they both need each other to survive. In the first movie, they were just bad guys. In this one, they are allowed to grow their characters a bit.

- Shia and Megan: Great on screen chemistry. If only the Star Wars prequels had that.

- Bumblebee: The essential figure of the movie, but doesnt utter a word of dialogue outside his radio. Hes so emotive that you can tell what hes thinking just by watching him. Its amazing what the guys at ILM can do.

- EPIC scale battles. The last 30 min or so of the movie is one for the books. Robots, amazing amounts of military hardware, one of the coolest explisions in movie cool.

- Michael Bay: I love his filming style, his epic scale of movies and his no holds barred attitude when doing movies. Noone could make these kind of movies but him.

- Steve Jablonsky's score. With the help of Linkin Park, they did another great job. Its not as thematic as the first movie's score, but fits great in the movie.

- The witwicky family. Sams parents, especially his mother are just plain funny. Love the addition. They were great near the end as well during a very dramatic part as well. Kudos to those 2 actors.

- Glenn MOrshower. While i thought they killed him off in TF1, hes back now and with a MUCH bigger role. Loeved him as Agent Pierce on 24 and his other roles. He was perfect in this as the General in charge of NEST.

- IMAX: the IMAX scenes were incredible. The non IMAX scenes sounded amazing and looked great too. I love how more and more movies are doing this.

- Peter Cullen: Dude is just flat out amazing. His voice gives me chills when i hear him do voiceovers.

- Frank Welker as Soundwave. While its too bad he couldnt voice Megatron, im glad hes in the new Transformers iteration. Guy is a legend.

- Scorponok back, if only for just a shot or 2.

- Jetfire: what a cool way to do some history/exposition. I loved the character and his whole schtick.


- Character Development: 44 Robots in the film alone. Way too many. Fallen, Devastator, Constructicons, Demolisher, Megatrons group....too many groups of Decepticons. Needed to either tie it together somehow or pair it down.

- Autobot usage: Less Twins, more Sideswipe/Ironhide. Sideswipe got almost 0 screentime talking to anyone. While most people hate the Twins, likening them to JarJar, i didnt mind them. However, Ironhide/Bumblebee/Rachet are more interesting characters, imo.

- Rachet: Love the character, but for another key point in a movie, his role as team medic is never used. Either hes a crapass medic or they are out of their league. I see Autobots getting blown up and hes standing there firing some weak ass gun. YOU ARE A MEDIC, SO GO HEAL.

- Overabundance of Testicle Jokes: Wether its the wrecking balls on Devastator or John Turturro saying "scrotum", i could have done without em. I wasnt offended or anything, just was a bit trashy, imo.

- Political overtones: The bit about the Obama Administration trying to shut down NEST is played out and dumb. Whats wrong with saying, ok, we have this team, its US VS THEM. GOOD VS EVIL. Also, who is Obama to choose if the autobots can stay on earth or not. If Obama wants them gone, then cant another country take them in?

- Length: hate to say it, but it could have been edited down a bit. No need for the whole "Pretender" bit in college. Cut that whole subplot out and youll save a good 10 minutes. I know its tied into some other areas of the movie(aka sam/mikayla tension) but i thought that was kind of forced as well.

Im sure im forgetting things, but thats my overall thoughts. I would love to see it again, and its a day 1 buy on blu ray.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brief thoughts about the new iPhone 3GS

Not going to go into big detail since thats been done on about 400 other sites acting like they are blazing new territory, ill break down some bullets of likes, dislikes and suprises.


- Speed: Thing really is as fast as they say. Impressive load times.
- Olephobic coating on the screen. I used to be so anal about smudges on my first gen. Now they are almost non existant.
- GPS - Since i didnt upgrade to the 3G phone last year, ive never messed with GPS on a phone. The google maps/traffic integration is amazing.
- Form Factot: Again, since i didnt upgrade to the 3G last year, i didnt know what to think of the new shaped back. I was afraid it would rock back and forth on my desk(where it spends most of the day), but it doesnt. It does lie flat, and the plastic back feels great in my hand.
- Voice Control: As long as i speak clearly, its near flawless for me.

- Still no goddamned flash support: Seriously? Cmon.
- Still no goddamned background processes: Lets make it happen. Push notifications are kind of a joke.
- Lack of support for old iphone periphs: My first gen car charger doesnt work.
- MMS/Tethering not happening at launch. ATT...whats the holdup?
- Price premium for plans - ATT...whats your problem?

- Didnt think the olephobic coating would work as well as it does
- Didnt think the speed would be THAT noticable
- Didnt think the network/phone speed boost would make me use this phone even more than i already do. Texting, tweeting, emailing, IMing, Facebook, iPod, Weather, GPS. Im pushing this bitch to 11.
- Either there is new audio software/hardware or the new headphones are that much better because basses are clearer and highs are fuller. Music just sounds great.

Using lots of new apps now too. Sirius App is ok, not fantastic, but ok. The one channel i really want (fox news channel audio feed) isnt on there. Beejive IM with push is pretty awesome, but kicks me off AIM about once an hour cause it has connection issues. Tweetie is still my twitter app of choice, tweetdeck is too much app crammed into an iphone. New games - Peggle, StarDefense, HarborMaster, Gridlocked, Let's Golf, etc. Lots to choose from.

Lemme know any impressions.


Man, hot in chicagoland today. Also....if it feels like its 100...then its 100. Dont give me the actual/heat index crap.

Why I Dont Give A Shit What Reviewers Say About Transformers 2

Im so tired of critics. Movie critics, food critics, art critics, TV critics. Im tired of people who tear down the work of others because they somehow are some kind of expert, even though they havent made anything themselves. Theres a line between a journalist and a critic. A journalist reports objectivly and a critic is all opinion. I love journalists.

Good example of a journalist? Mo Ryan of the Chicago Tribune. Shes a great TV journalist who gives great reviews and interviews of the new TV shows out there.

Bad example of journalist? Lately, Aint it Cool News. Dont get me wrong, I will always thank them for getting me in to see an early screening of Star Trek(2009) with my dad, but Harry Knowles recent reviews, especially about Terminator Salvation...its just become a place where people with no actual accomplishments other than creating a website, sit and crap on the work of other people.

So someone creates something you dont like. Ok. Understandable. I dont like certain things. Does that give me a license to spew vomit, bile and profanity about them all over the internet? No. There is still a code of human decency in the world(at least i like to think so).

So this brings me to Transformers 2. Noone can garner more hate(save george lucas) about their films more than Michael Bay. The man makes blockbusters. He makes big movies with big characters and big explosions. He likes big action and big boobs and big military machinery. Guess what, so does the american(and even worldwide) public. People flock to his movies. Critics tear them apart. Shred them. Eviscerate them. Why? Cause its not the latest movie about a gay wrestler who falls in love with his pet dog or some foreign film about homeless people winning a game show.

If you fancy a self imposed frontal labotomy, here read this review of Transformers 2 by Roger Ebert, the so called "King" of movie reviews.

Cinema is about entertainment. Entertainment is key. Some say its storytelling. Storytelling is a key part of entertainment. If the story is trash, people wont be entertained. That being said, entertainment means different things to different people. While at times i bemoan the american public because of things like jon & kate plus 8, i also am part of the public.

I love Michael Bay's movies. I love all of them. Armageddon is easily my favorite action movie of all time. Its perfect in every regard for an action film. Great acting, great storytelling, great effects. Is it 100% scientific? No. Do i care? Of course not. If i want that, ill go watch the discovery channel. Wait, no i wont. I want to be entertained, not taught.

Transformers 2 comes out today and ill be seeing it in IMAX tonight. While im not expecting to love it in the same way i loved Star Trek(no, not a gay way..ok maybe a little gay) im still looking forward to it. Am i looking to be spiritually changed? No. Am i looking to be moved emotionally? Only in going "DAMN" when theres an awesome action scene. Critics claim Pearl Harbor is Bay's worst film. If thats his worst film, its better than most trash released out there. Paul Blart: Mall Cop? Sex in the City: The Movie? Dunno folks. Dunno.

Critics are out of touch with the general public. The public wants entertainment. Only a small subset of the public wants the kind of "Art" that critics look for. Ask most people what they thought of the oscar winners of the past 5 years. Wait no. Ask people if they even KNOW who won the best picture oscar in the last 5 years. Aint gonna happen.

I cant wait to see giant alien robots kicking ass. Oh, and Megan Fox isnt bad either.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cant Always Get What You Want - Wait, Maybe So

I guess AT&T caved.

Tis the generation of entitled whiners. Doesnt impact me, but would be nice to have MMS/Tethering soon too, guys.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dead Horse

Not to beat a dead horse, but there seems to be a growing trend.

1. Tech news site posts story about complaints about 3GS upgrade pricing for 3G early adopters.
2. Comments/Response to article is incredibly negative.

Check >>this<< latest digg posting as more proof that the public finds this kind of complaining absurd.

Im shocked to see that people that cover this topic seem to think that the public have anything but complete disdain for people complaining that they cant get a phone at the new upgrade pricing. Ive looked, trust me, ive looked and ive yet to find anything other than one or two commenter who are upset over this. The fact that people continue to report this like its news is ridiculous.

Can we please, for the love of god, report on actual news? Like why AT&T isnt supporting MMS at launch? Oy.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


From the macbook user manual.

High-risk activities This computer is not intended for use in the operation of nuclear
facilities, aircraft navigation or communications systems, air traffic control systems, or for any other uses where the failure of the computer could lead to death, personal injury, or severe environmental damage.

LOL. K thanks guys.

Well Done

As the backfire of 2009 continues to unfold, i was reading my morning RSS feeds this morning and came across this article. - ATT Pricing

Well written, not over the top and gets the info across.

As usual, quality info from Arn and crew @ macrumors.

Also, the meltdown continues.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Absolute Absurdity

So, as usual, I'm going to start this out by apologizing for not posting anything recently. New job, new lady friend, Springtime/summer/birthday/etc...been keeping me pretty busy. Been a great time in my life. As Spock one said "Surely the best of times." Indeed.

As for this blog, its become more and more scary for me. The thought of writing a full length blog entry with the limited time i have, its not very practical. When i have something to write about and find the time to, i will, but when it comes to day to day mundane aspects of life, look for me on facebook or twitter. 140 char micro blogging suits me a bunch better.

However, ive decided to post today because something amazing has happened. I have finally seen something so absurd and mind bogglingly dense, i had to write about it here. Ive been tweeting about it on twitter and responding to the original article. However, before i get into all that, here's a bit of back story.

Yesterday at WWDC, Apple announced the newest iPhone, the iPhone 3GS. Its a step up from the 3G, with a few new features, nothing overly groundbreaking. Neat things, but no game changers. The pricing follows suit of the subsidized pricing ATT/Apple announced last year with the launch of the 3G. 199/299 depending on HDD size. The actual retail prices of the phones are much higher(2x or more) but as an incentive to sign a contract, ATT will subsidize the cost and build it into the cost of the plan. All straight forward.

Well, it seems that there has been some issue taken with some early adopters of the 3G phone that they cant get the new 3GS at the discounted prices, like those folks who either are new customers are didn't upgrade from the first gen iPhone. I can understand disappointment about this, but there seems to be a focal point point of this issue. None other that someone i have known for over 5 years and have worked on several things in that time in the area of Mac/iPod news/journalism. Bill Palmer. He now runs a very successful commentary/news/review/online magazine site focusing on ipod and iPhone news at I am a daily reader and think hes a good guy. I like how hes stepped out on his own and followed what he loves to do and made it a career. Hes got alot more balls than i do to take those risks, and i admire him greatly for it. I want to make this clear that i personally love this guy and this has nothing to do with some kind of personal feud. Because when you read some of the things I'm about to talk about, you'd think i ate his cat.

The source of the fire is here: - The war between Apple and AT&T

I suggest reading the article/comments before continuing on.

Ok, all read? Good.

I cant even begin to understand the mindset of people feeling like they are entitled to consumer products. Like it or not, this is a capitalist society. Don't like it? Don't enter a contract. Don't like a company? Find a competitor. There is no entitlement for whiny apple fan boys to get subsidized pricing on new toys every 12 months. That's what an iPhone is. Its a toy. Its not food. Its not water. Its not shelter. Its not a life necessity. If you view a cell phone as a life necessity, then get a prepaid phone. Get a cheap phone. Not an iPhone. Its like saying a car is a necessity and then getting worked up because you cant get a BMW. This is how our economy works.

I used to be a big supporter of blogging and individual journalism. However, lately i am finding i am gravitating away from it the same reason i got out of podcasting. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has a constitutional right to speak their opinion. That doesn't mean you are automatically right or can make wild accusations with no backing and say that it is their opinion. Tactful journalism is hard to find anymore. Objective journalism is hard to find anymore. Its harder and harder to find news that isn't slanted by politics or personal opinion.

Its easy to see in this article and its comments how basic journalistic items like "proof" and "evidence" have gone out the window. Claims like the following just blow me away.

"The vast majority of iPhone users I’ve encountered over the past twenty-four hours are in agreement with me on this one.”

Really? That's how we show support for our argument? I could say the same thing and both of us have nothing to show for it. This is a high school argument that offers no proof or evidence of what they say. Ironically, looking at the article and the comments, almost all of the comments go against what the author has written.

Next, its suggested that iPhone customers are being forced to use iPhones under duress.

“So we’re forced to agree to these contracts under duress, and our justice system has reiterated time and again that contracts signed under duress (such as signing while a gun is pointed at your head) aren’t legally valid.”

Can this be serious? THIS IS A CELL PHONE. This isn't north korea and the government isn't forcing you to sell your land. ATT is offering a service. Don't want it? Don't get it. This argument is just absurd!

The article goes on to suggest that apple is a victim in this relationship with ATT because of this. I cant even begin to go into that point. Am i an ATT apologist? No. Am i some corporate lackey who loves corporations and all they do? No. I have one purpose with my energetic responses to this.

Personal responsibility. I was raised to take responsibility for what i do, say and agree to. If i sign a contract, i abide by it. Whether its to ATT, the government, a bank, my neighbor or the neighbors pet fish. That is the point of the contract. If there is a breach of contract, there is legal grounds for someone to file a grievance. But to have this kind of furor and to label ATT and Apple as fraudsters for making people who got the 3G phone pay actual retail price for a new one since they ha vent fulfilled their contract....its just not right.

Slander, libel, however it comes out, its the same thing. Would ATT give 2 poops about this article? Naw. This issue is basically a handful of people crying and screaming into the wind, despite what Bill has to say about it. Nowhere near the complaints that brought the 100$ early adopter credit from 1g buyers. However, i find it slightly odd that someone who makes their living writing about corporations and does so with fan boy like fervor, now sees them as evil and only out to screw people over.

Oh how easy the table turns. Feel free to post your thoughts on it. Agree with me or not, ill post the responses. No censoring here, unless its spam, foul language or other objectionable content.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hitler Reacts to Abrams Trek.

I wheezed.


Good: Comcast has an HD version of one of my favorite movies, "A Few Good Men" up on demand for free.
Bad: Full Dolby Digital reminds me how god awful the score was for this movie. Would it have been that hard to get some generic orchestral score instead of some idiot with a synt(mark shaiman)?

HD Version looks amazing though.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Auto Tune The News

Im dying here.


4 People in 2 Hours

Interview on thurs went well. "Final" interview. I love terms like that. I treat every interview like its a final interview. Whats the point if you dont?

Interviewed with 4 different people in a 2 hr span. Talk about rough. Having to be on your toes with that many people in such a short time wears the brain out. Especially talking about work i havent necissarily done since the end of 2008. I really hope when i do go back to work, im not rediculously rusty.

Things are looking good for this one, though. Its up in deerfield, about 40 min north with no traffic. Traffic on 294 could be brutal during rushour. I guess ill have to wait and see. If it ends up happening, i guess i might be up for a move up north in the future. Kinda dont want to do that, i like being close to my folks and living where i grew up. Im torn about it.

Full week without WoW. Goin strong. I dont really miss the game all that much, and to be brutally honest, MOST of the people. Its rough dealing with the boredom of pulling something out of your life that you spent a good 40 hours a week doing on top of your life. Big open hole. Im managing. Thank god the weather is getting nicer.

Fun time on twitter today discussing the mental/psychic powers of waterfowl. Interested? Follow me on twitter.

Thats about it for today. I think Tim and i might go kill some zombies in Left 4 Dead.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Trek Excitement.

New Star Trek Movie comes out officially on May 8th. However....being a total Star Trek fan, I've managed to score a few awesome things.

1. 7pm VIP Tickets for my parents and me on May 8th at Muvico in Rosemont. Going to be an a-freaking-mazing way to see it.
2. If that wasnt awesome enough, I managed to get 2 tickets to an invite only screening done by Aint It Cool News downtown chicago on thursday the 30th of april. 250 seats and i managed to score an invite for both me and my dad. Had to write an email to them explaining why i deserved to see Trek before anyone else. Wrote a nice email about how my dad really deserved to see it more than me since he did all the hard work of raising me but used Trek to teach me lots of good lessons on respect, morality and responsibility.
3. Yes. I got the playmates toy of the new enterprise. However, this is the best reason why.

Raising a new generation of trek fans is my new mission in life. GO GO Little Captain Emmy. When she said that the ship was her "FAYYYVORITE" i about exploded.

Cant wait for 4/30. Going to be an awesome night.


Its been close to 4 months since my last post. Thats gotta be a new record for me. I like to use this to post funny things, cute pictures, frustrations, etc....but its been a pretty rocky 4 months. So that being that, i decided for my own sanity and those of people who may read these things to let the blog simmer for a bit.

A lot of people say writing is good to get stuff off your chest. That may be true, but the last thing i wanted to do was really talk about what was going on, let alone write about it. I’ve had my outlets, mainly my family and a few close friends.

All that being said, im not sure how to kick off the “relaunch” of the blog. Rather than get into some real self-preachy discussion of the past 4 months of my life, ill dial it down to a bullet list.

- Yes. Laid off at work. No, dont want to blog about it.
- Job market is bad. Unemployment is high. Sucks for job seekers. Great for employers.
- Seems the glut of hiring done since SOX for IT Audit is starting to balance out. IT Audit is the first area tons of public companies and public accounting firms are slashing.
- Recruiters are telling me that top public acctg firms have slashed their IT Audit teams by ~10% or more. Yikes.
- Had a good christmas/new years despite all that.
- Played alot of World of Warcraft. Subsequently quit WoW for good.
- Have started using twitter. Hopelessly addicted.
- Springtime is here, although the temperature hasnt really showed it yet.
- Nieces are growing up fast. So cute!

Thats about it. Trying to keep my head up and plugging on. Its been the wierdest 4 months of my life so far. Hopefully ill have some more insightful things to post here. Its about time to get back to writing...even if noone is reading. For more regular updates, I would suggest checking me out on Twitter. Theres even an RSS feed for you tech junkies. I post alot of pictures, thoughts, etc there.

Talk soon.