Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Told You So

I guess my rants about movie critics, while i do feel that way, doesnt really matter.

People saw the so called "reviews" of Transformers 2, and apparently didnt care. They wanted to see it for themselves.

60.6 Million in its first day (a wed, too) which puts it in #1 for wed opens and #2 for all time single day revenue.

While im not some crazy Michael Bay or Transformers advocate, i think this really shows that the general public doesnt give a shit what reviewers say and will go see a movie regardless of a review.

What they think of the movie after that remains to be seen, and thats how well see if the movie keeps a high ranking in the next few weeks, a la Star Trek.

I think its easy to see though that Transformers 2 will be the biggest money earner this year. Sorry Trek :(

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