Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cant Always Get What You Want - Wait, Maybe So

I guess AT&T caved.

Tis the generation of entitled whiners. Doesnt impact me, but would be nice to have MMS/Tethering soon too, guys.


Jason Likert said...

Yeah I just read that too. Coincidentally I aced my screen last week (my phone fell at smacked concrete) so I am lucky--I qualify for the upgrade subsidy. The lack of MMS and tethering due to AT&T being caught with their pants down needs to be resolved.

Brian said...

AT&T Said MMS is coming "later this summer at no addl cost to users with a texting plan." Thats fine with me. Ill wait a month or 2 for a free service. Why its not ready now? Who knows.

Tethering also was said to be coming by AT&T at WWDC, just not yet. Since i got my new macbook id love to have this, but i wonder what their costs are. Their laptop connect costs are pretty outrageous(60 bucks a month for 5gb of transfer). If its a reduced cost since we have a data plan, ill be happy.