Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Things That Annoy Me: Part 3

People who walk around with Bluetooth Headsets in....ALL THE TIME.

I think a bluetooth headset is a cool thing. Ive never owned one, but ive always thought they were neat. However, people who walk around with them in...acting like they are Secret Service agents. Is there really a situation where someone so important will call and there is no possible way they could use the handset feature of their phone? Or you know that EVERY call you have will require full motion of your hands while walking down the street or standing in line at subway?


So stop it.

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Jason said...

Amen. I have one and I probably use it too much. A few times I've forgotten that it's actually in my ear (since it's small). When I do have it in I find myself thinking that I probably look like a pretentious jerk.