Monday, January 08, 2007


So, i had it all in my head to have som long pithy post to write since its been a while. Alas, im at a loss for words.

- Christmas was good. Santa was kind...esp since he came the weekend after thanksgiving with a shiny 42" plasma teevee. Pix to come. Callie was happy, she got a heated bed. Now i just need to figure out where to put it.

- After Christmas, mom, dad and i went to florida for 8 days. With all the petty bullshit going on...we needed some time away. Spent time at the timeshare, 2 days @ seaworld(well, 1.5 thanks to rain) and 1.5 at disney(thanks to rain again). Epcot and MGM....good times. Rode mission:space again..almost blacked out during the launch part(so awesome).

- Met some interesting people lately. Could turn out to be a very...very cool thing.

- Warcraft expansion comes out a week from tomorrow. I cant frigging wait. Seems guilds everywhere are having woes from the lack of drive to do much before the xpack release. Ours has had its share of drama and people leaving to form their own guilds, and thats to be expected. Those of us sticking around are closer for it. Some new blood lately and some old faces coming back to play. Its been nice :)

- 24 starts up in a week. Nuff said.

- Bears play the seahawks next sunday. Cmon rex. Time to play like I know you can.

- Back to work after 2 weeks off. Feels like an eternity. Also feels like i should take more time off :P

- Happy 5th birthday, Callie! Youve now lived with me longer than youve lived without me :D

That should do it for now.

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