Friday, January 26, 2007

Its Official

Within the next 4-6 months, ill be switching over all my computers/electronics to apple devices.

1. Mac Pro to replace my PC Gaming machine/Powermac G5. The fact that the only PC game i play with any regularity is World of Warcraft leaves this as pretty much a no brainer. Plus, with boot camp, i will be able to install windows and play any games i feel like. My powermac g5 is a nice machine, and i use it for all my home use(email, web surfing, chatting, itunes, photos, etc) but its getting slow. By switching that machine to be my single storage server instead of the 2 that i have now, i can consolidate some space and energy usage. Ill pop spare drives in all 4 bays and let it be a media storage machine.

2. Airport express. Im getting a bit tired of my linksys wireless router. Port forwarding and security on it has been a bit iffy as of late. The new airport express is not only 802.11n compliant, but has alot of new features including a built in print server. Cant beat that.

3. Apple TV. With my purchase of my 42" Plasma around christmas time...time to stream all my shows i have imported into itunes and up on the TV. Ive been buying season passes of shows i love like 24 and The Office...cant wait to use this thing :D

4. iPhone. No frigging contest. Coolest looking phone and coolest DOING phone on the face of the planet. I have no problem getting rid of my blackberry for this fantastic device. I CANNOT wait to get my hands on one.

So yeah, im not rich. Just been saving my pennies for this stuff :P

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