Monday, January 07, 2008

Nice Attitude for First Post Of The Year

Why I Hate CES, By Brian J Waggoner.

Is it because of the show itself? Nay. Is it because of the vendors showcasing all their shiny toys? Nay.

Its because every frigging tech blog or news site in the world reports on the same shit as every other tech blog out there. I browse through my RSS feeds of 5-10 different sites during this week just hoping for the love of god that the amount of duplicate stories is lower than before. Guess what, guys, as much as you may hope, your little rinky dink blog isnt the only one in town. Tons of other news sites will report on the same shit you do...and probably do it better.

Man. Not a good start of the year for me. Expect more ranting to come.

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