Tuesday, July 10, 2007


So...Dan Patrick is leaving ESPN. He announced it on his radio show yesterday.

Part of me is surprised, part of me isn't. Dan has been an ESPN icon as long as ive watched(not near as long as alot of people i know) but at the same time, he has always kind of done his own thing. Not afraid to ruffle feathers, wont hold back in interviews, almost to the point of being an ass at times. He never was my favorite sports personality, but i enjoyed most of what he did(kind of like Jim Rome).

It will be interesting to see what ESPN 1000(our local ESPN radio station in chicago) will do once he goes off the air next month. Will it be some lame local show replacement like they did when they decided not to air Jim Rome's show? Maybe they can bring Rome back to chicago radio. Who knows. Will be a BIG gap, and an interesting opportunity for ESPN radio to make a new star...or at least give someone the opportunity to be a big star.

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