Sunday, October 10, 2004

Man, didnt i get out of this place?

So, its sunday night...and im sitting in South bend, In. Didnt i just get out of this town? Oh well, im here in the bend for training tomorrow. I thought i was going to be at a local client, but things changed last minute. Heading out to another client here in indiana tomorrow night, but i hope i can be home later this week. Things are looking good.

Phoenix wrapped up pretty well, long plane rides suck, but it makes you realize alot about the general public. Some of them are as follows....

  • Despite what you may think...i really dont care where you are going and why. Im a big guy. Im uncomfortable in a plane. I dont want to hear that you are going to check on your wife to see if shes cheating on you.
  • For the love of all things holy....GO TO THE BATHROOM BEFORE GETTING ON THE PLANE!!!! The bathrooms on the plane are not there as public restrooms, but are there as EMERGENCY restrooms if for some reason your ass is going to explode and you cant deal with it untill you land. Its not there to create a line remeniscent of a port-o-potty line at a dave matthews band concert.
  • America West - If you are going to advertise in flight meals, even if they have to be purchasable, then MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH FOR THE WHOLE PLANE. It makes people slightly irratable to be on a 4 hour flight that feels like 7 because of the time change if all there is to eat are peanuts...peanuts....and more peanuts.
  • I dont know whos idea it is to sell alcohol on a plane, but the TSA should have them executed. Nuff Said.
  • Why does every pilot sound like the same guy. Either they are using that voice changing box thing you see at sharper image, or all airline pilots are clones of each other. If i hear the phrase "Its gonna be alittle choppy" one more time....ill sit in my seat and not cause any problems, like a good airline passenger.
  • Mother & Daughter fights are obnoxious to begin with. Put them in a confined space, and it makes it even more obnoxious. Listen, ladies. You got on the plane. Were on time. I dont care who made who late.
  • Didnt we learn first on last off when in school on the school bus? Why is it everyone gets up immediately as the fasten seat belt sign is turned off? You know if you are in the last row, you are going to have to wait. Dont cut in front of people in rows in front of you. Just because you are more nimble than old lady blue hair in the seat in front of you doesnt mean you should push past her to get off the aircraft
  • Blackberrys are personal electronic devices. Dont use it in flight. I dont want to be the biggest lawn dart there is.
  • If your kids are obnoxious, flight attendants should bring handcuffs and duct tape with them. Noone likes kids slapping seats, bouncing on people or throwing their gameboys to their brother on the other side of the plane.
Im sure i could go on, but thats all i can write about without wanting to be like john madden and take a bus everywhere i go.

Football season is proving to be pretty interesting. Way to go pats, 19 game win streak is something to be proud of, as well as 5-0 as of this week. Also, can someone tell me what the deal with Detroit is?

Well, im off to watch the rest of sunday night football before i go to bed. Have a good evening, and leave some comments in the box!

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