Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The College Tour Of 2004

While most high school seniors around this time are starting to do thier college visits to see where they potentially would like to go to college, my travels with work has taken me close to some large universities of late. Here is the list ive passed through or very close to within the past week.

Arizona State University
THE Ohio State University
Capitol University
Ohio Wesleyan University
Bowling Green State University
University of Toledo
University of Notre Dame
Indiana University - South Bend
College of St Marys
Holy Cross College
Purdue University

Speaking of which, here I am, in West Lafayette, IN, on a job that puts me very close to purdue. Luckily, im with a purdue alumni who will be my guide while in this lovely town ;-) Had an exciting monday, doing training for Sarbanes-Oxley work that i will be doing in the upcoming future, for those of you not familiar, Sarbanes was the legislation put through in response to the Enron and Worldcom scandals, making companies liable for their financial reporting. Really exciting stuff. Hopefully, i get to head home on wed night, letting me spend some much needed time at home for thursday - sunday. Next week, back on the road, heading to maryland, which should be nice, if it werent for the flight. After my previous post, im sure you can tell why ;-)

Fall has started, and its hit pretty hard. Its been dog cold lately, and even had a pretty decent frost in South Bend on monday morning. Idiot here didnt take anything warmer than a short sleeve polo to wear to the client, and didnt even bring a coat. I do have the nice scarf that Katie made for me last winter. However, i think id look somewhat strange wearing a polo shirt and a scarf. Im pretty sure Columbus is like the moon when it comes to weather, lately, its been around high thirtes or low forties in the morning when i get up, then balances out around high 60s low 70s in the afternoon. Then again, since coming back to work, ive been in Columbus for a grand total of 2 nights.

The apartment is working out pretty nicely, Mom and Dad came by this weekend and we got the living room finally set up alot better than it was originally by myself, after moving some things around, getting rid of some boxes and other things. Its a really nice place, i love the vaulted ceilings and the fact that i dont have to listen to people thump above me. Living on the 2nd floor is definately nice, especially when i dont have to move anything up the stairs when moving. Callie also is alot happier here, there are alot more windows she can look out, plus i dont mind leaving the shades open all the time here so she can look out the window like i did in South Bend, since i didnt really like the fact that people could walk past my windows, see all my electronics and could break in and take it when i was gone travelling. No longer.

Anyone else following the pro football season? Its odd to see that the Falcons and Lions are 2 of the most successful teams this year. Not only that the Falcons are doing well, but that Vick isnt doing that great. Im not a big fan of them trying to force feed him the west coast offense. Im sorry, but when a player of the caliber gets 0 fantasy points, its not a good thing. For him, it just seems like hes being constrained. I know Jim Mora has done a ton of good things down there, but i dont like seeing vick held back. Any idiot who has watched Atlanta for 2 seconds knows that the strength of that team is the fact that hes one of the most mobile, if not THE most mobile quarterbacks in the history of the game. FOcusing on using that threat of a scramble to make the defense guess is what would work there. Making him be a pocket passer is like trying to make a fish breathe out of water. Let him move around, let him scramble 150 yards a game. He is a smart and mature enough player to know whats best to get the game won, but for the love of god, dont try to make him a immobile pocket passer. Hes better than that, and they know it. Speaking of quarterbacks...i think its time for Favre to hang up his hat. The guy has heart, but just doesnt seem to have it anymore. While i like to see the packers at 1-4, i hate to see a legend go out like he is now. I hope he can turn them around, have a good comeback story, and retire after this year.

Well, im off to finish watching some TV and head to bed. Lookin forward to heading home tomorrow :)

Take care all!

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