Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Updating Contacts

So ive been updating my contacts in outlook on my work computer to keep them updated on my iphone. Now, heres the situation i have.

Outlook @ work - exchange, has work contacts/calendar synced to phone through itunes(when i think to do it).
Mac at home - apple address book(where most of my personal contacts are added)
iPhone - merged data nightmare of doom

So today, i was merging the 2, and all the ones i input in outlook display like ass garbage on the iPhone. Took me 5 times going through and changing the format to figure out why. The issue was that it would display the name in outlook like this

Full Name: First Last
File As: Last, First

However, in my contacts on my iPhone, it was showing up as

Last First - but was sorting all names by FIRST name, thinking it was the last name.

Confused yet?

So, in order to fix it, you actually have to go into the name editor, not the name field where you import it...and change it manually. For whatever reason, outlook imported all the names i was adding manually...backwards.


Hate outlook.

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