Thursday, June 26, 2008

Reading Comprehension Is Good.

While i know this case was about how guns are handled in DC, which is under a different oversight than the rest of the country, this case could have had SERIOUS impact against the rest of the country if it went one vote the other way.

While sure, im against criminals having guns as much as the next guy, i hate the idea of legislation of things like this because a small minority of the country cant handle themselves. Also, if guns were to be outlawed, criminals would find other way to kill or find other ways to get guns. Making things illegal is not the answer. Just look at prohibition.

Assault weapons is the same way. Do i see a reason for someone to have an AK47 of M16 in their house to defend themselves? Not really, however, if it is something the country feels strongly about, the constitution should be amended, not a new law made. However, i dont think that the government has the right to judge what kind of weapons someone keeps in their home.

Its a sticky situation, but just like most issues, it becomes INCREDIBLY polarized. The left screams bloody murder and makes anyone who wants to own a weapon to look like Rambo, and the right responds by coming across as haughty and hypocritical by saying things like "the government should keep their laws off my guns", which makes their arguments against abortion somewhat ironic.

Court rules in favor of Second Amendment gun right - Yahoo! News

Im finding myself to become more and more moderate lately, not because i dont agree with the ideals of the conservative movement anymore, but just because for the most part, conservatives do such a HORRIBLE job of getting their message out. Almost as bad as most of the liberal think tanks.

Politics is driving me nuts. Talked to my dad about it last night, not sure what to do in november. Ill have to pay a bit closer attention to Mccain...cause i know the past few times ive read up on him, i havent liked alot of what ive heard/read. What i do know is that Obama scares me. Not cause hes black, not cause hes a true leftist, but because hes been able to charm his way into so many people, but with some really scary policy ideas.

He hasnt really gotten most people to know what his "change we can believe in" motto actually means...just that he isnt Bush. For some, thats enough. Then again, im pretty sure thats the same situation that got us Jimmy Carter. That worked out superbly.

Eh, ill stop my rant...I just never thought that much change in the government could really impact whats going on just because of the incredible bureaucracy...but man, im not looking forward to november, and the following january.

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stimpsonjkhaet said...

What scares me about Obama is that so many people seem to be on the bandwagon for him without any thought at all about policy issues. If you asked a pro-Obama voter where he stood on the issues, you would probably hear, "Change" - whateverthehell that means. He seems unclear himself, especially on economic issues. He doesn't seem so unclear on foreign policy - just incredibly naive.